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Aug 24

War with Russia? I don’t think so

War with Russia? I don’t think so   by Don Hank I am not convinced that the West wants war with Russia. Nuclear war could end civilization or even life on earth and even the power-blinded elites know that. Those who think the Establishment wants a real war are forgetting the Brexit – Britain’s exit …

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Mar 25

Elitists shocked: Same identical experiment fails again

Global elites shocked: Same identical experiment fails again   by Don Hank I am hearing from a number of people who say that the elites are allowing terror acts in order to have an excuse to declare martial law. In other words, the elitists are omnipotent and all-wise and everything that happens these days is …

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Mar 15

Merkel down for the count

Merkel down for the count   by Don Hank   You see what is happening all over the Western world as a result of incontinent immigration and perpetual war policies? Last year the French regional elections propelled the anti-Establishment and anti-immigration Front National to victory in the majority of regions. Further, anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders …

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Nov 18

Even after Paris, Libertarians want open borders

  Even after Paris, Libertarians endorse open borders   by Don Hank   The libertarian think tank Mises Institute just published an article titled ISIS May Be Our Ally Some Day. (My thanks to our friend Peter in the UK for this tip). Expressed in the following sentence from the piece is perhaps the most …

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Nov 16

We are being played: French strikes confirm my warning

by Don Hank In this commentary, written the day after the recent terror attacks in Paris, I warned that French president Hollande may use the Paris terror attacks to overthrow Assad. I based this in part on the aftermath of the 911 attacks, reminding: … GW Bush used the 911 attacks as a pretext to …

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Nov 14

President Hollande finally notices ISIS war

President Hollande finally notices ISIS’ war on civilization   By Don Hank   French President Hollande said after last night’s terror attacks in Paris: “C’est un acte de guerre” commis par une “armée terroriste, Daech” — This is an act of war committed by a terrorist army, Daesh (ISIS) Another report says: Francois Hollande [whose …

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Oct 13

Game over for Obama power in the world?

I don’t know how to make people realize how significant just that first sentence in the QUOTE OF THE CENTURY below. Suffice to say it signals the end of Obama’s power in the world arena. Merkel broke the ice about a week before Putin’s blockbusting speech at the UN debate, saying that Assad needs to …

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Oct 02

Normandy Four snub Obama

Normandy Four snub Obama   by Don Hank The fact that Ukraine, Germany and France have agreed to meet with Russia in Paris on Oct 2 (see story linked below) without any kibitzing from Obama (not invited) is clear evidence that 1-Obama – not Putin (per the Neocon fable) – is the one who is isolating himself …

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Oct 05


  BACK TO WESTPHALIAN PRINCIPLES By Bernard CHALUMEAU The treaties of Westphalia and the genesis of International law.   Like all French school children, we are aware that the Treaties of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War, which began with the defenestration of Prague in 1618, giving France the Three Bishopricks of Metz, Toul and …

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