My Virtual Donation to the McCain Campaign

by Don Hank

I just got a letter from Senator John McCain, and in it he states that he values my opinions on key issues.


I am a subscriber to the NumbersUSA alerts and have read reports that McCain has not always been civil toward voters, for example, when asked impertinent questions about illegal immigration at town hall meetings. He is said to have made some indignant statements suggesting they lacked compassion for people who come to this country to do jobs Americans won’t do and who only are seeking a better way of life. Another conservative group reported that John didn’t show up to a meeting to which they had invited the leading Republican candidates, creating the impression that McCain wants to distance himself from conservatives.


Despite impatience with those of us with more conservative views, Senator McCain, possesses a quite tolerant nature, particularly toward his liberal colleagues in the Senate like Russ Feingold and Edward Kennedy, with whom he likes to sit down and draft legislation to help protect voters from their own selfish impulses to improperly assert their constitutional rights.


Some cynics would say that McCain is just sending out these Presidential Agenda Surveys because he wants to be president and now is pretending he actually cares what the little people think.


Judging from Senator McCain’s intimate tone toward me personally in that letter, I must reject that theory out of hand. For one thing, he greeted me with “Dear Fellow American.” How did he know that is my favorite form of address?


I happen to believe John McCain really cares about what I think in particular and that he ranks me high on his list of trusted confidants, almost on a par with his pal Ted Kennedy.


So here I am catapulted to the ranks of the elite, chosen by the big guy himself.


However, this put me in a delicate position, because at the end of this survey, Mr. McCain also requested a small donation of $1000 for his presidential campaign.


Now as a conservative, I have to say I had to wonder about that virtual fence idea that he and Senator Kennedy had dreamed up as a substitute for a real fence at our border. I also wondered why he put illegal immigration at the end of this survey as an afterthought under “Additional Issues and Concerns.”


In the midst of these reflections, I was struck by an intuitive revelation: Senator McCain had come up with the idea of a virtual fence because he is a genuinely nice guy and wants to make Americans feel secure even if his humanitarian impulses and high-minded ideals will not allow him actually to do things that make them safe. In other words, he is a sensitive man.


I was humbled by that realization and decided to write Senator McCain a nice letter echoing that sentiment, as show below:


Dear Senator McCain:

Thank you so much for confiding in me to take your Presidential Agenda Survey and for the privilege of donating to your campaign.


At this time I am, unfortunately, between paychecks, so to speak. At the same time, I was concerned about returning the enclosed survey form as soon as possible.


I didn’t happen to have a copy of the McCain-Feingold Act handy, but I did recall that in that piece of legislation, you and Senator Feingold had stipulated that certain actions relating to political campaigns had to be wrapped up well ahead of election time to be considered legal. Therefore, I wanted to be sure this mailing goes out early so that I will not be guilty of illegally availing myself of my First Amendment rights.


Consequently, Sir, due the urgency of this matter, I won’t be able to actually send you a physical check for your campaign at this time, and have decided to send you a virtual donation instead. You need only do the following in order to retrieve my generous gift.


After you have extracted the letter and enclosed survey, kindly look in the envelope and imagine that a fat check is inside. You can choose either US dollars or the Mexican peso as the denomination, depending, for example, on whichever voter group you are hoping to please at that time.


Then you can take this virtual check to the nearest virtual bank and virtually cash it.


I hope you will appreciate this form of payment, which I have chosen in honor of the “virtual fence” legislation written by you and your colleague Ted Kennedy.


The beauty of my donation is that, like the virtual fence, a little effort on the part of the donor can make the recipient feel really good. I sincerely hope you feel as good right now as the American public felt about your virtual fence when you two announced that bill.


Now, having taken care of that item, I have my own abbreviated questionnaire for you, Sir. Kindly fill out this questionnaire at your convenience (please check one) and return it (no donation required).


1—John McCain is running for president as

            A – a Republican

            B – a Democrat

            C – Both of the above

            D – That information is confidential

            E – One of the Mexican political parties (please specify)


Senator, now that your own state of Arizona is to have a virtual fence, some voters naturally wonder if the border might also be a virtual border, throwing into question whether Arizona would still be part of the US.


2 – If you were elected president, would you be:

            A – president of the US

            B – president of Mexico

            C – president of both countries


3 – If your answer to question 2 is B or C, should I tell my gardner Manuel that he too can vote in 2008? He is not a US citizen but would appreciate that opportunity, as long as the ballots are in Spanish. (Check one)

            A-Yes, Manuel can vote, regardless of whether he is a citizen of the US. I am a compassionate internationalist and have no patience with the 70% of Americans who hold the bigoted view that Mexicans aren’t US citizens______

            B-No, Manuel cannot vote if he is not a US citizen. That would be illegal. He is only allowed to cross the border and live here illegally using someone else’s social security number, drive without a license and import illegal drugs (we’ll arrest the border agents if they try to stop him), not to vote illegally. Unfortunately, some illegal actions are still illegal, even for Mexicans (That’s why I need to be president, so that Vice-President Kennedy and I can fix that, Amigo.) ______


4 – If your answer to question 2 is B or C, in the event you are elected president, would you recommend a virtual fence at our border with Guatemala, then with Belize, then with El Salvador, then with Nicaragua, and so on down to the tip of Tierra del Fuego?

            A – Yes, all of Latin America needs to be part of the US, whether they like it or not_______

            B – No, I would stop at one of the countries (specify the last country to be annexed) before annexing them all. _______


That is all the questions I have for now, Senator. Thank you again for the rare opportunity to help your campaign with my valued opinions and a generous donation! Please remember who helped you get to the White House.


Wishing you all the best, I remain,

Virtually Yours,


Don Laigle

Our Movement is International

Our Movement is International!

by Don Hank

The “Internationale,” the communist anthem, reminds us that, at least since the beginning of the 20th Century, internationalism has been invariably associated with the Left, and hence, many of us on the right are wary of all things foreign, as well we can be in view of who is behind internationalism and “diversity.”

That makes sense on the surface, because one would expect diverse peoples to have little in common with each other and not to be completely comfortable in each others’ company, unless of course, they were united in a singular struggle. For conservatism is by definition, a kind of tabla rasa or blank slate. A conservative government has no particular flavor. It is plain vanilla. Instead of setting a theme or tone, it provides the people with the opportunity to set the tone themselves, each in his individual way according to his culture. And that is really the beauty of conservative small government.

But lately a genie has been struggling hard to get out of the bottle, and that genie is a movement that could be called the “international conservative movement,” or at least, the “international freedom movement.” Recall that many nations in the world today were only provinces or independent regions until a common enemy emerged to threaten them—such as Greek states like Sparta, which were sovereign nations until the Persian Empire, under King Xerxes, invaded Greece and destroyed Athens.

Today, international Leftism, which slyly avoids using the older name “communism,” is the enemy of nearly every nation in the “free” world, buoyed up by rich corporations, media representatives, universities, interest groups and powerful individuals like George Soros.

You may have noticed that we’ve published a number of articles at that were translations from foreign sites.

This is not intellectual snobbery.

Instead, I confess that I am trying to establish a fact that is very plain to me, and will be plain to you as well as you continue reading, namely, that the conservative, or freedom, movement, is not restricted to America. It is very much international, and it may come as a surprise to you to learn that it is picking up momentum, even as the Left continues its efforts to hamstring, marginalize and disparage it everywhere it emerges.

Here are some highlights:

Geert Wilders, a former member of the Liberal party (VVD) in the Netherlands, is one of the gutsiest politicians in Europe. He warns unabashedly of runaway immigration and of the creeping tyranny of the European Union (the kind of tyranny we can expect from the North American Commonwealth if our shadow government, as represented by the Council on International Relations, has its way). Please check out this link to Wilders’ remarkable Rotterdam speech.

[Update: Meanwhile, Wilders’ party has made significant headway in Holland, gaining enough votes to form an influential coalition with another party that will contribute to decision making.]

Another group with growing grassroots power is, which is fiercely pro-life and opposes the gay agenda in primary and secondary education. Unfortunately, the English language area of this site provides no inkling of this. But if you read Spanish, you will see that, despite the fierce opposition from the Left, this organization is making, and has made, remarkable strides in preventing an out-of-control Leftist government under President Zapatero from totally undermining Spanish traditions founded on Christian morality.

Laiglesforum presented our own exclusive authorized English-language translation of’s article on the effects of unbridled immigration, entitled The Call Effect in Spain, showing an astounding parallel with our own immigration policies. I had written at that time that if the shadow government in our country ever succeeds in forming a North American Commonwealth, this new entity would invite essentially the same kind of unlimited immigration from Islamic countries and import terror on a grand scale, paralleling what is happening in Europe, because then Mexico and Canada would control our borders.

And then there was our world-first authorized English-language translation of Behind the Subversion, by Olavo De Carvalho, who has long agitated for freedom in Brazil on the site

Another phenomenon of note is the World Congress of Families, which meets in Warsaw, Poland, this year, sponsored by a host of pro-family and pro-life organizations.

Then there is the Dutch pro-life organization Cry for Life, which also holds international conferences featuring renowned speakers. You can subscribe to their newsletter to find out more.

If you want a good cry, read this article from the home-schooling organization Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit regarding a young girl who was kidnapped from her home by German authorities simply because she had been home-schooled. The German authorities are edgy about home-schooling because they believe it is the handiwork of fundamentalists, whom they consider dangerous. Although most Germans today believe that their Leftism is a way of dealing with their past (what they call Vergengenheitsbewältigung) and putting the rightwing Nazism behind them, more and more of us see the new German Left as nothing but an extension of the old dictatorship. Certainly, Hitler was no friend of Christians. He killed or jailed priests and evangelical leaders in numbers estimated at roughly 2,000 by some. Today, the prevailing anti-Christian Weltanschauung in Germany seems no more tolerant of Christianity than before. The Left is no substitute for National Socialism. It is, in ways that count, the same old Gestapo with new uniforms.

In fact, recently, a mass email from the group leader of Netzerk Bildungsfreiheit pled for help for a couple who had been forced into exile out of fear that their children would be snatched by the German police because, due to illness, their children were unable to attend school for some time, during which they were (gasp!) home-schooled, and the couple is now in hiding in another country that may soon extradite them. If this happens, they believe they may lose their children. (Consider that there are American leftist politicians who would love to do the same thing here if they could.)

Many of us perceive France as a lost cause because of the vast number of atheists there. Yet, a recent pro-life rally in Paris is said to have drawn 15,000 people, many from other parts of Europe. God is stirring everywhere, and it is exciting to see it. But at the same time, it is sad that so many Americans have little or no inkling of this.

Perhaps the most prominent pro-life organization in France is La Trêve de Dieu, which Features some thought-provoking articles in English.

Unfortunately, as you may suspect, the press in France, and hence probably most French people, are of the opinion that being pro-life is something sinister and extreme. Thus the pro-life movement is automatically associated with abortion-doctor killers rather than compassionate men and women who care deeply about the unborn. The hostility toward such groups is enormous. Yet they are growing.

As you can see, we are all together in our struggle against a worldwide witch hunt against traditional people everywhere. Christians and Orthodox Jews have never been so despised and persecuted since the times of the catacombs. Yet, like those early days, people are rallying to a call for justice, and the call is being heard, and heeded, around the world.