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Jul 14

Obama lawsuit against Arizona not based on law

Obama’s lawsuit against AZ is not based on law Don Hank As a legal/technical translator, I have read and translated my share of legal briefs. The lawsuit brought by the Obama administration against AZ is by far the lamest, most juvenile brief I have read in my nearly 40 years of exposure to such texts. …

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Feb 14

Prop 8 hauled into court — unconstitutionally

If Prop 8 is “overturned” it will only be because inept “Christian” “pro-family” and “conservative” lawyers, leaders and pundits allowed it to happen. by Gregg Jackson It’s obvious to me that the homosexual activist “judge” Walker in San Francisco will rule for the homosexual plaintiffs who claim Prop 8, legally defining marriage as limited to …

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Dec 08

America lacks standing

America lacks standing   By Donald Hank   Well, the Donofrio case against Obama (one of the many court cases the media refused to tell you about for months), demanding the showing of a real birth certificate, has failed, and I am getting near-frantic emails from conservatives who had entertained hopes that Donofrio, and hence, …

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