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May 12

Is Dilma impeachment the result of a US-Soros-led covert operation?

Is Dilma impeachment the result of a covert US-Soros operation? by Don Hank The alternate news site takes a critical view of the Dilma Rousseff impeachment process and its lead-up in Brazil, pointing out that it has all the earmarks of a Washington-led covert action. The cogent analysis they present supports what I have …

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Apr 06

Crack analyst confirms my assessment of Panama Papers reporting

Crack analyst agrees with my assessment of Panama “scandal”   by Don Hank I suggested to you here that the Panama story that falsely linked Russian president Vladimir Putin to an offshore account (in a scheme that is not illegal anyway) was manufactured and reported at this point in time because Putin and Assad had just …

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May 31

Sex ed material with gay content suspended by Brazilian president

Laigle’s Forum recently ran an article by our friend Julio Severo showing how Julio and a handful of allies who trusted in God, almost single-handedly brought down the pro-gay political juggernaut in Brazil, which bullies and threatens anyone who dares to oppose “gay” marriage and the official view that homosexuality is a harmless and healthy …

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Apr 10

Rio School killer a Muslim sympathizer

Man who slaughtered school kids in Rio was nicknamed “Bin Laden,” wanted to fly an airplane into Rio’s Christ the Redeemer By Julio Severo, with the collaboration of Don Hank What killed 12 children in a school in Rio? Was it a weapon? Was it violence? Was it prejudice? Conservative Christians? The media are blaming …

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Oct 11

Courageous witness in Brazil

Courageous witness by Chamelly Stephanie Christian friends, you are not alone in your struggle, no matter where you are. Your brothers and sisters follow the same God and the same Savior. And, as He said: Narrow is the way that leadeth unto life and few there are that find it. A young woman recently contacted …

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