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Dec 05

Implications of the Jaffe Memo for Christians in Society

It is has never been more important to carefully examine what one believes and why they believe it. If you do not carry out this work, you may end up being nothing more than a useful idiot of the worst sort: directly bringing about the goals and ends of those you specifically repudiate as wicked and evil… condemning the communists, nazis, and eugenicists, while carrying out their work.

Aug 18

Will you help this brother?

…And if you can’t help, then please pray for the safety of Julio and his family.   Don Hank I had reported previously on Julio Severo, a man of God who almost single-handedly stopped the passage of a legislative bill in Brazil that would have effectively prohibited pastors, or anyone, from preaching the biblical view …

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Jun 11

Investigate the link between homosexuality and disease/death

by Don Hank Psalm 86:15, NIV. “But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.” I have often gotten weary of waiting for good things to happen, wondering what was taking God so long to act. Like back in 2006, when in my article titled “Gay …

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May 31

Sex ed material with gay content suspended by Brazilian president

Laigle’s Forum recently ran an article by our friend Julio Severo showing how Julio and a handful of allies who trusted in God, almost single-handedly brought down the pro-gay political juggernaut in Brazil, which bullies and threatens anyone who dares to oppose “gay” marriage and the official view that homosexuality is a harmless and healthy …

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May 16

The recompense of their error

This may be the most politically incorrect article you will ever read. by Don Hank  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. Romans …

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Mar 15

Would you believe genocide against homosexuals?

Would you believe genocide against homosexuals? by Don Hank Is there a danger that gays in Western countries may soon be exterminated by hordes of dangerous homophobes? Pretty ridiculous question, isn’t it? No, gays enjoy special privileges here in the West. In San Francisco they are allowed to roam the streets naked during a pride …

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Mar 12

Castigados por occidentales por afirmar valores occidentales

Castigados por afirmar valores, premiados por pisarlos  por Don Hank  ¡Ay de los que a lo malo dicen bueno, y a lo bueno malo…! Iasaías 5:20   El grupo activista católico C-FAM informó recientemente: “El movimiento internacional para incluir el comportamiento y la identidad homosexual dentro de una nueva clase de derechos especialmente protegida una …

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Jan 14

Conference Calls for Defense of Family through Film and Culture

Anthony Horvath, a contributor at Laigle’s Forum, is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries which in turn is an apologetics organization with a unique bent: it aims not just to defend the Christian faith through evidence and argumentation, but by influencing the culture through the arts.

Their second annual online apologetics conference has a more narrow emphasis: a defense of Biblical marriage and the family through film, video, and movies. After all, the family is constantly being undermined in our movies and sitcoms. Homosexuality is being normalized right beneath our noses, and with it gay ‘marriage.’ The defense will have to be mounted not just at the political level, though. We’ll have to fight fire with fire. And, as it happens, Christians were never supposed to abandon the arts to secularists, anyway.

Please take the time to check out the conference home page:

Dec 20

There’s no future in history

By Don Hank The people behind the progressive agenda (at least the homosexual aspect of it) believe science supports homosexual behavior, proposing, for example, the existence of a ‘gay’ gene. After years of fruitless research, they were ultimately forced to admit that no such gene exists. But science is not the only discipline they marshal …

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Oct 23

European Court imposes immorality on Russia

The European court, which has played the part of God to packed houses in continental political theaters for decades, is now trying to assert the same role in Russia, demanding that this sovereign nation yield its sense of moral rectitude to the decadent West’s political correctness — and specifically, demanding that Russia allow “gay” parades and even pay …

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