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Nov 08

Peter LaBarbera praises Ben Carson’s queer idea

Anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera praises queer idea by Don Hank   Bruce / Caitlin Jenner is a confused man. So is Peter LaBarbera. Back in June, LaBarbera  plainly stated in public that transgenders like Jenner are promoting evil. But now LaBarbera is praising Ben Carson for wanting to introduce transgender bathrooms! Of course, recall that …

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Dec 05

Implications of the Jaffe Memo for Christians in Society

It is has never been more important to carefully examine what one believes and why they believe it. If you do not carry out this work, you may end up being nothing more than a useful idiot of the worst sort: directly bringing about the goals and ends of those you specifically repudiate as wicked and evil… condemning the communists, nazis, and eugenicists, while carrying out their work.

Jan 10

Glenn Beck and how Americans got the way we are

Glenn Beck and how Americans got this way By Don Hank Recently, a lot has been written about Glenn Beck and his refusal to look at the eligibility issue and his disdain for those of us who care about it. First, let me be clear: I am a birther. By that I don’t mean that …

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Feb 28

Let kids spend “day of silence” at home

My wife was watching Jerry Springer just now and saw a presentation of a mom and her gay son dressed as a woman. The mom was yelling that the son was not allowed in the family until he recognized his own sex for what it was. Jerry told her that America did not agree with …

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Feb 03

Reagan in an emasculated America

By Donald Hank Ronald Reagan is always held up as the gold standard in Republican elections, and everyone pays lip service to the Gipper, but the fact is, while all candidates claim to be his reincarnation and talk about Reagan, no one talks like him any more. They can’t. America has been emasculated. While reluctantly …

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Jun 08

How the Fathers’ Movement Can Succeed

by Don Hank I became a father’s rights advocate in 1995, shortly after my first encounter with a Kafkaesque court system.  If someone had told me our justice system was like that I would have assumed they were making it up.    I promptly founded Lancaster Non-Custodial Parents (later known as Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents, LYNCUP) …

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May 16

Redeemed! 10 Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, if You Want Out

Redeemed! 10 Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, If You Want Outby Charlene E. Cothran, Venus Magazine Publisher      Over the past 29 years of my life I have been an aggressive, creative and strategic supporter of gay and lesbian issues.  I’ve organized and participated in countless marches and various lobbying efforts in …

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Jun 15

Parental Rights Activist David Parker’s Son Surrounded an Beaten up at School on Anniversary of Same-Sex “Marriage” in MA

Parental Rights Activist David Parker’s Son Surrounded and Beaten-up at School on Anniversary of Same-Sex “Marriage” in Massachusetts     June 14, 2006 CONTACT:MassResistance, Waltham, MA  Brian CamenkerPhone:  School acknowledges that attack by group of kids was “planned and premeditated” Caps year-long public campaign of anti-Parker hate by activists in town LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS/JUNE …

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May 17


  Legal Services Corporation Turns its Back on Men by Carey Roberts   Chances are you don’t pay much attention to the Legal Services Corporation, a hold-over from the glory days of the Great Society. This bureaucracy ekes by on $335 million in federal money – chump change by Washington standards.   The LSC was …

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