Is Dilma impeachment the result of a US-Soros-led covert operation?

Is Dilma impeachment the result of a covert US-Soros operation?

by Don Hank

The alternate news site takes a critical view of the Dilma Rousseff impeachment process and its lead-up in Brazil, pointing out that it has all the earmarks of a Washington-led covert action. The cogent analysis they present supports what I have thought from the outset.

I never liked the far-left Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, whose politics are not far from those of Barack Obama. Here is an article I wrote condemning her character and politics:

If you read that article, you will see why I condemned her. I still do.

However, now that she is being impeached, a larger issue has emerged, and that is, the meddling of the corrupt leftist Washington government in sovereign governments in a cynical effort to force its will on other peoples.

My reason for opposing this meddling is two-fold:

Firstly, the elites we summarily call the New World Order have attacked a common-sense and morally justified principle that could be called the “Westphalian principle,” described by our friend Bernard Chalumeau here. It is a time-tried principle in international law, which is intended to prevent a country or countries from overpowering other, weaker countries for their own selfish purposes. If we transposed this situation to the school yard and applied it to weaker kids being bullied and having their lunch money stolen by bullies, then no one would argue that the bully must be opposed and defeated.

But in the international arena, the elites know that they can easily pull the wool over the eyes of a public who think foreign affairs are too complicated to study and understand and who are more than willing to turn over the conduct of foreign policy  – including decisions to send our young people to war –  to an elitist government claiming to be “experts” when in fact they have little or no diplomatic skill, little knowledge of the cultures of the regions they deal with (as I pointed out here; see the heading “Culture” about 9 paragraphs from top of the article), and absolutely no moral values whatsoever. Thus they fit the MO of Neoconservatism as described by the founders of that movement, which I summarized here (has no relation at all to true conservatism but millions of duped “conservatives” think it does).

My other reason is the disastrous outcomes of US meddling in other countries, such as Kosovo, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and others. Washington’s efforts to overthrow governments never result in the replacement of a corrupt government by a stable, viable new government and a viable economy. Entire peoples are ruined as a result. (The Western press refuse en bloc to report on the current genocide in Kosovo. Please see this report).

While my attitude toward Dilma as a president remains unchanged, I want the reader to consider the larger aspect of a corrupt hypocritical Washington government stirring up an uprising against alleged corruption in Brazil (BTW, note that Dilma was not accused of a crime).

Not 5 minutes after I posted this article, one of my researchers sent me this: 

Looks like the impeachment is a done deal and, assuming there was US involvement, Brazil could be added to the growing list of countries ruined by US meddling. I’d hate to be a Brazilian today.

Crack analyst confirms my assessment of Panama Papers reporting

Crack analyst agrees with my assessment of Panama “scandal”


by Don Hank

I suggested to you here that the Panama story that falsely linked Russian president Vladimir Putin to an offshore account (in a scheme that is not illegal anyway) was manufactured and reported at this point in time because Putin and Assad had just routed ISIS from Palmyra (and Al-Qaryataini, which I neglected to mention), two brilliant military moves that make Washington’s do-nothing government look almost as bad as it is.

It was a no-brainer for a long-time observer of Russia bashing vs the real Russia.

Here is another long-time observer of the same phenomena, Pepe Escobar, providing essentially the same analysis (minus the fact that the timing is designed to drown out the praise for Putin/Assad’s routing of ISIS) plus some additional details about others allegedly involved and the motives for the exposure of the scandal. For example, Escobar points out that some of the others smeared in the story are prominent in BRICS, an economic union that challenges the US-dominated World Bank and IMF (which I wrote about here, showing why these US led institutions can’t compete in the free market, which is why they are desperate to keep the market from being free – this Panama report is part of that effort).

Note that the leaked story, reported by Russia bashers of long standing, eg, the Guardian and a German paper loyal to NATO (which I discussed at length here), does not mention any of the presumably numerous US clients of the now-smeared Panamanian law firm Mossack and Fonseca. The reporters cherry picked the data to show only the depositors whom the Washington schemers seek to destroy. You may wonder why David Cameron was mentioned. I think it is possibly because Cameron has been promising the UK a referendum to leave the EU and he is linked – wrongly – with the Brexit – which he in fact is trying to derail but is caught between a rock and a hard place because the majority of Brits want out of the EU and he is obliged to pretend he is with them. The US-centric global elites consider him a traitor to their scheme of world domination, of which the EU is the European centerpiece.

This scandal  may well be a shot over his bow to keep him in line with Washington’s desires. But more than anything it was a dragnet intended for Putin, who must be denigrated at all costs by the Washington establishment – which only pretended to fight ISIS for years – so that the public will not admire him for saving Syria from ISIS and making the Washington vipers look like the nest of vipers they are.

Nothing happens that is not politically motivated. And if the msm tells you something, assume it is a lie until proven otherwise.


Sex ed material with gay content suspended by Brazilian president

Laigle’s Forum recently ran an article by our friend Julio Severo showing how Julio and a handful of allies who trusted in God, almost single-handedly brought down the pro-gay political juggernaut in Brazil, which bullies and threatens anyone who dares to oppose “gay” marriage and the official view that homosexuality is a harmless and healthy lifestyle worthy of protection. For now, Julio is in hiding, thanks to these threats. But a blogger and his faith can move mountains, as we see below. As always, we urge you to visit Julio’s web site via one of the links below and give your most generous gift. Julio has sacrificed everything to do what he does and has no other source of income but your donations.


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has suspended the distribution and production of gay sex education films for schools in Brazil.

By Julio Severo

Education packs containing gay and lesbian video scenes, supposedly aim to combat homophobia, will not be used in Brazilian schools.

Government spokesman Gilberto Carvalho said President Rousseff viewed the material personally and found the footage unsuitable for youngsters.

“She didn’t like what she saw,” Carvalho said. So she decided to suspend its distribution.

However, her reaction came after evangelical and Catholic parliamentarians and their allies in the Brazilian Congress threatened to block any upcoming legislation unless President Rousseff halted the films. They also threatened to support investigative commissions on the minister of Education, his Ministry and another powerful minister, who has been exposed for corruption.

Carvalho said President Rousseff was not, however, discontinuing anti-“homophobia” programs in the public schools.

The “gay kits”, as they are known in Brazil, were produced for the Brazilian Ministry of Education by ABGLT, the largest homosexualist group in Brazil, which received more than one million dollars in government grants to make them. ECOS, another (US-funded) Brazilian NGO that helped make them, also received more than one million dollars. The exposing of this multi-million dollar partnership in a recent Brazilian television news program produced a scandal that rocked the government plan to distribute “gay kit” to all the Brazilian schools.

Matthew Hoffman, in a LifeSiteNews report, said the kits, aimed at “children between the ages of 7 and 12 years, were designed to encourage acceptance of homosexuality. The kits reportedly include a DVD with a story about a fourteen-year-old who goes to the bathroom, and becomes sexually aroused while watching another student urinate in the stall next to him”.

Several members of the Brazilian Congress said the sex education packs encourage homosexual behavior. Even Reinaldo Azevedo, a prominent Catholic social columnist favoring gay “marriage” and child adoption by gays, said that “the gay kit aims to promote sexual harassment against heterosexual children”.

In response, ABGLT has launched a fierce campaign to defend its kits, calling its oppnents “homophobic”.

With information from BBC and LifeSiteNews.

Source: Julio Severo in English:

More information on ABGLT, the NGO that made the gay kit:

ABGLT Files “Hate” Charges Against Julio Severo and Other Brazilian Christians

ABGLT is denounced in the US media for persecution against Julio Severo and other Brazilian Christians

ABGLT Launches Multiple Lawsuits to Silence Christian Opposition

ABGLT ask reforms in the children’s “rights” in Brazil

ABGLT is favored by former Brazilian President Lula

With the assistance of Hillary Clinton, UN Approves ABGLT, Drops Christian Charity

From Julio:

Wow! Some US websites are covering what has happened in Brazil about the kit gay:

Rio School killer a Muslim sympathizer

Man who slaughtered school kids in Rio was nicknamed “Bin Laden,” wanted to fly an airplane into Rio’s Christ the Redeemer

By Julio Severo, with the collaboration of Don Hank

What killed 12 children in a school in Rio? Was it a weapon? Was it violence? Was it prejudice? Conservative Christians? The media are blaming all of these.

According to the Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora, the author of the slaughter, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, had a predilection for Islam and was fascinated by the Islamic terrorist attack against the US on September 11, 2001.

His dream? To fly an airplane into Christ the Redeemer, a massive statue symbolic of the strong Christian traditions in Brazil.

What was his main motivation to slaughter so many school girls? Was he a homosexual and woman-hater? Although he was in the past a Jehovah’s witness, a heretical sect with doctrines generally rejected by Catholics and Evangelicals, and was obviously confused about biblical truths, Islam is clearly the predominant religious inspiration for his violence and dreams of airborne destruction.

Jehovah’s witness, regardless of their heretical views, have no history of using airplanes for terrorist attacks against buildings or murdering school children. None of the terrorists that attacked the US ten years ago belonged to that religion. But all of them were Muslim.

The mass murderer’s own cousin said: “he considered himself a fundamentalist Muslim and was training himself to pilot airplanes, using a computer game.”

Zero Hora also confirms: “Because he affected a long beard, some neighbors called him Bin Laden.”

Almost none of the mainstream media in English or other languages even mention the murderer’s Islamic sympathy. Imagine if he had expressed admiration for Hitler! Do you think they might have mentioned that?

Read more

Courageous witness in Brazil

Courageous witness by Chamelly Stephanie

Christian friends, you are not alone in your struggle, no matter where you are. Your brothers and sisters follow the same God and the same Savior.

And, as He said: Narrow is the way that leadeth unto life and few there are that find it.

A young woman recently contacted Julio Severo’s Portuguese-language blog about her pro-life experience during Brazilian elections. First I need to say I admire and feel a certain solidarity with my courageous Catholic friends in the pro-life movement.

Having said that, let’s look at the question this young woman poses:

How can the Church be silent?

First, on the subject of apostasy, this site has so far focused mostly on the Protestant church, as shown here and here, for example. Apostasy is endemic to Christianity, is predicted in the Bible and is part of the age-old human trait of sin. Now, to answer Chamelly’s question, we must turn our attention to the Catholic church.

I think the big question that Chamelly must come to terms with is: How can the Church endorse or at least tolerate the totalitarian ideology of socialism as it is manifested, for example, in Latin nations like Brazil?

The fact is, for centuries, the Church in Europe was itself a totalitarian entity. For example, it prohibited commoners from reading the Bible on their own. Further, there have been numerous examples of Catholic priests endorsing socialism in Latin America and some Popes (like the pro-Moscow John XIII) have collaborated with totalitarian regimes. Pius XII signed the Reich Concordat with Hitler rather than opposing the Third Reich.

As for the Church’s silent consent to socialism, a little literary history sheds light on that.

In 1516, Thomas More, a prominent and influential English cleric, who became Lord Chancellor in 1529, wrote a novel expounding his philosophy of social and political thought, describing a model of the ideal state he dreamed of and wanted for all of humanity. In it he describes a perfect society in which life is micromanaged — regimented down to the last detail included the clothes one may wear — and wealth is distributed equitably. As in the USSR, travel is restricted and citizens must apply for permission to travel. Those who travel without permission can be sentenced to a lifetime of slavery.

Historian Igor Shafarevich reports on this novel:

And the picture of equality is utterly destroyed when we learn that life… is largely based on slavery. Slaves do all the dirty work.

Describing what happens to rebellious citizens, More writes:

“If even after this treatment [being enslaved] they still rebel and put up resistance, they are slaughtered like wild beasts.”

The title of More’s novel was “Utopia,” and it has served as a general model for most socialist states like the USSR, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba and others, which have been responsible for the deaths of over 100 million, not counting the babies slaughtered by abortion in “civilized” countries like the USA and European nations — which would at least double that number.

More ran afoul of the powers that be in England by endorsing the Catholic church and was executed by Henry the 8th’s regime.

So what did the Catholic church do with this man who endorsed totalitarian socialism, slavery and brutal executions of dissidents?

In 1935 they canonized him. He is now a Saint.

This is the apostasy and false Christianity that Jesus warned us about, Chamelly.  We need to follow His commandment:

“come out from among them and be ye separate.” 

Speaking of unlikely Catholics (breaking):

 Don Hank

Translation of Chamelly’s email:

Hi, Julio. How are you?

It is a huge pleasure to speak to you.

I have been following your blog for quite some time, and I feel the same as you do about what is happening in Brazil, namely, the efforts by a group of authoritarian citizens to legalize iniquity in our nation, and the pushing of PLC 122 [hate-crime legislation proposed by members of the leftist PT, or Workers’ Party, of Brazilian President Lula da Silva to muzzle criticism against homosexuality] that impacts our principles or faith.

Last Sunday I made a silent protest, when I went to the ballot box in the morning. All day long I wore a t-shirt, which is my way to warn about the threat that is called PT. The incredible thing is that I had already paid to a printing shop in Taquara-JPA, here in Rio de Janeiro, for my order to print the shirts with some slogans, but when I went to get them October 2, the employee said that his shop could not make the printed T-shirts. Why? Just because of political issues! So I decided to make them myself by hand.

I went to vote, and an election official at the voting place tried to prevent me from wearing my shirt, without realizing that on election day I was in fact entitled to make a silent protest under Brazilian Law 9.504/97. Of course, I exercised my right and I voted, wearing my T-shirt “ABORTO NÃO, PT NÃO” (No abortion, no PT), because today I have free speech, am not muzzled and do not live in a dictatorship. But for how long?

That same Sunday morning, I went to the church I attend, and a leader asked me to put on a jacket, because that day was an election day and the message on my shirt was very strong. This individual said that “it could get him in trouble later.” Believe me, the worst thing that can happen is not to be judged in the streets; it is be crucified within the church, which actually should warn its members about what is happening backstage in the Congress and Senate — that everybody there is not as beautiful as they appear.

How long will the church remain silent, without opposing what is happening in Brazil?

I am proud to be able to read your blog revealing truths, and to see your courage. I am proud to see Rev. Silas Malafaia attracting an outdoor crowd 600 strong in Rio de Janeiro to defend human procreation, to see such an important leader as Rev. Paschoal Piragine putting on YouTube a video warning the church of the major problems that occur when you elect a PT member again.

If one cannot speak about political issues within the church, then why do Brazilian churches distribute voter info and suggest candidates to vote for? Such hypocrisy! Why does the church have such fear of being judged, of being crucified by the media? Isn’t this the same church that says it was crucified with Christ? I do not care about the things they say, or whether they throw stones, or if the church I attend has a big name. I am not going to cover my eyes and later, when our Bible is banned from distribution, cry out “Oh, it’s so hard to follow Jesus!”

I want to see how the Church of Christ will behave when things get really hard.

What I have decided to do amounts to the silent shout of an individual that is disgusted when learning of PNDH-3 and PLC 122/06. This is an effort — who knows? — to change, personal views of people blinded by the fantasy and manipulation of Globo Network, by the Workers’s Party and others, into a reflection on the number of murders of our children and the homosexual dictatorship that will take place if these follies are established in Brazil.

I decided that, until October 31, I will wear no other shirts but these, to reach the largest number of people. I am tired of not seeing anyone doing anything, of seeing the Church silent in the face of these follies. Whether I am judged or not, crucified or not (I have already been crucified with Christ on the cross of Calvary), I am going to defend my faith and the Word that is my guide. I fear the Lord, not people. This world has nothing to offer us. They want to make sport of God’s Word, family, children and all things perfect that God dreamed of for man. The time has come for God’s people to say NO to all of this. I have courage, and by faith I am going to do that which gives me peace, in spite of the world.

God gave us a Spirit of courage, not fear!

A big hug to you and may God give us strength to keep up this magnificent work.

May Jesus bless you.


Chamelly Stephanie

Translated by Julio Severo. Translation edited by Don Hank

Original Portuguese language blog here :