Monthly Archive: October 2007

Oct 18

“Child protection” in Germany

This just in from Germany: Recently we informed already some of you about the plight of the 15 years old boy in the Oberpfalz- area/ Bavaria, whose mother had asked the Youth Welfare Office for help and finally lost the custody. For those, who are reading this first time today: The teenager was opposed to …

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Oct 14

Intelligent Design to be banned in Europe?

Intelligent Design to Be Banned in Europe? Ever wonder what all the fuss is about over the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) and other supranational government schemes that would enable Mexico and Canada to get in on governing America?Look no further than the European Union. These progressive folks came up with this brilliant idea first, …

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Oct 09

Did Jeffrey Dahmer commit a hate crime?

By Donald Hank Recently, senators put aside your objections and passed a defense authorization bill with an incongruous hate crimes addendum tacked onto it which would elevate several groups, including gays, to the coveted and lucrative status of victims. This is to make these groups safer, they say, since crimes committed by these groups would …

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Oct 01

Reader, the floor is yours!

Dear Reader, Today’s  column (which we would like to keep up for about a week or at least until the debate seems to have subsided) is dedicated to a debate on the conservative candidates of the upcoming election.It was stimulated by a person who wrote us with some very strong views supporting Ron Paul. I hope …

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