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Oct 02

Russian ministry did NOT report imminent US coup d’etat

By Don Hank Several blogs, including A Charging Elephant, are carrying the sensational story of how Obama is poised to sell GM to the Chinese. Now, there is legitimate speculation on this topic, covered by mainstream media and it could happen. But the popular version of the story says the story was broken by a …

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Feb 25

Milan court sentences Google officials to prison for posting whistleblowing video

Milan court sentences Google officials to prison for whistle-blowing video I have shown before that the internet is very much under attack in Europe, which now completely controls it. Censorship-happy Europe is the very worst place to be controlling your freedom of speech. The world elites are stealing our freedom incrementally by stealth, just as they …

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Feb 04

Enjoy the internet while you can

Major threat to world internet freedom The Germans are the “free” world’s leaders in censorship. Some of my German contacts estimate that 200,000 Germans are in jail for saying and writing things that are legally considered offensive. Some of these contacts have been jailed for what they sent or posted on the internet! By way …

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