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May 12

Is Dilma impeachment the result of a US-Soros-led covert operation?

Is Dilma impeachment the result of a covert US-Soros operation? by Don Hank The alternate news site takes a critical view of the Dilma Rousseff impeachment process and its lead-up in Brazil, pointing out that it has all the earmarks of a Washington-led covert action. The cogent analysis they present supports what I have …

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Apr 12

Look what’s happening in the European region that NATO “defended”

Look what’s happening in the European region that NATO “defended” by Don Hank From the site: Pravoslavie.RU From the fourteenth century to the present day, the land of Kosovo and Metohija has been, and will always remain, the spiritual heartland of the Serbian Orthodox nation. Sanctified by a multitude of monasteries and churches as well …

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Mar 25

Elitists shocked: Same identical experiment fails again

Global elites shocked: Same identical experiment fails again   by Don Hank I am hearing from a number of people who say that the elites are allowing terror acts in order to have an excuse to declare martial law. In other words, the elitists are omnipotent and all-wise and everything that happens these days is …

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Feb 28

Why Washington and Wall Street support Wahhabism

Why Washington and Wall Street support Wahhabism   by Don Hank   A reader of my commentaries sent this link to a story of a large American man confronting a Saudi in a US city who was raving on in defense of ISIS. This shows, among other things, that radical Islamists feel comfortable defending ISIS …

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Nov 24

No, Obama is not a Muslim

No, dummies, Obama is NOT a Muslim   by Don Hank   I regularly receive propaganda pieces from various organizations with assertions representing a very common viewpoint among Neocons, worded essentially as follows: The recent sham and highly dangerous deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons development is proof enough that the president sides with …

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Nov 16

We are being played: French strikes confirm my warning

by Don Hank In this commentary, written the day after the recent terror attacks in Paris, I warned that French president Hollande may use the Paris terror attacks to overthrow Assad. I based this in part on the aftermath of the 911 attacks, reminding: … GW Bush used the 911 attacks as a pretext to …

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Oct 31

The US loses another battle for hearts and minds

The US loses another battle for hearts and minds   by Don Hank I never see in the media or the political world any connecting of the dots with regard to the US’s loss of prestige, and yet the ground is giving way under our very feet even as we party on into oblivion. It …

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Sep 30

High noon in Syria

High noon in Syria by Don Hank Fox News is between a rock and a hard place. They have always generally been anti-Putin because they have a lot of Neocon supporters. But now Putin has scored big at the UN. Even the British PM is cautiously inching over to his side and Merkel stated last …

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Aug 25

The elites are doing an about face

  by Don Hank   August 25, 2015   George Friedman, CEO of Stratfor, seems to be following the lead of other prominent Neocon elites. Recently, Kissinger and Soros both warned against taunting the Russian bear or escalating the Ukraine conflict. This was remarkable for them, because they had always generally supported, at least by their …

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Nov 23


TO SECURE WORLD PEACE KOSOVO MUST RETURN TO SERBIA ! By Bernard CHALUMEAU Specialist in Public and International law General Secretary of « Alliance pour la Souveraineté de la France ». By its decision of 22nd July 2010, the International Court of Justice in the Hague (ICJ) ruled on the conformity of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) …

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