Darwinists’ behavior supports creationists’ arguments

How Darwinist activists prove creationists’ argument

Don Hank

Early last year, I wrote a synopsis of “Signature in the Cell” which was posted both at Laigle’s Forum and at Amazon, and shortly after that I was invited to participate in an Amazon forum discussing the book.

The “scientists” I was debating with kept diverting attention away from the main topic — i.e., the absurdly high odds against the cell having “evolved” randomly. Stephen Meyer says mathematician William Dembski calculated that the chances of all the amino acids of a cell appearing in the correct sequence were 1 in 10 to the 41,000th power. On top of that, cells need machines to transport components from one part of the cell to the other, and these machines (organelles) are indispensable. Thus, the amino acid sequence and the cell machines would have had to “evolve” all at once, because without one of these amino acids or without the machines, the cell dies. These odds are insurmountable and no evolutionist can argue for a random evolution of the cell without sounding like an idiot. The only chance they have is to obfuscate, change the thrust of the argument, launch an ad hominem attack on the author and intimidate the debating partner. And this is exactly what they did. For example, they tried to paint Stephen Meyer as a fraud for claiming one of his papers was peer-reviewed that they claimed was not (the fact is, it had appeared in a peer-reviewed journal but was later attacked by the editors when Meyer was recognized as being for intelligent design).

I didn’t back down, did not allow any diversionary tactics, told them Meyer’s antecedents had nothing to do with the legitimate questions he raised and kept re-focusing on this one main issue of the impossibly high odds against Darwinist evolution of the cell. One of the sub-topics was “This book belongs in the religion section,” and I had the cheek to write “All books on microbiology belong in the religion section because they all point to the existence of a Creator.” But I believe the thing that really set them off was my contention that Darwinian evolution is a major pillar in the platform of the political Left.

For whatever reason, I eventually became a target on this forum.

Within a few days after I showed them I was not backing down, someone at Amazon re-activated an old seller account I had closed out 6 months earlier. All of a sudden, a “buyer” showed up and an Amazon rep emailed me saying this buyer was upset because I had not sent him the book he had “bought.” Obviously, Amazon had just re-opened the account without authorization at the time of the debate to harass me, because I had had no further action on the account for 6 months because I had closed it out and did not reopen it or indicate to Amazon that I wished to do so.

I also had linked in the forum to the DVD “Expelled,” which was available at Amazon. Now this movie was a big assault on the evolutionists who control Amazon, because it shows the dirty tricks used by evolutionists to silence ID advocates – people like me. And worse, I was using an anti-evolution material available at Amazon, making them complicit in this assault on them.

So what did some higher power at Amazon do in response to this? I discovered serendipitously that they somehow routed my link to what I suspect was a dummy site that looked exactly like the regular Amazon site and they showed the price of this $20 DVD as $999.99!

I mentioned this harassment at the forum and thanked them for doing it because they had proven that

1–evolutionists can’t debate with reason and logic and therefore need to resort to childish tactics.

2–the harassment of ID proponents detailed in Ben Stein’s DVD “Expelled” was not an exaggeration.

By failing completely to come up with cogent arguments and by instead diverting attention from the thrust of my argument and, failing that, by intimidating and harassing me, they provided me with more evidence against evolution than I could have gotten by reading a dozen books on the topic.

The Left truly is its own worst enemy and ultimately, by its irrational and diabolical tactics, points us to God the Creator more efficiently than any detailed study of natural sciences possibly could. After all, if there is a Satan (the best explanation for such irrational behavior), then there is necessarily a God.

Oh, one more thing. After I wrote this column, I went to Amazon.com to get a link to my review of Meyer’s book, which had gone up early this year and was up throughout the debate.

Although several reviews are still posted there, mine is now missing.

Well, it’s as Ann Coulter once said: You don’t want people like that to like you.

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James Sundquist

Brilliant Donald!

This lemmings for evolution are hoisted by their own pitard as my mother used to tell me. Listening to their reasoning almost convinces me that of evolution in reverse, or God turning them over to reprobate minds…unreasoning animals.

for more info, I invite you to read my expose on Christian Evolutionist an oxymoron if there ever was one.


James Sundquist

Karl Priest

Evolution is more impossible than the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Headless Horseman. See
http://www.lifescienceprize.org/ for a list of bluffing evolutionists.

Ben Burton

Good article, Don.

I clicked Karl’s link and found a discrepancy. It starts out mentioning a $1000 prize. That same figure is repeated, so it isn’t a typo. Then, it gets into the specific rules of putting the money into escrow, but it changes to $10,000. Is that some form of evolution? 😉 That error aside, I find the creationist view not only more palatable, but more logical.


Constantine Ivanov

By denying the God’s existence, science created a perfect trap for itself: no science branch can prove NON-EXISTENCE of something; such proving attempts are fundamentally the same as alchemy.
Strangely, this argument is very often being forgotten in conversations with secular scientists.

Rev Michael Bresciani

Great article Don and the point and the title are appropriate. Thanks for holding to your position. A generation of secularist nonsense is hard to undo, or even to crack.

Rev Michael Bresciani

I have a question for all “evolutionists”. If we humans evolved from something that crawled out of the ocean onto the beach, supposedly millions of years ago etc. etc., into the intelligent beings we are today then what do you think could be the next step of evolution for us? What might we evolve into beyond the abilities we now have? And then there’s the age old question: if we evolved from monkeys and apes, etc, etc. then why are there still monkeys and apes. God created man in His own image and likeness. God created man with a brain… Read more »

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