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Aug 01

Making sense of the Turkish coup attempt

Making sense of the Turkish coup attempt   Incirlik, pron. In-jeer-lik in Turkish but generally mispronounced as In-ser-lik by US TV anchors.   It has been reported by various sources that US forces in Incirlik have been surrounded by Turkish troops, although some reports now say that the standoff has been resolved. The reason for …

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Jun 19

Declassified document shows Obama DID know he was creating ISIS

Declassified document proves Obama DID know he was creating ISIS   by Don Hank A recent column appearing at confirmed that a tweet by Donald Trump hinting that Obama knew he was creating a terror group when he sent arms to “rebels” in Syria was on the money.   QUOTE: The tweet included a …

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Nov 09

Will Russia be first to unite the Middle East?

Will Russia be the first to bring Shiites and Sunnis together?   by Don Hank   Today’s situation in the Middle East is very confusing to the uninitiated because US policy is secretly based on a decivilizing and disordering strategy that, to survive, must masquerade as being beneficial to all and designed to bring peace …

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Aug 23

I told you so, again

Obama’s Libya: I don’t mind one bit saying “I told you so” to all those — particularly journalists — who ignored my objective, fact-supported arguments against Western military and foreign policy in the Middle East and wound up with egg on their face as a result. (I have been trying to revive the nearly-lost scientific method and apply …

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Apr 15

US media cover up Ivory Coast massacre details

US media cover up vital Ivory Coast massacre details: killers were Muslims loyal to UN-backed Quattara, electoral fraud likely. by Don Hank The Huffington Post recently ran a report on the slaughter of 1000 civilians near Duékoué in the Ivory Coast. I point this out only as a random example of the way Muslim-on-Christian violence …

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Mar 23

“Patriotic” Dalmatians chasing Obama’s re-election fire truck

The most important question you can ask yourself is:  Will I be emotionally manipulated by the Global Elite’s appeal to false patriotism or will I say “no” this time? by Don Hank It’s funny how all of the people who posted comments to my recent articles (here and here) agreed with me that getting further …

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Mar 20

Spare me the crocodile tears when Northern Africa explodes

Now that the street mobs are in control of the Middle East, I predict first the unleashing of a fireball throughout the region.  And then after that a flood of crocodile tears from the Western leaders who triggered it.    by Don Hank Jim Kouri reports at the that Western coalition forces have launched “Operation Odyssey Dawn” …

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Mar 09

American education and how it fell / Short changing the men in uniform

This issue contains columns by two popular authors who are widely published on the Internet. Thomas Brewton helps us look behind the scenes of public education in the US. Tom Kovach blows the whistle on how the military short-changes the good guys in uniform. The EU and the German government have been playing good-cop-bad-cop in …

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