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Dec 15

The latest fake story from US intel

The new fake news story from US intel   Don Hank The latest msm reports about the supposed Russian hacking are all focused on a side issue and their aim is to deceive you through a subtle ruse. A prime example is the report of a new statement by the sneaky intel director, who sounds as …

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Dec 14

Analysis shows US intel agencies invented “Russian” hack story

Analysis show US intel agencies invented “Russian” hacking story Don Hank Please forward a link to this article far and wide. The DNC is using the phony story debunked below to influence the electoral college. They could steal the election and plunge us into another 4 years of Obama on steroids. Countless bytes have been …

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Dec 01

Another rah rah moment in American history

Trump victory: another rah rah moment by Don Hank I wonder if you will recall that the GW Bush wars were started by rah rah talk, as when Dubbya stood at ground zero and, with his arms draped around two NY firemen, proclaimed “the people who knocked down these buildings are going to hear from …

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Oct 05

Those charismatic warmongers

Those charismatic warmongers   by Don Hank There are a number of very charismatic and famous people out there who are awfully good at convincing people of their way of thinking. GW Bush was one. Didn’t ya just love him and his little Texas twang? Shucks yeah! And you all know Glenn Beck. Great conservative, …

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Sep 11

Why is the West in constant chaos and upheaval?

Why is the West in constant cultural chaos and upheaval? by Don Hank All of the cultural chaos we see around us, notably since Obama was first elected, is the expression of an irrational desire to destroy all traditions, particularly Christianity (though not religion per se) that started with the Enlightenment about 300 yr ago. …

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Sep 10

“I don’t trust Putin”

“I don’t trust Putin”   Don Hank When I visit forums that discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin, there are, of course, the usual suspects who tell us, based on nothing substantive, that Putin is just waiting his chance to nuke the US  — notwithstanding that this would entail an exchange of retaliatory strikes that would …

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Aug 31

How top level Neocons like Soros deceive Christian pawns

How top Neocon connivers like Soros deceive Christian Neocon pawns by Don Hank I have been participating in a discussion of Neoconservatism (Neocons) on the Neocon web site AIM, which expands to Accuracy in Media, a misnomer if there ever was one. On the AIM site (which pretends to oppose Hillary but more effectively opposes …

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Aug 19

Outrage: Know-nothing European “journalist” hacks meddling in US elections

Outrage: European “journalist” hacks meddling in US elections (they’re either bought or woefully misinformed)   by Don Hank   I watch the news and talk shows on Deutsche Welle and am hearing both German politicians and journalists alike saying some of the stupidest things about Donald Trump, notably that he – and not the warmongering …

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Aug 18

Hoax busted: There is no US-Saudi relationship

Hoax busted: the American people have NO relations with the Saudis   by Don Hank   A Neocon article titled Analysis: Russian jets in Iran change Mideast game – Middle East criticizes the new “game changing” arrangement between Iran and Russia in which the latter uses Iran’s airport facilities as a home base for its …

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Aug 07

Comment sent to Fox: Why is most vital issue off-limits at Fox?

Comment to Fox News: Most vital issue is off-limits at Fox Comment sent 8-7-6:00 to from DON HANK Would you not agree that whether or not planet earth and civilization itself survives our next presidency probably overrides all other issues? Since I put it that way, I guess you do. So since you agree, …

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