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Sep 11

“Defenders of freedom” attack decency

“Defenders of freedom” attack decency   Below is a press release from the Stop the ACLU Coalition regarding the latest ACLU attack on decency. For those bleeding hearts who really believe that the ACLU (and its mouthpiece organizations like the American Library Association) is actually trying to protect freedom of speech by demanding that semi-pornographic material be …

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Mar 14

Pedophiles one, parents zero!

IS YOUR child’s school on the GLSEN hit list? Here is a long state-by-state list of participating schools in GLSEN’s Day of Silence: If your school is listed here, there is something you can do about it. If you are too timid to do your duty, maybe you are too timid to have a …

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Dec 28

Julie Andrews defends filth for kids

Hollywood actors have been self-destructing for as long as any of us can remember. Even those who are known mostly for children’s movies. After all, if a person falls into a vat of purple dye, they come out purple. They don’t even have to like purple. They will be purple. Likewise, if a person is …

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