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Aug 31

About that hammer and sickle on the Russian Army flag

About that hammer and sickle on the Russian Army flag   by Don Hank Someone recently asked me why the Russian military has reverted to the hammer and sickle on their flag. I explained that this symbol antedated the Russian Revolution and did not necessarily denote communism. In fact the revolution itself was supported by …

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Jun 14

Who’s the REAL demagogue? Trump or the Establishment?

Who’s the REAL demagogue? Trump or the Establishment? by Don Hank A British writer who does not like Donald Trump recently expressed publicly:   “Mr Trump’s rallies increasingly attract violence – by his opponents and his supporters.” In a three-way conversation in which I was included, a mutual friend reminded him that it is not fair to blame a …

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May 11

Next US president must understand the Putin Principle

The disarmingly simple Putin Principle in foreign policy by Don Hank One of the cardinal points raised by Sun-tzu in his “Art of War” is the proposition of knowing the enemy. I will take that a step further and say that sometimes knowing the enemy leads to the discovery that he is not the enemy after all. …

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Mar 25

Elitists shocked: Same identical experiment fails again

Global elites shocked: Same identical experiment fails again   by Don Hank I am hearing from a number of people who say that the elites are allowing terror acts in order to have an excuse to declare martial law. In other words, the elitists are omnipotent and all-wise and everything that happens these days is …

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Mar 16

Rodney Atkinson’s visit to Russia

Our colleague Rodney Atkinson is an entrepreneur, prolific author (visit Amazon and search his name), academician and more. He has been variously a lecturer at the University of Mainz in Germany but has also lectured before the UK Parliament. He recently returned from Krasnodar in Russia, where he was lecturing, as described in his article …

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Mar 26

Anarchists and frightened police face off in London

Bobbies learn spoiled kids are holy terrors  by Don Hank The UK newspaper Daily Mail reported today on a riot by anarchists in the UK, which broke out as part of an anti-cuts demonstration. They number in the thousands, have done a lot of damage and have also scared the beejeebers out of the police, who have …

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Mar 15

How Europe can restore its freedom

Europe: Restore Christianity, restore freedom  by Don Hank  Christians in Europe are under direct attack. Many are losing their employment for speaking out, just as they did in the Soviet Union. And yet, despite the extreme hard times for Christians in Europe, the direct targeting of Christians and the demonization of their faith has an …

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Feb 09

How the EU parliament works

The EU is the progressives’ dream. It is headed by the unelected European Commission, which is the only body entitled to propose legislation. Further, the public at large and their elected MEPs (Members of European Parliament) are thereby shut out of all meaningful decision making. The Commission does not consult with the voters but only with interest …

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Nov 11

Supranationalism leads to war

by Don Hank Herman Van Rompuy, the head of the European Council, is still propagating an ancient myth, the house of cards on which the EU’s acceptance by the masses is based. He recently trotted out the old platitude once more: The biggest enemy of Europe today is fear. Fear leads to egotism, egotism leads …

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Feb 23

The rotten fruits of the “carbon credit” scam

The notion of “global warming” has been used to introduce perhaps the biggest tax in history, and one of the avenues for this tax was so-called “carbon offsets” or “carbon credits.” Fortunately, the American people have not completely fallen for this scam as yet. But the UK, which has long labored under the heavy hand of two …

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