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Mar 31

State governor bans Christian tradition in “Land of the Free”

State governor bans Christian tradition in “Land of the Free”   by Don Hank Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia has usurped power over his own citizens and abolished religious freedom in his state by vetoing house bill HB757, with the text:    “A BILL to be entitled an Act to protect religious freedoms; to amend …

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Feb 09

UK elites want to muzzle Christians

The UK political elites have come up with a legal scheme almost identical in its content to our EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) law. Anyone who keeps up with alerts coming out of Christian, libertarian or conservative groups in Europe will easily see that the same fascistic programs are being pursued over there as they are here in …

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Feb 04

Enjoy the internet while you can

Major threat to world internet freedom The Germans are the “free” world’s leaders in censorship. Some of my German contacts estimate that 200,000 Germans are in jail for saying and writing things that are legally considered offensive. Some of these contacts have been jailed for what they sent or posted on the internet! By way …

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Aug 22

Corporate America sells YOU for profit

Cute gecko becomes obnoxious chameleon By Don Hank WorldNetDaily recently reported that Glenn Beck, one of the boldest and most brilliant talk show hosts on Fox News, has been targeted by a smear campaign headed by an avowed communist now employed by the White House. The goal was to bully Glenn’s advertisers into pulling their …

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Jun 02

Tiller Murder Requires Proportionate Response in Perspective

The reasons for this emphasis go beyond the recent murder of Tiller, however. We can go back to a post that I made not too long ago that suggested that a ‘right-wing extremist’ attack was not merely inevitable, but something that the current administration actually wants to happen.

Here is a little quote:

Here is what I think. I think that the recently admitted NSA over-collection of American domestic communications revealed that people- even decent people- are really, really, really, really, really, POed about the way things are and the way they are going. I think that material helped drive the DHS report, but I think the DHS was just looking for an excuse.

This report is likely to produce the very thing it is warning about. With this report, every conservative American became subject to the Thought Police and a target of scrutiny by the Federal government. I believe it will put some people over the edge. I believe the intent was to put them over the edge.

Feb 21

European Left martyrs Wilders, gives him big poll boost

Euro-Left creates martyr, boosts Wilders in polls By Donald Hank De Volkskrant was, to my knowledge, the first news outlet to report that Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders was planning to make the anti-Koran movie Fitna and Laigle’s Forum was the first news site in the nation to present a translation of that news with comments, …

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Feb 02

Behind “diversity” the muzzling of Christians

“Diversity” aims to suppress Christianity I am posting this as a companion piece to the article on Common Purpose and on “diversity” and “leadership” training, both from the UK but both relevant and timely for US readers. Look how people have been brainwashed by all the PC diversity discussion in the mass media and by diversity …

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Jan 21

European judge redefines, bans free speech

Geert Wilders to be Prosecuted for “Hate Speech” by Baron Bodissey If any one person personifies the resistance against the Islamization of Europe, that person is Geert Wilders. His message is simple, honest, and straightforward: the people of the Netherlands (and other nations) have a right to protect the traditional character of their native countries …

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Nov 23

England already has “Change”

England already has “Change” There has been evidence of anti-white and anti-conservative discrimination during the recent US elections. A black public school teacher harassed a young student for saying she was for McCain. A man was arrested in Philadelphia for wearing a McCain T-shirt at an Obama rally. And Laigle’s Forum has received emails alleging …

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