Consequences of Global Ruling Class policies: more unintended than intended

Were they really unintended? Or do they just enjoy messing with us?

by Don Hank

On June 3, the BBC broadcast a report on how fishermen were forced to throw back perfectly good caught fish dead into the sea. The report failed to mention that EU regulations were the root cause of this wastefulness.

Precisely because of such media blackous, we need to be reminded that the Western elites are wasteful and harmful to the poor and disadavantaged, whether intentionally or out of sheer stupidity, despite their avowed “environmentally friendly” and “Third World friendly” policies, which almost never seem to achieve the purported goals.

I mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, that the treaty between the EU and Panama, for example, had 2 adverse effects, one on the environment and the other for the poor in the Third World:

1–The day after the treaty was signed, the price of fish, the number one protein staple in Panama, doubled, converting this staple into a luxury item that many Panamanians can now eat only on special occasions.

2–The transport of the fish to Europe is by air, which translates into several times as much CO2 emissions as shipments by sea.

As we read in the report linked above, before this treaty went into effect, the EU had implemented a fishing policy for Europe that also had disastrous effects on the environment there and on European fish prices, which indirectly led to treaties between the EU and the Third World related to fish and seafood trade.

In drafting, issuing and enforcing such regulation, the EU has followed the guidelines of UN Agenda 21, which purportedly is aimed at reducing pollution and especially CO2 emissions, and at helping the poor and middle class in Third World countries. Agenda 21 was attributed largely to the efforts of Maurice Strong, who was then Under-Secretary General of the UN.

The above-outlined unintended consequences of the Panama treaty are being repeated all over the Third World and reflect the total inability of out-of-touch spoiled billionaire white men like Maurice Strong, and his American counterpart George Soros, to intervene meaningfully and positively in the affairs of ordinary people with ordinary problems of survival and supporting families.

These results also reflect the inability of government (whether supranational or other) to control systems like the world economy, which, though not perfect, worked fairly well before all of this meddling by global governance aficionados with too much time on their hands.

 The more they meddled, the worse the economy became, until today we stand on the brink of a collapsing dollar, a collapsing euro, historical high unemployment and staggering debt that threatens whole generations to come.

Unintended consequences?

Or mission accomplished?

BBC report:

Agenda 21:

EU destroying European farming:

Environmentalism run amok:

The new royalty — EU spending sprees (they think it’s divine right)

The wind farm boondoggle

The wind farm boondoggle

by Don Hank

Wind farms are considered an “investment” and governments are trying desperately to attract capital to build them.

However, as Christopher Booker recently wrote for the Sunday Telegraph, they are not a feasible investment.

And there are other issues as well:

First and foremost, any enterprise that requires government subsidies is a scam, and these babies just soak up public funds like a sponge while providing diminishing returns. A bona fide investment is one that the enterprising investor with a little vision can see is going to pay off eventually, either sooner or later. Wind farms without subsidies attract zero capital.

It is cynical and cunning to pretend that a wind farm could be a capitalist business enterprise, because, as the following article shows, the cost-benefit ratios are abominable. The public winds up paying not only at the start but throughout the use of this boondoggle.

Second, the machines are extremely noisy and the property values in their vicinity plummet.

Third, they occupy valuable farmland that is then taken out of use. The value of the crops that could have been raised there is lost forever, replaced by a “commodity” of much lower, and questionable, value.

You don’t save the planet by adding pollution, and noise pollution is pollution. And you don’t provide for a hungry populace by destroying farmland.

The labor and material costs of these windmills are very high and we can assume that any cost analysis including both the land and the machinery plus the labor needed to maintain and operate the system, will wind up showing a constant loss for the public, as well as huge “profits” for the public-private partnerships at our expense. (Some of the first PPPs were seen in Mao’s China. They are typically the first step in a gradual migration toward total and totalitarian communism. No one should confuse PPPs with free market capitalism. They are quite the opposite. Historians will also recognize their similarity to Mussolini’s state-private joint enterprises — a hallmark of fascism).

The bottom line is that the New World Order needs you poor. Otherwise they are afraid middle class people will overrun the planet and make it less desirable for the Self-Elect. They are already nervous about our presence here on “their” planet.

If the world needs clean energy, so far, all things considered, nuclear power is the only way to go, provided the redundant safety systems are put in place.

Even non-toxic dispersants bring destruction to the Gulf

Dispersants, non-toxic but potentially deadly

Don Hank

I have subscribed to the EPA’s alerts list on the steps being taken by the government to clean up the Gulf. So far, every alert has focused mainly on the toxic effects of dispersants, assuring the public they have very low toxicity.

Generally speaking, however, discussions of dispersant toxicity – e.g. test reports on dispersants issued by the EPA – are dangerously misleading because they invariably point out only how innocuous the dispersants themselves are –  a red herring if there ever was one, because dispersant toxicity is not the issue here, and it is alarming that the EPA does not seem to notice this.
You see, the dispersant does not need to be toxic itself to activate (or develop) the toxic effects of the crude oil itself, and therein lies the danger.
When a dispersant is applied onto an oil slick in deep water, the effect is to disperse oil that until that time was more-or-less safely amassed on the surface – at least temporarily – and hence sequestered away from the depths. It had limited impact on deeper lying wild life. Until that point, it was a simple matter to collect the oil with skimmers, the only reasonable removal method for use in deep water (particularly since it enables the valuable crude to be collected and sold so it can help pay for the cleanup). Once dispersant is applied, however, the oil can no longer be collected because the dispersant acts as a surfactant (detergent) and emulsifies the more volatile compounds in the oil. These toxic volatiles are then irreversibly dissolved in the water fully developing the toxicity of the petroleum oil itself. The process is exactly the same as that occurring in your dish water when oily residues from the frying pan are emulsified and dissolved. The crucial difference is that your frying oil is not toxic. Crude oil is.
Meanwhile, the less-volatile compounds such as tars, which do not dissolve, settle to the bottom or agglomerate and develop their toxic impact on mollusks, crustaceans and fish living deeper down. Once a certain level of these tars is reached in the environment, the living things coming into contact with them can no longer be used as food. The time it takes the oil-eating bacteria to degrade these dispersed oil components will vary, but the process can take years. Vast areas of the Gulf can be effectively lost to fishing for a very long time.
That the EPA would even think of perpetrating such a disastrous – and completely unnecessary – toxification process is beyond me, unless they have some ulterior motive.
Sure, in the shallows, dispersants can and should be used. But in deep water, where skimmers can quickly get up almost all of the oil, there is absolutely no excuse for their use.
I have contacted the EPA with these concerns, and they have not responded. They appear impervious to any of the concepts I have laid out here and refractive to persuasion. Perhaps the only hope we have is that some foreign government or entity will bring this dangerous, unscientific behavior of the EPA to the attention of the world press at some point and initiate an action forcing our government to take the appropriate steps.

That is not a far-fetched expectation: By contacting the Houston Chronicle, the whistle-blowing Dutch government, has already applied pressure on the administration to accept their offer of skimmers – an offer that was made 3 days after the spill. Nonetheless, a reluctant EPA waited one and one half months to accept the skimmers and even then, hamstrung the skimming process with unreasonable restrictions that greatly slowed this urgent and vital removal operation.

Whether motivated by the US government or by a foreign government’s intervention, a ban on dispersant use in deep water is absolutely necessary whenever skimmers are available – and they almost always are.

Obama was odd man out at the G8 and G20 summits — the only one not to renounce furhter use of the Keynesian bailout system. The rest of the attendees urged him to stop issuing bailouts. Now it appears that, despite prodding from our allies, this “green” president is odd man out again: the only one dragging his feet on cleaning up the Gulf.

Please be sure to read the comment by microbiologist Dr. Mir Islam in the comments section below.

Read more on this subject:

Obama’s coup de grâce for the Gulf?

by Don Hank

Surprisingly, even the left-leaning Huffington Post seems to have writers who understand science and realize that the Obama administration lacks the most rudimentary grasp of sci-tech know-how. They see the danger, and more and more thinking people on the Left, for whom the environment is not a political tool but a sacred focus of their worldview, are having their eyes opened.

The US government will not allow the oil skimmers in the Gulf to do their job. If they were operated as intended, and as is done in Europe, the skimmers would separate the oil from the water in the skimmed material, returning water with a small oil content back to the spill area. This returned water, while slightly contaminated, would have a lower oil content than the surrounding water, thereby providing a considerably more-positive net oil/water balance than existed before the skim run.

Let’s back up here a moment and look at the term “oil/water balance.” It is critical to the Gulf situation. At this moment, due to the administration’s slow response, the ratio of the amount of oil entering the Gulf (and hence the world’s oceans) to the amount of water is in all likelihood increasing. This means there is a negative oil/water balance and it is getting worse. In medicine, a balance like that means the patient is on his way out. You can’t constantly increase the amount of toxins to healthy fluids in the body and expect to survive. 

In the Gulf by law, the tanks into which the skimmers pump their payload must be filled not with almost water-free oil, but with a material consisting mostly of water, and returned to a processing plant unseparated — a highly inefficient process in which the tanker carries oil with a high water content for remote processing in lieu of the cheaper and more elegant rough-processing in situ in order to enable much more-pure oil to be sent to remote processing. The logic of our brilliant lawmakers is that returning slightly contaminated water into the Gulf would tend to pollute the water again. That could be the case if only a limited number of skimming runs were allowed. However, there is no limit to the number of runs a skimmer can make. But because of the high output of the ongoing oil spill, the only limiting factor is time, and this absurd rule – made by politicians lacking the rudiments of scientific understanding and completely lacking in common sense – is the factor that most greatlyincreases process time. If the water were returned to the ocean at the spill site with a small oil content, as a result of imperfect separating techniques currently available, the residual oil in the water would again float to the top and be skimmed in a subsequent run. Very quickly, at yields several times those obtained under this disastrous rule, the last tanks collected would run clean. On balance, the Gulf would be cleaned up several times earlier.  That is the essence of the process used in Europe, and they have gotten quite adept at this.

Obama can and should ask Congress for an emergency waiver of this law that so severely hampers cleanup.

Let’s see. It took him one and one-half months to realize we needed to accept those Dutch oil skimmers offered on April 25, 3 days after the oil well exploded. Maybe if we’re lucky he can move a bit faster on this.

Of course, not much hinges on it now where he is concerned. The Democrats in Congress who are up for re-election are doomed anyway.

Will he go out like a shooting star and let the Gulf die, expending the last ounce of Democratic capital on making America more humble and striking at the British Empire that mistreated his Kenyan family? It’s entirely possible given his rigid mentality.

Or will he remember that with the Gulf completely dead — as it eventually may be at this rate — there will in fact be less incentive for an offshore drilling ban, not more?

After all, even if we can eventually no longer fish in the Gulf, thousands of Gulf residents still might be able to make a livelihood from it.


The rotten fruits of the “carbon credit” scam

The notion of “global warming” has been used to introduce perhaps the biggest tax in history, and one of the avenues for this tax was so-called “carbon offsets” or “carbon credits.”

Fortunately, the American people have not completely fallen for this scam as yet. But the UK, which has long labored under the heavy hand of two essentially foreign governments — their “own” out-of-touch “leaders” and the EU — has had little choice. Almost none of the elected leaders in the UK there are in touch with the people, who are increasingly aware that they are being scammed on a grand scale. (While serving as the head of state, Tony Blair was also the head of the Fabian Socitey, whose avowed purpose is to undermine democracy and introduce Marxism — Karl Marx’s sister was one of the founders).

Now please pay attention: America now faces the same choices as they once did: either we go it alone as the exceptional nation we have been or we take that same turn into oblivion and let the “elites” take us over. So far we have done a terrible job of maintaining our sovereignty and our representative government. Many “conservatives” and even the somewhat more enlightened Tea Party people have fallen for the RINO neocon scam in MA, where Scott Brown was presented as a “conservative”. CPAC portrayed Scott, Mitt Romney and other RINOs the same way, although, to the credit of the attendees, in a poll taken by CPAC, Romney lost to Ron Paul — a sign that the leadership of groups like this is no longer calling the shots.  A McCain loss in his Senate campaign in Arizona would be a further sign that even without any higher-up leadership, the grassroots can now make up its own mind.

Our heads are very slowly emerging from the sand, but there are a lot of GOP die-hards out there who keep longing for the “good old days” of the globalist, open-borders GW Bush administration. They haven’t quite figured it out yet.

The press release appearing below is one of the most amazing but likewise, one if the saddest, pieces  of news Laigle’s Forum has ever received from an independent source.

It is in fact the fulfillment of what WND’s Jerome Corsi had foreseen and written about earlier ( It shows not only the extent of the criminal activity of the world elites but also the extent to which they will go to hush up their activities.

The sender, the assistant to Nigel Farage, founder of the UK Independent Party (UKIP), one of the most outspoken voices in Europe and a man who has consistently opposed the European Union dictatorship — even from his position as a Member of Parliament in the EU, sent out the press release immediately after dictating it, showing the outrageous consequences of “carbon credits.”

To sum it up, 1 billion pounds sterling  in carbon credits were given to an Indian-owned UK steelworks so that the plant could be closed down — ostensibly to save the world from the emissions caused by this plant — leaving 1,700 workers jobless. And here is the rub: in Robin-Hood fashion, the cool billion of UK taxpayer money will be invested in steel plants in India, where no one believes in the “carbon offset” schemes and where the emissions will continue unabated, with nothing of the stated goal being accomplished.  The net result is an enormous transfer of wealth by Fabian-style stealth from a “rich” (but soon to be poor if the elites have their way) country to a developing country. I hope you understand that the end game of the elites is to “spread the wealth around” as Obama told Joe the Plumber he would do. It has nothing whatsoever to do with saving the planet or anything else. It is like Chicago-style power politics on a world scale.

It is vitally important for us to be aware that all globalists and globablist organizations (like the CFR) want only to spread the wealth, Marxist style. They do not want prosperity for you or your children and, as evidenced hereinbelow, they could care less about the environment or “global warming.”  And here is the smoking gun in Mr. Nigel Farage’s press release, as dictated to his secretary.

Don Hank


Corus’ steelworks at Redcar, near Middlesborough, “Teesside Cast Products”, is to be closed (“mothballed” is the euphemism)  It is Britain’s last great steelworks and an essential national resource. Without it, we are at the world’s mercy.

Corus is owned by Tata Steel of India.   Recently, Tata received “EU-carbon-credits” worth up to £1bn, ostensibly so that steel-production at Redcar would not be crippled by the EU’s “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”.  By closing the plant at Redcar – and not making any “carbon-emissions” – Tata walks off with £1bn of taxpayers’ money, which it will invest in its steel-factories in India, where there is no “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”.

There’s more.  The EU’s “emissions-trading-scheme” (ETS) is modelled on instructions from the “International Panel on Climate-Change” (IPCC) of the United Nations Organisation. The Chairman of the IPCC is one Dr Rajendra K.Pachauri, a former railway-engineer, who obtained this post by virtue of his being Chairman of the “Tata Energy-Research Institute” – set up by Tata Steel.

UKIP’s leader in the EU’s “parliament”, Nigel Farage, revealed these data in a speech at Strasbourg, on 10th February, and was due to appear in the BBC’s “Question-Time” programme, from Middlesborough, on 18th February, where the closure of the Redcar-plant was inevitably discussed.  Almost at the last minute, his invitation to join the “Question-Time” panel was cancelled, without explanation.

An article, on the subject, by Neil Hamilton, which was due to appear in this week’s Sunday Express, has also been “pulled”.

 Yours etc


On another note, please let us know what you think of the below-linked post “Enjoy the internet while you can.” For example, is there anything offensive in the way it is written? Please let us know either by sending us a note at or by adding a comment at the bottom of this latest post “The rotten fruits of…”

Thank you!

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The weather no longer a safe topic?

The weather a taboo topic

By way of introduction to the next column, the weather, once the only safe topic amongst strangers, is no longer safe and comfortable to talk about for many people in the Unites States of America.

The Catholic church in the middle ages, an arm of government, wouldn’t discuss indulgences either. You weren’t supposed to ask why the church — a powerful arm of government — would sell indulgences for sin when the Bible didn’t mention this practice, and in fact, when the Bible said the shed blood of Jesus was the only indulgence you needed.

It was all about filthy lucre. The Bible was written in Latin only and no vernacular Bible was allowed to be published. People reading the Bible would’ve been bad for business.

Today, nothing has changed in human nature. Knowing the truth about the weather is bad for one of the most lucrative of the government’s now numerous businesses.


Taboo topics: religion, politics and — weather?

Donald Hank

At 6:45 a.m. on May 19, 2009, I looked out the window to see frost on all the surrounding rooftops — not just the ones in the valley where cold air collects but even on my own rooftop. As I jogged uphill toward Main Street, I saw that each still-shaded rooftop was covered with frost. A man from 6 miles away said they’d had heavy frost there too so it was not just a localized phenomenon. Now the instructions on seed packets sold around here say to plant on April 1 after danger of frost is past, and the latest frost I had ever seen in my 60 odd years in the area was on April 29, 2006. I was so impressed by that frost that I wrote that date in the frost on my windshield and took pictures. But this year frost came almost 3 weeks later. Such a phenomenon was always splashed all over the papers when I was a kid. But I knew that wasn’t going to happen this time.

At the gas station on Main Street, I told the two clerks to look out and see something they’d never seen before — frost on May 19. One of them, a gentleman in his 60s, admitted he’d never seen this. I predicted it would not be reported in the papers. Indeed, the next day it was conspicuously absent.

I later asked everyone I met along my route if they’d ever seen frost this late. None had. One couple in their 70s said they’d lived in the mountains 100 miles north of here and had never seen frost this late even there.

Now, when I was growing up, older folks used to warn against talking politics and religion. They always said the safest topic was the weather.

Governor Ed Rendell to PA businesses: get out!

PA has new creative ways to get rid of businesses, people

First off, let me say the area around Lancaster and York Counties in Pennsylvania is beautiful, crime is low, and you can still safely turn your back on most folks. I love the area. It is in the Bible belt. We may have invented the Bible belt. The people are conservative and honest, hard-working, and the number one cause of death is OD’ing on scrapple and shoe-fly pie. People die content and a near-record number go to heaven.

But is Pennsylvania business-friendly?

Well, imagine receiving this notice from the Department of revenues of your state about a new tax few outside of government have ever heard of:

“PA Department of Revenues records indicate your company has not reported or remitted Use Tax in the previous three years. Your company incurs a Use Tax liability when purchases are not taxed by the selling vendor…”

Sounds like you’ve been a negligent business person, right? So then why didn’t my tax accountant know, who is himself a government auditor?

Answer: no one knew. And they weren’t supposed to. It’s that old taxation without notification. The Department admits in that same notification:

“Many businesses are first made aware of Use Tax when a Department auditor reviews their financial records, and a tax assessment including penalty and interest results.”

Translation: Governor Ed Rendell’s Department of Revenue admits it failed to properly announce this Use Tax in time and most are surprised by it. So how can a government levy a tax and then, the first year it is enforced, demand payment of “back taxes”?

Technically, the DOR had said, back in 2006, at their web site, which no one was, or is, obliged to visit:

 “The DOR has now moved on to the enforcement phase of the program, while the education and outreach phase continues.  In January 2006, self-audit Use Tax Returns were mailed to PA businesses, permitting them to audit their books for 2006, as well as the previous three (3) years, to determine any use tax liabilities.”

The letter, which is part of a “voluntary compliance program” (ve have our vays), ends with a friendly reminder that failure to pay could lead to jail. Thank you and have a nice day.

Use tax? As far as anyone in PA can remember, Use Tax was devised to scrape a few tax dollars from out-of-staters who worked in PA. They were using the state to pursue gainful employment, and hence, theoretically, were putting wear and tear on the highways and using our public services, and had to pay their “fair share” – 6% of their earnings. It had nothing to do with items purchased out of state.

Maybe the notices were supposed to go out, but the fact is, many businesses did not receive word of this creative new interpretation of the Use Tax, at least not in understandable enough terms, before now. My own accountant – who had never mentioned this to me, through no fault of his own, because his own colleagues didn’t know either – just told me today that the mailings from the Department to his clients started about a month ago, which was as much a surprise to them as mine was to me when it arrived yesterday. Other PA colleagues I checked with have not yet received notice. But we will all be paying “back” taxes on a new tax no one knew they were supposed to pay 3 years ago, and many will pay hefty penalties for not paying now that credit is tight and businesses are faltering!

In fact, so stealthy was the assault on PA businesses that as soon as the terrifying notices went out, a new web site opened up to discuss the new compliance initiative and how to deal with it. Obviously, the site visitors didn’t know what had hit them either!

And guess how much time Ed Rendell’s sweethearts are giving us to make the necessary calculations from 3 years of tax returns and send in a check for the last 3 years’ tax liability? Until January 15, about a month, to get the credit needed to pay this potentially crushing amount – just in time for Christmas (let them eat scrapple, eh, Ed?) and for the credit crunch. Clearly they are hoping many will not be able to pay by then and will incur juicy late fees to help bolster big spender Governor Ed Rendell’s treasury.

But would I bother to warn you about this if Pennsylvania were otherwise a business-friendly state?

Maybe not.

But there is that other little matter of the order to reduce electrical power output, imposed on utilities in PA. That’s right. No matter how many new residents PA acquires in the next few years (the government is friendly to illegal immigrants, of course), the overall power output will decrease. It has to. Otherwise the power companies pay a hefty fine. Sure, it’s their fault you moved here. How dare they?

So how does a power company go about refusing you power? Who goes first? Are hospitals exempted? How about the elderly? Do they freeze in the winter and gasp in the summer? Does anyone care for people any more? Well, as the Dems would say: the environment was here first (interpretation: get lost, humans!).

As one blog poster commented: “forget about electric cars because they will need places to plug them in to recharge the batteries.”
The post ends with the words: “Rendell, you are an idiot! The loonies are running the asylum!”

My advice to you if you live in PA or are considering starting a business here: you may want to check around first for a more business-friendly and people-friendly venue –  say, Venezuela.

Still the United States of America?

Still the United States of America?

Commentary by Donald Hank

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama once intoned “this will always be the United States of America.”

But will it?

You decide, after reading this issue of Laigle’s forum.


China to the world: clean up after me

China relegates the US to bottom floor, occupies penthouse

China recently became a member of the G20 and lost no time in taking over, demanding that other, richer, countries clean up her environment.

Let me give you some background here.

The first time I visited Hong Kong, I stayed in a rundown hotel near the outskirts of the town.

As soon as I had settled into my room, I looked out the window and saw a strange sight. Off a few thousand yards, situated on a hillside, was an apartment or condo complex with about 6 stories, each of which had an awning, all except the top story, which was a penthouse. Each of the awnings was totally covered with garbage of various kinds, including ordinary kitchen refuse.

I had spent time in Mainland China and had lived and studied for years in Taiwan, all places where humans and filth coexist peacefully under the strangest conditions. But I had never seen anything like this.

I found a few workers downstairs and asked them why each of these awnings was so full of garbage. I was sure they would be able to give me an explanation.

Get ready now. The following is a rough translation of what their spokesman said, with a big smile on his face:

Here in this part of China every person who lives above someone else has tossing rights to any roof below him. The person on the first floor has to put up with garbage from any other floor that might fall on his porch roof. The closer you are to the top, the less garbage you have to put up with. They guy on top is king! Nobody can throw garbage on him. So that is why everyone wants to live on the top floor.

Get ready, America, for your new king! You have granted China tossing rights over you, and she is a very, very messy neighbor – or maybe I should say, bed partner.

Read about it here.

Donald Hank


Homosexual activism reaches Biblical proportions

Below are the words of a radical homosexual activist to Linda Harvey, a godly woman who has thus far stood almost alone against the homosexual agenda. This man, like legions of his cohorts, thinks orthodox Christians are judgmental and should be punished by homosexual activists. here is his stern warning:

“You are very much being watched!  All you jeebus-lovin-christers rights will slowly be taken away one by one the more you try to press your beliefs down our throats. Beware. We are everywhere and you will never know it. Watch your mouth. Watch your actions. We are watching them my friend and we are many and we are rich and we are very well educated and very powerful. …”

Now if you think this sort of threat by homosexuals is a new phenomenon, know that there is nothing new under the sun. Approximately 2,000 B.C., as Lot was preparing a meal for some heavenly visitors in a house just outside the city of Sodom, some men from this town surrounded the house and said “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out so that we may have sex with them.”

Lot pleaded with them not to “do this wicked thing,” but they replied:

“Get out of our way. This fellow came here as an alien and how he wants to play the judge,” and then threatened Lot with harm: “We’ll treat you worse than them!”

You see? According to their way of thinking, the activists of Sodom had a right to have sex with anyone, even someone who did not want to have sex with them. And when a godly man defended the rights of his visitors to be left unmolested, the Sodomites were enraged and threatened him.

Nothing has changed since then. There was a brief interlude of some 1800 years when Christianity held sway in Europe, then briefly in the USA, where Christians like William Penn, the Quakers, Puritans, Anabaptists and many others came to escape from European wickedness.

But now, scarcely 300 years after they came to this safe haven, it is in the hands of the ones they were trying to escape.

Now where do we go?

Not long ago, a pastor in my home town, a sweet mild mannered man, preached from Romans 1, quoting Paul’s unflattering words about homosexual behavior.

Shortly thereafter, his home burned to the ground. Coincidence perhaps?

If you think I am over-reacting, check out this site, but make sure the kids aren’t watching.

Olavo de Carvalho: Ask John McCain

The eminent Brazilian columnist Olavo de Carvalho, who escaped a Latin tyrant by coming to this country, and for whom present-day America is therefore déjà vu, has been contacting the news media with his fervent plea to ask John McCain why he refused to ask tough questions of Obama about his background. De Carvalho says this kind of non-reaction by McCain and the press is exactly what preceded the rise of the far-left Lula to power in his country. So far Mr. de Carvalho has been stonewalled, just like he had been back home. One well-known US press representative who has been involved in government work that should have put him in a position to evaluate the precariousness of our position, wrote back poo-pooing his message and telling him this story about Obama’s lack of proper birth certificate is all just hype.

The real story here is the complicity of the news media, which stands like a phalanx behind the cover-up of a gigantic story of an apparent illegal alien usurping the presidency and refusing to produce the documents produced by every other president since the founding of this Republic.


Man sues feds to stop bailout

Larry Baumgarner, from Egg Harbor, NJ, is suing to stop the bailout.

Read more.

Larry contacted Laigle’s a while back with the story and we decided to take a wait-and-see approach. Sure enough, he has filed his suit. Larry writes:

Hello Laigle’s Forum,

Thought you’d like this. The response to my injunction to stop the bailout has been overwhelming. The publishing of the article in the Atlantic City Press was accompanied by about 100,000 e mails that went out. The leader of the Virginia Fair Tax organization wanted to be the first to call the federal court Monday morning. Like it was an honor to be the first ones into the fray of which they were. Ralph Nader’s coordinator called Sunday and told me she had called Ralph to support my federal action.  Haven’t heard from Ralph but into the court house they called. Then the Free Texans got into the act and on and on and on until the phone system about melted down at the federal court. Needless to say the federal court was not amused.  I was. Lol.

Some woman who has a talk show in Chicago wrote the Press and nominated me for citizen of the year. Some talk show in Texas got it and it was the subject of last night’s show.  Some outfit in Florida got it from somebody in Texas and somebody in Oregon got it from somebody in Alaska and are all calling the court. A guy from Oklahoma who ran for Senator from the state as an independent and lost, who got 56,000 votes, called and supports me and is trying to get those people to call the court.  They’re going to have to get more phones. Lol. That’s only a part of it.  The e mails are being forwarded around to other people all over the country. It kind of exploded.  I can’t keep up with the e mails or the calls which are coming in from all over the country.  So that’s how the response has been.  I read the e mails and laugh. I’m a hero, a patriot, the bravest man in America, and a host of the things. It’s a hoot!  It’s taking a life of its own. 

So call the Court early and often and vent!!! Lol. It can be very therapeutic.  Some woman from Charlottesville Virginia said she called six times so far. And she’s going to keep calling until they stop the bailout. Lol. They laughed when I sat down at that piano……. Hahahahaha.  Thought you’d be interested.   

      Stay tuned.  cya  Larry  


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