No, Lindsey Graham. YOU Shut up!

By Don Hank

I just got an alert from the Minuteman Headquarters. Here is how it starts out:
“ALERT: Congress is ready to GIVE UP on securing our borders against illegal immigration – unless WE do something about it NOW!

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina has said it most bluntly, ‘We’re gonna tell the BIGOTS to SHUT UP’!

Graham was speaking in front of La Raza, a group that openly collaborates with MEChA, RADICAL- RACIST Chicano extremist political organizations that actively seek the removal of all “white Europeans” from the western U.S.”

Senator Ted Kennedy, whom many neocons are sucking up to these days, said he hoped the voices of bigotry (normal Americans like us concerned with our loss of sovereignty) would silence themselves for the debate over amnesty. Of course, it is normal for liberals to accuse their opponents of being bigots.
Until this administration, however, it was unusual for conservatives to fawn all over these bullies and do their bullying for them for fear of being nailed as a bigot. But now, we have a new crop of brainless “conservatives” who simply don’t know how to defend a constitutional position because they either don’t know the Constitution or they think that document was written by troglodytes and needs to be liberalized.

Let’s get this straight. Even Hispanics with common sense don’t want every one of their compatriots to have access to the country in which they seek refuge. The criminal elements that we invite into our country by awarding everyone amnesty are part of the reason they want to escape those places.
Further, if all the smart and industrious people leave Mexico and the rest of Latin America, that makes these countries even less desirable and livable than before.

But a point that Graham, Kennedy, Bush, McCain and company seem to be missing is that by pretending that all of Latin America is so bad that no one could possibly want to stay there, they are presenting themselves as the biggest bigots of all!

Finally, for a wishy-washy “conservative” to smear real conservatives for wanting to preserve a modicum of sovereignty for their country and protection for their borders, something guaranteed by the Constitution, is not only downright dirty. It is also dangerous. Sucking up to the Left caused the Republicans to lose their hold on power last election. They obviously haven’t gotten the message yet.
I think one of the main problems is that conservative “pundits” like Rush and Hannity are so obsessed with beating back the Left that they are giving passes like candy to almost all Republicans who will support the war effort. That would be fine if the war were the only means of keeping the bad guys out of our country. But obviously, if we keep the borders open, and even offer incentives to invaders, then the fine fighting men risking and laying down their lives in Iraq are being demeaned over here by the open-border crowd. It is not only insulting to them but downright unfair to put on their shoulders the entire burden of keeping America safe.

So until the pundits get a clue, let’s not give them so much of our listening time.

BTW, I wrote this email to Senator Graham:

I understand you recently said you and your fellow senators were going to oppose the will of the people and grant amnesty to lawbreakers, and you think Americans who want to maintain our sovereignty (that vast majority of us) are bigots.
I beg your pardon, but I think anyone who believes that Latin America is such a hell hole that we have to afford sanctuary to their entire population is a bit bigoted themselves.
I also think that anyone who cavalierly brushes aside the will of the people is bigoted against American citizens, the ones who put you in office.
What an insult to the Mexican AND American people!
For shame!

 I urge as many readers as possible to contact Senator Graham. Be nicer than I was, if possible under the circumstances.
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THE WHOLE ARMOR. Part 3 Resources for Debugging the Soul

Resources for Debugging the Soul

If you think there is a dearth of resources available to combat the assaults outlined above, as well as a host of others, look around you.
There is an impressive array of DVDs, video tapes, web sites and books suitable for neutralizing these assaults from all sides. A surprising number of these have been produced by Dr. D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Ministries. The list I present below is just a smattering of what is available:

The argument that the biblical story of Christ is not historical
If you have no cogent defense against this assertion, you may try reading D. James Kennedy’s Why I Believe. Dr. Kennedy rattles off the names of over 20 secular historians and writers of antiquity, including the prolific Roman historian Tacitus, who have mentioned Christ, 5 of these actually having written whole books on Christianity. One of them, Josephus, was a Jewish writer who, while denouncing Christ, admits that the latter performed miracles (which Josephus ascribes to black magic).

The notion that Darwin renders the Bible obsolete
No one has ever had a more devastating effect on the Judeo-Christian heritage than Charles Darwin. His book makes an apparently credible case for the postulate that chance, not God, brought about the species. This idea was later extrapolated to explain the origin of the universe itself and theories, like the Big Bang, sprang up like mushrooms. Many members of the academic community hold steadfastly to the notion that if you believe in creation, you are softheaded, hopelessly antiquated and have no place among them. There have been numerous cases of brilliant scholars and researchers ostracized from academe simply because they did not pay obeisance to Darwin and/or expressed interest in intelligent design instead.

One sure-fire antidote to Darwinistic fundamentalism is the book Thousands not Billions by Dr. Don DeYoung, who, as part of a team of scientists, engaged in an 8 year research project entitled Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE).

Though less of a scientific refutation of the theory, the book Evolution’s Fatal Fruit, by former atheist Tom DeRosa, nonetheless paints a stark portrait of the devastating effects, from Ausschwitz to the American eugenics movement, that Darwinism has had on humanity. So does the masterful video/DVD Darwin’s Deadly Legacy, produced by Coral Ridge Ministries.

The myth that Christians are supposed to be neutral and unengaged (especially with regard to politics)
Nothing is more infuriating to me than an unengaged Christian who when you mention, for example, the latest assault on school children by a homosexual agenda poised to cram a deadly lifestyle down the kids’ throats, simply smile and say: “Well, we’re in the last days. This is to be expected.” Would these people let someone kick them in the shins and not flinch?

I don’t want to see a smile at that point. I want to see anger and a fierce resolve to resist, in an effort to keep America’s kids safe from further spiritual pollution. Christians are uniquely positioned and endowed to care for and restore a nation in which young people and children can feel safe. Yet they are botching the job scandalously.

Frankly, the tenacity with which some of these folks cling to, even stoutly defend, their inaction is almost more than I can bear. If only they expended a fraction of the energy defending the faith that they expend in defense of their indefensible torpor. It reminds me of a snail stuck to a wall, hard to peel off, but really, not going anywhere either. So why fight so hard for the right to be violated and maligned?

For those who would like to understand this phenomenon of the tenacious Christian do-nothing, and for an antidote to this disagreeable sluggard that too many of us are, I recommend the book Myths, Lies & Half Truths by Gary DeMar.

The myth that current views on extra-marital sexual gratification, gay marriage, abortion and divorce are the result of natural cultural evolution
A single powerful resource, the book The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian, shows that, far from being free and uninhibited, those who follow the trend toward the moral lowlands are in fact pawns of the Left in Hollywood, Madison Avenue, academe and the media, who have cynically engineered our national moral deterioration to achieve selfish ends.

The myth, highly popular in Europe, that religion (but primarily Christianity, so the story goes) causes wars and hence kills people
Here my first recommendation is a book that is not only not written by Christians, it is in fact the product of a team of leftist French researchers, namely, The Black Book of Communism (Le livre noir du communisme), by Stephane Courtois et al.

The most powerful argument these authors present is that communism caused the deaths of almost 100 million people worldwide, not in wars but in campaigns by communist leaders against their own countrymen. From Stalin to Pol Pot to Kim Jong Il, far more people have died as a result of Leftism than as a result of religious wars, proving that it is in fact the lack of faith in God that leads to death.

The myth that Israel and the Islamic world are moral equivalents and that if the Jews and Christians understand and come to respect Islam, we can negotiate peace between the two
One of the best resources on the Middle East and its recent history is the DVD Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East (Balfour Books), which shows how the Palestinians reneged on every one of the terms of the Oslo Accord, while the Israelis were in compliance with every one of these terms, and in some cases, had been in compliance before the accord was signed in 1993. Terrorism in fact doubled the year of the signing.

The myth that the founders of our nation were deists and that their model was the godless French Revolution
Read One Nation Under God by Dr. David C. Gibbs or view the video by that name available through Coral Ridge Ministries. (Research has shown that almost all of the Founders were Christians).

The myth that the ACLU was founded by sincere people with a genuine interest in preserving our Constitutional rights and that their activities are all directed at fulfilling this purpose
After founding the ACLU, roger Baldwin wrote:

I am for Socialism, disarmament and ultimately, for the abolishing of the State itself … I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

For further details, read the book Indefensible: 10 Ways the ACLU is Destroying America, by Sam Kastensmidt and/or view the videos The ACLU Exposed and The War on Religious Liberty, available from Coral Ridge Ministries.

The myth that Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code is based on solid science
Read either of the books The Da Vinci Myth vs. Gospel Truth by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe and The Da Vinci Deception  by Erwin Lutzer,  or view The Da Vinci Delusion, all available from Coral Ridge Ministries.

The notion that the proper role of good Christians is to wait for Jesus, pray and not to resist the authorities
In his book Myths, Lies and Half-Truths, Gary DeMar shows examples of godly resistance in both the Old and New Testaments.
The myth that Christian politicians are to serve as a guide for their constituents, not the other way around
I have not found much on this topic, but an online article entitled My Speech in Boise, Idaho, by Pastor Chuck Baldwin is a good first step. I believe that books will later be written on how Christians compromised freedom by giving carte blanche to President Bush in his actions aimed at keeping the borders open, imprisoning border guards and arresting and court-martialing marines for following orders, and in massively transferring constitutional rights from the states to the federal government, for example, in No Child Left Behind.

I believe that resisting and combating this dangerous “set-em-and-forget-em” approach to elected Christian politicians will be the next challenge for Christians.

Protestantism was born of the notion that the individual Christian must obey God and not man, in keeping with the scriptures (Acts 5:20).

The last 8 years have seen a severe erosion of this doctrine. The result has been an erosion of our constitutional rights. Any erosion of constitutional rights opens the door for further abuses by the Left, such as hate crimes legislation aimed at criminalizing Biblical speech, for example, where it touches on homosexuality, but eventually, any speech that “offends” any group.

I believe that how Christians learn from this hands-off experience with government will determine America’s future and the future of religious freedom.

Updates for Continuous Debugging
There are numerous ways to update the antivirus system for your soul by subscribing to some of the newsletters available on the internet.

To keep abreast of political events that affect our culture and to fight back on line by means of mass mailing campaigns to offenders in government, media, corporations and others, you can subscribe, for example, to the following newsletters:

Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum
Phyllis does not compromise with politicians on either side of the aisle, including the mainstream Religious Right, to water down her message. She lets the chips fall where they may.

With AFA Update you will be able to participate in important campaigns that impact our culture.

The Family Research Council’s update keeps voters and activists abreast of culturally relevant political happenings.

NumbersUSA is a site that is not aimed specifically at any religious or other group. However, it is the best source of information on illegal immigration you will find anywhere. It also enables the subscriber to participate, free of charge, in fax campaigns to help mitigate the effects of illegal immigration and open-borders policies.
Immigrants do not leave their cultural baggage at the border. Ironically, they tend to support, in their new homeland, the kind of corrupt government they are attempting to escape, that is, the notion that government is their benefactor, not the original American idea of a plain vanilla framework within which creative, hard-working individuals supply the content. Continued illegal immigration will therefore eventually doom the American dream sought by these immigrants—and politicians—seeking short-term gains.

The Traditional Values Coalition provides updates on government efforts that affect the culture.

What You Can Do to Help
You can read up on the issues using many of the resources listed above and others, acquire as many of the above-listed DVDs as possible and invite your family and friends and acquaintances from church, work or around the neighborhood to come and view them with you. Afterwards, you can discuss the content. Don’t be surprised if many of them dispute the content. Sit quietly and get their input. If they disagree, just quietly ask why, and when they respond, listen graciously and offer some of your own experiences or input as appropriate, in the most non-confrontational way possible. Don’t worry if they seem to have rejected the message. New ideas and information take some time to sink in.

Some readers will no doubt be disappointed that I omitted your favorite sites and other resources in this brief survey article. I therefore invite you to send additional resource information by responding to this article and/or writing the author directly.
Contact the author:

Donald Hank is a translator and translation agent residing in Wrightsville, PA with his wife and daughter. In addition to studies in US colleges, he has studied at the Philippsuniversität in Marburg, West Germany, the Alliance Française in Paris, the University of Leningrad in the USSR and the Mandarin Training Center in Taipei, Taiwan. He served in the Peace Corps in El Salvador in the late 60s. He has a Bachelor’s degree in French and German and a Master’s in Russian language and literature. Reared in a Christian home, he spent 40 years in self-imposed exile from all that he was taught as a youngster, enslaved by powerful leftist myths that emerged in the 60s and have taken root since then. In due time, God came for him, freed him from darkness and gave him the commission to go and free others.


Part 2. The Enemy is Us

By Donald Hank

  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
                                                   Hosea 4:6

It is with no pleasure that we present damning details on certain fundamentalist churches in this article. Indeed we hesitated to so because they could be misconstrued as an indictment on the Church of Jesus Christ. And yet, to keep silent on the issue of corruption in the church invites non-believers to be the first to expose it, facilitating them in their undermining of the faith. Further, the discerning reader will readily see the distinction between the purging of existing churches and an indictment against Christianity. For this reason, because any accusation against Christians is best brought by a fellow Christian, I have chosen to write this second part, leaving all the blemishes open to plain view.

For the reasons enumerated in Part 1, it can be said that pastors today are in desperate need not only of followers but of honest, constructive critics who can set them straight in Christian love, but without flattery and without pulling punches.

Here is how an effective pastor, or Christian leader, should lead if he is to help his flock avoid the pitfalls described above:

He should first inform himself with diligent study of the precise workings of Satan at any given time, and then, based on his findings, try to provide his flock with the knowledge and skills to avoid and neutralize all the weapons in Satan’s arsenal:
Merle Quiggle, Associate Vice President of Northwest University, writes:

After three or four years at a secular college or university, 52 percent no longer claim to be born again or have stopped attending church. Students from more conservative religious backgrounds lose their faith at an even higher rate, up to 67 percent.

Merle’s advice:

Teach more Christian apologetics. And apologetics is precisely what we are talking about when we mention “antivirus” programs for the Christian.

Perhaps one reason so many pastors seem unconcerned about the latest assaults against the Church is that ostensibly, such attacks appear to have abated. The old European shibboleth that religion starts wars and makes people kill each other, has, for the most part, fallen on deaf ears in this country. Hollywood, post-Passion, seems resigned to the fact that blatantly anti-Christian films don’t sell and have just recently started seriously catering to Christians, for example, with Narnia.

Yet, many of the films that are more palatable to Christians are not being written and directed by Christians and many, like Amazing Grace, seem to have been at least partially pre-empted by the Christian Left.

One of the things that makes the Christian Left, under spiritual leader Jim Wallis, so menacing is that they have succeeded in convincing many that conservative Christians are uncharitable toward the poor, holding up liberals as paragons of magnanimity. Wallis derides Bush for not putting more Americans on the dole. Many credulous young Christians are signing on to Wallis’ movement, buying into this myth of the miserly conservative and hence distancing themselves from their more orthodox brethren. Yet, in his book entitled Who Really Cares, Arthur Brooks, a renowned scholar of economics and public policy, demonstrates that conservatives are much more compassionate toward the poor and downtrodden than their liberal counterparts. According to Brooks, church attendance is a major factor in giving, and so are earned income (as opposed to state-subsidized income), and the belief that individuals, not government, offer the best solution to social ills.

Another feature of Wallis’ Christian Left is that they berate Christians for their supposed overemphasis on life and their antagonism toward abortion, arguing that the War in Iraq, for example, has killed thousands of Americans and therefore deserves the lion’s share of our attention. Yet the Left seems oblivious to the fact that abortion takes a million lives a year and violates a commandment of God on a grand and unprecedented scale. Thus, the Christian Left is hardly distinguishable from the secular Left, and their goals, their vision, and their habit of wildly distorting the truth are in harmony with each other.

A pastor skilled in apologetics would not fail to point out these flaws, especially if there were a significant number of young people in his flock who admired Wallis.

The Left is joined in its indirect assaults by watered-down Christian ministries, often in the form of cult-like mega-churches, or the New Age movement known by the blanket term “emerging church,” or “emergent church,” which, like the Left, often minimize salvation and the agenda of life, while emphasizing liberal environmental causes based on junk science, eliminating poverty and disease, defending social justice and generally rehashing Marxist wealth sharing under some other vaguely Christian-sounding name.

Another indirect assault on Christianity comes from stumbling blocks – nominal or ineffectual Christians whose flawed personalities or dissolute lives suggest that being a Christian is an empty hypocrisy. Sadly, every now and then, we read of another pastor or Christian leader who has succumbed to some sexual sin or otherwise misbehaved. As these leaders fall, so do many of their followers fall away from their Christian walk, although truth be told, they had in fact already strayed at the outset because they had committed the sin of equating these leaders with God. It was only a matter of time before they would fall away.

Further, there is the pervasive notion in America, with us since the 19th century, that because Jesus is coming again, Christians need only look wistfully heavenward and renounce earthly strivings, including efforts at combating corruption and countering the world’s onslaught against our faith—a kind of Ghandian passive resistance, but even more passive.

Finally, perhaps the most insidious influence in Satan’s arsenal is the infiltration of post-modern psychology into the church. Though seemingly pious in its outward manifestation, the field of psychology is shot through with conclusions from junk science such as the fraudulent Kinsey sex studies, assumptions based on wishful thinking, and leftwing ideology, originating in large part from the writings of feminist ideologues. Therefore, when churches absorb methodologies derived from this questionable science, they often fall prey to the ideology on which it is based, causing harm to traditional families.

How this all comes about, and the extent of the harm, varies from church to church, but there is an example from my local area that typifies this. Calvary Church, one of the richest, largest and most prestigious fundamentalist mega-churches in Lancaster County, PA, was found to be drugging a healthy child against the father’s will. Why and how this would happen is so complicated it is well beyond the scope of this article, but there is one thing that I have seen over and over again in church after church: church leaders follow the general principle that men who are accused of abuse by a woman are automatically guilty and the accusing woman is automatically telling the truth. In such cases, exculpatory evidence is of no consequence, either for the churches involved or for the authorities, as evidenced by other articles appearing in the above-linked web site. This policy is based not on the Bible but on an ideology that has been promulgated by radical feminists via the psychological profession, which willingly lends itself to such ideological meddling. Thus without knowing it, churches have become the pawns of the Left.

As facilitator of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents, I have received dozens of emails, mostly from men, reflecting the content of this one:

I would try to urge many pastors to preach on this topic of feminism, but there is always an excuse. I also have tried to tell pastors of my experiences, but they look at me and say just pray for her or maybe its just you, or maybe
God is dealing with you. Never would he do any research at all on this subject, and they would never listen to me at all. They were always on her side, and believed everything she said. I think that even if women don’t outright proclaim that they are feminist, their actions really tell the truth. So, I believe that most pastors are so afraid of speaking on this issue, that it may UPSET, the women, and he doesn’t want to do that. Plus I have noticed that there are more women’s ministries than men’s. I have seen these types of events play out in many many churches. I also hear the pastors saying “Im the pastor, and the congregation should obey their leader.” … So, unfortunately I don’t go to church anymore, and I don’t give a dime to them. Sad deal, but that’s the way I feel…. And I don’t want to hear ANY preachers, preaching to me….

As is typical of the men with this kind of experience, this man describes himself as a Christian. Yet he feels completely rejected by his local church. And while it is true that God certainly does speak to men through the tragic experiences described above, it does not follow that the men who lodge such complaints are all necessarily evil, selfish, abusive, or any of the things we reflexively attribute to them in our “pshychologized” culture. In fact, there are too many stories of this kind for them to have all been fabricated. There is something going on here, and at the very least it is a lack of understanding on the part of pastors.

As a matter of fact, a close friend of mine went through a similar experience, where he was accused by his then-wife of abuse. She waited until he went deer hunting, then called the moving company and cleaned him out. Then, while still married to him, she started attending a mega-church together with her live-in lover. She had 3 sons with my friend, who went to the pastor and complained about this situation, whereupon the pastor informed him that she was pregnant to the lover and would “have to marry him.” Immediately after the divorce, in which the lady with the live-in lover got custody, the wedding took place in that pastor’s church.

Years later, while her second husband was deer hunting, she repeated her performance. They are now divorced and she has a new live-in lover to keep the kids and her company. She retained custody. Following this second divorce, one of the sons was sent to a home for juvenile offenders.

So why is it that pastors are so easily brainwashed into siding with the enemy?
I believe it is because our secular-humanist culture is like a vat of dye and we all have fallen into it. You can’t swim around in a vat of red dye for long without being stained red. And it is hard to get rid of that stain.

But there are ways of extricating oneself slowly from the staining ideologies of the World.

These methods are not easy, they require long hours of hard study, and only a handful of us will ever bother, because most American Christians are lazy and complacent, believing implicitly that it is Jesus’ job to rescue us, not our job to rescue, and lovingly restore, what is left of our tattered Christian culture. But I have learned, partly from personal experience, that God never saves us from ourselves and never does our dirty work for us. If we continue to refuse to do our duty, then we will surely suffer the consequences.

Yet there are no end of churches that will support our ignorance and our lack of will to learn. It is important to note that Christians who want to appear intellectually superior can find more support by following the ideology that is most popular in academe, Hollywood and the media, and without cracking a book or actually budging their brain cells.

Yet for that tiny faithful remnant who are willing to know the hard, uncomfortable truth, Part 3 details many of the ample resources available to you. With these resources, you can truly know the truth and hence be free.

Go Ahead, Call me a Victim NOW!

      “Experts” are scratching their heads over the killings at VA Tech.
Yet, most of the details surrounding the killer’s “mysterious motive” have long been known.
      Former professors of Cho Seung-Hui have slowly stepped forward, one declaring she had tried to get the college to act to protect her students over a year ago, and another saying he had called the police. Campus officials said they could do nothing.
      Honestly, was anyone surprised by this? 
      In a country where illegal immigrants arrested by the police have, on average, at least 6 priors and yet are never ever deported? 
      Where in one city (Los Angeles), over 90% of all murder warrants are for illegal aliens, and yet the President calls for amnesty and reneges on the promised building of a fence?
      In a country that blindly obeys the radical push for a Violence Against Women Act, ignoring the fact that half the   domestic violence is directed against men, and over 90% of deadly criminal violence claims male lives (see the book The Myth of Male Power by Dr. Warren Farrell)?
      In a country where a woman (Marie Noe in Philadelphia) can kill 8 children and get zero jail time, simply because she belongs to a “victim” group (women)?
      Cho Seung-Ho saw all of this and more on campus, where Muslims are given rooms for Friday prayers but Christians are treated like dangerous radicals. 
      And where an Asian with obvious dangerous, violent tendencies is ignored, no matter what he does. He learned through bitter experience that, as an Asian student, he would never, under any circumstances be forced into counseling or be treated with anything but phony “respect” but zero understanding. 
      If indeed he was the victim of child molestation by a homosexual, as his twisted writings suggest, he knew that his molester belonged to the victim group, protected on campus by hate speech rules. One does not accuse a homosexual of a crime. Even a pedophile has NAMBLA to back him up.
      Cho challenged faculty and students of Virginia Tech to finally break the PC ice and admit that he was not a victim, that he was sick and tormented, that he belonged in a facility for the deranged, and he did everything in his power to convince them of that, but to no avail.
      Here was a boy who desperately needed, even longed for, someone to stop being nice and get tough with him. Someone in authority to take him aside and say: 
      “I don’t know what your problem is, but you aren’t going to stay on this campus and threaten the lives of innocent students with your crazy talk. Shape up or ship out” 
      “Look me in the eyes when I am talking to you!”
      Instead, students and faculty alike feared him and, like good liberals or, in some cases, good Christians, tried to placate him to save their own hides and stay in their own comfort zones. 
      It is politically incorrect to be stern with a person of Asian origin. But that is what someone should have done with Cho. It could have saved his life, and the lives of 32 of his fellow students.
      But liberal officials on campuses prefer funerals to truth and tough talk.
      So now they have funerals.
      And what have they learned from the biggest mass murder in US history?
      That guns are to blame, and Cho is still a victim.


Part 1. In Defense of the Faith

By Donald Hank

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
   Ephesians 6: 11-13

Would you leave your computer unprotected?

If you had just invested $3,500 in the best computer system you could get, including a color copier, all kinds of fancy software packages and the fastest Internet service available, would it makes sense not to buy a good antivirus and anti-spyware system? 

Of course not, you say.

Yet many Christians go to churches where they only get fed the Bible (analogous to the information highway) in its own historical context, but are not shown that the Biblical characters, good, lukewarm and evil, have clear-cut counterparts in today’s world and many are a menace to the faith. Lacking this link between past and present, Christians are deprived of the intellectual input needed to mount the basic defense needed to protect their souls (in analogy to the hard drives of computers) and, especially, those of their family and brethren, from Satan’s withering virus attacks.

But you say, all the Christian needs is in the Bible, including those verses in Ephesians about the whole armor.

Indeed, Paul enumerates specific parts of the armor: the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of peace, the helmet of salvation, and, he emphasizes, above all, the shield of faith.

It is easy to see that if we have a solid shield of faith, that is no doubt the pièce de résistance in our arsenal of godly accoutrements for our battle with Satan.

But have you ever seen a shield such as was used by warriors in battle at the time of Paul?

While shields have varied in size, construction material, and configuration from era to era and from one civilization to another, one thing is a constant: every shield used in war at that time, and for centuries to come, was a one-man implement intended solely for individual use.

Thus the shield with which you defend yourself so effectively on the front lines cannot protect the comrades to your side. Now, certainly, if a high-flying arrow comes down from above, you can shield yourself perhaps by going down on one knee and holding the shield slantwise to protect your head and face. But the comrades just behind you are not necessarily shielded by your shield. And if they are younger, inexperienced warriors who have not yet learned this technique, or if their shields are not quite big enough to cover their whole heads and torsos, then they are at risk of being hit and there is nothing you can do to protect them.

The Foe and His Strategy

Yet here is some of what you and your unsuspecting brethren and children are up against in the fierce spiritual war that is raging all around you:

1) Direct assaults on Christ.
a) The ACLU and its infamous attacks on public symbols and expressions of faith.
b) The universities and their open hatred for the Judeo-Christian religion. A very large percentage of evangelical young people lose their faith in college, never to return to it. Is your child prepared?
c) Hollywood’s direct attacks in the selling of evil, as outlined by David Kupelian in his book The Marketing of Evil
 2)  Indirect assaults:
a) Hollywood’s sneak attacks (such as the Da Vinci Code, purporting to present strong evidence that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene)
b) The Christian left and its challenges to orthodoxy. Jim Wallis, the leader of the movement, is succeeding, largely through disinformation, to add credulous new Christian followers constantly to his growing flock.
c) The media, which promote these viruses and give long shrift to any far-out anti-Christian doctrine that comes down the pike. For instance the Discovery Channel presented, around Easter time this year, a special featuring the ossuary supposedly containing the bones of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene (even though top Israeli archeologists deny that the ossuary contains the bones of Christ).

3) Stumbling blocks – prominent Christians caught in flagrante delicto violating the Commandments of God.

4) Ineffectual, spiritually blind Christians who minimize efforts to fend off the world’s assaults on our faith, insisting that since Jesus is coming any moment now to claim the victory, we should all just prepare for a time of feasting in Heaven and forget about our temporal troubles.

5) Churches that are attempting to mix the world and the church, as mentioned below and as will be detailed, Lord willing, in Part 2 of this series.

6) You and I, Gentle Reader

Now, a sound understanding of the Bible can protect against you (self), a major category in Satan’s arsenal. But in itself, the Bible can only go so far in preparing Christians, especially impressionable young people, from stealth assaults on the faith and the almost complete permeation of our culture with the attractive ways of death. Most “Christians” have swallowed many of the world’s lies without even realizing it.

The Bible warns us that we need more than pure gospel; we need our minds and wits to deal with our crafty foe. Jesus said:

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
                                                      Matthew 10:16

Now, most pastors have majored in niceness at the seminary, and they’ve got that “harmless as doves” part down pat. But how can pastors and Christian leaders help us be wise as serpents and prepare us for Satan’s viruses and Trojan horses?

The Counter-Strategy

They can do, for example, what D. James Kennedy has done throughout his ministry, weaving current information into every sermon, showing through the prism of God’s Word, not just in general terms, but in specific terms, through specific examples, what Satan’s latest strategies are, and providing Christians with the weapons and tools needed to immediately neutralize these strategies through Biblical counter-strategies, just as a good antivirus program will capture and neutralize viruses even as it is installed.  This is effective ministry, and any ministry that is based on gospel preaching without incorporating these counter-strategies into the sermon is like a software salesman who recommends all the latest bells and whistles yet carelessly ignores the need for an antivirus/anti-spyware program, exposing the consumer to the unseen perils of the Internet, to which his precious hard drive and all its contents will inevitably succumb sooner or later.
This shortsighted approach, and the outright ingenuousness, of most pastors is certainly partly to blame for the fact that the average new convert to Christianity is backslidden within less than a year.  It is quite likely why evangelicals do not differ significantly in their worldview from non-Christians, as a recent Barna poll shows.  It is one reason why another poll puts the divorce rate among Christians higher than among atheists and agnostics and finds the highest divorce rates among the most conservative churches. But another obscure reason—known but to a handful—for the high divorce rate among Christians could be the churches themselves, not the world, as we shall see later on, because, either through naiveté or through deceit, many churches have absorbed so much worldly corruption, for example, by imitating the field of psychology, precisely in those areas where radical feminism has defined the ideology dominating that field, that the lines between church and world are hopelessly blurred. Further, it is why, as another survey shows, a significant fraction of young and middle-aged people are leaving evangelical churches, not because they are backslidden but because they are afraid if they stay they will lose their faith!

I said it jokingly as a skeptic but now I say it in all sincerity as a believer: Lord, preserve us from your followers!

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Email from a Victim of Child “Protective” Services

An activist friend sent the email appearing in the following, describing the horrors of a Child Protective Services ageny. This is not an isolated case.

There are hundreds of cases like this everywhere in the Western World. Remember the case of the Busekros family in Germany, whose girl was abducted by the child “protective” services there because they had committed the unspeakable crime of homeschooling her? Any excuse will do to snatch a child and place it in foster care to bolster that corrupt system.

Like almost every abuse by government in our post-modern world, this abuse can be attributed to our post-modern insistence on allowing the secular-humanist priesthood, an actual religious cult, to have its way with us. We imagine ourselves safer in the hands of these wolves.

Some of the articles of faith of these radical religious fanatics, who control our government on all levels, are:

  • Marxism
  • environmentalism
  • feminism
  • Darwinism

Whenever we deal with family law, we find feminism as the driver of government’s actions. Under the guise of “protecting women and children,” government policies ultimately wind up breaking up families. They do this by encouraging women to divorce (most divorces are initiated by women), telling them the “patriarchy” (marriage) enslaves women. What they don’t tell them is that, for example, researchers like Maggie Gallagher, as reported in her book “The Case for Marriage,” find that the safest women by far are married women, who live longer and suffer the least abuse! Secular humanism, with feminism as one of its pillars, fits the description of a religious cult. It teaches a belief system that is not supported by science.

And it has become our State religion. Only one thing can save us: knowledge of the truth.

The email is below. Imagine this happening to you, because if you have children, it can:

I saw how you helped get the baby back on Youtube and pray that you can help me. My name is [name deleted] I have spina bifida and 4 years ago ended up in a wheelchair. I made the mistake of my doctor asking [sic] for help to do some chores around the house. That was the biggest mistake, I now know.

One day last July CPS [Child Protective Service] showed up at my home with orders for me to be in court the next day for immediate removal of my two children because my son was so depressed that “school” officials had told CPS he was sleeping in class. When I told school that it was because he was sneaking and playing video games and I took the games away the school dropped it but CPS was in our lives for good!! I have been forced to sign papers bringing “Family Preservation” into our home and its been a nightmare every since. Please bear with me while I try to tell the story. I’m hoping that I can find someone to care because my rights as an American citizen, as a mother, as a human being are being trampled on beyond belief.

Its hard to know where to start.. but I will try to start at the beginning of my coming to [name of town] to try and get help from the hospital for my Tethered cord which comes from having spina bifida. It’s a condition where the scar tissue grows around my spinal cord choking the nerves off that make my legs move.
When I got to [name of town], I was walking but with a lot of pain involved. I went from a cane to crutches to a wheelchair.

It’s when I got in the wheelchair that my troubles with CPS began. I made the horrible mistake of asking for help to get my house clean. That led to accusations that my kids were going to school dirty. Then one day last July, well over a month since school closed a worker from CPS knocked on my door with a warrant for me to be in court the NEXT day!! They wanted to take my children! The warrant said that my son was in danger because he was mentally depressed and that my home was horribly dirty. All of it was a lie.

My home was messy but that was all. Don’t all homes get messy sometimes? But I was in a wheelchair so I have been held to higher standards than anyone else. I proved to them that my home was clean. I had to take both of my kids ages seven and thirteen to a psychologist of CPS choice to disprove depression. Which I did. The psychologist said my son was NOT depressed. In court the CPS workers all said I was “in denial” of his depression. Which I was because he wasn’t depressed.
Everyday I watched my kids laugh and play so I knew it was a lie.

When they couldn’t take them for that they forced me to sign papers to allow all kinds of workers in my home. They call that my “willingly” signing papers. I never “willingly” signed anything, it was always under the threat of losing my kids!!

I was forced to allow Family Preservation in my home. One woman looked at my seven year old daughter and said “Doesn’t it make you sad and scared that when your mother goes into the hospital she might DIE?” I told the worker not to talk about my death with my small daughter she would scare her so that led to them telling a judge that I wouldn’t follow court orders… they said I made her leave my home, which was a lie. I only said she couldn’t say that to my daughter. I have never been diagnosed with death! Why scare her?

They are now trying to take my children because they tried to say I was suicidal because one of the workers saw a small 22 handgun in my desk drawer. It’s there for protection, not to kill myself.
It makes me very angry that I have to prove I want to live while I’m fighting to live every day.
When they decided that they wouldn’t be able to get away with suicide, they then told the judge that now I need to see a neuropsychologist to prove that I’m mentally fit to take care of my kids because of my spina bifida! When my court appointed lawyer asked what a neuropsychologist was, they said it was someone who talks to DEATH ROW inmates! OMG! What is happening? How can they get away with this? Isn’t this discrimination? To say that I’m mentally unfit because of a birth defect or injuries relating to it, isn’t that discrimination ?

I can’t find an attorney who will take the case. I want to sue them for discrimination but legal aid won’t take the case. What can I do? Please help me. I love my children with all my heart. I take good care of them. They love me and each other. I am scared that finally they will get them. I am under a Temporary Protective Order now. I have NEVER been convicted of a crime.

The only support I have are my two friends that I have had for over twenty years. [Names deleted]. If it wasn’t for them I would have been driven crazy by social services and their “help”!
So many horrible things have happened in the ten months or so since CPS first started lying that it’s hard to remember all of it.

Social Services admitted to lying to me three times to get into my home but instead of them getting into trouble for lying, I got into trouble for telling them to leave. They pretended they wanted to talk about my son getting a tutor but instead they came in and started accusing me of sending my kids to school dirty. What do I do?

Do I have to let them force me into going to a Death Row psychologist? My lawyer seems to be working for CPS more than she is working with me. They are trying to say that I’m mentally unfit because of my injuries. Is this possible ? I have NO rights. .. I don’t know where to turn. I love my children more than the world. They love me back. CPS workers will admit that my kids are very sweet and loving kids. They have good manners. But none of that matters with them. I don’t know how to fight this. I have no money. We live on my disability check.

What do I do? Where do I turn? who will help me ? Please let me know …

[email address suppressed]

you can post this email if you want to.. Maybe it will warn someone out there that is under the misunderstanding that they can get “help” from social services if they get sick and need a little help! Ask your friends for help. Ask the churches in your community but don’t ever ask social services to help you! They will immediately try and steal your kids. It will be the fight of your life! It will turn into a nightmare!

PLease email me back and let me know if you are willing to help or at least listen there is so much more. I had one worker scare my daughter to death with my apparent “likelihood of death” when I go into the hospital.. Please help me.. Please.

Naming Jesus is Lawful, as Long as You’re Cursing

Naming Jesus is ok, But Offensive if You Show Respect

By Donald Hank

Did you know that it is ok to for a public official to name the name of Jesus when conversing with a citizen as long as the public official is cursing, but it is offensive for a member of the public to name the name of Jesus in a public place? That would be offensive.
Last week I picked up the morning paper and read, in the local news page, the headline:
“School made girl remove Jesus magnet, mom says.” The newspaper story said the confiscating school principal had declared this inscription might be offensive to someone.
I happened to know this guy quite well and went to the school right away. As I was walking through the parking lot, I asked God to give me love for him, and as soon as I saw him, I realized that my request had been granted. He is an easy man to love. His students adore him.  However, I had known him to curse profusely in our past conversations.
So I said: “I’m surprised you would think the name of Jesus was offensive, because you use the name Jesus Christ a lot in your conversations with me and other parents, and I didn’t think you considered it offensive at all. And if you did, I must wonder why you didn’t think it would be offensive to parents, many of whom are Christians, to hear the name of their Savior used in cursing.”
He turned 3 shades of red.
I told him that I was from a strict religious background and that I had rebelled against my religion, but that later, I had discovered a new religion taking over America, which can be called Secular Humanism, and now I felt more rebellious toward that new religion than I had toward my father’s religion, because in my father’s case, that religion was confined to my home, but in the case of Secular Humanism, it is now the State religion of my own country and is vigorously enforced everywhere by officials like him.
We had a very productive conversation, during which he apologized very sincerely several times.
As I was leaving, he showed me a cross that was given to him by the brother of the girl whose magnet he had confiscated. The boy had given it to him in an Easter basket. Across the cross arm, the boy had written:
He died for you.
I believe this man was under conviction at that time, and I entreat believers reading this to pray for him to accept the Christ who offends all sinners by His Truth.
Just a word about the established religion in America:
Many will deny that secular humanism is a religion. However, during Ed Rendell’s gubernatorial campaign in the last election, someone asked him what his religion was, and he said, without hesitation: I am a secular humanist.
Thus, obviously, the adherents to this religion know that it is just that, a religion. Yet they are apparently oblivious to the fact that, according to their favorite interpretation of the Constitution, they are not to be promoting this is an establishment of religion. Yet they hypocritically go around silencing others who promote their religion—but only if that religion happens to be Christianity.
There can be no more poignant an example of this than the absurd decision handed down by the unelected secularist zealot Justice John Jones III, whose decision in Kitzmiller vs the Dover School Board, makes it illegal to discuss certain scientific theories in the public school in Dover because they are supposedly motivated by a desire to promote Christianity.
Yet, despite this dire situation, namely, that our ship of State is being led by a cult-like group of religious fanatics, the Christian has the same freedom he has had since the very beginning, because, as our Leader has indicated, just knowing the truth is freedom. So if we know beyond a doubt that the officials who promote the State religion are doing so at variance with constitutional precepts, we are entirely free to pursue our truth and even to confront the establishment, no matter how much power its representatives may have, because as government officials, they know it is their primary duty to uphold the Constitution. And with a modicum of constitutional understanding, it is disarmingly easy—child’s play in fact—to show them beyond a shadow of a doubt, that by suppressing Christianity while promoting secular humanism, they are doing anything but upholding the First Amendment.
And a little child shall lead them.

They’re Slowly Catching up with Laiglesforum

On March 4, 2006, Laiglesforum posted an article Gay Agenda: You’re Going DOWN!, in which I pointed out the obvious analogy between homosexuality and smoking in the area of health risks and challenged the ex-homosexual community to collectively bring suit against everyone in the media and government who had endorsed the dangerous lifestyle that has sickened and killed so many of them and their fellows over the years.

Then I sat back and waited. 

It took over a year for someone with name recognition to the media to discover this analogy, presumably independently of us.

Finally, just last week, Paul Cameron and Kirk Cameron, both Ph.D.’s who for years have been exposing the truth about homosexuality and its fallout (and suffering severe consequences from the liberal establishment), came out with a study (Federal Distortion of Homosexual Footprint) that shows the following:

Whereas smoking shortens the life expectancy of smokers by 1 to 7 years, the homosexual lifestyle shortens the life of practicing homosexuals by 24 years.

The conclusion the authors reach is certainly reasonable:
“Given the greatly reduced lifespan for homosexuals, school children should be strongly and consistently warned about the dangers of homosexuality even more so than smoking. Those school districts which are introducing pro-gay curricula need to rethink their priorities.”
However, excuse me, Drs. Cameron, but that is like saying that, giving the fact that black widow spiders often eat their mates, the species ought to rethink their mating habits.

The Left is a species that is not known to listen to reason. In fact, they are notorious for inventing their own facts and, as you know from personal experience, viciously attacking and smearing any professional whose findings are incompatible with their ideology. The only thing that could possibly motivate these radicals is a successful lawsuit brought against them.

After all, as I pointed out in the above-referenced article, the thing that brought down the cigarette industry was a huge lawsuit that cost them billions.

You are absolutely right in your data, gentlemen. We are dealing with a deadly lifestyle here and the government is ignoring the consequences.
But let’s stop being polite with people who have never shown any regard for human life—from abortion to euthanasia to stem cell research—and mobilize the ex-gay movement to fight this war to win!

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