Snatched Swedish boy may be permanently separated from parents

Officials seek to terminate Johansson family’s parental rights 

Please Write

Both the ADF and HSLDA are asking for letters to be written in an attempt to renew attention to the Johanssons’ case. You can download a sample letter using either format below.

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(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

HSLDA has learned that Swedish officials on the Island of Gotland may be seeking to terminate the parental rights of Annie and Christer Johansson. Seven-year old Domenic Johansson was snatched by a fully armed Swedish police unit in June 2009 while on board an airplane bound for Annie’s homeland of India. Among the primary reasons given for the seizure was the fact that Domenic was homeschooled. His entire family has been denied any contact with their son for nearly a year. HSLDA and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) filed a joint application on behalf of the Johansson family at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in June 2010 and have been working to support the family since shortly after Domenic’s seizure.

Both the ADF and HSLDA are asking for letters to be written in an attempt to renew attention to the family’s case and to encourage Swedish officials to release Domenic back to his family. The United States Supreme Court has called the termination of parental rights the family court equivalent of the death penalty. Annie and Christer have done nothing worthy of such a horrific outcome. Will you join us as fellow advocates and take a moment to write to the Swedish Social Services Committee in charge of Domenic’s custody situation? The Johansson family is grateful for your efforts on their behalf. ADF has prepared a sample letter or you may write your own letter to the committee. You can download a copy of the sample letter in Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.

Please mail letters to:

Swedish Social Services Committee
Gotlands Kommun
621 81 Visby

A stamp for a standard weight letter to Sweden will cost $0.98 through the U.S. Postal Service.

Please also continue to keep the Johansson family in your prayers as they somehow endure this unbearable situation.

Our thanks to the HSLDA for this alert:

Email addresses of Swedish officials in charge of this case (they read English):;;;;

Children of persecuted Christians freed in Germany, praise God!

Good news from Germany, praise God!


For months now, you have been reading, both at Laigle’s Forum and at WorldNetDaily (the rest of the media were silent), of the irrational crackdown against homeschoolers in Germany. Some of you even participated in email actions, contacting German officials and pointing out that Germany is the only country in Europe that has banned homeschooling.

One of the persecuted families had been the subject of a witch hunt and had had their children snatched for 7 months on all kinds of wild trumped up charges, but at bottom, because they were homeschoolers, who are routinely treated like terrorists there (think what Nancy Pelosi would do here if she could!). Little has changed since Hitler’s time, except that one atheistic Darwin-based ideology – Nationalsozialismus – has been traded for another similar one – socialism.

Now, one of our correspondents has sent us good news and a link. The story below is self explanatory.

Donald Hank

Initiative for the release of the 5 Gorber children from Überlingen, Germany:

Sarai – 17 years, Prisca – 15 years, Thea -12 years, Esther – 10 years, Rebecka – 8 years,

and for the return of custody to the Gorber parents.

Contact: Christa Widmer
Feldbergblick 4
60437 Frankfurt

Tel.: 0049 6101/43275


Original date: 14.07.2008, Current date 6.09.2008

Local court- Family court
Justice Gerhard Völk
88662 Überlingen

Dear Mr. Völk,

Naturally even you try to fulfill your tasks as a judge according to your best knowledge and conscience, in order to treat everybody in accordance to the principles of our constitutional law.

Our nation is lucky to have God’s commandments as the fundamental basis of our law. Praise to the judge who administers the law well.

On September 25th you’ll have to decide whether the 5 children of Mr and Mrs Gorber, who have been living in child and youth foster homes since January 16th, will be allowed to return to their parents. The youngest (in January), David, who was 2 years old, was finally allowed back home some weeks ago, after having been separated from his beloved parents and the siblings who remained at home, for almost 7 months. We’re very grateful to you, that you finally let him return home.
What was the reason for sending these six children into (child and youth) foster homes? I would like to comment on this question – after questioning both parents -separately apart from each other- for many hours, and after looking into the court-file.

Mrs. Gorber was pregnant with their 9th child and had suffered from pregnancy diabetes since the beginning of January, which affected her psychological well-being. She therefore spent a few weeks in hospital.

In her husbands absence, on the 15th January, while he was visiting her there, 20 policemen and 9 child welfare officers turned up at their home, surrounded the entire area where they live, closed off the street, as if they had to catch terrorists, and took all Gorber children under 18 years with them, even though the oldest daughter, 21 year old Miriam, assured them, that she had learned to run the household and take care of the children. She received the reponse that she wasn’t her father’s housekeeper and should go to work outside the home.

They grabbed 7 year old Rebecka, who was screaming with fear, and dragged her by her upper body over the yard and shoved her into one of the cars along with her siblings. Two year old David also screamed, holding onto Miriam and not letting her go until they reached the foster home and he got tired and gave in. Miriam and her 20 year old brother Benjamin, were allowed to return home, as they were no longer minors.
The father is a self-employed carpenter, who works from home; therefore even in the mothers absense the younger siblings were never without somebody watching over them. The children had learned to work together, with the parents as a team, to do the daily chores. As a result of the co-operation, homeschooling was not a huge burden for the mother to oversee.
The written notice advising of the children’s commitment into foster homes was left on the kitchen table for the father, signed by you, Mr Völk. A policeman, who lived in the neighbourhood, had told the Child Welfare Authority that the father was psychologically unstable, and there now existed, in the mother’s absence, the danger of a mass homocide – ie that the father could posibly murder all of his children and lastly kill himself.

Read more at (right side is English):


EU Flag in England, Tom Cox fires GOP, Apologetics and Homeschoolers

 EU flag over Buckingham Palace creating a furor

By Donald Hank

No Union Jack is in sight atop the home of the royal family. But if the following web site is a reflection of the reality over there, things are really heating up.

Click here to see the blue flag (no, it’s not the Union Jack!) and read the comments

For those who haven’t been following this issue here, citizens of the UK have been denied the opportunity to vote on whether or not to allow their constitution, which dates back to the Magna Carta, to be replaced (superceded) by the EU Constitution.

That is because powerful politicians have signed on to various treaties over the years that, bit by bit, took away the sovereignty of the Brits, who would almost certainly nix the EU Constitution if they could.

How could this happen, you ask?

Look around you: Americans too have a long history of having policies shoved down their throats by politicians, some elected but many not. The Council on Foreign Relations acts in some ways like an arm of the government, setting policy, much of it highly unpopular, behind our backs. This trend heated up when we were forced to accept Most Favored Nations status for China. The people didn’t want this, would not have voted for it, but our leaders suddenly took the ball and ran with it, and next thing you knew, we had betrayed Taiwan and jumped in bed with the Red Chinese, their-and our-worst enemies in that region, and are becoming poorer every day as a result.

Next came NAFTA. You didn’t vote for it. But unelected zealots in the CFR pushed for it and eventually, they found a stooge to sign it and now you have a treaty that was touted originally as bound to favor the US, but wound up increasing our trade deficit, making us all poorer. Then there was an open-border policy, amnesty for illegal aliens, CAFTA, and now the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) and soon a truck route to deliver Chinese goods all over North America in Mexican trucks, and now the latest trick: a military partnership that grants Canadian military personnel authority over you and me.

What are we losing, you say?

Sovereignty, and economic power.


Because powerful people many of whose names are unknown to us, are deeply entrenched in high places, and they are protecting their own personal interests at the expense of citizens, enriching other nations, most of which are hostile to us, for their own gain but also out of a Marxist zeal to see our wealth redistributed to poorer countries.

The Great American Experiment has been hijacked.

Suddenly, Americans in the know feel a great deal of solidarity with the British, because we are all in the same boat.

The people who gave the world the Magna Carta now joins the people who founded the most powerful nation on earth in ceding their power back to a few powerful men.

But by the looks of the above-linked web site, the rich and powerful have not figured out how to make them like it.

Nor have our rich and powerful figured out how to make us like the three candidates they have foisted upon us.

Tom Cox ” fires” the GOP

Fellow conservatives and constitutionalists: Have you noticed as I have, that when you vote for the lesser of two evils for President, you still get evil?

 I have threatened to vote third-party in the past, but the fear tactics of the Republicans have pulled me back at the last minute. This year is different. I am watching the Constitution Party (CP) very carefully. If they nominate Dr. Alan Keyes as their candidate for President, I will vote for him, even if I have to write him in

 Keyes is the only guy in the whole field with the backbone and principles to restore the federal government to its Constitutional functions and limits. The Democrats and Republicans lost interest in the Constitution long ago, and are content to squabble over power until the nation goes down the drain.

 The Libertarians are OK on some issues, but they are clueless on national defense and sovereignty. Defending personal freedom is meaningless if our nation is attacked and destroyed.

 This was a great country, once, and it can be again, but only if we act soon. Stop choosing between evils. Check out the Constitution Party,

 Tom Cox
Charlotte, TN

Apologetics Critical to Homeschoolers, All Christians, Says Academy

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 14 /Christian Newswire/ — Athanatos Online Academy offers course modules about the facts of the faith to supplement curriculums for churches, homeschool organizations, while remaining available to individuals.

The academy offers an Apologetics Certificate program as well. The academy home page is

The apologetics academy offers affordable, short term courses that are easy to plug in to existing programs.

Executive Director Anthony Horvath explains, “If you’re studying the conditions that led to the fall of Rome you’re also talking about the same context in which the New Testament came into its final form. Our courses on the creeds or the New Testament canon would help students see the relationship between Christianity and history. That is something we are convinced homeschooling families are interested in.”

Horvath explains that apologetics is consistent with the incarnation and a rejection of Gnostic ways of thought, “God didn’t have to come in the flesh. He is the one that stepped into history and challenged people to believe the miracles which they saw with their own eyes. God answered the problem of pain and suffering by entering into the human experience. He could have dealt with us apart from our senses, but he didn’t.”

Horvath argues that people are confused about apologetics, “Many people think apologetics and they think arm twisting. But apologetics can just be setting the facts straight. But apologetics also represents a way of thinking, too. Jesus said to love God with your heart, yes, but also with your mind. Homeschoolers understand this.”

The online academy is not about convincing nonChristians to become Christians but to equip Christians with the facts and evidences for Christianity so that they can more effectively minister to family, friends, and others that they meet. Horvath argues, “We need informed Christians because uninformed Christians tend to fall away completely- or at least their children tend to. It helps when you understand where Christianity fits into other areas of study.”

The academy’s courses are two to five weeks long and do not have a burdensome workload. Much of the reading material is available on the Internet but the academy aims to expose people to the writings of top Christian scholars, too.

The Academy is in session four times a year and the next session begins April 21st. The academy is enrolling now. Group rates are available.

The academy page is

You may contact Anthony at 202-280-7971 or

Help fight homo-elitists in school / UK betrayed / More

Commentary by Don Hank

HILLARY and McCain in defense of Americans: You aren’t bitter, just bigots

Obama recently suggested that religion, guns and border security are for “bitter” rural people.

Hillary countered this by saying Pennsylvanians are resilient. Clinton, known for her elitist views on everything, also accused Obama of being an elitist.  But she didn’t defend rural Americans on the religion, guns or border security issue.

John McCain, who has been out of touch with voters throughout his career, says Obama is out of touch with Americans. McCain didn’t take issue with Obama on the religion, guns or border security remark either.

So while neither of the other candidates explicitly takes issue with Obama on his religion, guns and border security statement, both apparently agree that we bigots aren’t necessarily bitter.

How sweet of them to come, at least conditionally, to our defense.

Hear the two pots and the kettle spouting off here.


OPRAH supports Vagina Monologue author Eve Ensler

At the LYNCUP site, I had introduced readers to feminist icon Andrea Dworkin, quoting passages from her book Woman Hating that openly and unambiguously endorse adult-child sex. I had pointed out the hypocrisy of this woman, considered an authority on domestic violence, not just sanctioning but actually endorsing something that is obviously a form of violence against children. If you remember nothing else, please remember that there is an unbroken bloodline between the older feminists and the social “change” advocates of today (gay agenda, domestic violence industry, GLSEN, liberal/progressive educators, psychologists, media, Hollywood, etc), as Americans for Truth makes clear in an article on Eve Ensler, the author of Vagina Monologues, the obscene play intended for young people. The article exposes a conversation Ensler had with a 6 hear old girl, asking her intimate questions about her vagina. Ensler too has advocated adult-child sex.

Oprah, who operates a school for girls, likes and supports Ensler.

These are the kind of people who are having increasing influence on public education, having made great strides in all states, but particularly in California, where educators are required by law to endorse homosexuality; Massachusetts and Montgomery County, Maryland, where homosexuality is endorsed in the early grades; and almost all public schools throughout the US, which are poised to celebrate a Day of Silence intended to support homosexuals, who are supposedly being abused, but where in fact Christian kids are the ones who suffer raw assaults on their faith at every turn. David Parker’s son was beaten by gay activists for his father’s Christian stand.

For Christians, every day is a day of silence.

What can you do?

If your school is celebrating the DOS on April 25, call the superintendent or principle and explain why this is unfair to Christian kids, that homosexual kids are more protected than kids from traditional families, that by granting a special day only to this special group, the school is in fact politicizing education, and that in any case, it is disruptive, adding still another distraction.

If they won’t listen, keep your child home that day, and make it a day of prayer and fasting.


UK Constitution to be scrapped, without the people’s permission

It is happening here in the US as well. It is called the New World Order and, as the name suggests, it is Brave New World translated to reality. Remember how Bush Sr. talked incessantly of this New World Order, sounding more like a wizard than a president? Mr. McCain, one of its implementers, may be our next president.

Though conservatives reject McCain, Big Brother has chosen him to take us another step toward the North American Union, the replacement of the US Constitution. Once that happens, the perfidy will be complete.

For a glimpse of what awaits our country, click here.


MORE on Britain’s national crisis

When a government turns criminal, people need to take on a moral code of their own. In Britain, youngsters used to seeing their government behaving lawlessly, are assuming that immorality is acceptable. Who is left to judge them?

Click here for Jeff Randall’s “spot-on” article “In a land without morals, it’s no wonder children are killing each other.”

There’s a crisis on our streets, especially in London, and it has nothing to do with the cost of housing. As the blame game is played out between ministers and bankers over why mortgages are suddenly much more expensive, the price of life in parts of Britain’s inner cities has hit rock bottom.


OLD hippies never die

Did you know that Muslims are victims of us?

Click here for “Victims on Parade at NYU ‘Academic Freedom Conference'”


I, Sir, am a rightwing Christian bigot! (Whap! bam!)

Thinking about his next item, I couldn’t help remembering the Steve Martin movie The Jerk, where Steve Martin is confronted by a bigot who tells him he will help keep away the n…gers, and Steve indignantly says, “I, Sir, am a n….ger!” and proceeds to punch his lights out.

It seems the folks at Next Theatre blog consider grassroots Americans hate mongers for opposing the presentation of the play Angels in America at Deerfield High School. They counter with an article at their blog NextTheatre entitled Rightwing Christian bigots attack Deerfield High School, referencing a parent who “was so horrified that she formed North Shore Student Advocacy to lend legitimacy to her hatemongering, fear-peddling campaign against the devils at Deerfield.”

The leftwing elitists recommend sending a letter of support to the superintendent of the Deerfield District.

Friends, let’s counter this the way we successfully countered the slime attack on state rep. Sally Kern when she opposed the gay agenda in her state.

Here is how:

Email Superintendant George Fornero at and tell him the real bigots are the ones who are attacking universal standards of decency. Tell him decency is not a construct of Judeo-Christianity, as is rumored lately in elitist circles, but in fact is and has been accepted everywhere in the civilized world, except at Deerfield High School, for thousands of years, and you are not about to give up decency without a fight. Tell him to stand down from his untenable attack on decency or turn over the job to someone who will.

Oh, and you can tell him that if some parents object to decency, they might want to send their kids to a private school that endorses age-inappropriate subject matter such as obscenity and explicit sex scenes and language in books, plays and the like.

New German law to turn up heat on home schoolers

Kristina Köhler, a CDU parliamentarian, is pushing for a new law that would take custody away from parents of children who do not attend school, including those who are home schooled. The CDU is supposedly a conservative party-Christliche Demokratische Union, or Christian Democratic Union. Just as many conservative Americans reflexively vote Republican, most Germans who view themselves as conservative reflexively vote CDU. The same identical situation has emerged there: The “conservative” party has been hijacked by the Left. It happened before Chancellor Angela Merkel came along, but she has accelerated the process, introducing a virulent leftwing feminist ideology into public policies. The idea of removing custody from home schooling parents goes hand in hand with this ideology. In so doing, the German government, while accusing dissenters of trying to create a parallel society (using radical Islam as a pretext), have themselves created one in Europe, where they alone have virtually banned all home schooling efforts on the part of parents. No other country in Europe has taken this radical step. In fact, the EU has tried to pressure Germany into modifying its stance on this.

Now it appears that they are taking it a step further, with Parliamentarian Frau Köhler (an expert on Islamic relations) leading the charge.

Notice in the first text, the emailer omitted the name Hitler, which we supplied in brackets. In Germany today, as in America, it is politically incorrect to compare today’s situation with Hitler’s Germany. In this country, the Left use the convenient excuse that this minimizes the Holocaust. A similar argument is no doubt operative in Germany. This Gramscian psychic cage, imposed on everyone, prevents people from verbally expressing the spontaneous sensation that Germany hasn’t changed. And yet, qualitatively, it hasn’t. The degree of inhumanity to man is less, but the cold, calculated coercion used against dissenters-in today’s case, Christians, Muslims (yes, Muslims too!), home schoolers, and anyone who dares oppose the power of the regime-is absolutely merciless. Many of those who have been hauled into “family” court in America, know that the radical feminist ideology that generally pervades the atmosphere there is much the same. That is because God has been banished. Whether a godless regime calls itself Nazi or communist, it is always the same ruthlessness. Pray for our German home schooling friends. And stand with them. Call or write the German embassy nearest you and express your outrage at this new repressive law.

You read it first at Laigle’s Forum.

Our grateful thanks go to Dana Hanley for supplying this translation of the email body:

To Whom it May Concern:

In the educational bureaucracy, the devil appears to be loose.  The presentiments in my reports seem to continually be confirmed:  A large-scale campaign is being aimed at parents, who are not able to come to terms with the available educational provisions and “exit” seeking the alternative model of home schooling.

The attached document (see koehler-CDU.pdf) from a high ranking politician from Hessen proves that the new law (may be found in its entirety in my new Dossier at will affect all parents, who are convinced of the inadequacy of public education and “make themselves a nuisance.”  Marian (the highly talented boy discriminated against in the attached case) was even named in particular as the cause of the “problem.”  Officially yes, but on the grassroots level, it has to do with the well-being and education of children.  Unofficially, it has to do with the (sometimes after-the-fact) justification of official offenses such as loss of custody via the German Youth Welfare Offices and with the forced attendance of all children in the existing school system.  After all, parents cannot be allowed to start thinking independently about their children’s failure in school and cause a sensation and riot by choosing alternatives to school attendance.  The “interests of the collective” must be upheld, apparently through any means necessary, if necessary by force.  That was how it was rationalized in the time of the [Hitler]…Regime, too.

There is a tremendous scandal going on and no one can stop it?  Who is reporting it?  Who will make the scandal public?  At least international media outlets would be interested if they knew the true background of the new German welfare laws.

With concerned greetings,

J. Edel

Translated by:  Dana Hanley

Below is the email attached to the first one above. Our grateful thanks go to Delbert Blackkette for graciously supplying this translation:

Dear supporting friends of the Free Education Perspective,

As a family with a gifted and talented child, we fled Germany on October 19, 2007 with two suitcases and with the last of our money having been spent on our flight to Iran.   This came about because of an illegitimate decision made by the Family Court of Wiesbaden, with corresponding threats of violent compulsory measures against us. 

Marian has been homeschooled by his mother (a certified biologist) since the summer of 2006, and has been taking two school years at once.  He had multiple private courses such as theater, gifted and talented courses, foreign language courses, gymnastics, horseback riding, and music instruction (paid for by his grandparents) where he was together with other children.

Marian received a certificate from the Children’s College of Rheinland-Pfalz – Gifted and Talented Center on July 16, 2007 – : “Marian integrates very quickly in the groups at the Gifted and Talented Center, and has made some friendships here.  Marian is a friendly, highly motivated child, achieving very good results in the courses.  We are looking forward to Marian participating in our offerings for gifted and talented children in the winter semester”.

Mrs. Thieroff, the director, educated her child by homeschooling, and that child is now studying at a university in England.  She told us at the time that homeschooling was the best instruction and education method for gifted and talented children.

Because the public school authority of Wiesbaden has no suitable schools for a highly gifted and talented child such as our Marian, they, along with Child Protective Services, wanted to force him to attend the Special Education branch Friedrich-von-Schiller School for children with behavioral problems and for low performing children.  This is a school where Marian at age 6 was embarrassed and struck by Social Studies teacher Mrs. Frank-Nagel, with the school director Mrs. Hubl-Stück acting in conjunction with the Wiesbaden Public School Authority to cover this up.  After her lesson Marian complained of a very bad headache and feelings of nausea.  Other boy and girl students in the class told their parents that Mrs. Frank-Nagel struck Marian during the lesson.  A criminal complaint was then filed against Mrs. Frank-Nagel, who was charged by a judge with Willful Aggravated Battery in Office.

Because we resisted the educational poverty, the boredom and the violence in the schools, Child Protective Services moved in Family Court to strip us of custody of our son and place him in a foster home, in an illegitimate trial without our being present or having an opportunity to present the circumstances from our perspective, so that the state could destroy and make pliable the mind of a gifted and talented child who intellectually stood in their way.

Because the Wiesbaden Public School Authority had no suitable school for a gifted and talented child, they together with the Child Protective Services impeded school registration into a normal school – they went so far as to disseminate negative information to private schools (a lengthy written correspondence record is available), aid money from the Hessian Ministry of Education in support of gifted and talented students  is unknown and ignored in the Wiesbaden Public School Authority. In Wiesbaden it is not desirable to engage yourself in the education of your child; this is enforced by the state taking custody away from you and other violent compulsory measures.

Marian’s psychological assessment report and its recommendations from psychologist Mrs. Andrea Brackmann of Frankfurt am Main were completely ignored!  She has written publications on gifted and talented children, and is recommended by the public school authority in Frankfurt am Main for the testing of gifted and talented children.

After we fled, the press politics of Child Protective Services, SPD and CDU began a discriminatory smear campaign and persecution including the most vulgar character assassination. Newspaper articles and press releases from CDU Bundestag member Kristina Köhler may be seen in the attachments.

Our situation in Iran is an emergency situation, because we are living off of support from our parents. Marian suffers from an asthma-like illness, and has health problems due to the extreme air pollution, as well as insurance and medical insurance coverage and other support services not being available here.

Our social benefits in Germany have been completely cut off due to intervention by Child Protective services.  The 75-year old father, sick with heart disease and diabetes, from Frankfurt am Main attempts to pay the rent for our apartment in Wiesbaden, so that all of our belongings are not tossed out into the street. Father has told me that he has received calls that we are being sought for child kidnapping. Child Protective Services with police have supposedly twice entered our apartment. Mr. Vu, who continues to look in on our old father was in our apartment to check on the fish in Marian’s Amazon basin (300 Liter Aquarium) and Platys (60 Liter). The  Amazon fish, among them Marians favorite large diskus fish had long since died, and the apartment had a very bad smell.  We suspect that the central power switch connecting to the pumps, heater, and the automatic feeder had been intentionally switched off by the Wiesbaden authorities, because the smaller hidden aquarium was still in good shape!

Two weeks before we fled we had been taking Marian to the Iranian embassy school in Frankfurt am Main every day because of German obligatory school attendance (80 km each way) (this was the only school which accepted our son), because the Wiesbaden Public School Authority refused to give us a timely assignment to a school.  After we fled the police showed up at the school with the press, to take custody of Marian. But for all of this posturing, he was not allowed into the school!

I come from a Frankfurt civil servant family, and am a certified biologist, while my husband comes from an Iranian family of doctors (civil servants) and is a scientific professional in pharmaceutical security. For this reason Marian and I both hold dual citizenship (Germany/Iran).

From Iran we contacted Mrs. Frau Lohff of the Clonlara Schools.  She helped us locate an experienced attorney, who has already submitted complaints with the OLG Frankfurt. The Child Protective Services is responding with all imaginable lies and primitive thinking.

For our struggle with the German Mandatory School Attendance, and in our case with Child Protective Services of Wiesbaden, we are seeking organizations that can provide moral and financial support. We very much hope that by solidarity and a mutual struggle we can ensure free education for children in Germany, and that the persecution and torture of the affected families can be ended by understanding and awareness, because ensuring children’s rights belongs to the basic Human Rights in the world.

As things stand now, Germany is unworthy of membership in the European Community, or to speak on Human Rights in the international arena.  The shadows of the Third Reich and the ideology of Adolf Hitler  –  if not worse  –  still drift over Germany.

We would be very pleased to hear from you soon.  We can be reached at the following email address for further information:


With friendly greetings,

Mahjoubi Assil Family
Translated by Dana Hanley
I had a telephone conversation yesterday with a functionary of Frau Köhler, a CDU parliamentarian who is pushing for the new law (taking custody away from parents of children who don’t attend school) and she said that they had used this case in their press release, as it was ideologically based. I knew nothing about the case, so I couldn’t say anything about the facts of it. Nevertheless, I tried to make it clear to her that most home educators are doing this out of concern for their children’s needs, even in cases where there seems to be an ideological element and that Germany is starting to make a fool of itself. She said that the cases where the children’s needs were the basis should be decided by the courts (e.g. I had specifically mentioned the Neubronners and told her our story) but I think that with the new law, before that happens, the parents will have lost custody. She also mentioned that up to now, it has only been possible to restrict the parents’ custody (i.e. in matters of schooling and in the choice of the children’s residence) but now the state will be able to take full custody away from the parents when the law was passed (if I understood her correctly). Out of the horse’s mouth!
Regards, Rina
Our thanks to our friends at Netwerk-Bildungsfreiheit for providing this information.

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Should the Right to Homeschool be a Constitutional Right? Is it the Key to Liberty?

Homeschooling is in the news. Many Christians are aware of the obstacles (dare I say, persecutions?) of homeschoolers in Germany. The recent shootings in Colorado were perpetrated by a homeschooled child. After the requisite ‘hands-off’ period, you can expect homeschooling opponents to lay some emphasis on the fact that he was homeschooled. The homeschool supporters will retort that the Columbine shooters weren’t. To top it off, a homeschooling parent had to flee Utah recently because a judge threatened to remove her children. (Source:

With these thoughts in mind, I would like the reader to consider how it is customary of our society to forget so soon and so easily how things used to be different. There are things that we would never tolerate if they were just now presented to us but if they represent the status quo we reason to ourselves that we’ve lived with it ‘this long’ and ‘things are ok’ is it worthy of our attention? An example would be the legalization of abortion in Roe vs. Wade. I have heard people argue that we may as well just get use to it as it is, after all, the settled law of the land. Yet it has only been a little over thirty years!

Another example would be the Federal income tax. Many people don’t know that this tax is primarily a creature of just the last century, erected in the early part of the 1900s. The somewhat novel approach of withholding the tax before the person even saw a penny of their salary had the effect of dulling the invasiveness of the act. The Treasury Department’s own website includes this analysis:

Another important feature of the income tax that changed was the return to income tax withholding as had been done during the Civil War. This greatly eased the collection of the tax for both the taxpayer and the Bureau of Internal Revenue. However, it also greatly reduced the taxpayer’s awareness of the amount of tax being collected, i.e. it reduced the transparency of the tax, which made it easier to raise taxes in the future. (Reference)

Yes, it did make it easier to raise taxes in the future. Today, we hardly think twice about it, and that is not a good thing.

Now, the Department of Education was established only in 1979.

I want to be clear before I proceed and assert that I don’t have any objections to the public school system, or teachers. I was a teacher for four years. My wife teaches in the public school system and we have many friends and acquaintances in the public school system. Not only that, my children are currently in the public school system! So I don’t want to hear anyone accusing me of having an axe to grind on the public school system.

What the Department of Education represents is a trend towards the centralization of power and influence. Its original mission was to stay out of way of the States and the local communities but should any of us be surprised that it has exerted more and more influence or that legislators would use it as a vehicle to further exert Federal influence? Isn’t this illustrated by the “No Child Left Behind” Act? Never mind the good intentions behind this piece of legislation. It is a clear illustration how even government agencies formed to respect local communities will inevitably be co-opted ‘for the higher good.’

Let us ponder other kinds of ‘good intentions’ that might be coming down the road in later legislation. Some kind of legislation will assuredly be coming.

What constitutes a ‘good’ intention by a legislator in Washington DC might be horrific to a great many of us. However- and this is the key- so long as we at least have the alternative to move our children outside the sphere of influence of those ‘good intenders’ there is a good chance that lawmakers will wake up to what they are doing. So long as people are permitted to ‘vote with their feet’ it will become clear just how much your average American is willing to take.

It should be no surprise, then, that there are many who oppose homeschooling on principle.

Arguments against homeschooling range from concerns about the actual academic achievement by homeschooled students to the ‘lack of socialization’ such students receive. I am inclined to think that between those issues it is the socializing issue that has opponents most concerned. The public school system has long been seen as a mechanism to produce the kind of citizens the state- or the powerful interests within it- would like to produce. Clearly, money is also a driving factor. Because money is often tied to enrollment numbers, even if the parents of the homeschoolers themselves don’t get the money, the public school system’s budget can take a hit.

You rarely hear the socialization objection framed in terms of the state’s duty to produce ‘good citizens.’ Usually those concerns are directed towards social concerns, as if homeschooled students will be inclined to pick their nose in public if they are not exposed to the vicious taunting that kids are inclined to direct towards each other. For thousands of years people learned how to behave within society without public schools to teach them manners and decorum. We are led to believe that without the public schools, a relative recent thing, children would be severely stunted.

No, socialization is the concern, but it isn’t about getting along with other people.

Many atheists have sneered at the old Jesuit saying “”Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” This is interpreted as endorsing blatant mind control and indoctrination. The truth is that everyone sees the truth in this statement and many of them are clamoring to have the child.

For example, consider this quote from prominent atheist Daniel Dennett directed at anti-evolutionists, “… those of us who have freedom of speech will feel free to describe your teachings as the spreading of falsehoods, and will attempt to demonstrate this to your children at our earliest opportunity.” [Dennett, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea].

Why does Dennett make this argument? It is because he knows that it is just the way of human civilization- not merely religionists- to propagate ideas to children. This is the same man who responded to the Jesuit saying I just mentioned by saying, “I’m sure the Jesuit proverb is exaggerated. Many children bounce back from quite extreme forms of religious indoctrination quite readily.” (Reference) What an interesting thing to say for a man who just indicated in the strongest terms possible his intent to ridicule anti-evolutionist arguments to children as early as possible.

Dennett isn’t the only person making statements that should concern us. Richard Dawkins has indicated that he believes the Christian doctrine of hell, when taught to children, is actually child abuse. He says, “The threat of eternal hell is an extreme example of mental abuse, just as violent sodomy is an extreme example of physical abuse. Most physical abuse is milder, and so is most of the mental abuse inherent in a typical religious education.” (Reference)

Dawkins is stunningly unaware of the fact that suing people on account of child abuse is not the normal course of action by a compassionate and just society. No, removing the child from the abuser is the course of action we tend to favor. It is only a matter of time before someone smarter than Dawkins (or braver) puts it all together and notes that it tends to be, more often than not, Christians choosing to homeschool. What then, if ‘good intenders’ come to agree that Christian doctrines are perceived as ‘child abuse’ as Dawkins would allege? Isn’t the result of such thinking if actually applied obvious?

Keep the logic going. Can a compassionate and just society allow students to be taken out of the public school system and be abused by their parents who propagate the view that there is a literal hell? Can public society in good conscience keep children from being exposed to the obvious truth of evolution and the public ridiculing of alternatives?

We begin to see how important it is that parents be permitted to raise their children as they see fit and how a free country must allow it, even if they disagree radically with what those parents believe. Dennett and Dawkins represent a radical extreme, but I use them to point out what kind of views some people would like to expose children to. What if these two were in charge?

There will always be people out there with strong feelings about this issue or that and the public school system has always been an obvious avenue for introducing such views because everyone knows that that is a very effective way to expand the population of people who believe like they do. The trend is to make it even more appropriate for such propagation.

Whether or not one approves of what people want to teach their children freedom and liberty requires that parents always have the option to raise children as they see fit. The day in which education by the state is completely compulsory is the day when the stage is set for state education to be co-opted. Today, it might seem that the powers-that-be are benevolent or are promoting the values you approve of, but tomorrow it might be different. Today, secularists may rejoice that it is their ideas being promoted in the school system, but tomorrow that may chance.

Yes, though we do tend to quickly accommodate ourselves to the status quo the truth is that things can change, and change fast. If today you get what you want and every child is being taught exactly how you please, tomorrow it might be otherwise, but it will be too late. You won’t be able to do anything about it. You made your own bed.

The right to homeschool ought to be a right enshrined in the Constitution. It serves as an important ‘check and balance’ against the rise of tyranny. If the Constitution’s framers had known what was going to be coming in the 20th century, I think they would have already done so.

For more information about the history of homeschooling’s fight to be permitted in the USA, please see

Anthony Horvath is the author of Fidelis and the chief apologist and contributor at

Postcard Action for German homeschoolers

This just in from another group. We recommend this site. If you send the post card, check with post office to see how much postage is needed. – Laigle’s Forum

Postcard action for German homeschoolers

(11/19/07) I just received an email requesting assistance in a post card writing campaign that I can wholly support without any qualms or misgivings.This affects the Neubronners, a family in Bremen who began homeschooling in response to their children becoming physically ill in being forced to public school.

If you are interested, they are requesting post cards or Christmas cards to be sent to the German Education Senator, Frau Jürgens-Pieper. The tone should be friendly and personal. One suggestion:

    Dear Mrs. Jürgens-Pieper,
    Merry Christmas in the hopes that there will be educational freedom in Bremen by next Christmas!
    (Sincerely, your family’s name)

English is generally ok, especially for something so brief, but here is the German for those interested:

    Liebe Frau Jürgens-Pieper,
    Frohe Weihnachten, In der Hoffnung, dass es bis nächste Weihnachten in Bremen Bildungsfreiheit gibt.
    Mit schönen Grüssen von ………… …

The address is:

    Senatorin für Bildung und Wissenschaft
    Rembertiring 8-12
    28195 Bremen

I have an update on the Neubronner case for those interested, but I need to listen to the press conference first and check that what was sent to me was intended to be public. I will add the update to this post.

Update: (11/20/07) The recent decision by the German high court that homeschooling may be viewed as “child welfare endangerment” and was reason to remove custody from parents left the Neubronners understandably uneasy over the weekend. Fearful of a surprise action by the state, they sent the children to friends and waited out the weekend. Willing to face fines and even possible imprisonment, they decided that their line was the risk of losing their children and they decided to send the children to school Monday morning, despite their children’s fears. Then they could have access to their accounts, sell their house and move to Austria.

Then their lawyer contacted them. He had spoken with a judge responsible for custody issues. The previous week, a “Schutzschrift” had been filed which is an application blocking the State from changing the custody status of the children without a court hearing first. The ruling of the high court does not negate this block so the children are safe until there has been another court hearing.

The family decided to remove the children from school and continue the fight for educational freedom in Germany. Educating Germany has more on the background and general issues regarding homeschooling in Germany.Technorati Tags: homeschooling, Bildungsfreiheit

Parallels between Germany then and now

We recently received an email from the head of the leading German home-schooling association Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit (Educational Freedom Network), Jörg Grosselümern, containing the text of a message he received from an acquaintance. This message shows chilling parallels between the child protection system in Hitler’s Germany and the practices in use today (see the recent Laigle’s Forum article In all fairness, these practices are also quite similar to those in many regions of the United States. The main difference is that home schooling has never been completely outlawed in the United States, and that is why good Americans need to focus on the problems in Germany and help these parents recover their children and their dignity.
Here is Jörg’s email and the text with those parallels (those who have seen “family” court in action in this country will also be able to draw parallels of your own with the femi-nazism that pervades the atmosphere there).
Hello Donald,
An acquaintance of mine made me aware of the parallels with the former Nazi dictatorship and the terminations of child custody that occurred there.  For the most part, Jehovah’s Witnesses were the ones affected, but the grounds for why this was done were similar to those used today against Christians.  I am sending it along for you.  If you want and if you deem it worthwhile, you can translate it and distribute it abroad.  We need a major international protest against German policy.
Best wishes,
It is quite chilling that the reasons stated by the authorities and courts in child custody terminations in Hitler’s regime (for example, State Court in Hamburg from 1936: … “due to endangerment of the mental wellbeing of children, who would have been denied participation in the national community…”) correspond in their spirit exactly to the decision recently rendered by the Federal Supreme Court.  Only the words have been chosen somewhat differently by the Supreme Court in order to conceal the fascist spirit of the decision.
What the authorities and courts formerly called the “national community” is now referred to as “the public” by the Federal Supreme Court.  And what was once referred to as “participation in the national community” is now deemed a justified interest in “counteracting the formation of religiously or ideologically characterized parallel societies and integrating minorities in this area.”
I briefly cite the following with sources given:
Quote 1: 
The fact that the National Socialist [Nazi] regime called for the child custody to be terminated for Jehovah’s Witnesses is a tragedy in itself.  As early as 1936, reports on this are found in the Nazi press.  The following is an excerpt from among these. (##)
“Custody rights shall be terminated for parents who, as fanatical bible students, cannot rear their children in accordance with today’s State and because this endangers the mental wellbeing of the children, who are thereby prevented from participating in the national community.  Decision of the State Court in Hamburg of 5 June 1936.
Quote 2:
Ca. 500 children were actually abducted from their families and taken to reformatories because they did not sing the Nazi songs along with the others and did not say “Heil” before the word Hitler.
Quote 3:
At about the same time when the Gestapo took note of these conflicts, the authorities began a trend aimed at taking the children away from Jehovah’s Witnesses to protect them from the “bible study heresy” and to win them back for the “national community”…  
In their court proceedings against the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the school and youth bureaus sued for termination of custody and assignment of an officially appointed custodian.  By law, parents could be denied custody for “endangering the child’s welfare.”(25) The competent authorities, who interpreted the civil code according to their national socialist legal notions, considered it beyond question that the childrearing practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses was “endangerment of child welfare” and “mental and moral neglect,” in the vernacular at the time. (26)
From 1937 on, “reform school” according to ¶ 62 of the child welfare law, was ordered immediately in conjunction with custody termination.  For the courts, this step was always necessary when parental care was contrary to the goals proclaimed in the Hitler Youth Law: “All of German youth, except in the parental home and at school, shall be reared to serve the people and the national community physically, mentally and morally in the sense of national socialism in the Hitler youth.” (32) Thus, the parents were subject to the same caregiving duties as the Hitler youth.  Because the Jehovah’s Witnesses did not satisfy these caregiving duties “in the spirit of national socialism,” and did not send their children to the “Hitler Youth” or to the League of German Girls,” the national socialist state considered it its duty to assign the children in question to “reform school”…
Once separation of the children from their parents had been accomplished in individual cases, generally by the youth bureaus, the Gestapo sought a Reich-wide solution starting in 1937.  With the general decree of 21 June 1937, the secrete state police bureau in Berlin required all state police bureaus to “pressure the competent civil courts to terminate the personal custody rights of members of the International Bible Students Association who endanger the mental wellbeing of their children through their illegal activities and through their adherence to the teachings of the International Bible Students Association (IBSA), in accordance with ¶ 1666 of the Federal Law.”(31) By pressuring the lower court in this way, the Gestapo tried to influence jurisprudence in IBSA cases.  This attempt by the Gestapo to influence the civil courts had disastrous consequences.  Not only did the number of custody terminations increase enormously, but another enforcement tool, the “reformatory,” was resorted to…
The court stated in this regard: … they have also been refusing to give the mandated German greeting in the school, referring to a Bible passage commonly used by IBSA members. …
On May 5, 1938, the children disappeared from their home, Elise recalls how she and her sister were picked up by police officers and two deaconesses from Stuttgart: “one day, a car drove up to the school in Ahldorf. […] we refused to get in this car.  Of course, there were tears and a struggle, until we finally got in.  But, of course, we were no match for them.  The police and teachers were there and forced us into the car.” .”(36) The Uhlmann family is only one of many others who were “ruthlessly torn apart” (37) because of their religious views…
Early in 1939, they were picked up in school by the police at their principal’s request and, without notification of the parents, taken to directly to a reformatory in Dorsten, where mostly juvenile delinquents were housed…
Termination of custody rights and placement in reformatories for members of the International Bible Students Association were a very important component of the national socialist enforcement arsenal.
I think it would make sense to make a broad American public aware of these relationships and the spirit of the Federal Court decision using a media campaign on CBN television and the like so that pressure can be brought to bear on the Federal Republic of Germany.  It may also be possible to get the UN Human Rights Convention involved, because Germany is torpedoing and bypassing international agreements through this landmark decision. 

Silencing Dissidents by Snatching their Children

Silencing Dissidents by Snatching their Children

Message From the founder of Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit (Educational Freedom Network, Germany)

WND broke the news first about the horrendous high court decision in Germany to terminate custody rights of parents who dared to send their kids to Austria for homeschooling. Even though the children no longer resided in Germany, the court decided that it still had jurisdiction over this family and could force the children to go to public school there. The German authorities are obsessed with the idea that dissidents there—read: Christians—might start a “parallel society.” Ironically, as one of the activists pointed out in a subsequent post, bureaucratic Germany easily qualifies as a “parallel society” on its own right because the authorities there have broken with European precedent and with all other European nations in completely banning home schooling.
Although the German authorities insist that home schooling is the culprit in creating parallel societies, in their insistence on departing from the rest of Europe, these authorities themselves, who were all educated in public school, have, ironically, created a parallel society!
You can join the forum linked below even if you speak no German. Your post will be understood by most readers. A Laigle’s Forum staffer posted that his ancestors had come to the New World to escape the persecution of the Anabaptists in Germany, and that many of his countrymen had then fallen in WW II to protect the world from a cruel German dictator who persecuted the Confessing Church (Bekenntniskirche). “How is it possible,” he asks,” that the lessons of that tragic time have not yet been learned?”
Below is the email that broke the news to the outside world. The press release is from German mainstream media, which is extremely leftwing. Note the reporter’s bias.
Also note that the parents were given permission by the local authorities to move the children and home-school them in Austria, so the Supreme Court is actually punishing the parents for complying with the local authorities, whom they court deems as somehow derelict in its duty. This is blatant anti-religious policy and makes almost no attempt to show any kind of compliance with the law.
Dear friends of educational freedom,
We just received the following heart-wrenching press release, which represents a heavy blow to all home schoolers and those interested in educational freedom.  Even though the families involved here are religiously motivated, this court decision has further-reaching consequences, which probably everyone will feel, because the Federal Court confirms here that failure to attend school and instead to be home schooled implies a risk to the well-being of children.
This conclusion had already been reached by the Superior State Court of Hamm and has now been confirmed by the highest German federal court.  Thus, the German authorities are given practically carte blanche to deny custody to home schoolers and non-schoolers on the grounds of endangering child welfare, and this extends even to foreign countries.  Thus, Germany is being increasingly isolated from international practices.
Only recently did we receive notice that Slovakia, one of the last countries in the EU not to allow home schooling, will now officially allow this educational approach starting in 2008.  Further information is available at  In Romania as well, a shift from mere tolerance to outright approval is soon expected.  Thus, Germany is isolated internationally.  The struggle for educational freedom must continue for the good of our children.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to get involved in our new forum on the internet and to coordinate actions. 
Address:   After you register and sign in, you can discuss various topics and get involved and can also cooperate in various projects.  The forum is accessible via the internet site and can also be used via the email program per News Reader.  For the latter option, we will be writing precise instructions in the days to come.  Anyone who is interested in participating now can send me your request.  We hope to see as many participating as possible.
I would also like to mention the expanded site informing about the Neubronner family.  All updated information will be provided here, including various documents for downloading:
Best wishes,
Jörg Großelümern
Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit
Federal Court Terminates Child Custody Rights for Baptists
Karlsruhe (AFP) – the Federal High Court (BGH) has terminated the custody rights for two children of a Baptist couple from Paderborn because the parents are not sending them to elementary school and want to home school them for religious reasons.  In a decision, the court also sharply criticized the Youth Bureau of the city of Paderborn and terminated the city’s license as childcare givers.
Instead of securing the care of the children and asserting their obligation to attend public school, the Youth Bureau enabled the mother to travel to Austria with her children, where they are now taught by this woman [notice: “this woman” implies that she is no longer a mother. The reporter bought into the court’s opinion], who does not have an academic background in education.
The Federal Court thereby confirmed the opinion of the Superior Court (OLG) of Hamm that attending the State primary school serves “the legitimate purpose of upholding the State’s educational mandate.”  According to the judges in Karlsruhe, the public “has a justified interest in counteracting the formation of religiously or ideologically determined parallel societies and to integrate minorities in this area.”  However, such integration also implies that religious or ideological minorities do not delimit themselves and do not join in a dialogue with people of other faiths and ideologies.  According to the court, an important role of the primary school is “to practice and encourage this in the interest of true tolerance.”
On the view of the Karlsruhe judges, the city of Paderborn had proven to be “obviously derelict” in the enforcement of mandatory school attendance.  Instead of defending against “endangerment of the children’s well-being,” the court reasoned that the Youth Bureau had facilitated the transfer of the children to Austria.  Then the Youth Office had authorized the Austrian authorities to permit the children to be home schooled.
The Federal Court has now remanded the proceedings to the Superior Court so that the latter can insure by court order that the children will comply with the mandatory school attendance law.  Since the parents still reside in Germany, the court holds that they continue to be obliged to send their children to school here, and German courts still had jurisdiction internationally, according to the Federal Court.

Government-controlled business / German “protective” services return child

Feds steal privately owned coins
I don’t endorse anyone as a candidate but this takes the cake, and it could backfire on the Bush administration! The US invaded a private business and confiscated coins on the pretext that this is somehow illegal, including Ron Paul dollars. Yet commemorative coins have been offered for sale for years and the government has never uttered a peep.
How can you not agree with what Lance Haverkamp said, in a forum at the Courier-Press newspaper:
“Do you realize how stupid it is to say the green stuff is ‘real’ and the gold & silver is ‘fake’… You must work for the government!” he wrote.
Oh, and did you notice that President Bush has set himself up as a kind of commander-in-chief of private enterprise (my, doesn’t this man wear a lot of hats!). He is now telling the airlines how much reimbursement they should provide for people who are bumped from flights involuntarily.
Now, obviously, the airlines do have an obligation to compensate people. But let’s get real: The last time my wife and I voluntarily agreed to be bumped, we received tickets valued at beyond what the President recommended for involuntary bumping. It is amazing to hear him recommend that each passenger who is involuntarily bumped from a flight be paid $800. What if the flight is first class to Hong Kong? Would that still be enough? Or suppose it was only a 250 mile tourist class flight to the nearest major city and the airline were wiling to provide a trip within an hour? Wouldn’t $800 be a bit steep?
It is chilling to know that private enterprise is in the hands of politicians who don’t have to live and work in the real world!

German Boy Snatched by Child “Protective” Services Returned Home
You may remember the Busekros family, whose daughter was snatched by the child “protective” services earlier this year (on the grounds that homeschooling is dangerous because it produces “parallel societies,” meaning Christian families) and finally came home, to the relief of all good people everywhere.
Mrs. Busekros now receives emails from homeschoolers all over Germany who are forced to endure similar horrors.
Here is the latest release from the Busekros family:

It is time to write to you again, because some things have happened in the meantime:
1.)     The date of Hubert`s court- case is postponed to December 4th. It will not take place next Thursday, November 8th !
2.) A wonderful news: On Monday October 29th Sven Jordan returned home on his own. Although he had always said, that he had no confidence in other doctors than his own , the children`s home arranged a doctor`s visit on that Monday at a new doctor nearby. That was too much! Sven applied for an afternoon out and used the time to go home. At 4 o`clock he should have been back – nothing happened. At half past 6 his mother informed the children`s home, that her son had arrived well and didn`t want to come back.
For two days the grandparents moved in in order to help in the worst case. On Tuesday, I think, the social worker appeared at the door and only wished to hear Sven`s voice in order to hear, that he is there. When he confirmed from inside, that he was indeed there, she disappeared.
So the holiday week went by between relief and uncertainty.
On Monday, the first school day, a very good doctor of neurology, psychiatry etc. saw the teenager. He had already before written very helpful opinions for the court. After seeing him, he was able to write more concreted. He confirmed, that this boy is completely healthy, only shocked by the incidents of the last months. He wrote, it would be – as regards health – irresponsible to urge him into the children`s home again. He also encouraged Sven.
Yesterday was Sven`s first schoolday in his new school, where he was expected already. The principal, who is 100 percent on family Jordan`s side, had prepare the other pupils beforehand, who treated the “new comer” very nicely. Sven returned home with a smile on his face.” How good to come home to my family after school!”
The court did not yet react. Mrs. Jordan is – of course – a little bit worried.
We thank all of you very much for your prayers, letters to Sven, helpful hints about good experts, human rights organisation etc. We thank God for all that and hope that the court will soon make a good decision.
Maybe you have good ideas to make this case known to the public.
3.) By the way we want to inform you that in German TV you can see something about the homeschool family Neubronner today, Wednesday 22.15 RTL,in “Stern- TV.
 Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Gudrun & Hubert Busekros (Tel +49 9131 934760)

D-91056 Erlangen, Schallershofer Straße 72a   (max.: 1GByte  HTML)