The Real Hate speech

The real hate speech

By Janet Folger


Just who are the haters? Here are some of the blog postings from homosexual activists following the death of one of the godliest men I have ever met, Dr. Jerry Falwell:

  • “What an absolutely putrid little excrescence of vomit he was.”

  • “R.I.P., and after watching Falwell I know know (sic) why the Romans threw the Christians to the lions.”

  • “Oh, thank non-god. One down, 28 percent to go.”

  • “I’d pee right on his corpse if I could.”

  • “Dance first, then pi– …”

  • “I’m saving the real party for Jesse Helms’s exit. I’ll be dancing that day.”

No surprise – this is exactly how homosexual activists treated Rev. Falwell when he was alive. Homosexuals more than hated Jerry Falwell, whom they attacked, maligned, ridiculed and threatened. He didn’t make it widely known, but homosexual activists even attempted to kill him.

And through it all, he met hate with love.

As Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth pointed out on my radio program, when homosexuals protested Dr. Falwell, they were surprised to look up and find the reverend hugging his harassers. He overcame hate with love … and truth. Truth was the part they didn’t like. As 75-year-old grandmother Arlene Elshinnawy’s sign read before they hauled her off to jail for displaying it: “The Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth.”

It reminds me about what happened after the murder of Mary Stachowicz. Ever hear of her? Didn’t think so. Mary Stachowicz, a 51-year-old wife and mother of four, was described by friends as soft-spoken, “concerned about the good of her parish, always seeking things for the poor as well as spiritual welfare for people.” Mary Stachowicz also believed what the Bible and the Catholic Church taught about homosexuality. She verbalized her belief, and for that crime, she was murdered.

Mary was murdered by 19-year-old homosexual Nicholas Gutierrez in Chicago for the crime of disagreeing with his lifestyle. According to police reports, Stachowicz asked Gutierrez, who lived in an apartment above her, “Why do you [have sex with] boys instead of girls?” That was when he “punched, kicked, stabbed and strangled” her before stuffing her body into a crawl space under the floor of his apartment, where it remained for two days until he confessed to police.

Chicago media reported these events, choosing headlines devoid of words like “gay” or “homosexual.” While I and pro-family leaders repeatedly went on national television to repudiate the death of Matthew Shepard, there was no such condemnation of Stachowicz’s horrific murder from the homosexual community.

Perhaps more telling was what they did say:

  • “I really don’t feel sorry for her. She paid a very steep price for being an arrogant religious fascist. Too bad for her.”

    “Iris,” in a posting on the ACLU Online Forum

  • “Quite frankly, if anyone in this case was being ‘persecuted’ it was Mr. Gutierrez. … Maybe this will give pause to other people who similarly try to ‘help’ homosexuals.”

    “Silence Dogood,” on ACLU Online Forum

  • “Maybe [Stachowicz’s murder] will strike fear in the hearts of a few fundamentalists. … Where do I send a check for his (Gutierrez’s) defense fund?”

    James Wagner’s boyfriend, Barry’s posted response

  • “The b—h had it coming to her. I’m glad he killed her. … I’m glad he killed her. The b—h deserved to die.”

    San Francisco man on Yahoo

Instead of condemning this horrific murder, homosexuals danced on her grave, also.

Those kind of hateful statements are perfectly acceptable, free from any repercussions of any kind. They get their own forum at the ACLU. However, if two 16-year-old Crystal Lake girls say an unkind word about homosexuals and pass out a few flyers to their classmates, they are in “violation of an Illinois state hate crime statute.” They face felony charges and are locked up in juvenile detention while bail is denied.

Felony for a flyer or a forum for defilement? It’s not equal rights these people are after; it’s tyranny.

Haven’t you heard? Words of disagreement with the homosexual agenda are now illegal. Just ask more than 100 kids who were suspended for wearing T-shirts that expressed their biblical views on the topic. Shirts with Bible verses and such sayings as “Don’t touch God’s rainbow” threw San Juan High School students in California out of school.

S. 1105, the so-called “hate crimes” bill, is the most dangerous bill in America. It will revoke what used to be called the freedom of speech. I don’t agree with all the speech I hear. You may not agree with mine. But if we don’t stop this bill together, we will all lose the right to disagree, to quote the Bible and to speak the truth. Speak up before you are locked up.

Go to and send your senators a “Don’t Make Me A Criminal Packet” – complete with handcuffs, mug shots and a personal letter. With the click of a mouse, send the message that you won’t be silenced.

The alternative is 16-year-old girls imprisoned and ministers’ graves desecrated. It’s Catholic mothers murdered, and the thought police in schools. What do you want the future to look like?

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Say Something Nice

Say Something Nice

By Donald Hank

On May 29, 2007, Christian Newswire ran a release entitled Return Civility to Christian Discourse, about a religious group in South Caroline that had this wonderful new idea to stop saying bad things about people and religious groups.

The release cited, for example, the Anglican Communion as being “on the verge of rupture,” but in keeping with the idea of not offending, they did not mention that the rupture is over the acceptance of gay marriage and gay religious leaders who had outed themselves in that denomination. What a kind way to deal with this controversial issue!

Here is an excerpt:

In Charleston, South Carolina a slow but potentially powerful movement is beginning to emerge. Historic First Baptist Church now in its 325th year and the Charleston Baptist Association, the oldest Baptist association in the South, have declared the first Sunday in June as Say Something Nice Sunday. On this Sunday Christians of all denominations are urged to step back from strident discourse and to utter no word of criticism about another person or another religious group. In fact they are urged to go further and to say nice things about others and other religious groups.
The movement started with the publication of a small booklet by Dr. Mitch Carnell, Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter…. First Baptist Church where Carnell is a member took the lead quickly endorsed by the Charleston Baptist Association, the Charleston Atlantic Presbytery and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina.

Now, some would say that if religious groups were just pretending to be Christian, then it might be dangerous not to be able to criticize them.

But who would pretend to be a Christian? Especially if they could quote scripture? Aren’t we supposed to trust each other and teach our kids to trust everyone?

Like Eve, the matriarch of the Old Testament. She trusted even the creepy-crawlies in the garden.

How could trusting people be wrong? Thou shalt not surely die, as the Good Book says.

So with this solid Biblical reasoning in mind, I tried this niceness idea with my family. I had to bite my tongue a few times, but I managed to get through 12 hours without saying anything bad about anyone. Even when those 2 neighbor kids keyed my car. I just smiled.

I felt strangely calm and serene. Right after I had punched the wall about 6 times.

As they were setting my wrist at the e-ward, my son came up to me and started talking about 20th Century world leaders he was learning about in school.

That was a real challenge but I think I managed, again, to ignore some of the unnecessarily negative details I had once learned about some of the more controversial figures like Joe Stalin, Chairman Mao and others.

By the end of the day, I was really exhausted from this exercise and was fighting off the desire to scream unkind things, but I was grateful to those nice people at the Charleston First Baptist Church for suggesting that I say nothing.

I felt all tingly thinking about it.

So I wrote the following thank you note to Mitch Carnell at

Dear Mitch,
I read an article in Christian Newswire about you and your idea to launch a Say Something Nice campaign.
I thought “how original!” and decided it was time to try this wonderful idea.
Today, my son asked me who Adolf Hitler was.
Partly because I was in pain at the time (due to an unfortunate accident), I really had a hard time thinking of something nice to say about this controversial gentleman, but then I remembered that Adolf really liked animals and was very fond of his dog.
So I said, “Well, son, Hitler was a guy who was very popular with his people, the Germans, really liked animals and had a very kind heart toward them.”
He said: “He sounds like a really nice guy. I want to be just like him when I grow up.”
So you see, Mitch, your idea has been put into practice here in our household and has changed my attitude toward a man I had once been taught to despise. My son has already started practicing his goose-stepping and has asked about buying him a brown shirt for his birthday!
I am sure you will be pleased to learn of the positive impact you have had.
Best Wishes,
Donald Hank

I hope you, Dear Reader, will take a lesson from this.

For example, next time you think the Christian Left is hijacking your faith and acting contrary to the teachings of the Bible, just ignore it and say something nice about that group.

That way, your children will learn that the scripture can be bent anyway anyone wants to bend it. They’ll stop taking the Bible so seriously and be more well-balanced and popular with ordinary kids who wear multiple nose rings and Wiccan tattoos, drink, take drugs and have extramarital sex with anyone and anything. Soon they’ll be no different from those non-judgmental, up-to-date friends of theirs and won’t look down their noses at them.

What? Another gay pastor in your denomination outs herself and announces her engagement to her sister?

Another pastor weds his collie?

A denominational convention actively promotes abortion, prostitution and sex slavery?

Surely you can think of something nice to say about all of this.

When these leftists see what a nice sweet Christian you are, you’ll immediately win them over and they’ll stop trashing our culture and leading our young people astray.

You know, the way Iranian President Ahmadinejad stopped threatening Israel when we won him over by building him that nice nuclear power plant…

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t always work out right away, but be that as it may, if you are as enthused as I am about this whole civility idea, why not write Mitch yourself and express your appreciation?

Thank God for the ACLU!

Thank God for the ACLU

By Donald Hank

Non-believers, particularly on the left, have pointed out for years that Christianity is divisive.  They point tirelessly to the 30 Years’ War that killed thousands in the name of God, and to the Spanish Inquisition.

Yes, Catholics persecuted, banished and martyred Protestants for hundreds of years, no doubt about it. 

Then when the protestants finally clawed their way to the top in Europe, they followed the Catholic model to a tee, persecuting and martyring those who disagreed with them, particularly the Anabaptists on the continent and the Quakers in England, leading many of the persecuted, like my forefathers, to seek shelter in the New World.

But in the 20th century, it wasn’t the Catholics and Protestants, and it wasn’t the various denominations that divided and killed people.

It was godless communists and godless National Socialists who wound up killing a record number of people, over 100 million, in the name of secular humanistic idiologies derived from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, eclipsing the number of casualties in all human conflicts theretofore.
And in Poland, all of the injustice and anguish that arose from the more persistent of these idiologies finally caused people to rebel in a grass-roots spiritual revival.  In an in-your-face protest against the Soviet tyrant, Poles of all creeds, including outright atheists, started packing out the pews of churches everywhere.

I attended such a service in Kraków in the early 1970s.  The church was packed.  Though still a nonbeliever, I was moved by the show of solidarity among this great heroic people that I came to love and admire.

The spiritual lethargy in fact gripped Europe and throughout most of the 1900s was finally being broken, and not by the clergy itself but as a backlash against the very atheism that caused the falling away in the first place.  Communism had galvanized Christians in Europe, just as the tyrannical Romans had once inadvertently galvanized early Christians through persecution. Yes, ACLU, persecution is very dangerous… It could destroy you if you keep it up.

And today, Poland is still the most recalcitrant rebel against the Socialists and centrists of the European Union, who are stifling freedom of thought, trying to shove abortion and gay marriage down the collective throat of Europe, whining like children over Poland’s refusal to fall into line.

The very same phenomenon is happening here whenever the ACLU tries to tear down another monument with Christian symbols or text, whenever another activist judge overrides the people’s intuitive judgment, whenever Rosie O’Donnell makes another outrageous and disrespectful statement about Christians or the military or traditional people, Americans, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or even just people, rise up in indignation and denounced the evil, hardly noticing that they are speaking with a single voice for the first time.

Pro-life marches on both sides of the Atlantic are attended by Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox Jews and even nonbelievers sick to death of watching a radical oligarchy foisting their views on everyone else, wantonly destroying traditions in a manner reminiscent of the Taliban’s destruction of ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. 

Never before has Christianity been less divided. Eat your liver, ACLU!

Who knows if America could have undergone the spiritual resurgence of the last few years or the unprecedented bonding between traditional Judeo-Christians had it not been for the sense that only by banding together could they hope to free themselves of the tyrant?

Brothers and sisters, rejoice and be thankful in all things.  Even for the ACLU, you say?

Yes, especially for the ACLU, to whom we owe our newfound unity and the will to one day throw off its oppressive yoke!

Donald Hank is a technical translator and staff writer of Laigle’s Forum.

Other Business (as recommended by Eagle Forum):
Tomorrow, don’t forget to “vote” by phone, calling your senators and urging them to vote against the miscreant immigration reform bill, but failing that, to vote for the following amendments:
Cornyn Amendment – deny any chance at legal status to gang members, terrorists, sex offenders, and alien absconders (those already under deportation orders).
Eagle Forum urges a YES vote

Vitter Amendment – strike Title VI, the amnesty portion, of the Senate bill
Eagle Forum urges a YES vote

Grassley Amendment – allow streamlined visa revocations for terrorists
Eagle Forum urge a YES vote

Inhofe Amendment – declares English as our official national language
Eagle Forum urges a YES vote

Capitol switchboard: 1-877-762-8762 or 1-202-224-3121

Liberal Pyromaniacs “Sound and Fury Over Private Equity,” as reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin observes, “Despite all the recent hand-wringing over the perils of the boom in private equity, the hearing, titled ‘Private Equity’s Effects on Workers and Firms, demonstrated just how little lawmakers understand the buyout business.

The worldwide wave of corporate takeovers and consolidations would not be possible without the massive and continuous debasement of the dollar.  It is driven, not by greed, but by fear of catastrophic loss of dollar purchasing power.

Unending Federal deficit spending, funded by the Fed’s creation of dollars to purchase Treasury debt, has left the world awash in excess dollars and created an expectation of major dollar devaluation.

A significant straw in the wind is Kuwait’s announcement that it will decouple its currency from the dollar, because keeping it on parity with the dollar means importing our inflation into Kuwait.  A second is China’s announcement that it will begin deploying its huge dollar-denominated foreign exchange reserves out of U. S. Treasury debt.  Interestingly, China’s initial move in that direction is to invest in the private-equity firm Blackstone Group.

Ongoing debasement of our currency reflects the liberal-Progressive-socialistic economic paradigm to which, unfortunately, both political parties have subscribed.

A primary element in the paradigm is the doctrine that an inflating dollar stimulates economic activity and fosters increased employment (see  A second element is liberal support for welfare-state spending programs and industrial labor unions that created the original cost-of-living wage adjustment clauses.  Unionized industrial workers could ignore inflation, while the rest of us bore the whole brunt of lost purchasing power.

Before the New Deal, Congress was, in the main, restrained from deficit spending programs by the gold standard.  Before 1933, whenever the Federal Reserve created excessive amounts of money, foreign businesses and central banks demanded gold from the Fed in exchange for dollars of depreciating value.  That was the signal for the Fed to reduce the money supply, and it was that which kept the dollar’s purchasing power steady and prevented inflation.

Proving the point by exception, excess money creation by the Fed to finance rebuilding of Europe after World War I led to an inflation-bubble expansion, followed by the business downturn in 1928 and the stock market crash in 1929.

Before the New Deal, if the money supply were to increase without inflation, it had to come from increased production of useful goods and services and from personal and corporate savings out of income generated by increased production.

Businesses produced, employees and suppliers were paid, and businesses and workers saved some of the resulting income.  Those savings supported non-inflationary increased demand for goods and services, prompting businesses to invest in increased production and to hire additional workers. 

Under that classical economic regimen the supply of goods and services remained in balance with the money supply, forestalling inflation and maintaining a sound dollar.  Under it the United States grew to become the greatest economic power on earth.

Fast forward to post-New Deal conditions.  President Roosevelt deliberately increased the money supply on the fallacious theory that employment can be increased only by Federal spending programs.  Ever since, liberals have believed that every economic dislocation, every business recession, requires new Federal regulatory and spending programs. 

Two major consequences have ensued. 

First, inflation has continued at unacceptable levels and the dollar has steadily lost purchasing power.  The Consumer Price Index today is nearly 12 times higher than the price index in 1929, at the height of the pre-New Deal boom.

Second, the world is awash in excess dollars.  Hedge funds and other money managers are paid to make money and to protect the value of their investors’ funds.  Just as in the leveraged buyout (LBO) days of the 1970s and 80s, those money managers see opportunities in acquiring the productive assets of businesses by taking over entire companies.  Value is then created by discharging excess employees and shutting down marginal product divisions.

Without the liberal paradigm of Federal inflationary spending, none of that would feasible, because the excess supply of dollars would not be flooding the coffers of private-equity managers.

Liberals have set fire to the economy with spending programs that vastly exceed tax revenues. Having figuratively struck the match and applied the flame to the kindling, liberals then blame the resulting inflationary fire on rational responses by money managers.


Thomas E. Brewton is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

His weblog is THE VIEW FROM 1776

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Laigle’s Forum: The Boredom Stops Here!

Laigle’s Forum: The Boredom Stops Here!


The web is awash with conservative save-America blogs and the radio waves are saturated with “conservative” talk radio.


Yet, politically, America just keeps moving further and further to the Left.


Why is that?


Let me tell you what I think:


It’s not the drive-by media. It’s not the surgically modified perky-eyed twins Nancy and Hillary. And it’s not even Teddy Kennedy or Harry Reid.


No. It’s us conservatives.


We are the enemy.


We are the enemy because we, frankly, are no longer conservative. We don’t know what that means any more. We the People have bought the liberal lie that there are no absolutes. So there is no right and wrong. Therefore, a “conservative” president can sell you amnesty for lawbreakers, convince you it’s good for you and make you think you are an incompassionate bigot if you disagree. And he can show you by example that compromising with evil America-hating politicians is the Christian thing to do.


An elected official whom we voted for redefines conservatism and we buy it. We can’t have been wrong, can we? Border security = bigotry. Hey, that works.


Your Baloney Stops Here Too, Bill!


By contrast, Laigle’s Forum believes that the tail cannot wag the dog. We believe that conservatism hasn’t changed one iota but that some people who pretend to be conservative simply aren’t. Period.


And although that is nothing but good old fashioned common sense, it is a really rare commodity today.


Which is why neocons Hannity, Rush and O’Reilly have become such insufferable bores these days. Admit it. Just tune in to Hannity’s radio show and listen to the interminable mind-numbing: “You’re a great American,” “You’re a great American” repeated ad nauseam to total strangers who could be axe murderers for all Sean knows and cares. Or let O’Reilly counsel you on how free market principles are obsolete now that gas prices are rising, mandating the imposition of socialist price controls.


Web sites wholly supported by donations have to soft pedal too, because they owe something to this group or that group and can’t afford to step on all the toes. Example: the conservative group Truth in Media recently sent out an alert to its members complaining about Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy’s amnesty scam. Oh, they were right all right. It is a scam, no doubt about it. But it is NOT attributable solely to Democrats. Not by a long shot. Without wishy-washy Republicans like Lindsey Graham, who went on record accusing 70% of Americans of being bigots, and without the herds of RINOs like “Benedict” Arlen Specter and Sen. Yawn McCain, these gosh-awful scams would never even reach the Senate floor for discussion, and yet “Truth in Media” and other “conservative” media give these folks a pass. I think that’s because they owe them something.


Laigle’s Forum owes no one anything (and we guarantee never to put ourselves in a position of owing some politician or interest group anything), so we eventually get around to stepping on all the toes. After all, that is the job of a free press. Remember?


That’s one reason we can guarantee we will not bore you.


But another is that you never know what you might read at Laigle’s forum. Just when you think you can predict our next turn, off we go in the opposite direction.


Much of the stuff is deadly serious. Like our column Pedophiles Now a Protected Group, which drew a then-record number of readers for us. This article warns of the dangers of “hate” crime legislation and points out that dangerous people we have always considered criminals are now protected.


Or the column Naming Jesus Is Ok, as Long as You’re Cursing, which illustrates to a “T” how our culture has been turned precisely on its head.


Other columns are designed to titillate your funnybone, like My Virtual Donation to the McCain Campaign. 


I know I’ll probably catch some serious flack for saying this, but I can’t help but think of myself as a kind of male Anne Coulter: outrageous best describes my stuff. The all-time biggest hit A Homophobe Comes Out: Free at Last! actually wound up translated into Romanian and posted on a site in Romania. I have no idea by whom. Our stuff gets reposted in the darnedest places.


What I am trying to say is: Stop on over at and check us out. You will either love us or hate us. But we absolutely guarantee you won’t be bored. If you are, we will return every single penny you paid to visit our site!


Oh, and here’s the best part: It’s free of charge.


(BTW, the subscription option is at the bottom right column under the calendar in case you feel brave).


Don Laigle


Holocaust Impulse Still Alive in Germany

(See our recent posting of the email from Germany regarding the Dudek Family, which may be jailed for homeschooling their daughter. Ed.)

Hessisches Kultusministerium
Mrs. Karin Wolff
Luisenplatz 10
65185 Wiesbaden
Dear Mrs. Wolff,
My father was an officer in the United States Navy who married my mother while on leave in New York City. I was born shortly after the war in 1948. I shouldn’t have to write you.
Two times in the twentieth century young men from our nation had to go to Europe to free innocent people from the oppression of the agents of German tyranny. My father’s generation and his father’s generation. Our men shed their blood and my father risked his life to rid the world of the dark heart of German evil that you now, once again exhume and parade for the entire world to see.
You are persecuting the innocent Dudek family for the “crime” of bringing up their children properly. Your violent interference in this sacred process is an affront to God and one that Americans readily recognize. Your impulse to imprison Christians is from the same spiritual source as your fathers’ impulse to exterminate Jews.
Cease and desist.
Hearing of the cruelty you impose on a family that is, in every way, your superior, raises in me, as it will in all Americans (who love freedom more than you love oppression) a fury, when they hear of your deeds, that will not abate until you have made it right, or are properly imprisoned, or if your government should justify you in this, until they, themselves are overthrown and reside in the grave that has been prepared for the criminals of German National Socialism.
You don’t seem to have learned your lesson as a nation. Can you ever?
Doug Parris 
The Reagan Wing of the Republican Party. 

We recommend you copy the following German translation of this and send it to Frau wolff:

Sehr Geehrte Frau Wolff:
Mein Vater war Offizier bei der US-Kreigsmarine und hat meine Mutter in der Stadt New York während eines Urlaubs geheiratet. Ich bin kurz nach dem Krieg, u.z. im Jahre 1948 geboren. Es ist kaum zu fassen, dass ich Ihnen diesen Brief schreiben muss.

Zweimal im 20. Jahrhundert mussten junge Männer aus meiner Heimat nach Europa ziehen, um dort unschuldige Leute von der Unterdrückung seitens der Agenten deutscher Tyrannie zu befreien. Es handelte sich um meines Vaters sowie um dessen Vaters Generation. Unsren Männern ist Blut ergossen, und mein Vater hat sein Leben riskiert, um das dunkle Herz deutschen Übels aus der Welt zu schaffen, ein Übel, das Ihr jetzt noch einmal ans Tagelicht bringt und aller Welt zur Schau stellt.

Ihr verfolgt die unschuldige Familie Dudek wegen des „Verbrechens“  der guten Kindererziehung. Ihre gewaltsame Einmischung in diesen geweihten Prozeß der Kindererziehung ist eine Beleidigung gegen den Allerheiligen, die wir Amerikaner ohne Weiteres als solche erkennen. Eure Regung zur Einsperrung von Christen entspringt derselben innerlichen Quelle der Regung eurer Vorfahren zur Vernichtung der Juden.


Die Nachricht der Grausamkeit, mit der Ihr gegen eine Familie vorgehen wollt ruft bei mir dieselbe Empörung hervor, die alle Amerikaner (die Freiheit mehr als Unterdrückung lieben) empfinden werden, wenn sie von euren Missetaten hören. Diese Empörung wird solange unvermindert fortwähren, bis Ihr entweder hinter Gitter steht, wie es sich gehört, oder aber, im Falle dass Ihre Regierung euch euer diesbezügliches Benehmen rechtfertigt, bis diese Regierung selbst nidergeworfen ist und im Grabe liegt, das zur beerdigung aller Verbrecher des deutschen Nationalsozialismus bereit steht.

Ihr scheint nicht, aus eurer braunen Vergangenheit die Lehre gezogen zu haben. Könnt Ihr das überhaupt?

Doug Parris
The Reagan Wing of the Republican Party

US Big Media: a Criminal Organization

I recently received a kind email from Olavo de Carvalho, the dissident writer from Brazil who has taken refuge here due to the deteriorating situation in South America.
Laigle’s Forum has run two of Mr. de Carvalho’s articles in previous columns:

The second of the above links provides insight into the Council on Foreign Relations, the sinister group behind our open-border policies and our move toward a North American Union.
Below is the email, posted with Mr. de Carvalho’s permission:


Dear Don,
Thank you for your kind efforts to spread my warnings. Having now spent two years in this generous country and having studied very carefully the influence of the American press over the formulation of the American foreign policy from the Vietnam war to our days, I cannot avoid the conclusion that the American big media establishment is a criminal organization dedicated to dupe the American people, to destroy the country and to promote the glory of its enemies. Now I love the U. S. as I love my own country, and I feel my heart oppressed under the weight of gloom and sadness when I see so many powerful people enriched by the American system, protected by American liberties, doing their best to destroy a treasure gathered at the cost of so much suffering, pain and toil to several generations of good men and women. I really don’t understand why American patriots limit themselves to protest occasionally against those mischievous people instead of taking them to the courts and making they pay for their heinous crimes.
Best wishes,
Olavo de Carvalho

I asked Olavo whether I could run this brief email at Laigle’s Forum and he responded:

Dear Don,
Please do it. I am really worried about America’s future. I saw what the alliance of communists and false conservatives did to Brazil. I would hate to see the same thing happen here.
Best wishes,

Dear Reader,
It is my sincerest hope that you will come to love Olavo de Carvalho as he has loved you and your country and welcome him.
Olavo is a brilliant and masterful writer and public speaker and reminds me so much of Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, and by that I mean the historian and political activist Solzhenitsyn who is still virtually unknown because we have ignored him too. I implore you to listen to Olavo and take him very seriously. He cares passionately about the United States, more than many of us care about us.
A syndicated writer appearing in various mainstream Brazilian newspapers, he had done everything in his power to warn of the impending debacle in Brazil, but to no avail.
Now he is here and is attempting to play the Catcher in the Rye in his adopted country as well, this last best hope of mankind on earth.
I believe I know exactly how he feels, because I sense that 12 o’clock is quickly approaching here as well and so much remains to be done. Yet for many, it is mardi gras today, but tomorrow, perhaps slavery for all.
Imagine if Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi were given unlimited power here. That is comparable to the situation in Brazil today. Far-left President Lula has almost total power over the press, the legislature and the military. He has tacitly approved the presence of the FARC in that country and treats these narco-terrorists, enemies of freedom, as friends and allies. Hugo Chavez is also one of his closest allies.
For the most part, the cowed Brazilian press no longer dares to print Olavo de Carvalho’s columns.
A few years ago, this dreadful situation was unthinkable.
But Brazil ignored Olavo’s wise admonitions and partied on. So did most of the rest of South America.  And so one day, the lights went out.
Let us do everything in our power to avoid making the same mistake here. If we take that misstep, I believe Reagan’s prophetic words will come true and we will take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.
God grant us wisdom!
Don Laigle


Another Kidnapping by Officials in Germany

Dear Friends,
we want to inform you that again a homeschooling family in Germany is under severe pressure. The Dudek family from German state of Hesse is threatened to be send to prison because of homeschooling their children. Different from most of the other German states in Hesse, homeschooling fulfills the facts of a criminal offence. In most of the other states it is only an administrative offence.
The following information is a translation of an article which appears yesterday in the local newspaper. Especially consider the last sentence in the article. It is striking. We will keep you informed about the case. Perhaps we need again international help.
It is embarrassing that German officials put parents into jail whose children are well educated and where the family is in good order. We personally know the Dudeks as such a family.
The responsible minister of education of Hesse is
Hessisches Kultusministerium
Mrs. Karin Wolff
Luisenplatz 10 
65185 Wiesbaden 
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Joerg Grosseluemern
Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit – Network for Freedom in Education

Dudek family to go before court once again.
By Harald Sagawe
Prosecutor Herwig Muller has appealed against the verdict in the case of Rosemarie and Jürgen Dudek.  The couple from the German town of Archfeld in Herleshausen was sentenced to fines at the beginning of May. In the meantime the prosecutor in Kassel has applied for jail sentences of three months each, without probation, for the parents of six children.
Rosemarie and Jürgen Dudek were sentenced because they did not send their children to school, for religious reasons. The parents, Christians who closely follow the bible, teach their children themselves. Two years ago the court had also dealt with the Dudeks. That case, dealing with the payment of a fine, had been dropped. An application for the approval of a state-recognised private school – which, according to experts, has no chance of success at any rate – has still not been decided by the school authorities.
“It’s a terrible thing, to lock up a family that hasn’t done anyone any harm,” says the accused, Jürgen Dudek.
The prosecutor, Herwig Müller, is currently on vacation. Chief prosecutor Hans-Manfred Jung confirmed the veto, but could not say anything about the reasons.
Jürgen Dudek is horrified at the idea that the prosecution wants to see him and his wife behind bars. “It’s a terrible thing, to lock up a family that hasn’t done anyone any harm,” he says, “especially now, with the legal situation looking the way it is.” He regards the matter as absurd.
The judge’s job is to pronounce a verdict and not mix himself up in administrative matters, says Arno Meissner, director of the education department. Meanwhile he makes it clear that his office will by no means leave the family in peace, not even temporarily. “We will enforce compulsory school attendance against the family as promptly as possible. First his office intends to talk with the family, then to set a time limit and if this is not met, it will once again open a criminal case against them. Not even the announcement of a move by the family will settle the matter, declared Meissner.
Meissner dismissed the criticism made by Peter Höbbel, the judge of the juvenile court, against his department. We won’t let ourselves be admonished by a judge in that way, he said. “His duty is to make a judgement when the prosecutor brings a charge and to stay out of administrative matters.” Höbbel had rebuked the education department because it has been sitting on the Dudeks’ application for the approval of a private school for two and a half years, with no decision having been made about it. 

Open Border Bigotry

The Bigotry Behind Open Borders

by Donald Hank

Condescension is Next to Bigotry

Advocates of amnesty and open borders love to repeat the mantra “they’re just looking for a better way of life.” Many of them are Christian groups that have taken pity on immigrants and are willing to violate the law to shelter them.

Hidden in this statement is a subtle form of racism, or at the very least, condescension toward Latinos. People who say this assume a lot of things about Latins, all of them essentially false.

Let’s analyze these words: “better” can only mean that the gringo lifestyle is superior to theirs. That stinks to high heaven. I have traveled in Latin America and for me, it is, in ways that count, a superior lifestyle that excels in friendliness and hospitality: I recall the first time we went to Panama around New Year’s. Just before midnight on the last day of the year, my children’s Grandma took us on a little tour of the neighborhood. It was poor to be sure. The houses were cramped. But inside, there was a little table set up overflowing with food and treats.

Perfect strangers, we were instantly accepted as part of the family. I sensed that if my family and I were in trouble, these people would give us shelter until such time as we were back on our feet. Grandma herself has taken in such a motley bunch of people, including her son and his family but also several men and women who were down on their luck, that my wife constantly chides her for her excessive generosity. But Grandma never complains. She believes that God will bless her as she blesses others. And of course, He does.

Sound like your neighborhood? Mine neither.

Further, since the above-cited liberals insist on opening the border and keeping it open, and letting everyone who has sneaked in illegally stay here and enjoy all the benefits of a US citizen, we can infer that they believe the ethnic groups and nations from which these illegal immigrants come are totally incapable of building a decent culture and a strong economy in their homelands. Are they convinced that these people are of inferior stock? That, genetically, they just don’t have what it takes? After all, in the not-too-distant past, some Christian missionaries were treating black Africans as inferiors, making them dress as they did, learn English, and stay away from the white women. Isn’t the open border idea just a further refinement of that racism?

Outwardly, this may have changed, but the underlying idea that white Christians are superior is not far beneath the surface.

All this and Age Discrimination too

Suppose you, like my Panamanian mother-in-law, decided to be a good neighbor and built a shelter for the homeless and needy. People would say: That person is behaving like a true Christian, so altruistic.

But then suppose you said to them: Here is the bill for my kind heartedness: $1,500 per month for the rental of my building, $250 a month for the power, $100 a month for the phone (he didn’t use Vonage), $800 a month for food and so on.

They’d change their tune in a hurry.

Yet all of these kindhearted Christian and other liberal groups that insist on opening our borders to everyone are doing just that.

All of this supposed altruism costs taxpayers and workers billions annually for social services and in terms of depressed wages and job losses.

And who pays for this soft-heartedness? Certainly not the “kindhearted” folks who dreamed up this boondoggle.

It will be their own children and grandchildren and their descendants who pay.

In other words, on top of the bigotry toward Latinos, these people are also guilty of outrageous age discrimination, heaping debt upon debt on the young people that come after them.

Of course, this goes to the very heart of what socialism, or leftism, really is: a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It claims to be altruistic but in fact, it sends someone else the bill.

No wonder the “Christian” Left, headed up by Jim Wallis, is behind so much of this open border clamor, accusing realistic, common-sense hardworking Americans of being bad Christians because they refuse to join him in giving other people’s stuff away.

The Solution

A long time ago, Christian groups, such as churches and missions, were the ones who saw it as their own legitimate burden to lend the poor a helping hand.

We have forgotten that principle to our peril. Many churches now see it as their duty to force you to lend a helping hand, even if it means impoverishing you and your family. They utilize the political process to do so.

The only sensible way to help both Latin America and North America is to return to that principle of helping without the middleman of government.

Habitat for Humanity is on the right track, but the wrong train. Simply building shelters for people isn’t the answer. Latin America’s biggest problem is lack of education, and this costs both them and us. It is estimated that each illegal immigrant family with children who are high-school dropouts costs the US taxpayer about $18,000 per year.

Christian groups that want to lose the condescending/bigot image need to acknowledge that Latin America is not a cursed land that can never bear fruit. They need to wake up and realize that with an attitude change, Mexico, for example, the richest country in the region, has the wealth and human resources to become, on its own, an economic power. They need to understand that by insisting that the only recourse for Latinos who want a “better” way of life is emigration to North America is not only to denigrate the Latin culture and ethnicity but in fact to undermine the determination of those Latinos who have a vision of Latin America as a better place in itself that does not need the US. In other words, these phony altruists need to stop being so ethnocentric and egocentric. They need to swallow their pride and give up the childish vision of the US as the only place that is livable on the continent.

The best thing they can do is to start missions built around Christian schools for teaching trades and even Christian universities in Latin America.

Now that is a little difficult in Mexico, which has traditionally been anti-missionary in its laws and spirit. But this open-border group has been wildly successful in bringing pressure to bear on politicians, having persuaded a US President to stop enforcing the law, in flagrant violation of his oath. Therefore, if it can put aside the bigotry on which its premises are based, namely, if it can give up the idea that Latin America is a hopelessly inhospitable region that could not possibly sustain a decent human life, it can truly help the Latino world by bringing the same pressure to bear on our current administration, persuading it to adopt a more realistic attitude toward Mexico, insisting that that country accept private aid from churches committed to utilizing local professional and other staff trained in imparting a Christian message while teaching useful skills.  If this were coupled with the same kind of strict border enforcement that Mexico wields against, say, illegal immigrants from Guatemala, the result would be an economically stronger Mexico from where very few would wish to, or be able to, emigrate.

Of course, for those who think we can continue on the present course of opening the doors and pretending we have no immigration laws, remember that Latin America is only part of the Third World with tired and poor who want to live here.

Are you prepared for, say, 2 billion Asians and Africans?

If so, just send in your phone numbers and addresses. We’ll let them know your doors are open.

Donald Hank is a technical translator and staff writer for Laigle’s Forum.

Redeemed! 10 Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, if You Want Out

Redeemed! 10 Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, If You Want Out
by Charlene E. Cothran,
Venus Magazine Publisher

     Over the past 29 years of my life I have been an aggressive, creative and strategic supporter of gay and lesbian issues.  I’ve organized and participated in countless marches and various lobbying efforts in the fight for equal treatment of gay men and lesbians.  I have kept current on the issues and made financial contributions to those organizations doing work about which I was most passionate.


     As the publisher of a 13 year old periodical which targets Black gays and lesbians, I have had the opportunity to publicly address thousands, influencing closeted people to ‘come out’ and stand up for them selves, which is particularly difficult in the African-American community. 


     But now, I must come out of the closet again.  I have recently experienced the power of change that came over me once I completely surrendered to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  As a believer of the word of God, I fully accept and have always known that same-sex  relationships are not what God intended for us.


     I don’t expect that this message will be widely received,  quite the contrary.  But, I do know that there is someone, possibly reading this very article, who is tired and unhappy living this way.  Someone, in your heart of hearts, is searching for a way out, but you just can’t seem to break free on your own.  I am speaking to my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who want real peace; the kind you’ve heard about, sung about, read about.   It is simpler than you think to acquire it and there is no condemnation once you’ve entered it.    


     Although I have lived as a lesbian for my entire adult life, it is without a doubt my soul’s purpose to use my gifts to LOVINGLY share the truth about how we got here: how we came to be gay or lesbian, how we came to enjoy our ‘lifestyle’ and how we came to believe that this was OK with God.  [Romans 1:21-28]

     Many argue that each individual should determine for themselves what God intends for him or her. This would indicate that we each have a separate set of biblical rules to live by.  This is untrue.  If you are ready for change and willing to open yourself to the truth, God’s love can bring your current belief system in line with His Word.  Jesus will cleanse and forgive all confessed sin from a willing heart.  Homosexuality is only one of them.  It is no greater sin than any of the others, but it is sin. 


     By now you’re asking, ‘Has she lost her mind? My answer is NO.  I didn’t lose it, I gave it away!  In fact, I traded it in for a new one!  [Romans 12:1-2]




I was minding my own business one fine New Jersey morning when I received a call from a local pastor, the Rev. Vanessia M. Livingston.  I had never spoken to her previously.  She was calling to add a statement to an article about her gospel group in another paper we own called the Kitchen Table News


I don’t remember how we got on the subject of salvation but she could not have known how much I had been struggling with trying to reckon my spiritual upbringing with my lesbian lifestyle. 


     My stiff-necked resistance to the truth arose in me as she ministered.  I honestly figured that if I simply mentioned the ‘L’ word that she’d drop the phone, anoint it with oil and that would be the last I’d hear from her.  But that’s not what happened.  The pastor prophetically confirmed what I’ve known for years, ‘one day you will come out of the world and bring many gay and lesbian souls out with you.’  She asked if today was the day that I would choose but I said no.  I felt the power of conviction upon me as she spoke but I resisted and hardened my heart against the truth as I had done many times before.  I was not willing to hear her or give up my all to God, especially knowing that I had a confirmed speaking engagement scheduled the following week at the Schomberg Center during New York City Gay Pride. 




As I blurted out that I was a proud card-carrying lesbian, the pastor reminded me that God’s mercy allowed me to survive my experiences as He developed my gifts, all as a part of His plan to lead others to Him, others who will not perhaps hear her or other ministers who have not LIVED this experience.


     She could not have had a clue about my encounters with the mercies of God.  Mercy had indeed covered me during those dark 1993 days when my good friend Venus Landin, for whom this magazine is named, was shot and killed.  I recalled how I went with her to her ex-lover’s home to recover her things, how the woman had built a fire using Venus’ precious journals as fuel, how she burned her clothes and how the flames and debris had fallen out of the fireplace’s box and were ablaze along the carpet.


      I remembered the look on the woman’s face and in her eyes.  I know in my heart that she had intended to murder Venus that night but she did not expect me to arrive with her.  There, I stood at the very gates of hell.  Given her state of mind, there was no reason for the woman not to have killed us both, then turn the gun on herself as she did Venus a week later.  When I received the call that they were both found dead, I knew instantly that mercy had covered me, but why?  




The spirit of God spoke directly into my soul and said you will choose this day who you will serve and if you make the wrong choice, I will allow you to drift so far away from me that you will never hear my voice again.


     I gave God my heart and soul in the parking lot of the mall, right there in my car.  A river of tears flowed as Jesus washed me and forgave me and redeemed me for His work.  I intend be just as ‘out’ about my transformation as I was about my lesbian life.  I have given every gift I have back to God, including VENUS Magazine.  The target audience will remain the same but the mission has been renewed.  Our new mission is to encourage, educate and assist those in the life who want change but can’t find a way out.  My brother, my sister, please follow me out of this.


1. Establish and accept for yourself that God’s Word is true AS-IS.  Do not allow gay theology to divorce the Old testament from the New or the written words of the Apostles from the spoken words of Jesus Christ.  This is a good trick, but its no longer working because God is preparing to bring millions of gays and lesbians back to His feet.  He has already chosen many of us for this specific purpose and He is waiting for YOU to accept His call.


2. Seek the truth within the scriptures about homosexuality and it will be revealed to you as you read and pray.  Know that we were NOT born this way.  This myth was fashioned by the gay establishment as a basis for changing laws in favor of gay rights.  Again it works for their purposes, but it is biblically UNTRUE.   There is no way that anyone, without an agenda, can come away from the bible with an endorsement by God of the gay lifestyle.  Gay theology starts with an agenda [‘Let’s make the bible say gay is O.K.’] in order to arrive at its conclusions, but it is a lie.


3. Do not resist God’s call on your life.  Get alone with God and let Him minister the truth directly to you. That conviction you feel is a gift to keep you near the cross.  If you keep resisting Him and hardening your heart, He will eventually stop calling you. You can then have a great time fulfilling all the fantasies of the flesh without feeling a thing, but what awaits you at the end of such a life? [Romans 2:28]


4. Know with certainty that you are loved by God exactly where you are and that your experiences are of great value for kingdom work.  I had BEEN tired, but the enemy kept my mind trapped for years by convincing me that I could not be of any real use to God having lived as an openly gay publisher, but that was a lie.


 5. Say Yes.  That’s really all it takes to accept the truth which is accepting Jesus Christ.  Pray this prayer of repentance with me now.  “Lord, I’m coming to you because I believe your Word and I need your help.  I can’t change myself, I’ve tried.  Please forgive me for every thing I’ve done that did not glorify you.  I believe that you ARE the Word, I believe that Jesus IS your son, I believe that He DIED for my sins, and BECAUSE I believe this, I AM NOW SAVED BY YOUR GRACE.  Thank you for saving me!  Amen.”


6. Make your salvation real.  Keeping the good news of your personal salvation a secret is another trick the enemy uses to buy time as he tries to pull you back to your former life.  We must believe with our hearts AND confess with our mouths. You don’t need to ‘out’ yourself but clobber the enemy by immediately sharing your testimony with SOMEONE about how the Lord has revealed the truth directly to you; about the level of joy and peace you now have which you could not reach without full repentance; about the welcomed change this brings in your life, and all the wonderful things He has done for you.  [Romans 10:9]


7. Experience paradise NOW!  Consult God first, then go ahead and live your life!  Welcome new friendships, start that new venture, expand your experiences, obtain nice things, just don’t put them before God.   Enjoy your life to a new degree, without the burden of sin AND with the confidence of ALL of God’s promises on your side!  It is totally possible to live for God in this present age and enjoy yourself immensely.  When I say live for God I mean totally ‘sold out’ for God.  But you cannot be ‘sold out’ for God and live a gay/lesbian lifestyle at the same time.   [Titus 2:11-12]   


     It’s possible to have a BETTER time than you did in the clubs, in the parks, BETTER than all those secret encounters with folks whose names you’ve long forgotten,  BETTER than your long-term relationship, BETTER than all your priceless possessions, BETTER than money!  Most of us have experienced some of this AND WE WERE STILL MISERABLE.   But thanks to God’s mercy and saving grace we don’t have to wait years and years to get to heaven to experience paradise.  The earth is the Lord’s, the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein.   Enjoy God’s earth, now.  [Psalms 24:1]


8. Walk Carefully or ‘circumspectly’ as the scriptures describe.  This is about being careful to keep your spirit clean and fresh.  Prayer, along with reading and hearing the Word AND seeking ways to apply it to your daily life is the way to STAY saved and delivered from any sinful habit. 


     Isn’t it interesting that we sometimes give our garments of clothing more care than we give our very souls.  When we put on an outfit, we’re so careful not to lean against anything that might soil it.  We protect it while we’re eating so as not to get a spot on it.  We sit in such a way to prevent it from wrinkling.  Treat your soul’s salvation with at least this much care.  [Ephesians 5:15-16]


9. Have fellowship with believers.    We know that the church has largely failed gays and lesbians by not being a welcoming place for those who have sought spiritual change.  The invitation to ‘come as you are’ seems to be extended to everyone but us.  However God has people everywhere who are open, real and willing to walk out with you.  Ask the Lord to lead you to a loving, caring, bible-believing fellowship where you can be nurtured, be blessed, grow AND be a blessing.  [Hebrews 10:25] 


10. Stay in touch.  We’d love to hear from you!  If this article has helped you, please let us know.  Also, if you’d like to share YOUR testimony with VENUS readers, email us at or write VENUS, P. O. Box 4167, Hamilton, NJ 08610.  Include your day and evening number.




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