Monthly Archive: January 2007

Jan 26

Arizona Lawmaker Working with Mexican Drug Dealers and Coyotes

by Sher Zieve   Arizona Congressional Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), a former Green Party member, has proposed a law that would stop US citizens from protecting their property and lives from illegal aliens who cross the US-Mexico border. Although directed at the citizen organization The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, Sinema’s proposed HB2286 states that “domestic …

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Jan 13

Cultural Momentum

by Thomas E. Brewton   Will enough traditions and customs of civility and decency survive long enough to keep the United States from internal disintegration and conquest by Islamic Jihad?  Liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., often referred to his father’s theory that political standards follow a thirty-year cycle, first conservative, then liberal, and back to …

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