China-Russia deal opens door to Christianize China

By Don Hank  May 21, 2015

A few months ago I read and forwarded an article reporting that China would be the biggest CHRISTIAN country in the world within about 10 years.

China already has a large and growing Christian population.

But this (open link below) is Phase II. China has authorized the ordination of Russian Orthodox priests in China.

This is BIG news for traditional Christians. Just as China appears to be in the process of replacing the US dollar with the RMB, and just as our allies rush to the new Chinese bank AIIB, opposing the bullies in the World Bank, which insists that loan recipients be “gay friendly,” we learn that it has plans to introduce Russian Orthodoxy to China.

You say “so what”?

If so, you may not have noticed that over the past 2 decades or so, the entire West is falling into the trap of “gay marriage.” Both Christians and people with common sense abhor this trend.

Russian Orthodoxy makes no bones about opposing this trend, even as Pope Frances makes overtures to gays, saying “who am I to judge”. (Er, the Pope?).

Many American conservatives still think God has his corporate headquarters in Washington. They are blind to the fact that DC is the HQ of God’s arch-enemy. If the gay marriage issue is the barometer, then some might say God has moved house and is taking up residence in Eurasia and the Far East.

He’s done likewise before when the Hebrews turned their backs on Him.

Keep your eyes open and watch what happens in the East, where the wise men came from. There are still a few wise men there.




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