The GOP’s Disconnect: It’s Worse Than You Think

By Donald Hank

A few days ago I got a call from one of the GOP’s phone lines soliciting funds for the next election.

The caller asked me first to listen to a message from Senator Ensign, who gave a stirring call to support the GOP in restoring America to the principled government of Ronald Reagan.

The caller came back on and asked me if I had heard Senator Ensign’s message all right. I said yes and she asked me for $150 for the GOP right off the bat.

I am guarded these days, so I asked where the Reagan-like Ensign stands on illegal immigration. She apologized and said she did not have that information.

I said: “That’s important.” Then I recalled that I had just received an email from NumbersUSA and they had listed the senators who were still waffling on this issue. I went and checked while I had her on the line.

Sure enough. There was Ensign listed among the wafflers. BTW, as of today, according to talk radio, Ensign still hasn’t made up his mind whether the US needs sovereignty or not. He is refusing to get return calls from famous radio hosts. Perhaps he is consulting a medium to call up Reagan’s ghost and ask him how his principles apply to this issue.

I told the caller Ensign was on the list of those who haven’t made up their minds on this important issue and said: “if Senator Ensign wants me to give the GOP money, tell him he has to vote no on cloture of the amnesty bill. I told her I was very very angry at the traitors in the GOP who wanted this bill to pass against the will of the vast majority of the public.

She said: “Could you just give $75 this time?”

I said: “You have just perfectly illustrated what is wrong with the Republican Party these days. You people don’t even listen to your constituents one single bit. I just got done telling you I am outraged beyond outrage at the GOP’s cavalier attitude toward the opinions of the vast majority of Republicans and yet you keep asking for money. How could you possibly be so insensitive to our voices?” My voice was wavering through this last monologue, my voice was getting louder, and I could feel my blood pressure rising fast.

She said: “Could you give $35?”