Sex ed material with gay content suspended by Brazilian president

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Laigle’s Forum recently ran an article by our friend Julio Severo showing how Julio and a handful of allies who trusted in God, almost single-handedly brought down the pro-gay political juggernaut in Brazil, which bullies and threatens anyone who dares to oppose “gay” marriage and the official view that homosexuality is a harmless and healthy lifestyle worthy of protection. For now, Julio is in hiding, thanks to these threats. But a blogger and his faith can move mountains, as we see below. As always, we urge you to visit Julio’s web site via one of the links below and give your most generous gift. Julio has sacrificed everything to do what he does and has no other source of income but your donations.


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has suspended the distribution and production of gay sex education films for schools in Brazil.

By Julio Severo

Education packs containing gay and lesbian video scenes, supposedly aim to combat homophobia, will not be used in Brazilian schools.

Government spokesman Gilberto Carvalho said President Rousseff viewed the material personally and found the footage unsuitable for youngsters.

“She didn’t like what she saw,” Carvalho said. So she decided to suspend its distribution.

However, her reaction came after evangelical and Catholic parliamentarians and their allies in the Brazilian Congress threatened to block any upcoming legislation unless President Rousseff halted the films. They also threatened to support investigative commissions on the minister of Education, his Ministry and another powerful minister, who has been exposed for corruption.

Carvalho said President Rousseff was not, however, discontinuing anti-“homophobia” programs in the public schools.

The “gay kits”, as they are known in Brazil, were produced for the Brazilian Ministry of Education by ABGLT, the largest homosexualist group in Brazil, which received more than one million dollars in government grants to make them. ECOS, another (US-funded) Brazilian NGO that helped make them, also received more than one million dollars. The exposing of this multi-million dollar partnership in a recent Brazilian television news program produced a scandal that rocked the government plan to distribute “gay kit” to all the Brazilian schools.

Matthew Hoffman, in a LifeSiteNews report, said the kits, aimed at “children between the ages of 7 and 12 years, were designed to encourage acceptance of homosexuality. The kits reportedly include a DVD with a story about a fourteen-year-old who goes to the bathroom, and becomes sexually aroused while watching another student urinate in the stall next to him”.

Several members of the Brazilian Congress said the sex education packs encourage homosexual behavior. Even Reinaldo Azevedo, a prominent Catholic social columnist favoring gay “marriage” and child adoption by gays, said that “the gay kit aims to promote sexual harassment against heterosexual children”.

In response, ABGLT has launched a fierce campaign to defend its kits, calling its oppnents “homophobic”.

With information from BBC and LifeSiteNews.

Source: Julio Severo in English:

More information on ABGLT, the NGO that made the gay kit:

ABGLT Files “Hate” Charges Against Julio Severo and Other Brazilian Christians

ABGLT is denounced in the US media for persecution against Julio Severo and other Brazilian Christians

ABGLT Launches Multiple Lawsuits to Silence Christian Opposition

ABGLT ask reforms in the children’s “rights” in Brazil

ABGLT is favored by former Brazilian President Lula

With the assistance of Hillary Clinton, UN Approves ABGLT, Drops Christian Charity

From Julio:

Wow! Some US websites are covering what has happened in Brazil about the kit gay:

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The recompense of their error

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This may be the most politically incorrect article you will ever read.

by Don Hank

 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.

Romans 1:27 


A group that wants “recognition for gay and lesbian communities” has introduced the International Day Against Homophobia, and has set May 17 for that celebration. That’s tomorrow.

These homosexual activists claim to be protesting homophobia. But what is homophobia?

Webster’s definition is irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. But is all fear of homosexuality irrational?

Well, according to the homosexual activists, it is.

However, it is known that over 70% of AIDS sufferers are male homosexuals. Is it homophobic to report that? Or can we admit that there can be rational fears of homosexual sex? Medical doctors, particularly proctologists, say that there are diseases associated with homosexual sex. Is it homophobic for them to say that? Are all proctologists homophobes simply because they know the truth and may at some point be obliged to tell it to a homosexual?

What can health practitioners do to help homosexuals protect themselves if telling the truth is taboo? Can they warn them of the dangers of their lifestyle? Or should they pretend there is no risk in what they do?

When smokers with respiratory disease see a doctor – at least one who is worth his salt – they are told to quit, or at least cut back on their smoking habit.

Did you ever hear of a group of smokers demanding “recognition for the smoking community”?

Why do professionals march in lock step to oppose people with one kind of unhealthy lifestyle (smokers) while endorsing another group with another unhealthy lifestyle (practicing homosexuals).

It is because of something called political correctness. The smoker group has little or no political clout.

But “gays” are a potential treasure trove for unscrupulous politicians, who only want to exploit them for votes and care not a fig that many are headed to an early grave.

Thus we are confronted by the myth that the Left and unscrupulous “conservative” political groups, which exploit homosexuals, are friendly to the “gay” community, while conservatives, who warn of the dangers of their lifestyle, are “homophobic.” This is a complete reversal of human logic, but that is normal for the Left and their foot soldiers.

They wanna celebrate this? (DO NOT open the link if you have a weak stomach or about to sit down to a meal!)

Knowing that physicians, particularly proctologists, are familiar with diseases of the anus that are common among practicing homosexuals, I scoured the web for medical sites dedicated to sexually transmitted diseases caused by anal sex.

I was amazed to find no English language site that actually showed photos of such conditions. Nor did I find much in other languages. I suspect this is because such graphic illustrations of the devastating power of same-sex sex would be “offensive” to its practitioners. However, one brave specialist in these diseases did put up such photos in his Spanish language site and he may be the only one (look for this site to go down soon). Now, I do not recommend that you just blithely open this link without at least preparing yourself for a shock to your psyche. These are some of the most horrible, sickening pictures you will ever see.

On the other hand, if you are not sure whether to believe the PC propaganda that homosexuality is something noble or romantic and deserving of special recognition, then you may wish to open these and have a look to satisfy yourself that there is a very important aspect to homosexuality that you are not being told. That the true face of the homosexual lifestyle is anything but glamorous and not necessarily something worthy of protection or “recognition.”

Here is the link to the very graphic site  that you can peruse to evaluate the claims that homosexuality is a viable lifestyle that you can support (it is in Spanish, but the diseases are anal-sex related, as you can see). But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, homosexual activists demanding recognition for the activity undeniably causing the above-illustrated diseases claim that a homophobe is someone who calls their lifestyle unhealthy. Yet, every medical practitioner who has seen these diseases knows that this lifestyle is unhealthy.

If a physician said smoking is a worthwhile lifestyle, he would meet with vehement protests on that part of the media and politicians. No one would defend him. They would say he is irresponsibly enabling people with bad habits to harm themselves. That would be true.

Yet, when it comes to homosexuality, we apply a glaring double standard. Any physician who dared to suggest to one of his homosexual patients that he “lay off” homosexual activity would be opening himself up to a lawsuit. And any media outlet suggesting this would be the object of vehement protests.

Our hypocritical government, with the backing of hypocritical media, educators, professionals, and even many members of the clergy, does nothing to curb the clearly dangerous homosexual lifestyle and even does all it can to promote it, thereby promoting these horrible diseases.

And, in keeping with its habit of reversing all traditional values and commons sense, the PC media and leftist politicians insist that anyone pointing out the obvious dangers of homosexual sex is a benighted homophobe, while people who celebrate this lifestyle are homo-friendly and enlightened.

So to recap:

If you don’t mind seeing homosexuals trapped in a dangerous and filthy lifestyle, you are ok in today’s West. But if you care about them and dare to suggest that they need to beware of the obvious pitfalls, then you are a homophobe.

They have gotten it exactly backwards. Anyone promoting the “gay” agenda is actually a homophobe and is harming the “gay” community, just as anyone promoting smoking would be harming smokers.

That’s why you if you want to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, you need to do it by sending this article to as many of your “gay” friends as possible. It could save a life.

But don’t expect any thanks from the “gay” community.

Further reading:

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The power of a single blogger and his faith

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The bill sought to give government the power to exercise out and out thought control and would have criminalized any speech construed as ‘antigay.’ It amounted to nothing less than a direct ban on biblical Christianity.”

Friends, the Western world is falling into the hands of the wicked. I solicit your prayers for our brother Julio, who has suffered great persecution and is still in hiding. At the end of this article are some links to his site. Check it out. Keep in mind that Julio and his family are fugitives because of the stand he takes and the cold-blooded viciousness of gay activists and their minions in the Brazilian government. Imagine being hunted like an animal for your beliefs. Please give as you are led.

Blogs as tools to express the voice of God’s Kingdom

By Julio Severo

A few days ago I received a message from a visitor who recently became acquainted with my blog:

Julio, how are you?

Last Tuesday (26/April/2011) I was having a nap at lunch time and  a name came to me in a dream. I am not in the habit of writing down my dreams, but the name was very clear. I woke up and wrote down the name: JULIO SEVERO.

I had never heard your name before and when I got home I googled it and saw that you are also a Christian and that you fight to preserve Gospel principles from corruption.

Well, I do not believe in coincidences…

I do not believe in coincidences either, at least not this kind.

In my interview with Christianismo Hoje* (the Brazilian version of the magazine Christiany Today) I said,

Early in 1995 I clearly felt God directing me to write a book about the threat posed by the homosexual movement. For weeks, I hesitated, because the homosexual issue was a formidable taboo. There were no gay parades in Brazil, and none of the homosexual obsession we see everywhere today, in the schools, the media, etc. After some time, I overcame my fears, accepted the calling of the Spirit, and began to research the homosexual movement. When, by mid-1995, the first international conference of ILGA in the South Hemisphere was held in Brazil, I understood God’s plan to call me into the battle, because after the conference, Brazilian gay groups made an extraordinary push to advance their agenda. God anticipated this spiritual assault from hell with an action of the agenda of God’s Kingdom. Thus my book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement), was born and was published by Editora Betânia, the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers, in1998.

When my book “O Movimento Homossexual” was published in 1998, many thought it was an exaggeration and said that forecasts would never come true. Sadly, they eventually did. And today its readers call me a prophet. The exaggerater of yesterday is today’s prophet.

In 1999, on receiving an autographed copy of my book “O Movimento Homossexual,” Bishop Robson Rodovalho said that he had received the revelation that in the future I would be severely persecuted because of the message of my book, and be forced to flee from place to place. It was an accurate prophecy, but I am sad that the one who delivered it eventually joined the political system that spawned PLC 122 and other absurdities. PLC 122 is the most threatening anti-“homophobia” bill in the Brazilian Congress.

In 2002, even without a blog, I began to warn against an electoral victory for socialist Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva. In 2003, with just a page of articles in the Brazilian Christian website JesusSite, I revealed to Brazil for the first time that the Lula administration had introduced in the United Nations (UN) a resolution classifying homosexuality as an inalienable human right. This was the first time this kind of initiative had come before the UN.

After I reported on this, a Representative in the Brazilian Congress requested an accounting from the Brazilian government because Brazilian representatives at the UN were taking actions without the knowledge of the Brazilian people and Congress. There was also a petition against the Lula administration’s resolution.  JesusSite suffered an attack by hackers and went down. Despite many threats it received pressuring me to remove my articles, JesusSite* stayed firm.

The pioneering resolution from the Lula administration in the UN never advanced, and ILGA, the largest homosexual organization in the world, complained that grass-roots resistance in Brazil stemming from “extremist” websites was helping to deter the resolution. Who said that today there are no little Davids to take down  massive Goliaths?

With the Lula administration’s obsessive pro-sodomy policies, the message of my book, which had been seen as exaggerated, was now coming into focus. Even congressmen were making references to my book in their official speeches in the Congress.

At the inspired insistence of a brother in the Mid-Night Call Ministry, I eventually created a blog at the beginning of 2005, with this brother guiding me in the first steps. The first year, I published very little.

Only later did I begin issung warnings to Brazil more regularly. And God honored me. At the same time, philosopher and Reformed theologian Harold O. J. Brown invited me to write the leading article in his academic periodical The Religion & Society Report. The essay was published in August 2006 and is available in an online version. This was the first time my watch dog ministry was acknowledged by a respectable international publication.

Through my blog, my still small voice was now showing the United States and the world the homosexualist face of Lula and his socialist ideology. Brown told me he did not realize that Lula was so radical, and he wanted to help people outside Brazil learn the truth.

In 2007, I was interviewed by LifeSiteNews, the largest Catholic pro-life news website in the world. It was my small voice echoing with immutable values that transcend frontiers.

Yet, as far as the performance of my simple blog is concerned, the most remarkable aspect in 2007 was the awareness effort against PLC 122, the anti-“homophobia” bill introduced by a member of PT (Lula’s party) in the Brazilian Congress. The bill sought to give government the power to exercise out and out thought control and would have criminalized any speech construed as “antigay.” It amounted to nothing less than a direct ban on biblical Christianity. In February 2007, a group of influential conservative Catholics contacted me to launch an awareness effort. They had read my writings on homosexuality, prepared a paper based on my articles and wanted me just to put my signature in it. Their role would be to spread the message. My role would be to lend my name.

The campaign made great strides. After March 2007, the awareness movement grew like wildfire and was soon unstoppable, having struck the consciences of many people. But there was a price to pay. The same year the campaign was launched, gay activists, in their effort to thwart me, managed to convince Google in Brazil to shut down my blog. With the intervention of Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, in an article in the paper Jornal do Brasil denouncing attacks against me, and protests from several lawyers, including an attorney who called Google, my blog came back online.  

Before February 2007, I had already intended to  oppose PLC 122. Yet, in the months of November and December 2006 and January 2007, I was hiding in a refuge with my family, because of persecution.

Before this persecution, God had used a former homosexual to warn me that the devil was trying to destroy me. November happened to be the month that PLC 122 was approved in the House of Representatives in Brazil. Lacking the means to act, I dunned Dr. Zenóbio Fonseca for several weeks to write an article against the anti-“homophobia” bill, because his special legal knowledge was vital. His consulting work allowed him little time, but eventually he managed to write the article. Next, the Catholic message* to mobilize Brazilians was ready, and it was sent to countless thousands of email addresses and other media.

The sequel was that hundreds of blogs, not to mention thousands of people forwarding e-mails against PLC 122, became such a strong chain that the passage of this bill, which was taken for granted because of the influential and imposing support of government and media, eventually became uncertain, because of the resistance, particularly from Evangelical and Catholic blogs.

Catholic and Evangelical magazines — with a shallow Christianity and deep-rooted political ideologies — either ignored the story or gave it short shrift. Had it been up to them, Brazil would today be in thrall to the Kingdom of the Workers’ Party, of Dilma Rousseff and her antecessor Lula, with the passage of PLC 122 hovering like a sword over the heads of prophetic Christians.

Yet, blogs speaking with the voice of God’s Kingdom are having a major impact in opposing the massive power of magazines, papers and TV channels that mirror — and are paid to mirror — the voice representing the ideology and system of state idolatry.

And unlike evangelical TV shows, which ignore or fail to denounce the government’s promotion of aberrations like PLC 122, pro-family blogs are not afraid to speak out against state threats.

The strong resistance to PLC 122 today is a symbol of what can happen when humble little blogs serve as a vehicle for the voice of God’s Kingdom. If one blog makes a lot of people uncomfortable, a host of blogs united in the same effort much more effectively spread the uncomfortable truth that shakes people into action.

In the wilderness of disinformation from magazines, newspapers and blogs that reflect the voice of the political machine and its ideology, God can lead, even through dreams, those who need to know the truth.

This is the value God assigns to blogs that carry His voice.

Do you want be used by God through a blog? Hear and mirror His voice.


Dear Don!/100/13513/

Let me tell you something important, which perhaps your readers would like to know. Today, as the articles I sent you today show, the Brazilian Senate would vote PLC 122, the anti-“homophobia” bill, but I encouraged Brazil to resist and in the afternoon today the largest gay website in Brazil reported that because of me and another evangelical, who is a televangelist, the anti-“homophobia” bill was not voted today!! See here:

Praise God!


Reviewed by Don Hank.

* These are Portuguese links. Links without an asterisk are English links.

Portuguese version of this article: Blogagem profética

Spanish version of this article: Blogging profético

Source: Julio Severo in English

Other articles by Julio Severo:

Why I am not a socialist

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¿Puedes creer que existe un genocidio contra los gays?

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¿Puedes creer que existe un genocidio contra los homosexuales?

por Don Hank

¿Existe alguna amenaza de que los homosexuales en los países occidentales pronto sean  eliminados por peligrosas bandas homofóbicas?

Pregunta ridícula, ¿verdad?

No, los homosexuales gozan de privilegios especiales aquí en el Occidente. En San Francisco ellos tienen libertad de circular desnudos por las calles durante el desfile del orgullo gay en la calle Folsom practicando actos sexuales reales en público a la vista de los infortunados espectadores, inclusive niños, que tengan la desgracia de encontrarse con este escenario. (No voy a dar los enlaces de las fotos de esta perversión, pero si desea confirmación, solo necesita buscar en Google utilizando las palabras clave: folsom street gay pride o cosas similares).

Entre tanto muchos gobiernos occidentales se encuentran afectados por las “terribles condiciones” de los gays, mientras que cristianos en el mundo entero están perdiendo el derecho de dar testimonio de la cura y del poder redentor de Dios por medio de Jesucristo. La agenda de estos tiranos, que nos gobiernan por medio de furtivas maniobras sin nuestro consentimiento, es evidente para todos los que tienen al menos la mitad del cerebro: Ellos están ansiosos por acabar con la cultura cristiana tradicional — de hecho, cualquier cultura mínimamente decente que incluya la boda tradicional, la ley y el orden.

A la vez los nuevos gobiernos “democráticos” en el Oriente Medio masacran las poblaciones cristianas, mientras gozan del pleno apoyo de casi toda la clase dominante — la oligarquía que maneja un poder cada vez más dictatorial a través de los grandes medios de comunicación, universidades, sistema “educativo” y la gran mayoría de las clases profesionales, y nuestra propia clase dominante pretende que se preocupan profundamente por la persecución de los gays.

Poco después que el gobierno americano invadió Irak, las iglesias cristianas asirias comenzaron a ser quemadas y sus congregaciones perseguidas, asesinadas y dispersas. Muchos ahora viven en Suecia. El gobierno americano no dijo nada, pretendiendo que el único enemigo era el “terrorismo”, no el fanatismo islámico. Los cristianos coptos en Egipto están, en este momento, sufriendo un destino similar, en gran parte gracias a la colaboración de Occidente. Las fuerzas armadas del nuevo gobierno “democrático” egipcio con el apoyo de Obama y de los líderes de Europa atacaron a un monasterio copto poco después de que Mubarak fuera derrocado de la presidencia, baleando y matando a varios monjes. La Hermandad Musulmana, con el apoyo de Barack Obama, está detrás del asesinato y de la persecución. La prensa occidental está totalmente de boca cerrada.

Pero la Clase Dirigente y los medios de comunicación nos dicen que los que están siendo perseguidos son los gays y que tienen extrema necesidad de nuestra protección. Es mentira. Los homosexuales no sufren ni siquiera una fracción del uno por ciento de la persecución que los cristianos están sufriendo en el mundo entero. Sin embargo, ellos son la nueva clase protegida, y gobiernos como el de Brasil se están apresurando para ayudarlos como si ellos hubieran sido víctimas de un tsunami, terremoto y desastre nuclear. (¿Y Su país tiene programas para proteger a los gays como si fueran una especie en vías de extinción?).

En la mayoría de los países nadie se atreve a mencionar que su estilo de vida produce enfermedades como el SIDA u otras ETS. Nadie puede siquiera dar asesoramiento y asistencia a los ex-gays o personas con atracciones no deseadas hacia el mismo sexo. Mi amigo brasileño Julio Severo se vio obligado a abandonar su patria porque ayudaba a los hombres deseosos de una mejor vida a superar la homosexualidad y vivir vidas seguras, saludables y morales.

Él les estaba ofreciendo una valiosa ayuda.

Pero los dirigentes de la extrema izquierda de Brasil, empezando con el ex presidente Lula y ahora continuando con Dilma Rousseff (que es más virulentamente anti-cristiana y ex terrorista implicada en el asesinato de varias personas, incluyendo un estadounidense), dice que es ilegal ayudar a los homosexuales a superar su estilo de vida.

Cualquier persona que se encuentre en ese estilo de vida está prácticamente enjaulada por la ley para el resto de su vida.

Cualquier hombre que quiera abandonar el sexo anal, por razones de seguridad, fe o moralidad, o cualesquiera que sean las razones, se le recomienda salir de Brasil.

No hay espacio para la decencia en Brasil, que está siendo objeto de una andanada de malignidad ultra-marxista y no tiene como salir de este curso. El resto de Occidente está siguiendo la misma tendencia.

Y la mayoría de los americanos (y europeos) no está atenta a la tragedia moral que se está develando en Brasil — y en muchos otros países occidentales.

Es hora de despertarnos y tratar de conocer a las personas que viven en el mismo hemisferio que nosotros. Es hora de aprender una nueva palabra en el vocabulario: No.

No con nosotros. No con mi país.

Más detalles sobre Julio:

Julio Severo provocó un “terremoto” cuando advirtió a las iglesias y al pueblo de Brasil acerca de la agenda gay y sobre la reversibilidad del inmoral estilo de vida gay.

Él es el autor del libro “El Movimiento Homosexual” publicado en 1998 por la Editora Betania. Su obra fue el primer libro en portugués a desenmascarar las intenciones del movimiento gay.

En 2007, cuando ayudó a concientizar al público sobre el PLC 122, el proyecto de ley “contra la homofobia”, los activistas gays comenzaron amenazar a la Editoria Betania, que bajo esa presión dejó el libro. Los activistas también presentaron demandas contra Severo. Desde entonces, fiscales federales han estado tratando de ponerle mordaza y de bloquear sus artículos.

Probablemente no pueden hacer nada contra él ahora, porque está lejos de Brasil. Sin embargo, la mayor organización gay en Brasil, que recibió el apoyo de Hillary Clinton para tener una acreditación oficial ante la ONU en 2010, está tratando de encontrar su ubicación. Esta misma organización, la ABGLT, también presentó una demanda en su contra.

Traducido de portugués para español por Maria Valarini

Versión en portugués: Dá para acreditar que existe algum genocídio contra homossexuais?

Blog de Julio Severo en español:

Fuente: Laigle’s Forum

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Castigados por occidentales por afirmar valores occidentales

March 12th, 2011 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Culture Wars, dhimmitude, european union, Gay agenda, Homosexual Agenda, International No Comments »

Castigados por afirmar valores, premiados por pisarlos

 por Don Hank

 ¡Ay de los que a lo malo dicen bueno, y a lo bueno malo…!

Iasaías 5:20


El grupo activista católico C-FAM informó recientemente:

“El movimiento internacional para incluir el comportamiento y la identidad homosexual dentro de una nueva clase de derechos especialmente protegida una vez más pone la mirada en el Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la ONU. “

Este movimiento no es nuevo y cuenta con el pleno apoyo de la mayoría de los dirigentes occidentales.

Lo que choca aquí es la falta de una correspondiente propuesta para proteger a los cristianos y los Judíos Ortodoxos, que en el Medio Oriente están siendo masacrados, y que, en el Oeste, están perdiendo el derecho de expresarse y pensar libremente — un derecho sin el cual nada más seríamos (¿o somos?) esclavos.

El mencionado masacre de los cristianos de Medio Oriente, que se ha intensificado simultáneamente con los movimientos “democráticos” que la UE, la EU y la ONU tanto apoyan, no ha sido motivo de ninguna protesta de parte de estos grupos, que tan hipócritamente lloran la persecución de los “gays”, los cuales en ninguna parte del Oeste han sufrido ni la décima parte de la persecución que han sufrido los cristianos.

El motivo de esa política es muy obvio para observadores con la más mínima inteligencia y sensibilidad, que durante los últimos años han visto un creciente número de casos legales contra cristianos. En el Reino Unido, por ejemplo, un profesional o negociante que se atreve a hablar a un Musulmán sobre su fe cristiana  puede ser demandado o hasta arrestado por el crimen de ofender a un musulmán (el musulmán, al contrario, puede ofender al cristiano con impunidad).

 Es más, este mes una pareja en Inglaterra, dueña de una casa de acogida, perdió su derecho a seguir en su profesión y acoger a orfanatos porque, en base a su fe cristiano que incluye claras enseñanzas del apóstol Pablo sobre el tema, se negó a enseñar a los niños que el homosexualismo sea “normal” y aceptable. Con otras palabras, negó a renunciar su fe y fue castigado por ello.

La Clase Dirigente de Europa y EU está ansiosa por destruir las últimas trazas de la cultura cristiana tradicional que persisten en el Viejo Continente. Y lo más cínico del caso es que realiza esta destrucción con la colaboración de clérigos cómplices que se han vendido al enemigo del cristianismo por lucro y prestigio. En Inglaterra, muchos clérigos enseñan que el matrimonio “gay” es aceptable y en Alemania la Asociación de Evangélicos aboga por la construcción de misquitas, que muchas veces implica contribuciones de parte del gobierno. De esta forma los cristianos son obligados a donar su dinero para construir misquitas en las cuales los imames a veces enseñan el odio contra los europeos y promueven el terrorismo.

Lastimosamente, esa propaganda anticristiana tan transparente, que pinta a los homosexuales y musulmanes como víctimas, con el fin de inducir a los occidentales ingenuos a actuar en contra de su propia cultura y moral, está funcionando a maravilla gracias a un pueblo de ovejas que rápido está perdiendo la capacidad del pensamiento autónomo.

Y por lo tanto su propia libertad.

El autor es un traductor técnico y el dueño del blog internacional Laigle’s Forum.

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