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Mar 17

¿Puedes creer que existe un genocidio contra los gays?

¿Puedes creer que existe un genocidio contra los homosexuales? por Don Hank ¿Existe alguna amenaza de que los homosexuales en los países occidentales pronto sean  eliminados por peligrosas bandas homofóbicas? Pregunta ridícula, ¿verdad? No, los homosexuales gozan de privilegios especiales aquí en el Occidente. En San Francisco ellos tienen libertad de circular desnudos por las …

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Mar 12

Castigados por occidentales por afirmar valores occidentales

Castigados por afirmar valores, premiados por pisarlos  por Don Hank  ¡Ay de los que a lo malo dicen bueno, y a lo bueno malo…! Iasaías 5:20   El grupo activista católico C-FAM informó recientemente: “El movimiento internacional para incluir el comportamiento y la identidad homosexual dentro de una nueva clase de derechos especialmente protegida una …

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Jan 30

Pro-abort, pro-‘gay’ marriage Duke U prof threatens to sic cops on detractors

The following commentary titled “The technique of reverse labeling” reflects a situation that is so absurd as to be almost laughable – that is, if it weren’t for the harm that is being done to at least one persecuted Christian, our good friend Julio Severo, who is in hiding thanks to a Marxist government that …

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Oct 07

Teen suicide and homosexuality

This “gay” web site: shows that suicides among “gays” and the “transgendered” can easily happen in a “safe” environment, due to internal problems faced by these people. Yet, with knew-jerk regularity, the mainstream media focus on the fact that these kids who kill themselves at some time or other had contact with people who …

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Aug 05

Another judge plays lawmaker

by Gregg Jackson Homosexual activist judge’s opinion that CA Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as one man one woman as “unconstitutional” is utterly absurd and should be ignored! Today, homosexual activist San Francisco U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker (George H.W. Bush appointee) issued an opinion that Prop 8, amended into law by California Voters in 2008, …

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May 07

Did Paul mean “homosexual” or “man ogler”?

by Don Hank This will be of particular interest to theologians and linguists but it is in fact a debunking of a biblical misinterpretation that is relevant to all of us. The “gay” agenda has been trying hard to make the Apostle Paul unsay what, according to most translations, he said about homosexuality. One Greek “scholar” …

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Feb 04

Global warming takes hit / Take action on DOD pro-homo policy

Action item: DOD awards homosexuals coveted “victim” status Don Hank A friend sent me this email this am, along with the link at the bottom: “Go to the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s website and blast him as did I. Can’t let the homos and their apologists get ahead of us on the blog there. …

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Jan 10

Glenn Beck and how Americans got the way we are

Glenn Beck and how Americans got this way By Don Hank Recently, a lot has been written about Glenn Beck and his refusal to look at the eligibility issue and his disdain for those of us who care about it. First, let me be clear: I am a birther. By that I don’t mean that …

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Mar 29

Stop supporting evil in high places

Stop supporting evil in high places   The following is an article published in the American Spectator in 2005, but the ideas it contains have largely been ignored since then, as “Christian” groups continue to use the language of the Left to support unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions and to confer respect to lazy, ignorant, ambitious …

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Dec 19

Open season on Christians

When is hate not hate? Commentary by Donald Hank Why, when the victims are not victims. Make sense? It does to the Left in America, where, according to an analysis by Public Advocate, a church that is torched by homosexual activists is, in today’s terms, not a victim of anything because only “gays” can be …

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