Protest eminent domain abuse

PROTEST EMINENT DOMAIN ABUSEPlease write a personal version of the following message and send to:
AG Cuomo tonight or by Monday April 28, 2008.

Important to have as many people as possible to contact Andrew Cuomo ASAP.  Developments imply that contact from votes at this time can have a positive influence.  Pass on this message to your own lists.
FAX number : +1 (518) 473-9909
New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224-0341
As a resident and voter I ask that the Attorney General to conduct a full scale investigation into industrial wind developers. I support a broad effort to look at the way wind developers are bribing town officials. It is common knowledge in most of the towns where wind projects are proposed that local decisions are influenced by wind money.
If industrial wind was so good, the developer would disclose their wind data to prove that an area has the needed wind velocity to generate meaningful electric.
These same developers refuse to accept reasonable setbacks that protect the safety of residents. 
REC credits are being sold on electric not generated.  Isn’t that a crime?  Steel Winds in Lackawanna, NY is a prime example to look into.  Legal actions are being filed all over the state to prevent unlawful abuses on the local level.  New York State must enforce the law, so that common citizens won’t have to expend their life savings to hold crooks accountable.
Now Eminent Domain is being used to force landowners, who refuse to give up the use of their property, to have their land taken for Wind Farm Prattsburgh. Alternative energy projects should only be developed when the rights of property owners and their public safety are protected.
NYS will lose more population if taxpayers are coerced into living next to an industrial machine that does little to produce useful electricity.
People need your help to stop foreign corporations from taking over local government with payoffs and jobs for officials who vote for and approve wind projects.  Will you help and go to court and prosecute corrupt officials and developers?  Your office has the power, use it.

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