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Jun 02

Tiller Murder Requires Proportionate Response in Perspective

The reasons for this emphasis go beyond the recent murder of Tiller, however. We can go back to a post that I made not too long ago that suggested that a ‘right-wing extremist’ attack was not merely inevitable, but something that the current administration actually wants to happen.

Here is a little quote:

Here is what I think. I think that the recently admitted NSA over-collection of American domestic communications revealed that people- even decent people- are really, really, really, really, really, POed about the way things are and the way they are going. I think that material helped drive the DHS report, but I think the DHS was just looking for an excuse.

This report is likely to produce the very thing it is warning about. With this report, every conservative American became subject to the Thought Police and a target of scrutiny by the Federal government. I believe it will put some people over the edge. I believe the intent was to put them over the edge.

Feb 19

One Liberty Guarantees the Rest: Original Sin, the Government, and the Right to Bear Arms

By Anthony Horvath (For a spirited discussion of issues related to this topic, see this forum entry at With yet another school shooting, this time in NIU, along with the so-called ‘meat cleaver’ killer in New York, we can take a few minutes again to revisit the question of the nature of man. Those …

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Jun 22

Mexican Government vs Those “Absurd” American Gun Rights

Below is a link to a great site for insight into events in Mexico that relate to Americans and their sovereignty. Rerun with permission from Allan Wall.To Laigle’s Forum readers: For many it may seem exaggerated to speak of a North American Union of the EU type. But I recall when the EU was called the …

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Jan 26

Arizona Lawmaker Working with Mexican Drug Dealers and Coyotes

by Sher Zieve   Arizona Congressional Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), a former Green Party member, has proposed a law that would stop US citizens from protecting their property and lives from illegal aliens who cross the US-Mexico border. Although directed at the citizen organization The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, Sinema’s proposed HB2286 states that “domestic …

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