“Defenders of freedom” attack decency

“Defenders of freedom” attack decency


Below is a press release from the Stop the ACLU Coalition regarding the latest ACLU attack on decency.

For those bleeding hearts who really believe that the ACLU (and its mouthpiece organizations like the American Library Association) is actually trying to protect freedom of speech by demanding that semi-pornographic material be made freely available to your children, let me say that this wonderful group never once, to my knowledge, demanded that religious material be made available to children, or that literature showing the harmfulness of the “gay” lifestyle, same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, and literature by people or groups – like Exodus International – showing that people can escape the dangerous and depressing “gay” lifestyle and become normal, heterosexuals and can even marry and have children of their own, be put on our library shelves.

Perhaps they just forgot.

Or perhaps the ACLU are a bunch of filthy, slimy hypocrites whose sole purpose is to degrade and cheapen America, destroy our children’s minds, create more fatherlessness, more crime, more rape and more misery. Those are just some possibilities. I have no criticism of this lovely freedom-loving group and hope they are not offended by this statement. After all, I admit there is a chance they really are sincere lovers of freedom. And a monkey may some day play the Moonlight Sonata by accident.

At any rate, folks, without asserting this option to offer, in our libraries, decent literature that counters the pro-gay Leftist agenda (in other words, the anti-smut literature option) before we succeed in defeating the ACLU, we are allowing this despicable group to set the rules, demanding that decent people fight with one hand tied behind their back, and then pay the winner’s bills! This absolutely must stop, and that is the stated purpose of the Stop the ACLU Coalition.

Here is what I propose:

Any municipality or local library that is challenged to include indecent literature on its shelves must do 2 things:

1 – Immediately make sure that there are books on the shelf that present the opposing viewpoint. Library officials should make sure that there is a good supply of these opposing books. They should place the same number of opposing books on the shelves as they have of the offending ones (not more, because the ACLU could cry “bias.”). However, each time one of the opposing anti-smut books is checked out, someone should replace it on the shelf with another. They do not have to do likewise with the offending books. And they can make sure that a trusted person always has a copy of the smutty book checked out so that no one ever even sees the garbage.

Meanwhile, the library has every right to contact groups like Exodus International, AFA, FRC and the like to acquire their pamphlets and other literature to post at strategic places in the library.

2 – Then in the meantime, the community that supports the library should get in touch with one of the law firms that defend decency and try to make the ACLU back off.

I want to make it clear that my opinion is not necessarily that of the Stop the ACLU Coalition and that Nedd has not vetted it. But it is my opinion and the ACLU says (I think) that I have the right to express it (but they’d do anything to shut me up).

Donald Hank


Contact Nedd at the Stop the ACLU Coalition at info@stoptheaclu.org for media inquiries, interviews & other questions.  

The Nampa, Idaho Public Library did not need to bow to the ACLU’s demands

In a case that is perhaps not well recognized nationally, the American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho sent the city of Nampa, a Boise suburb, a letter threatening litigation if it did not accede to its demands.  The letter was in response to a June decision from the library board to remove two books, The Joy of Gay Sex & The New Joy of Sex, from the general area to the library director’s office where access could be obtained only upon personal request.
Press reports stated that a request from a Nampa resident in 2006 to remove the books was met with unanimous rejection from the 5 member library board.  They also stated that Nampa’s mayor, Tom Dale, had since replaced 3 of the 5 board members with those of his own choosing.  These 3 individuals, one of which has since left, voted in a 3-2 decision in June of this year to restrict these books from  general circulation.  That was met with a threat from the ACLU.  The library board, weighing the legal costs of taking on the ACLU, took the assumed safe way out by voting to return these books to the general population.
“While it is certainly noble and definitely important for public officials to keep citizens and specifically taxpayers in mind when spending money to defend cases like these, the fact of the matter is the ACLU resorted to one of its favorite weapons, their old trusty and threatening snail mail letter, to force Nampa officials to cave in to a matter in which they were legally on solid ground to resist”, says Nedd Kareiva, director of the Stop the ACLU Coalition, based in Indiana.
The Coalition urges Mayor Dale and the library board to reconsider their decision and make contact with a public interest law firm, like the Alliance Defense Fund or Pacific Justice Institute, to assess and take on the case.  Since groups like ADF and PJI would defend the city at no charge, it is in Nampa’s best interest, both legally and from a public relations standpoint, to use this tool to the city’s best financial as well as public interest.  Many times, though certainly not always, the willingness of public officials to use a firm like ADF to go to bat for them forces the likes of the ACLU to retreat as the ACLU’s legal arguments frequently fail when put to the test.
And such was quite the case in the 2003 landmark decision between the United States government and the American Library Association, along with the ACLU.  In a 6-3 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court found that a law previously passed by Congress requiring public libraries that take taxpayer funds to provide Internet filtering was indeed constitutional. The court cited significant points such as (1) the government has a compelling interest to restrict minors from harmful materials like Internet porn, (2) there is no constitutional right not to be embarrassed (from a library patron making a personal request to disable such filtering) and (3) libraries historically have had leeway in considering what books to allow and reject by separating “garbage from gold”.  As such, the Nampa board and the city were on solid legal ground but were apparently misguided to believe they were mandated to put these books back in the general circulation.   
The director of Stop the ACLU now finds himself in a somewhat similar matter with his son’s school library on a book brought home Tuesday by his 6th grade son, Steve.  The book, Dating & Relating: A Guy’s Guide to Girls, is a book that, at the very least, belongs in a high school, if at all.  There are offensive sections in the book, such as tacitly endorsing fondling each other’s private parts and detailed definitions of items pertaining to the sexual anatomy.  There is a section that is factually in error on how AIDS and HIV can be acquired.  There is even a page dealing with what a guy might do if he thinks he is gay.  On top of all that, one of the references at the end of the book is to the website of Planned Parenthood and its arguably disgustingly vulgar teen site known as Teenwire.   
The Coalition will post more information on the actions taken by Nedd and the Indiana school involved on its website at www.stoptheaclu.org as they become available (the current article containing details and commentary of the Nampa matter is now up on the website).  We will also contact the city and library board of Nampa and respectfully request a reconsideration of their actions, not in a dare to the ACLU but to rightfully (and legally) restrict books that have no business being out in the open.  We will further be discussing this on our Blog Talk Radio show today from 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern Time and which can be accessed at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stations/HeadingRight/Mr-Right-Opinion.  The show can be accessed thru its archives if listeners cannot listen live.  There will be reflections on 9/11 today and such will be the primary topic of the show but there will be ample time, possibly towards the end of the show, where we will discuss this case.
“Although we hope to keep the ACLU far away”, states Nedd, “if they interject themselves into this matter between the school and myself, they will have an aggressive fight on their hands and in the end, they won’t know what hit them.  We will expose them for who they are, what they stand for and we will make it abundantly clear to the public of its agenda to deconstruct society into its own gutter image”.

Pedophiles one, parents zero!

IS YOUR child’s school on the GLSEN hit list?

Here is a long state-by-state list of participating schools in GLSEN’s Day of Silence:


If your school is listed here, there is something you can do about it. If you are too timid to do your duty, maybe you are too timid to have a child in today’s world.

Don’t make your child pay for your hesitation to follow your conscience. If you won’t fight now, imagine the world you will be bequeathing to your grandchildren!

EMPLOYEE fired for reporting crime!

We had mentioned in a recent comment at the post “Sally Kern vs gay agenda” (see comments below the column) that those who are endorsing “gay” marriage now will some day understand that gay marriage is only a step in the incremental path to enforced acceptance of much worse things, including pederasty.

I was wrong only about the time frame.

Consider this a retraction. It’s here now:


Citizens who want to be like Citizen Kane had better think twice. Ordinary people like you and I may (and should) call them heroes for snitching on a potential threat to the children.

But not so the authorities, particularly in public libraries, who have a distorted view of the First Amendment and privacy rights – a view that is becoming increasingly widespread among the Left (so-called “progressives” and “liberals”). Their view is that dealing with real and present threats to children takes a back seat to the issue of privacy and freedom of “expression” for perverts. This is, of course, culturicidal. No nation can survive this limp-wristed laissez-faire approach to grotesquely twisted and potentially dangerous behavior.

Our advice to people who still have old-fashioned ideas about decency: don’t let the cultural revolutionary perverts in power positions stop you. Go ahead and do what you know is right. Then if they try to punish you for it, go for their jugular – together with a good constitutional lawyer.

This incident happened in Lindsay, CA. Imagine that! In California of all places! (dripping with sarcasm).

Public sex allowed in Dutch park

It will happen here if we don’t start to “get it” soon. We already fire public officials who inconvenience sex offenders.

Why not this next?

Holland is our crystal ball. We are only a few years behind…and catching up fast! The attitude of our religious leaders is paving the way for this. They want to make nice with the enemy of God. Woe unto them!


Julie Andrews defends filth for kids

Hollywood actors have been self-destructing for as long as any of us can remember. Even those who are known mostly for children’s movies. After all, if a person falls into a vat of purple dye, they come out purple. They don’t even have to like purple. They will be purple. Likewise, if a person is surrounded by Hollywood liberal flakes day in and day out, the chances are, they will soon start sounding and acting like a run-of-the-mill Hollywood flake.Below is an email we received from the organization Grassroots American Values. We have always endorsed this group, which is at the forefront of the war that America’s most powerful librarians have declared on you and your children. The same librarians who pull books from the shelves because of their religious content will scream “book burning” if a parent objects to a “children’s book” in the children’s section that is replete with expletives that would make your ears burn.

This group had a debate with a local liberal newspaper that advocated the placement of books full of filthy language and explicit sexual descriptions in the children’s section of libraries, a policy that is in line with that of the leftwing ALA (American Librarians Association). A member of Grassroots American Values wrote a letter to the editors of that paper with direct quotes from the book they endorsed as a “children’s” book. The editors said they could not print the letter because of the explicit content. Yet they were saying this same content that they censored was appropriate for children.

Julie Andrews now writes children’s literature. No one is saying her books are full of inappropriate content. But like all good liberals, she takes the standard ALA viewpoint that children can be exposed to anything and everything, including all expletives and any imaginable explicit sexual description, and not only is this not harmful to children, but parents need to step aside and keep their mouths shut. (Our latest article on children as property of the State
http://laiglesforum.com/2007/12/27/nationalizing-childrenaspx ties in with this idea that parents are no longer viewed as having the right to choose the kind of material their kids are exposed to. That that article relates to Germany clearly demonstrates that the viewpoins of the Left are very much international and amazingly homogeneous).

On November/2007 Grassroots American Values contacted Julie Andrews.  We asked if she “condones ALA policies on books for children.”  We reminded her that her own books, written for children, would be on the same shelves as Paul Ruditis’ “Rainbow Party,” John Green’s “Looking for Alaska,” and  Robert Cormier’s “Fade” (all age-inappropriate books).  Below is the dismissive answer we received from “The Julie Andrews Collection Editorial Team.”  Keep this in mind next time you consider watching one of her movies or buying her books. 
Grassroots American Values www.plan2succeed.org/grassroots
Subj: Re: Question to Julie Andrews
Date: 11/30/2007 10:31:09 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

To: elyse.marshall@harpercollins.com, Marisa.Wetzel@harpercollins.com, Nicole.Mathieu@Harpercollins.com, cindy.tamasi@harpercollinscom, mail@emmawaltonhamilton.com, sraab@raabassociates.com
[…] Ms. Andrews is a staunch supporter of ALA and a lifelong advocate for libraries everywhere. A  transcript of her speech at ALA’s 2007 annual convention in Washington DC is available on the Julie Andrews Collection website at www.julieandrewscollection.com/sitev2/librarians.php We hope that reading this transcript will answer any questions you have and will provide closure on this matter, as limitations of time and resources do not permit us to engage in further dialogue on this subject.  […]

Laigle’s Forum urges you the reader to contact the Julie Andrews Collection at the addresses listed above and ask why Julie Andrews endorses filth for children. Please visit the Grassroots American Values website first at www.plan2succeed.org/grassroots and find out how the ALA endorses age-inappropriate literature for kids in libraries.

Update on Congressman Todd Platts and Hate Crimes

We had promised to keep you abreast of developments with a PA congressman who purports to be Christian and conservative but who voted for hate crimes bills. We had a long conversation with Mr. Platts about a month ago and he tried to defend his position saying that Christians are equally protected under this law. Later we noted that a pro-life group in CA had been harrassed by the police. We urged our friends to contact Todd’s office and ask him how his wonderful hate crimes bill would protect them against this obvious anti-Christian discrimination. He arroganttly returned an empty email to each of them, including us.

We later spoke with an assistant in his local office and she was a very strong advocate of this bill, knew a lot about it, and was extremely defensive, which seemed rather odd.
Now, just this weekend, an article appeared in the local paper (http://ydr.inyork.com/ci_7802477) naming Todd Platts in a lawsuit. The local government is trying to seize land from a local farmer and, allegedly, they have recruited Platts to engage the IRS in trying to have the land seized by the federal government.