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Mar 23

The only way Europe can be saved

Fox News recently reported that there are some 400 ISIS fighters poised to unleash hell against the foolish Europeans who insist on importing them to their shores in the vain hope that they will somehow assimilate and learn “European values.” So why this is happening in Europe and not the US? This is happening there primarily …

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Dec 05

Implications of the Jaffe Memo for Christians in Society

It is has never been more important to carefully examine what one believes and why they believe it. If you do not carry out this work, you may end up being nothing more than a useful idiot of the worst sort: directly bringing about the goals and ends of those you specifically repudiate as wicked and evil… condemning the communists, nazis, and eugenicists, while carrying out their work.

May 13

The power of a single blogger and his faith

The bill sought to give government the power to exercise out and out thought control and would have criminalized any speech construed as ‘antigay.’ It amounted to nothing less than a direct ban on biblical Christianity.” Friends, the Western world is falling into the hands of the wicked. I solicit your prayers for our brother …

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Apr 12

Akhtar Hussain, thank you for making the right choice

I am grateful. Your choice left no grieving widows or orphans that night. by Don Hank My Muslim friend Mahmoud sent me an email with an attachment regarding a Pakistani man, Akhtar Hussain, who burned a Bible at a church in Pakistan as a protest against the Koran burning by Terry Jones. The desecrator was arrested …

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Apr 04

Muslim apologetics and Christian responses

by Don Hank I had shared with the reader my response to a Muslim whom I debated over the differences between Christianity and Islam. I had thought it would be worthwhile to some as a template for Christian apologetics with Muslims. I had mentioned some of Mahmoud’s arguments, but had not included his lengthy argument. …

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Mar 02

Christchurch, NZ: God finally came, uninvited

In the past, I have heard atheists jeering that a church or cathedral was destroyed in this or that disaster. The implication was that if there really was a God, he would certainly not touch a church. Back then I bought into the lie, and such devastation of churches was an affirmation of my non-faith. …

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Jan 14

Conference Calls for Defense of Family through Film and Culture

Anthony Horvath, a contributor at Laigle’s Forum, is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries which in turn is an apologetics organization with a unique bent: it aims not just to defend the Christian faith through evidence and argumentation, but by influencing the culture through the arts.

Their second annual online apologetics conference has a more narrow emphasis: a defense of Biblical marriage and the family through film, video, and movies. After all, the family is constantly being undermined in our movies and sitcoms. Homosexuality is being normalized right beneath our noses, and with it gay ‘marriage.’ The defense will have to be mounted not just at the political level, though. We’ll have to fight fire with fire. And, as it happens, Christians were never supposed to abandon the arts to secularists, anyway.

Please take the time to check out the conference home page:

Sep 14

Telling Muslims what they need to Hear (Koran Burning)

his thing down in Florida where a pastor of a congregation not much bigger than my thumbnail has threatened to burn korans has reached the heights of absurdity. Pastor Jone’s one long publicity stunt has paid off in spades. It has attracted all kinds of attention. Even Obama has noticed, and given how hard it is for a commoner to attract his eye, that’s really saying something. But maybe not. President Oblivious seems to have a keen eye for potential beer summits or things touching on Islam.

Sep 11

Reason or empty chatter: it’s your choice

 by Don Hank “Jesus and Stalin’s Dove” is another English-language debut of a column by Olavo de Carvalho to appear at Laigle’s Forum. It is an article about courageously facing reality in a Christian sense – what that means on a cognitive level and the sacrifices needed to be intellectually honest. In today’s second column …

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Jun 19

The Great Vanity meets the Great Indifference

by Don Hank It has been discovered that the wildcat BP oil well at the bottom of the Gulf is actually an enormous methane deposit that is becoming more and more unstable and threatens to blow with incalculable force and unknown consequences for nature and man. Whether he acknowledges it or not, Barack Obama is …

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