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May 31

New details on US-Saudi deal suggest Washington supporting terrorist regime

New details of US-Saudi deal suggest Washington supports terror   by Don Hank Bloomberg recently exposed the story – kept under wraps for over 40 years — of the US-Saudi petrodollar agreement under which the US agreed to use its military to protect the Saudi family in exchange for the Saudis’ demanding US dollars as …

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Oct 27

The neglected Libyan public

Missing from the jubilant “world opinion” over the brutal murder and torture of the moderate Libyan leader is an analysis of Libyan street opinion. I think I know why no one is talking to them.   Don Hank It was supposed to be all about the Libyan people. Remember? Yet missing in all the news …

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May 05

Will Muslim Africa join the EU?

Millions of Muslims  live in Europe but refuse to integrate. The EU wants even more. And now, Muslims countries to join the EU? by Don Hank There has been much speculation as to the reasons for the US and NATO interfering in the internal affairs of Libya, the US and the rest of the West …

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Mar 08

Why I am not on “our” side any more

“What do you mean ‘we,’ white man?” Tonto, many moons ago   by Don Hank Today’s morning paper reported that Qadaffi is winning out against the rebels in Libya. Perhaps the Pravda article linked below will explain why I hope this secularist in a Muslim world is still in power tomorrow. But first let’s look how …

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Feb 12

Strengthening the enemies

Read the article and then take the poll:   Strengthening the enemies  Olavo de Carvalho Discounting the brief interruption in the Reagan era, American foreign policy since the end of World War II can be summarized by two rules which the State Department has followed with exemplary faithfulness and consistency: 1. Trade allied dictators …

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Feb 05

Danger ahead — Part I

Diário do Comércio, Olavo de Carvalho Murdered by fanatical countrymen, Anwar El-Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin paid the ultimate price for peace, but the shelf life of the product they purchased is rapidly expiring. Hosni Mubarak’s downfall removes from the scenario one of the few obstacles that have delayed the establishment of the grand Islamic strategic …

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