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Oct 27

Snatched Swedish boy may be permanently separated from parents

Officials seek to terminate Johansson family’s parental rights  Please Write Both the ADF and HSLDA are asking for letters to be written in an attempt to renew attention to the Johanssons’ case. You can download a sample letter using either format below. Download the sample letter in Microsoft Word >> Download the sample letter as …

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Sep 12

Children of persecuted Christians freed in Germany, praise God!

Good news from Germany, praise God!   For months now, you have been reading, both at Laigle’s Forum and at WorldNetDaily (the rest of the media were silent), of the irrational crackdown against homeschoolers in Germany. Some of you even participated in email actions, contacting German officials and pointing out that Germany is the only …

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Apr 14

EU Flag in England, Tom Cox fires GOP, Apologetics and Homeschoolers

 EU flag over Buckingham Palace creating a furor By Donald Hank No Union Jack is in sight atop the home of the royal family. But if the following web site is a reflection of the reality over there, things are really heating up. Click here to see the blue flag (no, it’s not the Union …

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Apr 14

Help fight homo-elitists in school / UK betrayed / More

Commentary by Don Hank HILLARY and McCain in defense of Americans: You aren’t bitter, just bigots Obama recently suggested that religion, guns and border security are for “bitter” rural people. Hillary countered this by saying Pennsylvanians are resilient. Clinton, known for her elitist views on everything, also accused Obama of being an elitist.  But she …

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Jan 22

New German law to turn up heat on home schoolers

Kristina Köhler, a CDU parliamentarian, is pushing for a new law that would take custody away from parents of children who do not attend school, including those who are home schooled. The CDU is supposedly a conservative party-Christliche Demokratische Union, or Christian Democratic Union. Just as many conservative Americans reflexively vote Republican, most Germans who …

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Dec 21

Should the Right to Homeschool be a Constitutional Right? Is it the Key to Liberty?

Homeschooling is in the news. Many Christians are aware of the obstacles (dare I say, persecutions?) of homeschoolers in Germany. The recent shootings in Colorado were perpetrated by a homeschooled child. After the requisite ‘hands-off’ period, you can expect homeschooling opponents to lay some emphasis on the fact that he was homeschooled. The homeschool supporters …

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Nov 22

Postcard Action for German homeschoolers

This just in from another group. We recommend this site. If you send the post card, check with post office to see how much postage is needed. – Laigle’s Forum Postcard action for German homeschoolers (11/19/07) I just received an email requesting assistance in a post card writing campaign that I can wholly support …

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Nov 21

Parallels between Germany then and now

We recently received an email from the head of the leading German home-schooling association Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit (Educational Freedom Network), Jörg Grosselümern, containing the text of a message he received from an acquaintance. This message shows chilling parallels between the child protection system in Hitler’s Germany and the practices in use today (see the recent Laigle’s Forum …

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Nov 18

Silencing Dissidents by Snatching their Children

Silencing Dissidents by Snatching their Children Message From the founder of Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit (Educational Freedom Network, Germany) WND broke the news first about the horrendous high court decision in Germany to terminate custody rights of parents who dared to send their kids to Austria for homeschooling. Even though the children no longer resided in Germany, the …

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Nov 16

Government-controlled business / German “protective” services return child

Feds steal privately owned coinsI don’t endorse anyone as a candidate but this takes the cake, and it could backfire on the Bush administration! The US invaded a private business and confiscated coins on the pretext that this is somehow illegal, including Ron Paul dollars. Yet commemorative coins have been offered for sale for years …

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