Monthly Archive: April 2007

Apr 30

No, Lindsey Graham. YOU Shut up!

By Don Hank I just got an alert from the Minuteman Headquarters. Here is how it starts out: “ALERT: Congress is ready to GIVE UP on securing our borders against illegal immigration – unless WE do something about it NOW! Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina has said it most bluntly, ‘We’re gonna tell the …

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Apr 26

THE WHOLE ARMOR. Part 3 Resources for Debugging the Soul

THE WHOLE ARMOR. Part 3Resources for Debugging the Soul If you think there is a dearth of resources available to combat the assaults outlined above, as well as a host of others, look around you. There is an impressive array of DVDs, video tapes, web sites and books suitable for neutralizing these assaults from all sides. …

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Apr 21


Part 2. The Enemy is Us By Donald Hank   My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.                                                   Hosea 4:6  It is with no pleasure that we present damning details on certain fundamentalist churches in this article. Indeed we hesitated to so because they could be misconstrued as an indictment on the Church of Jesus Christ. And …

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Apr 18

Go Ahead, Call me a Victim NOW!

      “Experts” are scratching their heads over the killings at VA Tech.Yet, most of the details surrounding the killer’s “mysterious motive” have long been known.      Former professors of Cho Seung-Hui have slowly stepped forward, one declaring she had tried to get the college to act to protect her students over a year ago, and another saying he …

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Apr 17


Part 1. In Defense of the Faith By Donald Hank For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand in …

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Apr 16

Email from a Victim of Child “Protective” Services

An activist friend sent the email appearing in the following, describing the horrors of a Child Protective Services ageny. This is not an isolated case. There are hundreds of cases like this everywhere in the Western World. Remember the case of the Busekros family in Germany, whose girl was abducted by the child “protective” services there because they …

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Apr 15

Naming Jesus is Lawful, as Long as You’re Cursing

Naming Jesus is ok, But Offensive if You Show Respect By Donald Hank Did you know that it is ok to for a public official to name the name of Jesus when conversing with a citizen as long as the public official is cursing, but it is offensive for a member of the public to …

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Apr 09

They’re Slowly Catching up with Laiglesforum

On March 4, 2006, Laiglesforum posted an article Gay Agenda: You’re Going DOWN!, in which I pointed out the obvious analogy between homosexuality and smoking in the area of health risks and challenged the ex-homosexual community to collectively bring suit against everyone in the media and government who had endorsed the dangerous lifestyle that has …

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