The Spirits of Freedom

by Don Hank

As breathed by the Author of Freedom to me as I ran across a stubble field a long long time ago

Spirit of the Wind!

‘Tis you who give me this desire,

Who madly fan my zealous fire,

To run like you who never tire,

Spirit of the Wind.

Spirit of my legs!

Even though my strength were gone,

I would make you run alone,

On the power of flesh and bone,

Spirit of my legs.

Spirit of my lungs!

Though you give me blood to taste,

I will spit and keep my pace,

And go on to win the race.

Spirit of my lungs.

Spirit of my heart!

Only you can make me quail,

Should you for a moment fail,

Stoutest limbs were no avail,

Spirit of my heart.

Spirits All!

Do I think you make me free?

You rather do imprison me.

And it’s you I vainly flee.

Spirits All.

Never before and never thereafter had I received or would I receive another message from the Unseen Messenger. This was His message to me, a warning, but also a promise, of what I must expect now that I had defied Him by seeking freedom FROM Him rather than freedom IN Him. It turned out to be true, every Word, just like every other Word of His had proven true in the end. Because He is the Word and the Word is with Him.

Christian Conservatives, Watch Your Backs!

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