Outrage: Know-nothing European “journalist” hacks meddling in US elections

Outrage: European “journalist” hacks meddling in US elections (they’re either bought or woefully misinformed)


by Don Hank


I watch the news and talk shows on Deutsche Welle and am hearing both German politicians and journalists alike saying some of the stupidest things about Donald Trump, notably that he – and not the warmongering Neocon Hillary – will be the one candidate to start WW III.

The German-based Spiegel Magazine has published, in English, a Neocon hit piece by Marc Pitzke titled “Trump Has Shown His True Side, It’s Time To Act,” with a secondary title “Donald Trump Is a Threat to the US and World Peace.”

Is that nuanced enough for you? Let’s see if we can guess whether Marc is another bought and paid for Establishment shill or an honest journalist seeking the truth behind the political correctness.

Ironically, this same Spiegel empire that publishes Pitzke’s tripe once featured at the top of its bestseller list, the book “Bought Journalists” by Udo Ulfkotte, former editor of the prestigious daily Frankfurter Allgemeine and best-known whistleblower on European media, exposing European journalism as a fraud bought and paid for by the CIA.

I had shown before that the real war monger is Hillary (who voted for the Iraq invasion) and the peace maker is Trump (who accurately chided Jeb Bush that his brother had made a mess of Iraq). I pointed out that:


Hillary, for her part, has compared Putin with Hitler, and her choice of pro-war cabinet members has led a number of scholars to predict that a Hillary presidency would lead to a nuclear war.


One such scholar, Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies at NYU and Princeton, has said:

“We’re approaching a Cuban Missile Crisis level nuclear confrontation with Russia,” he explained. “And there is absolutely no discussion, no debate, about this in the American media.”

“Then along comes, unexpectedly, Donald Trump,” he continued, “Who says he wants to end the New Cold War, and cooperate with Russia in various places… and –astonishingly– the media is full of what only can be called neo-McCarthyite charges that he is a Russian agent, that he is a Manchurian candidate, and that he is Putin’s client.”

Cohen is joined by other serious experts and US officials as reported here, here,  here,  here, etc, who  warn that, despite the outrageous lie that Trump is a threat to peace, it is in fact Hillary who may very well start the next war.

An article in Zero Hedge reports that Michele Flournay, who is expected to be named to head Hillary’s Pentagon, “advocates sending more American troops into combat against ISIS and Assad than Obama has been willing to commit.” By contrast, Trump has said “Let Syria and ISIS fight. Why do we care?”

I need to add to this that Hillary, and not only her choice of Pentagon chief, is on record as saying she supports a US-enforced no-fly zone in Syria, where Russia had already shown its deadly anti-aircraft missile power. According to “Little Marco” Pritzke, such a no-fly zone in a country bristling with dead-eye accurate Russian S-400s and S-500s would in no way threaten world peace. Of the two candidates, despite facts to the contrary, only Trump would be a threat to world peace in Pritzke’s benighted view.

But what about the US? Pitzke also averred Trump threatens the US. Now, as I just pointed out yesterday, the US invariably referred to by the bought Western “journalists” described in whistleblower Ulfkotte’s book is not the US people – that would be you and me – but rather the Washington Establishment, which is inexplicably touted throughout Western Elitedom as the Indispensable Nation and the Exceptional Nation.

Anyone who questions the wisdom of the US-led NATO, for example, is regarded by Western journalists and politicians as a blasphemer. After all, if the US Establishment is the Exceptional Nation, then it is to be regarded as blessed by the Almighty and anyone thwarting its will is opposing the Divine Plan for mankind.

Now if I had Marky Pitzke before me, I would remind him that NATO and the US took out Ghadaffi and created a vacuum that virtually invited ISIS to fill it. Libyan refugees with nowhere else to go have come to his country in droves. I would also remind him that the Syrian war was unwittingly supported wholeheartedly by Western politicians and journalists, who were supporting the Arab Spring, wherein foreign Islamist fighters opposed Bashar al-Assad, a secularist leader who had established a peaceful society in which Sunnis, Shiites and Christians alike respected each other, and, thanks to these Western efforts, millions of Syrians are now forced, like the Libyans, to flee to Europe, creating a major humanitarian crisis that threatens to collapse Angela Merkel’s CDU party. Likewise, the US Establishment worshipped by Pitzke and his fellow toadies invaded Iraq, causing the same chain reaction there, which also adversely affects Europe. And then there is the NATO-induced debacle in Kosovo that no Western journalist dares to write about, but which I have documented here. And let’s not forget Ukraine, which the Washington and European elites — notably those of Pitzke’s country — transformed into a failed state.

Ironically, Marc Pitzke fears Trump in part because Trump questions the usefulness of NATO and the US State Department’s policies that caused the crisis in Pitzke’s own country.

But unlike Pitzke, Trump’s supporters are justifiably not afraid that the US Establishment is being challenged. They are afraid it will survive long enough to create another Iraq, another Libya, another Kosovo, another Syria, and a war with Russia, none of which would benefit Germany or any other country.

Is Mark Pitzke not precisely the kind of “bought journalist” described by Udo Ulfkotte? Or is he just woefully uninformed or short on gray matter?

Either way, what in heaven’s name is this two-bit hack doing meddling in another country’s elections when he hasn’t a clue as to what is going on?

If you agree that this “journalist” lied about Trump being a warmonger, please write to Marc Pitzke at Marc.Pitzke@spiegel.de and tell him so. You can tell him that in lying about Trump, he is supporting the fascist Hillary Clinton, who talks as though she wants war in Ukraine to support the far right regime and its fighters who wear logos that originated in Nazi Germany.

More importantly, You can write to the Spiegel editor in chief from the page linked here http://www.spiegel.de/international/how-to-contact-spiegel-with-confidential-information-a-1030555.html and denounce the lying Marc Pitzke. I told them if they want to lie about Donald Trump, they need to be careful not to be so obvious. They can hate Trump if they want to, but they can’t honestly say he is a warmonger because he has said he can get along with Putin, and especially since Hillary’s statements prove she wants to confront Russia militarily, a very bad idea if you want peace. I sent them a link to this post.


Hoax busted: There is no US-Saudi relationship

Hoax busted: the American people have NO relations with the Saudis


by Don Hank


A Neocon article titled Analysis: Russian jets in Iran change Mideast game – Middle East criticizes the new “game changing” arrangement between Iran and Russia in which the latter uses Iran’s airport facilities as a home base for its anti-ISIS bombing missions. While the author calls his piece an analysis, it is in fact blatant propaganda, distorting the nature of the “game change” he describes.



“…this type of change is definitely not in the interests of the US, America’s traditional Sunni-Arab allies in the region, nor Israel.”


In fact, the US-Saudi relationship touted by the author is not a relationship between the US people and the Saudis, although the sneaky author would like us to believe it is. We the People obviously have no interest whatsoever in a relationship that spawned the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS, destroyed previously stable partner countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria and seriously threatened Egypt until el-Sisi stepped in, all of which has served only to erode US prestige and credibility in the world. The American people have, in fact, an existential interest in ending this ill-conceived US Establishment-Saudi relationship as soon as ever possible, while the financial elites, notably the Federal Reserve Board, know that the Saudis are the key to propping up a dollar that has practically no other support in our debt-based economy and government. It is known that, under the secretive petrodollar agreement between the US elites and the Saudis, the US government has promised to protect the Saudi royals and their oil fields in exchange for their charging only US dollars for their oil and buying US sovereign bonds as financial reserves, all of which have been, since the early 70s, keeping the value of the US dollar artificially high. But what is not known is how much further that agreement goes in reality, thanks to terms brokered in secret, either since the original deal or at the time Richard Nixon and King Faisal signed it. What is known, however, is that all US wars outside the New World, without exception (ie, even the Kosovo war), have clearly benefited violent and intolerant Saudi Wahhabism, but in no way benefited the US people, and this is all a sinister indication that the agreement goes much deeper than is known. Indeed, looking back over the last 50 odd years of warfare, initiated by the US on the flimsiest of grounds, Washington and Wall Street appear to have sold out US interests and even the interests of civilization itself in exchange for a strong dollar worth far beyond any economy-based intrinsic value, enabling them to “print” unbacked dollars in QEs 1 through 3 and possibly beyond without having to pay for the value thereby stolen from other economies throughout the world.

By contrast with secretive US-Sunni (Wahhabi) cooperation, the Russia-Shiite relationship brought about the first sincere attempt to stop ISIS, thereby thwarting the once unchallenged Saudi-US relationship.

The US then reluctantly followed Russia’s example by attacking ISIS in Iraq, politically unable to do otherwise but knowing that in so doing it was flirting with the possible rupture of the dollar-supporting agreement described above, and hence with financial disaster for the elites.

Further, the rearrangement of the Middle East chessboard has not only led to Russia’s establishment of an airbase in Shiite Iran but, prior to this, had led to a flourishing relationship between Netanyahu and Putin, which has benefited both countries. There can be no question that Israel-US relations are now much cooler and unproductive than Russia-Israel relations. (But remember that the US and Russia have swapped roles both domestically and in terms of foreign policy).

Thus the crucial difference between US foreign policy and Russian foreign policy is that the US has so far cultivated good relations only with one side – the Sunnis and their radical Wahhabi terrorists (posing at times as “moderates”) and also with the warlike Likud Party in Israel (instead of reconciling both the hawks and the Israeli factions that want peace) – a policy that necessarily leads to the untenable situation of perpetual conflict, while Russia has taken the broader view, trying to cultivate relations with both Sunnis and Shia, and just as importantly, with Israel, in an attempt to bring permanent peace between Sunni and Shia in the Middle East and end the Palestine-Israel conflict. (BTW, there is another unseen aspect to all of this in that many Western Christians believe – in large part under encouragement from sly Neocons – that any US attempt to bring about peace in the Middle East is unbiblical and that somehow, God wants them to support, or at least passively consent to, senseless wars in order to fulfill prophecies that carry unspecified time frames and schedules. Yet this lack of specific time settings makes these prophecies hard to pin down and makes a rigid interpretation inappropriate at best. Further, there is no biblical commandment or even suggestion that Christians are supposed to consent to or participate in wars at any time in history — the way so many of them did during the Iraq invasion, believing at first — thanks to sly propaganda efforts willingly perpetrated by fooish clergy — that this disastrous war that saw the banishment of most Iraqi Christians, was godly. Thus Christianity has been used as a tool of Satanists thanks to the lack of common sense and spiritual discernment of these pawns with little grasp of the scriptures. I showed previously how these Christians are disobeying an important commandment of Jesus).

So yes, this new Russia-Iran arrangement is not in the interests of the US if we define the US as the Neocon perpetual war Establishment (including Obama and Hillary), and it is not in the interest of the Saudi Wahhabists whose ultimate goal is the total annihilation of Shia and Christians as well as civilization as we know it. But the Saudis, with their intolerance toward people with different opinions and religions, certainly do not deserve to be given by the US, through stealth or otherwise, the green light to continue founding and funding terror groups throughout the world, whether or not their rampaging props up the greenback, because such is obviously immoral unless you are a Neocon or central banker. Thus, Washington’s oft-times schizophrenic foreign policy is precisely due to the fact that, while the elites have constantly supported the barbaric Saudi regime and its thinly veiled terror campaign (for the reasons enunciated above), the ordinary people whom they despise sense that this policy is insane and threatens civilization.

The Establishment has been playing the mischievous wizard behind the curtain. But thanks in large part to Donald Trump, and to alternative media, this curtain is now in tatters and ordinary people can easily discern the wizard and his evil machinations. Whether or not Trump wins the presidency, it is only a matter of time before the wizard’s workshop will be permanently closed down.

Comment sent to Fox: Why is most vital issue off-limits at Fox?

Comment to Fox News: Most vital issue is off-limits at Fox

Comment sent 8-7-6:00 to



Would you not agree that whether or not planet earth and civilization itself survives our next presidency probably overrides all other issues?

Since I put it that way, I guess you do.

So since you agree, why do you not discuss it?

You often feature an “expert” on foreign affairs who opines that Trump is liable to start a war. Yet the potentially most dangerous war would be a war with Russia, let’s admit it, and we all know that Trump is willing to talk to Putin while Hillary wants to “get tough.”

So why does no one on your fair and balanced channel ever get around to mentioning that it was Trump and ONLY Trump who said: “What are we, nuts?! Why don’t we let Russia defeat ISIS in Syria?” and it was Hillary who said she wants a no-fly zone in Syria, which would force the Russians out.

What’s wrong with that, you say?

What’s wrong is that, for starters, Russia has S-400s and S-500s deployed all over the country and if Hillary short-circuited and issued the order for the US to enforce a no-fly zone against the Russians, US pilots would be dying like flies. Nothing can stop an S-400 once it is launched. They’re too fast to intercept, are guarded by onboard radar jammers and are therefore invisible to the missile defense units on the ground and on our aircraft.

Barring a miracle, this “get-tough” stance of hers would eventually lead to WW III, and it would likely turn nuclear at some point. As Al Gore once said, earth is in the balance, big time!

But Fox can’t talk about this honestly and frankly? What are we, nuts?!

In the face of all the facts and logic, your hosts invariably allow your guests to make the idiotic statement that TRUMP is the one most likely to start a war??? And even those who disagree, never mention the argument I raised above.

Did your hosts go to college?

Don Hank

PS: I am sharing this with my blog readers and am asking that you join in this campaign to eliminate the political correctness at Fox News.

Sound off to:


If they get just a few more comments like this, they will be forced to raise this issue and argument.


E. Ukraine sitrep. The msm won’t tell you this

E. Ukraine sitrep. The fight for survival in Novorossia

Essentially, Eastern Ukraine, where most people speak Russian, is considered an illegitimate political entity by virtue of the fact that the people consider themselves Russian. The motive is naked racism. It’s like a Kafka novel where Amerika (the name of one of his novels in fact) has returned to Europe, this time to assist the Nazis in implementing their nefarious plans. It is a slap in the face to every US veteran, especially those who fought in WW II, to the memory of the fallen heroes of that war. and a mockery of the Holocaust.

Incredibly, almost all GOP presidential candidates (Trump was a notable exception) favored US arms to aid the Ukraine government in killing E. Ukrainians, although most of the casualties so far have been civilians. No wonder Trump accused Jeb Bush of just wanting to “kill people.” That comment was right on target.

Thanks to a media blackout on the Ukraine conflict, only blogs provide a window for us. One such blog is Novorossia Vision, hosted by the courageous Irina Burya, who sends me alerts. Some of this would be covered by Russia Insider but that site is on partial vacation during August.



By way of background, let me explain some of the terms used in this blog:

“Nationalist” fighters on the US-backed side include the Azov Batallion, some members of which are sympathetic to the neo-Nazis (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azov_Battalion, and pay special attention to the section titled Neo-Nazi Ideology and Symbols) . Some actually wear neo-Nazi logos such as the swastika and the Wolfsangel, an early symbol used by the German Nazis (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfsangel). The US congress in 2015 decided against training Azov members, but in reality, no arms sent to Ukraine can be prevented from falling into their hands since they are welcomed as volunteers by the Kiev government. US Neocons are fine with this, just as they seem unfazed by the transfer of US arms from the Syrian “rebels” to ISIS. Will Hillary allow open arms shipments to Azov? As I keep saying, Hillary’s anti-Russian warlike stance makes her extremely dangerous but most Americans by far simply don’t know or care that our next election results could signal a prelude to a nuclear WW III.

I need to make a comment here. Neocon web sites like AIM (Accuracy in Media) are publishing anti-Trump articles and some of the Neoconservative commentators on their forum are actually hinting that they want Hillary to win. It is clear to me that Cliff Kincaid leans toward Hillary as well, even though he claims to be a conservative. That should surprise no one since Trump’s pragmatic and rational position on Russia is anathema to the Neocons, and Hillary’s warlike stance is right in line with them. The future of our planet is in the balance and guys like Cliffy are pushing for a war that threatens all of humanity – claiming that Trump is “soft” on Russia. If the war happens, they will, of course, blame the level-headed rational people who warned about this, not themselves. Their position is Amerika über Alles and they will fight to the last other people’s kid. There is just no disguising the ultranationalism here and I am more than alarmed by this. Clearly, WW II taught us exactly nothing.

Think about it.  The Nazis are active in Europe once more only this time, the US government is basically on their side against Russia, the country that killed 4 times more Nazis than all other allies combined and without which the allies may not have won WW II. Is this not what most people would call going over to the dark side?

DPR: Donetsk People’s Republic

LPR: Lugansk People’s Republic

LDPR: Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic

AFU: Armed Forces of Ukraine (the failed government supported by the US, although in reality, the EU will almost surely never admit the bankrupt Ukraine into their midst as things now stand). If it were not for false pride, Washington would admit it erred gravely by supporting the bloody Maidan coup and would walk away from this quagmire. Instead it will add insult to injury and send arms to this bumbling corrupt government only to kill more civilians, as shown by the sitrep linked and partially pasted below.

Finally to locate the Donetsk and Lugansk (Luhansk in Urkainian) regions on the map, click here. They are small in size but if push came to shove, the Hillary administration would be happy to send your only son to die there to enable  the US to lose still another war.


Ukrainian Deserters Kill Their Commanders – Kiev Encourages Attack Financially – DPR Warns About Resuming Hostilities

In July 2016 Alexander Turchynov, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine, announced the possibility of imposition of martial law in the country on August 1st. It was not the first time that such a threat sounded and, like the previous ones, it remained unrealized. However, Kiev continued to increase the intensity of the attacks on the territory of the Republic, which had already grown dramatically at the end of the past week, after the completion of the Contact Group negotiations in Minsk.

At night from July 31 to August 1st, the Ukrainian military opened heavy fire on Yasinovataya, situated between Donetsk and Gorlovka, and the north-western outskirts of Donetsk. According to the DPR Defense Ministry, the fire on localities of the Republic was opened more than 800 times, with over 100 rounds from the 122 and 152mm artillery.

The local authorities reported that 14 houses had been damaged by artillery fire. In Yasinovataya one of the shells hit the yard of a house, with one civilian killed and another wounded in the explosion and subsequent fire. There were also wounded two DPR soldiers.

After the shelling, according to the DPR soldiers, cannons started to explode on the positions of the Ukrainian howitzer battery responsible for the attack.

According to the DPR Defense Ministry, all the days that followed, the intensity of attacks on the Ukrainian side ranged from 500 to 900 rounds per day, with a quarter of them made from heavy artillery. The all three directions were under attack: Gorlovka in the north of the Republic, Donetsk in the center and Dokuchaevsk in the south of the DPR.

As a result of the bombardments, four civilians were wounded, two of them in Donetsk.

The bombardments also caused the further destruction of residential areas and infrastructure. The local authorities reported that, from 1 to 4 August, 2016, 36 residential houses were damaged in the DPR frontline localities. There were also damaged power lines on the western outskirts of Donetsk and at the Donetsk filter plant, resulting about 900 homes left without electricity in one of the city districts, and the water supply stopped in another two districts, as well as in Yasinovataya and Kiev-controlled Avdeevka.

The DPR army, according to the command, lost, for the first four days of August, two soldiers killed.

In July 2016, the official losses of the DPR army amounted to 11 soldiers killed and 21 wounded; among civilians, the Republic lost one person killed and 25 wounded.

The official losses of the Ukrainian army in July, according to the press service of the ATO Staff, totaled 40 men killed and 182 wounded. At the same time, the Ukrainian public organization “Sisters of Mercy” reported that in July, only one hospital in Kharkov received over 300 wounded.

Kiev has already openly admitted that a significant part of Ukrainian losses are non-combat. According to the DPR intelligence, only in the last four days, the Ukrainian army lost two soldiers dead and three wounded in the front segment to the west of Donetsk, due to the detonation of a 120mm mortar shell, caused by violation of safety requirements. In addition, due to an error in the spotting of the fire, one of the Ukrainian Army units shelled another, with the latter having lost over 20 men killed and wounded.

In addition, the DPR intelligence sources on the ground reported that, due to the overcrowding of the Ukrainian military in the Donetsk segment of the front, there occurred an outbreak of dysentery. Only in the past three days, over 50 soldiers were sent to nearby hospitals. Apparently, the situation with the epidemic is worsening, because the AFU command have sent epidemiologists to the Donetsk segment of the front.

As a result, the number of deserters in the Ukrainian army has recently increased dramatically. The DPR intelligence reported that, in the first three days of August, 10 Ukrainian soldiers left their positions on the front line, taking their weapons with them. Another three, when officers tried to stop them, killed one of them and wounded another.

From the LPR also come reports about the deterioration of the situation on the contact line, which was hitherto considerably calmer than in the DPR. Soldiers of the Republican army attribute this fact to the replacement of the AFU units on the front line with nationalist battalions. As a result, there dramatically increased the number of attacks on the territory of the Republic, during which the Ukrainian side again began to use infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft systems, as well as heavy artillery.

In particular, at night from 1 to 2 August, the LPR near front town of Stakhanov was shelled with 152mm artillery. According to witnesses, one of the shells hit the courtyard of a residential house, which resulted in three civilians wounded. The condition of one of them is still assessed by doctors as severe.

In addition, soldiers of the LPR army reported constant provocation from the Ukrainian military. In particular, the Ukrainian subversive groups enter the LPR territory and hang there flags of Ukraine and the “Right Sector”. These actions may aim at luring the LPR soldiers out, in order to open sniper fire on them while they are removing the flags, or at creating scenery for the Kiev media reporting the next ‘liberated piece of Ukrainian land’.

Meanwhile, the LPR soldiers firmly declared that any attempts of the Ukrainian military to seize parts of the “grey” zone are decidedly repressed.

Soldiers of the Republican armies have repeatedly pointed out that, during the shelling, the target of the Ukrainian side is much more likely to be residential areas of Donbass than their position. The same policy of terror is applied by Kiev to both areas controlled by its army and entry and exit checkpoints on the contact line.

Local residents report that at checkpoints, which are closed at nightfall, the Ukrainian military force them to spend the night in the buffer zone, not letting them pass to Ukraine and, at the same time, forbidding them to come back for the night to the territory of the Republics. At night, the Ukrainian side starts shelling the LDPR, hiding behind civilians as a living shield. Last week, a woman received shrapnel wounds at one of these checkpoints in the Gorlovka area.

Residents of one of the front-line villages in the Lugansk region inform that they try not to go out after 3 pm, especially after the AFU military were replaced with volunteer battalions. Nationalists, usually drunk, stop people in the streets, ask them provocative questions and can beat a person looking at them ‘without due respect’.

Two days ago, the OSCE monitoring mission stated that their employees, going for an inspection in one of the AFU units, had been stopped by drunken Ukrainian military. Threatening the international observers with weapons, the Ukrainians forbade them to travel further and forced them to go back.

Massive attacks by the Ukrainian army on the DPR localities at the end of July 2016 caused such extensive destruction that the OSCE mission demanded in its report an investigation and punishment for those responsible. The investigation revealed that the AFU commanders on the front line are entitled to personally make the decision to open fire according to the situation. At the same time, in those days when the Ukrainian military come under return fire, Kiev pays them combat bonus to salary.

At the same time, at the negotiations in Minsk, the sides failed to agree on the issue of weapons withdrawal from the contact line for the distance defined in the Minsk Agreements, as the Ukrainian side claimed not to have sufficient authority.

Moreover, Kiev still continues to deliver to the front line weapons and equipment. According to the DPR intelligence, in just the past three days, the Ukrainian units in the Donetsk and Gorlovka directions received up to 20 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 6 152mm motorized artillery systems “Akatsia”, 5 122mm howitzers D-30, 15 tanks and about 20 120mm mortars.

Two days ago, the Ukrainian military authorities reported that NATO countries had provided Ukraine with EUR 1 million worth demining equipment as logistical support under the program “Science for Peace and Security».

After the fruitless negotiations in Minsk, Denis Pushilin, the DPR representative in the Contact Group, made an official statement, which says that if at least the first three points of the Minsk Agreements, namely, complete cease-fire, the withdrawal of weapons and the OSCE supervision of it, are not implemented, the hostilities will resume in Donbass through the fault of Kiev.

The same day, the head of the press service of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that the General Staff already has an ‘adequate response plan’ to react to ‘an attack aiming at expanding the territory’, the preparation of which in the Republics the head of the Defense Ministry intelligence of Ukraine had announced earlier.


Another Delivery of American Weapons – Nazis Boasting Their Attacks – Hotline to Denounce DPR Residents

The negotiations in Minsk came to an end, and the tension on the fronts in Donbass increased dramatically again. At the weekend, the number of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the DPR Defense Ministry, again came close to a thousand per day. Kiev also returned to the active use of artillery and tanks along the entire front line.

In total, as reported by the authorities of the Republic, over the past week the number of Ukrainian attacks exceeded 3,000, with most of them made with heavy artillery.

According to the DPR Ombudsman, in the week 12 people were killed in the Republic, including a civilian, who was carrying out repair works on the territory of the Donetsk airport. 18 people received injuries, 4 of them civilians.

One of the civilians received severe shrapnel wounds when an artillery shell hit his house. There was also shrapnel wounded a woman who was traveling in a minibus from the DPR territory to the Kiev-controlled area. Eyewitnesses reported that the minibus came under fire from the Ukrainian side, when it was in the no man’s land, between the Ukrainian checkpoints and that of the DPR.

The DPR authorities argue that Kiev is carrying out particularly intense bombardments in the Donetsk and Gorlovka direction, deliberately destroying civilian homes and infrastructure.

In particular, the mayor of Gorlovka reported that the northern outskirts of the city, located 200 meters from the contact line, are experiencing ongoing problems with water and electricity, due to incessant attacks from the Ukrainian side. Last week, only for one night the shelling from the Ukrainian positions led to six disruptions in the water supply. When repair crews come to the spot, Ukrainian snipers open fire on them.

During another bombardment of Donetsk at the end of the week, there were damaged power lines, which resulted in about 200 miners trapped underground. The power supply of the mine was restored only the next day, after which the miners were brought to the surface.

In just a week, according to the DPR authorities, as a result of attacks on the Ukrainian side, there were damaged 44 houses, 26 of which were completely or partially destroyed.

In the south of the Republic, the situation on the front was not so hard, but, nevertheless, residents of villages near Dokuchaevsk had to spend the night before the weekend in cellars. Residents of the city spent that night in readiness to go down to shelters. According to them, the children went to bed in hallways, which are the safest place in urban apartments.

Soldiers of the LPR army also reported that the Ukrainian military do not open fire at their positions, but at localities situated behind them, in order to provoke the army of the Republic to open return fire.

The DPR military authorities also suggested that the sharp increase in the intensity of fire on the Ukrainian side could allow Kiev to hide a huge number of non-combat losses in the Ukrainian army.

According to the DPR intelligence, last week, in one of the AFU units, during the shelling with a 152mm MSTA-B cannon, occurred an ammunition detonation. In social networks volunteers wrote that the Ukrainian military had tried to charge into the cannon two shells at once. As a result of the detonation, 11 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 18 wounded, with one cannon destroyed and another three damaged.

In addition, as reported by the DPR intelligence, in another Ukrainian unit a soldier killed his commander-nationalist, as a result of a conflict that stemmed from the soldier’s refusal to open fire on peaceful localities of Donbass. The DPR intelligence sources on the ground reported that the command is preparing to withdraw the unit, completely demoralized and refusing to fight, from the front line.

The Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine said live on the “112” TV channel that the number of non-combat losses in the Ukrainian army had already exceeded a thousand of soldiers.

There also came out new information about the cover-up by the Ukrainian side of their dead. The director of a mine, one part of which is located in the DPR and the other on the Kiev-controlled territory, said that the enterprise continues to operate in spite of the incessant shelling. The miners reported that underground they can clearly smell the putrid stink wafting from the far end of the horizons. It looks like that the Ukrainian side is simply dumps the bodies of their dead soldiers in the pits.

At the same time, Kiev still continues to deliver to the contact line military equipment and personnel. Over the past week, the DPR intelligence reported on the arrival of dozens of Ukrainian heavy mortars, tanks, motorized artillery systems, infantry fighting vehicles, 122 and 152mm artillery cannons, as well as MLRS “Grad” and trucks with ammunition in the Donetsk and Gorlovka segments of the front.

In the Lugansk segment of the front, soldiers of the LPR army fighters reported the arrival to the contact line of about a company of nationalists wearing the Ukrainian uniforms with “Right Sector» stripes on them.

The OSCE Mission observers noted in their weekly report the lack in the Ukrainian weapons storage sites of about 100 pieces of equipment, including 24 MLRS “Grad”, over 50 122 and 152mm motorized artillery systems and over 10 artillery and anti-tank cannons.

The DPR intelligence sources on the ground also reported another batch of US weapons delivered to Ukraine. On the basis of a technical agreement between the Defense Ministry of Ukraine and the command of the US Armed Forces in Europe, in the framework of the program “Partnership for Peace”, a charter flight accompanied by five American soldiers delivered to Lvov, a city in western Ukraine, about 1,000 5.56mm rifles, about 400 sniper rifles, over 500 machine guns and over 150 grenade launchers.

In addition, the DPR military authorities note the sharply increased activity of Kiev’s intelligence by UAVs. Over the past week, 11 Ukrainian drones were detected in the Donetsk and Gorlovka directions.

The OSCE Mission also presented a footage by their drone, confirming the ceasefire violations by both sides in the conflict. Curiously enough, the close-up recording was carried out by the OSCE drone mostly on the DPR territory.

Last week, the former deputy chairman of the Donetsk military and civil administration, governing the Kiev-controlled territory of the Donetsk region, said in an interview with the Ukrainian magazine “Krajina” that only 2% of the population supports the Ukrainian authorities. As for the rest, according to him, they ‘closed up: they work at enterprises, have almost no contact with Ukraine, watch Russian TV and socialize only among themselves’.

In response to the passive resistance of inhabitants of Donbass, the SBU intensifies the policy of terror. Residents of Stanitsa Luganskaya, a Ukraine-controlled town near the front line in the Lugansk region, report that the entire town is plastered with leaflets threatening with prosecution for “separatism”, which includes, in particular, empathy for the LDPR. Under the pretext of checking the information on the buying of votes at the recent local elections, residents of the town are massively summoned to the SBU, after which some of them disappear.

Meanwhile, nationalist units of the Ukrainian army already shell the territory of the Republics right in front of a camera.Polish journalists filmed the documentary “Fascists in trenches” on the positions of the “Azov” regiment in the south of Donbass, where one of the “Azov” radicals tells them that now the Ukrainians are fighting in the east of Ukraine for their nation. Just as they did under the leadership of Bandera in the 40s in the Volyn region where they massacred about 100,000 Poles.

The crew of the Ukrainian “1 + 1” channel visited the Ukrainian positions in the Gorlovka area, in the north of Donbass. In their report, the Ukrainian military say openly that “separatists” do not shell them, while they attack the DPR units daily, moving closer to Gorlovka with each passing day.

There is not a word about the Minsk Agreements in this report.

Two days ago, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine announced the launch of a hotline through which Ukrainians would be able to report information to investigators about people who had taken part in the organization of the referendums held in the DPR and LPR, and their financing.

The law on the amnesty for all those involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, required by the Minsk Agreements, does not exist even in a draft form.


Kiev bills West, demanding payment for war against Russia

The Western owners of the Kiev regime are, in many respects, far from understanding the situation in Ukraine. This stems from the Ukrainian foreign policy and diplomacy.

It was stated by Roman Bessmertny, a «hawk» politician and the former representative of Poroshenko at the Minsk negotiations, in an interview with the Kiev newspaper «Gordon”.

‘Unfortunately, they are fascinated by events that took place in the Balkans. Therefore, in many respects, they are far from understanding the situation in Ukraine. This stems from the Ukrainian foreign policy and diplomacy, which did not bring the real state of affairs at the initial stage of the conflict to an understanding of our partners. A Ukrainian in Donbas can not, pardon me, like an African, dip a finger in ink and put a mark in the bulletin. This is a stupid idea of the Ukrainians as a nation. There can be a tough pay for it,’ Bessmertny threatens the Europeans.

According to Bessmertny, the West is obliged to pay Ukraine and provide for it due to the fact that it is ‘waging a war against Russia’.

‘Naturally, we have a right to expect the whole world, especially Europe and the United States, to help us. To put it simply, it’s time we stopped playing games and persuading our opponents and allies, and very clearly told the world, ‘Pay us for the fact that we are at war with Russia! Otherwise, you will get a problem that you won’t be able to handle,’ the politician threatened again the Western countries.

The Ukrainian «hawk» is dissatisfied with the NATO position either.

‘The Warsaw Summit has shown that they have no answer to this question. I am now interested in the preparation of the program «Ukraine-NATO». If they continue previous talking about nothing, then Ukraine is on its own. We will find ourselves in a situation which Israel is in, ‘he complains.



RT condemned as anti-Jewish for publishing an Israeli news feed verbatim

RT condemned as anti-Jewish for copying a Jewish newspaper’s headline verbatim


by Don Hank


There is a rumor that the Russian online news service RT reported that the Tel Aviv massacre that has been widely reported was perpetrated by Ultraorthodox Jews. However, even the hysterical article condemning RT for this “dishonesty” contains the quotation marks around the word Ultraorthodox Jews. Apparently the hysterical author at the site CAMERA does not know that quotes are routinely used to indicate that the author is skeptical about something that was reported or that he wants the reader to understand that this is not true and accurate even though it was reported that way. If you went to college, you know that. If not, you may be able to land a writing stint at CAMERA.

Here is how the hysterical story ran:


In its initial report on the attack, RT ran an article under the headline “2 ‘ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen kill 1, injure 8 in Tel Aviv.” In response to the portrayal, Simon Plosker, managing editor at Honest Reporting, said that RT ”wins the prize” for “most appalling headline.” Gilead Ini, a senior research analyst  at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) [sounds suspiciously like Accuracy in Media, which runs similar anti-Russian hit pieces] described RT’s “short-lived headline” as “dramatically absurd.”



But look at the headline in Haaretz that appeared here http://nvs24.com/news/world/2-ultra-Orthodox-Jewish-gunmen-kill-1-injure-8-in-Tel-Aviv-reports-6347850.html


2 ‘ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen kill 1, injure 8 in Tel Aviv – reports


Can we all just simmer down and take a deep breath? If Haaretz initially ran this exact same headline before it was all sorted out, does that mean that the Israeli site Haaretz is also anti-Jewish?

Think before answering that.

The irony is that I opened the hysterical email advising of this “outrage” at about 8:00 pm and when I went to the RT site, I found the article with the headline corrected, apparently due to this hysterical complaint.

And get this: at 8:05, ie, after RT had made the change to avoid offending hysterical people, the Haaretz site STILL contained the same identical headline that the “anti-Jewish” RT had initially run. In other words, RT got the headline from an Israeli site, but CAMERA reports that this is an “appalling headline,” as if RT had made it up. So a Jewish site also ran the “appalling headline,” and did not see fit to correct it (because the quotation marks made the author’s intent clear to all intelligent people), but CAMERA seems to have overlooked this. Oh well, Russophobes lead a hectic existence chasing rumors like this. We can forgive them for not noticing where RT got their headline.

The person who sent me a copy of the article was also hysterical and called RT a Jew-hating news site.

The fact is, I have been reading RT for a long time and can attest that they are not Jew haters at all. They have in the past featured a video showing Putin giving a glowing account of a trip to Israel. In fact, the latest issue of RT contains an article here https://www.rt.com/news/345640-netanyahu-moscow-visit-putin/

about Netanyahu visiting Putin. It does not condemn Netanyahu for visiting Putin. That  would be both anti-Jewish and anti-Russian, wouldn’t it? The author of that RT article seems to offer hope for a change that might lead to peace, or at least, perhaps, less hysteria.

The irony of this silliness is that now people who read the hysterical report describe above will be led to check out RT to see who is right: The “accurate” reporters at CAMERA or me. If they went to college, they will easily see that the reporting at RT is a lot more accurate in major areas than the Western press.

Pray for peace, friends. Let’s none of us be hatin’ on anyone else. God bless Israel, Russia and the USA.

Matthew 5:46.

Don Hank

Germany’s Fourth Reich supports terror in Crimea

The entire Western elitosphere has been quietly dismantling Judeo-Christian culture and putting non-Muslims (Jews, Christians and non-believers) at serious risk for over a half-century, starting roughly in about 1953, when the CIA facilitated a coup against the democratically elected government of Iran (http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/cia-assisted-coup-overthrows-government-of-iran. The CIA later admitted their — and Britain’s role: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/aug/19/cia-admits-role-1953-iranian-coup). The upshot was a brutal rule by the Shah followed by an authoritarian Islamic regime in response to this). US involvement in the Middle East has invariably led to the installation of Islamic despots or terror groups like ISIS, who killed, persecuted and expelled Christians and other minorities, eg, in Libya and Syria. Clinton’s war in Kosovo was part of the same campaign, turning Kosovo, the sacred cradle of Serbian Christianity, into a Muslim state that has decimated the former native Serbian population and all but totally destroyed their churches and sacred monuments. And the complicit press has not uttered a word about it. I was able to learn this only by going to a web site in the Serbian language run by a church group. My report (mostly a translation) is here: http://laiglesforum.com/look-whats-happening-in-the-european-region-that-nato-defended/3786.htm. (The ulterior motive for this intense anti-Judeo-Christian campaign is explained here: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/150314).

Now comes Berlin attempting to support terror in Crimea by supporting the Mejlis, a Muslim Tatar group that once collaborated with Hitler, and recently has sabotaged power lines in Crimea. As in Kosovo, the West is attempting to portray the Muslims as victims of Christians when a cursory look would suffice to demonstrate the exact opposite. The only reason they can get away with this is because they are keeping you the public in the dark.

That is why you need to read the report below. But also note that the corresponding German language report from this same site provides details on the terror perpetrated by Mejlis (see my comments below).

And despite the clear-cut provocation of Russia (US and EU support for the bloody illegal Maidan coup), US media, pols and officials continue to insist that the US needs to build up arms to resist Russian “aggression.” Yet our buildup is what is leading to a reaction on the part of the Russians. All we need to do is stop the provocation. But, shhhhh. You’re not allowed to know that. It’s all their fault.

Don Hank


Auxiliary Troops Against Moscow (I)





(Own report) – One of Berlin’s government advisors is calling for Russia’s expulsion from the Council of Europe. The Russian government’s actions against the Crimean Tatars and its banning their Mejlis – a political organization – along with other measures, make it “no longer possible to justify continuing Russian membership in the Council of Europe,” according to a current position statement published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). This demand is made at a time when the Crimean Tatars have been drawn into the spotlight throughout Europe, by the openly politicized Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Whereas public perception of Crimean Tatars has been predominated by their 1944 deportation, their collaboration with the Nazis, which had preceded their deportation, has been obscured. As historians have ascertained, in 1942, “every tenth Tatar on the Crimean Peninsula was in the military” – on the side of Nazi Germany. Crimean Tatars fought on the side of the German Wehrmacht against the Soviet Union, excelling in the notorious “efforts to crush the partisan movement” and turned their Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis’ henchmen. Already in the 1920s, leading Tatar functionaries had complained of a “Jewification” of their communities, in their protests against Moscow’s resettlement measures of Jewish families. Later, exiled Crimean Tatars volunteered their services for the West’s cold war efforts to destabilize Moscow. The Mejlis, which today is quite controversial among the Crimean Tatars, stands in this tradition.

The German language version of this report says, for example, that the head of Mejlis, Refat Chubarov, met with members of the German foreign ministry even though “Chubarov single-handedly announced a blockade of Ukrainian trade with Crimea.” And “expressly praised the consequences thereof, namely, sensitive price hikes in staple foods.” Further “even the bombing of power transmission poles by activists within the sphere of Mejlis did not deter the Ministry from holding the meeting.”

Clearly, the most powerful nation in Europe is in perfect sympathy and harmony with the goals of this Muslim terror organization. And the US government watches in consenting silence. But then, we must recall that Hitler used Muslims to reach his goals as well.

Plus ça change…

Don Hank

German language version, more detailed, here:

Hilfstruppen gegen Moskau (III)





(Eigener Bericht) – Berlin baut seine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Medschlis der Krimtataren trotz dessen Verwicklung in Gewaltaktionen aus. Erst kürzlich ist der Vorsitzende des Medschlis, Refat Tschubarow, zu politischen Gesprächen im Auswärtigen Amt gewesen. Dem Treffen stand nicht entgegen, dass Tschubarow im September eine eigenmächtige Blockade des ukrainischen Handels mit der Krim angekündigt hatte – und auch nicht, dass Tschubarow im Oktober die für die Krim-Bevölkerung schädlichen Folgen der Tataren-Blockade, nämlich Mangel und empfindliche Preiserhöhungen bei Grundnahrungsmitteln, ausdrücklich gepriesen hatte. Sogar die Sprengung von Strommasten durch Aktivisten aus dem Umfeld des Medschlis, die die Krim in hohem Maß von der Stromversorgung abgeschnitten hat, lässt das deutsche Außenministerium nicht auf Distanz zu der Vereinigung gehen. Deutsche Ethno-Organisationen haben schon vor Jahren gute Beziehungen zu Tschubarow und zu seinem Amtsvorgänger Mustafa Dschemiljew aufgebaut, die von 2010 an intensiviert wurden, um nach dem Regierungswechsel in Kiew antirussische Kreise in der Ukraine zu stärken. Die Kooperation mit dem Medschlis-Milieu, das unter den Tataren auf der Krim durchaus umstritten ist, erfolgt in enger Abstimmung mit den USA, der Türkei unter Erdo?an und anderen NATO-Staaten. Die Parallelität von Kooperation mit den Krimtataren und deren teils gewalttätigen Protesten erinnert an die Entwicklung im Frühjahr 2013 in der Ukraine.


Has WND gone full-bore Neocon?

by Don Hank

WND reports here http://www.wnd.com/2016/05/russia-romania-could-be-smoking-ruins/ that “Russian officials” threatened to turn Romania into “smoking ruins.” They did not provide a link to that quote and did not state what Russian “official” had said it.

So I went fishing and discovered that the quote came from a NYT article and no Russian officials were quoted. In fact, it came from a member of the Russian public, just some blogger or participant of a forum. Even NYT does not specify who may have made the idle remark or on what web site:

Here http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/13/world/europe/russia-nato-us-romania-missile-defense.html?_r=0 is the original report of the anonymous remark:

“But the public discussion in Russia was darker, including online commentary of how a nuclear confrontation might play out in Europe, and the prospect that Romania, the system’s host, might be reduced to “smoking ruins.”

Does WND not know the difference between a Russian official and an anonymous member of the Russian public? Suppose a Russian journalist quoted a member of the KKK haranguing about blacks and claimed the quote came from an American ‘official’.”

Americans rightly complain that the msm have lowered their standards. But these same Americans read WND and think they are reading the gospel truth.

Looks like WND has gone full-bore Neocon. Does WND have any inkling that the US deliberately provoked Russia by using Soros foundations and USAID to bring about an illegal bloody coup in Kiev and then supported the corrupt new government, which includes fascist guerilla fighters? Does anyone at WND understand how much the Russians fear the fascists and why? Let’s review history: Russia lost several times as many of its people in WW II than the other allies combined but managed to kill 3 out of every 4 Nazis that were killed in the war. Without the Russians we’d possibly be goose stepping to the tune of Deutschland über Alles by now. Further, if it were not for US covert operations, there would be no Taliban, no Al-Qaeda and no ISIS. Russia is the only country sincerely fighting ISIS and is pushing them out of territories where their presence was tolerated by Washington. Why so much hate expended against a people to whom we owe so much? Is it ignorance or just plain evil? James Baker promised Gorbachev that there would be no troop buildup along the Russian border if they cooperated with the US. They did but we lied. There are troops everywhere now where we said there would be none and we expect the Russians to think these fighters are just deer hunting perhaps? What would the US do if the shoe were on the other foot and Russia were building up troops along the Canadian and Mexican borders?

Don Hank

The msm’s slander of Putin: “not my fight”

Slander of Putin: “not my fight”

by Don Hank

In response to my latest article on the Panama Papers and their false indictment of Putin, I received an email from a reader who said he had too many fights and didn’t have time to get involved in matters regarding Putin and rumors surrounding him. Obviously, he thinks this issue could never affect him and his family. And indeed, I have been covering this a lot, eg, here, here and here.

But this reader is wrong, dead wrong. It is his issue, like it or not, as I will show further on.

I got another email from someone who said Cruz and Trump were both outsiders. They are in a way, but on different levels. They are not peers in any substantive way (see below).

In response to the first, I have been around long enough to know what war propaganda is. Generally, when war propaganda starts, it is not just idle chatter on the part of the msm and political class. It generally ends up in a war that the US either loses or whose outcome harms the US and others but benefits Saudi Arabia, the most dangerous enemy of the American people – why dangerous? Because you are being told it is an ally, when it is not. It’s as if you told a small child at the zoo that the polar bears are just cute cuddly critters that want to be hugged, as you allow the child to slip innocently through the bars.

When anyone says they are not interested in the anti-Russian (and anti-Assad) propaganda because it is “not my fight,” they are in a real way saying that they don’t care whether more Americans lose their lives fighting in a useless war or not. And in the case of Russia, they are saying they aren’t a bit worried that the elites are busy stirring up a nuclear holocaust that literally threatens the fate of planet earth.

But you know what? I don’t believe them. If they thought about it for a second, they would have to admit that it is not only their fight but everyone’s fight.

Since WW II, we have not fought a war in which the “enemy” was actually an enemy of the American people (although most of the adversaries were in some way opposed to an ideology cherished by the elites). I have shown before that, contrary to what other pundits say, we are fighting on behalf of the Saudis to promote Wahhabism even as we pretend to fight the terror groups they spawn and fund (see the list below).

However, there is a major difference between Cruz and Trump that most people ignore or think is not important.

Cruz is a typical Establishment warmonger who will support the wars that help the Saudis spread deadly Wahhabism. Trump has already defied the Saudi leader on one occasion and has cut him down to size, tweeting

“Dopey Prince@Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our US politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do that when I get elected.”

With these words, Trump shook the earth and created a plate shift felt by all of us who understand how the US has literally been controlled by the Saudis for at least a half-century. (I urge you to read this to understand how the Saudis control the Pentagon and State Department, inducing unwary Americans to kill people all over the world to spread their poisonous Wahhabi doctrines.)

No president or prominent American has ever opposed the Saudi power elite the way Trump has done. Of course, the msm reported the prince’s juvenile tweet regurgitating the words of US Neocon candidates condemning Trump as “unfit” to be president and did not bother reporting that earth-shattering retort by Trump. They almost unanimously reported that the prince had very ably put Trump in his place – displaying their complicity with the entire US Establishment and unwittingly confirming that the Establishment is indeed in bed with the Saudi cut throats and terror supporters.

Cruz doesn’t even see any of this. He apparently thinks that the main problem with our military is its strength and funding. But the main problem is how it is constantly abused and has been for the last 50 years since Kissinger-Nixon agreed to protect the Saudis in exchange for their charging only USD for their oil. It is obvious, however, that “protecting” the Saud—as stipulated in the petrodollar agreement — goes far beyond protecting their oil fields. It has led exclusively to wars that only benefit them and harm the US.

Thus the Saudis oppose, and will not tolerate, 3 kinds of leaders in the Middle East or other parts of the world that affect Muslims, and those 3 kinds are

Christian leaders,

secular leaders, and

Shiite leaders.

Washington has gone to bat for the Saudis — and against America and traditional Christian values — in every war outside of the Americas since the early 70s.

Here are some people the Saudis hated that the US elites took out:

Saddam (secular Muslim)

Ghadaffi (secular Muslim)

Assad (secular and Shiite – specifically, he is Alawite, a Shiite sect)

Iranian leaders (notice how the war drums have been constantly beating against the Iranians, even though they, as Shiites, could never have funded or founded any Sunni terror groups and even though the Saudis have been behind all the major ones such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS…)

Serbian Christian leader Milosevic, who fought back against the Albanian Muslim terrorists. (Don’t miss my analyses of the Kosovo war here and here explaining how the US elites deceived the world to establish a Muslim state in Europe that is now persecuting Christians. BTW, as if to establish the Saudi connection, the Saudis sent billions in aid to the Muslim Kosovars after this war).

Putin (Christian leader. Our Petrodollar agreement with the Saudis explains our irrational national hatred — purely a construct of the political class — of Russia, the only world power that aids and protects the Shiite and other minorities and the Christians in Muslim areas)

If you can’t see this plain-as-day pattern it is because you don’t want to believe it.

We are being deceived by both high-ranking Democrats and high-ranking Republicans and it will stay that way, with our young men dying for useless wars until enough people wake up and see this issue of anti-Putinism for what it is, namely, a national security issue and a dire threat to you from your “government.”

Note, however, that I am not advocating a pacifist ideology. The one group we should be fighting — alongside Russia — is ISIS and its allies, so-called rebels, who are all Islamists, even though the same political class that gave us our Russia hate is also falsely telling you that these “rebels” are on “our” side. ISIS is of course the one group that Washington is not fighting – except in its fictional narrative reflected in the msm.

Yet when Russia and Assad proved that they could and would fight ISIS for real, US government agencies and Soros dug up phony dirt on him. Phony because he is the only world leader included in the Panama Papers “scandal” who has not either himself or thru family members participated in offshore dealings — which, by the way, are not illegal.

It’s another small step toward a war that will please the Saudis immensely but will also harm your country immensely.

Why we can’t see reality

Why we can’t see reality


by Don Hank


In response to my commentary intended to show that the Western elites actually often make mistakes by blindly shaping and implementing policy based solely on ideology and not on reality, a reader, who either missed my point or disagreed with it, averred that the European Union would collapse “by design.” Yet it is clear that the EU bosses are doing everything in their power to prevent the union from breaking apart.

They are working overtime to prevent a Brexit in the UK, just as they worked to manipulate the UK into ratifying the Lisbon Treaty that roped so many countries into the mess that is the EU today.

This column shows how the EU bosses and their toadies in the national governments defrauded Europeans into accepting a union that has led to the bankrupting of Greece, the destabilization of Ukraine (by false promises of that country’s becoming a member), the usurpation of European power by Germany, the strong-arming of EU member states to accept thousands of unwanted immigrants who typically do not assimilate and who absorb the lion’s share of social services (welfare, etc), and that cost the UK its sovereignty and millions of pounds in payments of membership frees every year.

Meanwhile, all the dissident political groups and leaders threatening to lead their countries out of the EU, such as

Nigel Farage and his party UKIP in the UK

Viktor Orban in Hungary

Marine LePen and her party Front National in France

Geert wilders and his Partij voor de Vrijheid (Freedom Party) in Holland

the party AdF(Alernative for Germany) and the anti-immigration Pegida group in Germany

and a few lesser leaders in smaller countries

have faced enormous pressure from the EU and have all been branded “fascists” or “racists” in the national and Europe-wide media. Most of the above-named leaders have faced fines and even jail terms for their bold opposition to the Establishment.

Further, if you think that the US wants the EU to collapse, then tell me why Obama urged the UK to stay in the union, as reported here?

This notion that the elites always succeed in controlling us is part of the myth that I tried to explode here.

I showed in the above-linked article that far from being in control of everything, the elites ultimately control nothing because — like their models the Soviets — they act solely on ideology, which is so far from reality that it couldn’t possibly succeed.

There is a large segment of the conservative movement that steadfastly believes that everything – even what a keen observer would easily identify as mistakes, pure and simple – is orchestrated by the Western elites. Some extraordinarily myopic and ideology-bound activists are running around trying to prove that the Western elites are in cahoots with the Russians.

I have done my best to blow up this myth, writing, for example, at the following URLs:





Thus, while much of what happens in our world is indeed a result of elitist propaganda and government machinations, a very large percentage is in fact due to errors committed by these same elites. And, as I pointed out before, these errors on the part of the elites are opportunities for us to shuck of our chains. But only if we are observant and wise enough to recognize them for errors and not deliberate missteps targeting chaos or instability.

If we fail to grasp this, we will never fight our way out of the bondage we are in because we will be fighting chimeras of our imagination. Basing our strategies on myths is like using an outdated road map to reach a destination.

The main reason people cling to these myths is because so many others are spreading these rumors. But no one has made a case based on thorough research or at least on reasonable conclusions from such research. Thus much of the Neocon propaganda that we read as “news” or as “thoughtful commentary” in the media and even in the alternative media presents conclusions that do no match even the “supporting” facts presented in the commentaries themselves.

So why do people cling to myths so tenaciously, even though there is ample clear-cut evidence that they are wrong?

Well, one reason for this false conclusion is that much of what the elites do is said to be mistakes, even by the perpetrators. For example, the Iraq War was based in large part on the postulate that there were weapons of mass destruction. Many experts have now concluded (rightly or wrongly—whether or not there were WMD’s is beyond the scope of this commentary) that there were no WMDs in Iraq. Even Tony Blair, a staunch supporter of the war at the time, now says he was mistaken about that. It is correct to doubt the elites who claim the war was a mistake when there is abundant evidence that there were ulterior motives for waging the war. The fact that we had a petrodollar agreement with the Saudis makes it plausible that we waged the war to please the Saudis, who, being intolerant religious fanatics, hated Saddam because he was a secularist and did not rule Iraq based on Shariah law. If you analyze each US-led war outside the Americans since the 60s, it is easy to see that the US in no way benefited but that the Saudis and their Wahhabism made great strides every time we “won” – even in Kosovo, where a Muslim statelet was carved out of a Christian country, Serbia.

Thus, it seems appropriate to conclude that the Iraq war was waged on purpose but that the authors of the war are pretending it was based on a mistake.

This and countless other examples could lead careless observers to conclude, falsely, that everything that appears to be a mistake is actually the result of conscious action on the part of the elites.

But, as I demonstrated here, there is ample evidence that the elites actually do make mistakes, primarily because they shape and implement policies based solely on ideology instead of reality.

It is hard to believe, but people are astoundingly refractory to truth and to the recognition of reality. In fact, many essentially never learn. Back in the 13th Century, Roger Bacon, a remarkable philosopher made a remarkable discovery that had the potential to change the world but somehow didn’t. Writing in a series of books with Latin titles, he stated his discovery that there were 4 main obstacles to learning the truth, to whit:

submission to unworthy authority, the influence of custom, popular prejudice, and concealment of one’s ignorance with a technical show of wisdom. (The Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Today, about 800 years later, all of these obstacles are still blocking our ability to learn. It is hard to believe that Bacon wrote this potentially earth-shattering discovery all for naught.  The myth that the elites are controlling everything and that when they make mistakes, it is always on purpose, is supported not by facts but by unworthy authority, by popular prejudice, and by people who conceal their ignorance by a display of false wisdom — the same obstacles to truth as Bacon discovered in his day.  Totally incompetent observers tell us this and because we respect these people for whatever reason, we swallow the myth without thinking.

You can’t love Jesus and hate the Jews

You can’t love Jesus and hate the Jews

by Don Hank

I visited Auschwitz in Poland over 40 years ago and was moved by the exhibits and photos in the concentration camp. I sympathize with the persecuted Jews and as a Christian, I love the Jews.

However, I also love the truth. Jesus said ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

He also said I am the way, the truth and the life.

If you love Jesus, you love the truth.

But we live in a society in which some reports and findings that could lead to truth are strictly forbidden.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel laureate and meticulous historian, wrote a book about Jews entitled “200 Years together.”

Solzhenitsyn once said:


“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

Unfortunately for Solzhenitsyn, the book contained two chapters with forbidden reports, namely,

1—The fact that most of the most prominent Bolsheviks who participated in the so-called “Russian” Revolution were Jews (hence his allusion to “ethnic hatred” above — see this link for further historic support of this here), and

2—The people who call themselves Jews are, according to Solzhenitsyn’s research, mostly descended not from Father Abraham but from the Khazars, who simply chose the Jewish religion because it was one of the 3 great known religions of the time and they felt it offered benefits to them. (This contention is now hotly disputed, particularly by Jewish geneticists, who  claim that many Jewish DNA patterns studied had “Middle Eastern” haplomes instead of Khazarian ones. However, there are three main ethnic groups in the Middle East, ie, Arabs, Persians and Turks, and the Khazars were known to be Turkic, so this claim would need further clarification).

Undoubtedly because of these controversial claims, this book has never been published in English translation. Now even if there is evidence to the contrary, it is odd that this book has been effectively banned. After all, other books could have been written later to rebut this theory. At any rate, there are chapters of the book published piecemeal on the internet in English and there is a text purporting to be the full text here:


Sadly, the above-stated two facts have been captured by various anti-Judaic groups who exploit them to foment hate toward Jews. The fact that these groups have co-opted the debate greatly impairs the further spread of the other side of the debate in unbiased form. Christians need to take the debate back and deal with it objectively, and not with hate but with the love we are taught to bring not only to our friends but, more importantly, to our enemies. A loving approach means we tell the truth unabashedly but we dialogue. We do not accept accusations of anti-Semitism. Nor do we behave as anti-Semites. So far, however, Christians have either opted out of the debate or have taken a hostile and subjective approach.

Vladimir Putin, the man the Neocons want us to hate, has taken this Christian approach in his dealings with Jews. For instance, he has negotiated with Benjamin Netanyahu on various economic and strategic security issues, such as exploitation of the Leviathan gas fields, as reported here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/putin-and-netanyahu-to-strike-deal-on-leviathan-gas-field/news-story/9b233fbaa559d7cc06cc838336b722fb


He said Mr Putin had told Mr Netanyahu: “We will make sure there will be no provocation against the gas fields by Hezbollah or Hamas. Nobody messes with us.”

Putin also met recently with a group of Russian Jewish leaders. He told them that the majority of prominent Bolshevik leaders who participated in the Russian Revolution were Jews. He did not say that with malice. He just thought they deserved to know. Solzhenitsyn and Putin have become friends so there can be no doubt where Putin got that information.

Putin’s is indeed the Christian way to deal with our Jewish friends.

So what did Solzhenitsyn mean by “ethnic hatred”? The Talmud contains clues.

These writings come mainly from Judaic scholars versed in the Talmud:




I have said many times that the Washington elites hate Christians and Christianity. They must since they are anxious to fill our country with Muslim immigrants that dilute the Christian heritage and their war policies have all led to the death and banishment of Christians in the Middle East. Now the question is: Are we repeating the experience of Russia? Some have gone so far as to predict that there will be an attempted Christian genocide in America in the future.

Certainly, the Democrats have no love for Christians, and if they get enough power, all bets are off.