Pimps in Sweden out of luck

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This is really good news. Here in the US, prostitution has been defended tooth and nail by feminists who claim it is a woman’s right to sell her body, just as it is her right to do anything stupid and dangerous, but not to know if her daughter has decided to have an abortion. Sweden may be entering a new era of sanity. LF

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i) Swedish Prostitution Ban An Apparent Enormous Success
ii) ACTION ALERT:  PA Homosexual Hate Crimes Overturned
iii) Duncan Hunter Rated 100% by Eagle Forum

Criminalized the buying of sex, and decriminalized the selling of sex
By Thaddeus M. Baklinski
  [ED. NOTE: Send the following article to all concerned about sex trafficking, especially to Congress, anti-trafficking organizations and policymakers.]

  [STOCKHOLM, November 15, 2007, LifeSiteNews.com] – Sweden appears to have nearly wiped out prostitution. How? In 1999 Sweden passed legislation that criminalized the buying of sex, and decriminalized the selling of sex. The groundbreaking principle behind this legislation is clearly stated in the government’s literature on the law:
  “In Sweden prostitution is regarded as an aspect of male violence against women and children. It is officially acknowledged as a form of exploitation of women and children and constitutes a significant social problem… gender equality will remain unattainable so long as men buy, sell and exploit women and children by prostituting them.”

This law is the only one of its kind in the world, and it seems to be incredibly successful according to Swedish officials. The law, which has criminalized the purchase and brokering of sexual services, provides for up to six years in prison for pimps, up to 10 years for traffickers of prostitutes. The john could face up to six months in prison if caught in the act.  In a report in Spiegel, Jonas Trolle, an inspector with the Stockholm police unit dedicated to combating prostitution said, “The goal is to criminalize the demand side of the equation, the johns, rather than putting emotionally and physically imperiled women behind bars.”

        The results of this strategy are impressive. “We have significantly less prostitution than our neighboring countries, even if we take into account the fact that some of it happens underground,” says Trolle. “We only have between 105 and 130 women – both on the Internet and on the street – active (in prostitution) in Stockholm today. In Oslo (Norway), it’s 5,000.”

        Another relevant aspect of the ban is the reduction of the number of foreign women now being trafficked into Sweden for sex. The Swedish government estimates that in the last few years only 200 to 400 women and girls have been annually trafficked into Sweden for prostitution, while in neighboring Finland the number is 15,000 to 17,000.

       An essential element of Sweden’s prostitution legislation is to provide women prostitutes with the avenue to get out of the dangerous businesss and receive the needed social support to reshape their lives.

       According to a study by the Scottish government in 2003 on the consequences of prostitution policies in several countries, those that had legalized and/or regulated prostitution had a dramatic increase in all facets of the sex industry, saw an increase in the involvement of organized crime in the sex industry, and found a dismaying increase in child prostitution, trafficking of women and girls and violence against women. (See the Scottish government report here: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/committees/histor… lg/inquiries-03/ptz/lg04-ptz-res-03.htm)

        Countries that have considered the possibility of legalizing prostitution, including Canada, would do well to look at the bold and effective strides Sweden has taken against this form of exploitation of women. A Swedish success story! 

View article: http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/nov/07111506.html 

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ii) ACTION ALERT:  PA Homosexual Hate Crimes Overturned
1) Urge PA Attorney General Not to Appeal Commonwealth Court’s Ruling.
2) Urge state legislators not to pasa a homosexual hate crimes bill.

Please contact your state legislators about (the following) religious freedom, free speech and Pennsylvania Constitutional issue.

The Attorney General, Tom Corbet at 717-787-3391, should also be contacted as there are less than 30 days left for him to take action on the Commonwealth Court’s ruling.

Fran Bevan
Pennsylvania Eagle Forum

Letter to the Editor,

On November 15, 2007 in a 4-1 decision, Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court struck down amendments to Pennsylvania’s expanded hate crimes law, declaring that the amendments enacted in 2002 were “unconstitutional and therefore null and void,”  as the bill was deviously introduced for crop destruction and strategically morphed by its sponsors and supporters into one that criminalizes citizens for their religion-inspired speech.

The legal challenge to the law stemmed from the arrests and imprisonment of eleven innocent Christians who, in the words of Pennsylvania’s Constitution and the law, were imprisoned because they “worshiped Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences” through public “communication or address” that admonished such sin as sodomy, lesbianism, pedophilia, bestiality, and other such lifestyles, and this communication was “perceived” by the plaintiffs, police, and employees of the state to be “harassment by communication” “toward the actual or perceived. sexual orientation of another individual or group of individuals.”

Governor “Burn the Constitution” Rendell is already calling on the legislature “to immediately approve appropriate legislation reinstating the measure;” therefore, I implore you to fight for your freedom of speech and religion by learning about this critical issue, how this law violates Pennsylvania Constitution Article 1 Sections 1, 3, 7, 25, and 26, at www.ErichLukas.com, where you can contact your state senator and representative to stop any such legislation that imprisons innocent citizens and terminates your freedom.


Erich G. Lukas


iii) Duncan Hunter Rated 100% by Eagle Forum
Presidential Candidate, Duncan Hunter, is rated 100% by Eagle Forum.

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Fran Bevan
Pennsylvania Eagle Forum


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