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Dec 01

Another rah rah moment in American history

Trump victory: another rah rah moment by Don Hank I wonder if you will recall that the GW Bush wars were started by rah rah talk, as when Dubbya stood at ground zero and, with his arms draped around two NY firemen, proclaimed “the people who knocked down these buildings are going to hear from …

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Sep 01

Hopeless, desperate situation of German women: first hand account of attack on female commuter

Hopeless and desperate situation for German women: Unreported terror attack on a helpless woman on commuter train in Germany   I got this email this a.m. in German. This kind of account will never find its way into the media. As soon as I read this, I immediately emailed the lady who wrote it. My …

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Jun 30

Why you should fear the Fourth Reich

Why you should fear the Fourth Reich by Don Hank Recently, in a mass email to friends, I referred to the Merkel regime as the Fourth Reich, and this raised eyebrows. One said “surely you can’t compare today’s Germany with the Third Reich?” My response was as follows: My ancestors were all Germans. On at …

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Sep 21

What Adolf did with malice, Merkel does with kindness

What Adolf did with malice, Merkel does with kindness They’re just as dead… by Don Hank   Germany is finding out what cosmic justice is (if you are a Christian, you call it divine justice). Back in 2011, Germany pledged 100 million euros to support the Arab Spring. Angela Merkel was from the government and …

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Aug 14

Cloudy and scattered rioting in France

by Don Hank   Yes, I know. Why even mention it? In France, it’s like talking about the weather. The talking heads in the videos linked below are reporting that the riots in Amiens Nord were caused by “young people.” But those who recall the Paris riots a while back know that, when speaking of rioters, the …

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May 31

Police officer sacrificed on the altar of ‘integration’

Nothing new here. Just another good American life thrown away to bolster world government. by Don Hank Kevin Will, a Houston area traffic cop, was run down and killed yesterday in the Houston area for the sake of the North American Union. That’s right. In plain words, his life was sacrificed so that the US, …

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May 04

They’re still catching up to Laigle’s Forum

by Don Hank As I have said before, the world is slowly catching up to Laigle’s Forum. I have written a fair amount about the hypocrisy of US policies that coddle Mexican illegal aliens and treat the corrupt Mexican government with exaggerated respect instead of standing up to it as it should. It is therefore …

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Apr 19

Scandinavia finally learns — the hard way

Scandinavia has finally had enough by Don Hank Scandinavia, having been forced — along with other countries with strong economies — by their EU Rulers to pay  bailouts to irresponsible banks and governments, and having witnessed first-hand the damage done by hordes of hostile Muslim immigrants, has been turning steadily rightward, as shown by a landmark election in 2006. The Swedish welfare …

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Apr 09

Doing evil before someone else beats you to it

  by Don Hank Having a blog often provides information and views from readers that can lead to new hypotheses through inductive reasoning. You may remember the Muslim who contacted me the other day and, alluding to the much publicized Koran burning at a Florida church, practically demanded that I support the creation of a …

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Mar 25

School does propaganda exercise for delinquent DHS (updated. We did it! But…)

School does propaganda exercise for Homeland Security by Don Hank I recently received an urgent report, which says, in part: “This Saturday, Pottawatamie County and Homeland Security are conducting an exercise with the Treynor, IA (Iowa) Community Schools and will simulate a school shooting. The premise of the mock shooting has been changed to suggest …

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