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Mar 02

My government is killing me

Oh my aching government! by Don Hank I am tired of reading about innocent people being killed as a result of federal actions and policies. I first noticed this when the Christians in Iraq started getting killed (over 50 were killed there when a church was destroyed just this week). There are now almost NO …

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Oct 29

Islamization and Mexicanization — two designs, same architects

By Don Hank The slow but sure Islamization of Europe, illustrated in the below-linked video, is headed this way. Dearborn Michigan is a showcase example, where Christians are forbidden to hand out tracts in many places where Muslisms would be offended. Europe and the US are in the same basic set of hands: PLCSDs (progressives/ …

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Oct 27

Ninth Circuit poisoning the well

 Ninth Circuit “legalizes” voter fraud, undermines all authority by Don Hank According to the judges of the 9th Circuit, Arizona laws requiring potential voters to present documentation for AZ elections are “illegal.” Supposedly they discriminate against the poor who do not have driver’s licenses. All the potential voter now has to do is swear that …

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Oct 05

The SAVE Act: not worth saving

My Position On The “Feel Good Act” AKA The SAVE Act by Dave Levine The SAVE Act will never pass and for good reason–it doesn’t go far enough and gives a false sense of having supposedly halted the Invasion from Mexico. Arizona’s 1070 Law (which is being contemplated by 22 other states) goes much farther …

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Sep 25

Administration’s inaction criminal and impeachable

Constitution: Obama guilty of treason, must be impeached By Don Hank I recently published a column on the gradual seizure of ranches in Arizona by Mexican cartels with the tacit consent of the current administration. I need to clarify that any person in a position such that he/she can be reasonably expected to be protecting …

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Sep 25

Cartel seizing US assets, with tacit consent of US government

by Don Hank Today I sent out the following link to a report showing how one American ranch and its occupants (one of many) were physically threatened by dangerous criminals due to inaction on the part of the Obama government – inaction that, if it occurred on a local level, would immediately be seen as …

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Sep 06

Mexican Church confirms immigrant abuse by authorities

Mexican Church confirms my 2006 accusation Don Hank In March of 2006, I wrote an open letter to President Vicente Fox in which I accused Mexican authorities of the hypocrisy of blaming the US for abusing Mexican immigrants while abusing their own immigrants – mostly Central Americans – in the most callous manner. I wrote …

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Aug 29

Reverse migration — look for it

By Don Hank I ran into a guy from Kentucky today that I had met once before. He’s a heck of a nice guy, doesn’t speak much Spanish and likes to chat with other gringos. I hadn’t had much time to talk to him the first time we met, in a Toyota dealership near Panama …

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Aug 25

Arizona: As a dog returneth to its vomit…

by Don Hank Arizona re-elected McCain to the Senate yesterday, thereby demonstrating that, despite their support for SB 1070, the majority either have a perhaps subconscious desire to be dominated by Mexican narcoterrorists or they are unfit to govern themselves. Either way, they have moved one more step toward an alien takeover and further isolated themselves …

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Aug 05

Arizona, you CAN’T blow THIS one!

Don Hank A recent article by Jesse Mathewson tries to show that maybe McCain and Hayworth are both wrong for Arizona. He’s right about McCain. But he uses a now largely discounted scandal and an obscure vote on Singapore free trade to cast doubt on Hayworth. Now in all fairness, Jesse has written a fair number of articles with …

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