Does the Left control you?

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Don Hank

Answer: only if you let them

I received an email from a friend, incl several warnings about the Occupy [somewhere] movement, written by well-known conservative authors and exhorting conservatives to shun the Occupy Wall St. [or wherever] movement because it is linked to Obama groups and pals like ACORN and Van Jones and is a false flag movement.

Now I agree that we must be careful whom we stand with, because we may be suggesting to people that we agree with the Left — unless we are perfectly clear where we stand!

Consider this: The Left has been pretending to stand with good people ever since day one, while in fact standing with Satan. Stealth is their middle name.

I believe it may be time to turn the tables on them.

Yesterday, I got an email from a TX friend with an attachment showing a pamphlet on the “Occupy Houston” movement.

His point seemed to be that their literature was not well written and that it wasn’t clear what their goals were, so maybe they are bad guys to be avoided.

Ya know what? To me, that is a perfect opportunity for us to go to work. Because they can’t control the sidewalks and there’s no way they can control me.

If I lived in that part of the country and had a few extra hours, I’d make up a large poster reading “BRING BACK THE FREE MARKET” or “NO MORE SOCIALISM, MR. PRESIDENT,” or “SOLYNDRA, THE FRUITS OF ‘STIMULUS’ ” or the like, and I would unabashedly bring it along to the rally and hold it high. Look, if this is a false flag movement and they are just pretending to be on our side, then who would dare to stop me?

This morning I was listening to NHK News from Japan, and they had an international segment featuring the Occupy Wall St. movement in the US.

Unsurprisingly, the people they interviewed said nothing remotely suggesting they were socialist sympathizers, quite the opposite.

I almost fell off my chair when one lady said:

“When Barrack Obama was elected, we assumed that because he was a black man, he would do all he could to help the poor and underprivileged. He has done none of that.”

Yes, yes, I understand Van Jones and ACORN may have ties to the movement.

So what?

When I was in Lancaster, I attended a Tea Party rally and there were some people there who obviously were trying to infiltrate. I suspect they were from ACORN.

Here is what I don’t get: The LEFT infiltrates us all the time and we can see it happening and take it for granted.

Yet if a conservative wants to do the same back to them, all of a sudden, that “taints” us. Funny thing. The Left isn’t “taintable,” but conservatives are? Are we really that weak minded that getting too close to a lefty will rub off on us?

Well, look, if being around a bunch of lefties taints you — that is, influences you — then you are not well enough grounded in your conservatism and your Christian faith to leave your home.

As for me, I say with Paul: I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.

I mean that with regard to both my Christian faith and my political views. They are intertwined. Jesus’ view on socialism is clearly enunciated in John 6:

But if you are so timid in your faith and politics, and afraid of being misled by some half-baked Marxists who don’t know even a tenth of what the average conservative knows about history and economics, here is what you need to do:

Don’t ever have anything to do with a leftist. He’ll rub off on you.

Don’t go to town hall meetings and express your views. These meetings are full of lefties. It might rub off.

And don’t take part in surveys, online or off. The other respondents may be leftists. Ooooh, creepy!

Don’t write letters to the editor. The publication in which they are published is probably left of center and you might be thought of as a lefty. What would your conservative friends think of you?

Don’t go to the polls to vote. The polls are full of lefties and might persuade you to pull the wrong lever.

On the other hand, if you know what you believe and why, then go right ahead and attend any meeting or rally you darned well please and let people know how you think. Go ahead and listen to their misguided statements but be prepared to counter them – without fear, without anger, with love. You are dealing with the lost – with the weak, the ignorant. They’re in a much more precarious position than you will ever be. You can be their lighthouse. Why would you want to miss that opporunity? So, assuming you are educated on the issues (don’t try until you are), don’t be afraid to speak your mind and don’t be afraid to hold a poster advertising your view of why America is in a mess. These misguided lefties are the very ones you need to minister to, lovingly, compassionately and in God-given faith and wisdom. The chances are, many, maybe even most, will agree with you by the time you have told them what you think and why.

Consider that one of the main reasons they are in the dark is that conservatives have left them there.

We are the ones who have failed America. It’s time to grow a spine and do our job.

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Christianity and Libertarianism and the Consent of the Governed

July 29th, 2011 Anthony Horvath Posted in abortion, Christian, Conservatism, Culture, Culture Wars, Economics, Freedom, Gay agenda, Global governance, Libertarians, Politics, Socialism, The Left 9 Comments »

Originally Posted here by Laigle’s contributor Anthony Horvath

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed Declaration of Independence

The last few months I’ve seen some strident statements of opposition against libertarians by conservatives. I’m on several email lists where I’m seeing such commentary and of course its on the web, as in this example. I personally didn’t detect a huge uptick in libertarian sentiment, but alright. I describe myself as a ‘constitutional libertarian’ and in explaining why I hope that I can shed light on what I believe are the true reasons for a rise in libertarianism- among Christians in particular. I can’t speak for them all, of course, but I think I recognize in some of their commentary some of my own thinking.

So, to begin with, let me make two important observations. First of all, when one thinks ‘libertarian’ one might immediately think licentious. However, the two are not identical terms. This leads to the second observation, the direction by which one arrives at libertarianism greatly impacts the flavor of that libertarianism. There can be no question that there are a great mass of individuals, who calling themselves libertarians, really are just people who wish to engage in whatever depravity that they want, with no one to tell them otherwise or worse- stop them. By my observation, the people coming from this direction are really your typical atheist secular humanist progressive who is perfectly happy to foist as much government as people can bear onto themselves and others- in the form of nationalized health care, eg- just so long as they can have sex with whatever and whomever they want and smoke whatever happens to come across their path.

However, someone coming at ‘libertarianism’ from the other direction, say, from a Christian perspective and a conservative, is not looking for a reason to misbehave. This is why I led off with the John Adams quote. ‘Moral and religious people’ will continue to be ‘moral and religious’ whatever freedoms or restrictions are placed on them by the government. I might say: “Libertarianism was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the [government] of any other.” There are any number of forms of government that can work with a ‘moral and religious people.’ For an amoral or immoral or anti-moral or non-religious or anti-religious people, no kind of government is going to work for the long haul. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ann Barnhardt skewers Mitt

June 3rd, 2011 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in elections, Politics, Socialism 2 Comments »

Ann Barnhardt skewers Mitt


The below-linked video did my soul good. I hope it will benefit you likewise.

When it comes to that old “lesser of 2 evils” thing, I always keep 2 things in mind: RINOs are out to destroy America by stealth. Democrats are out to destroy America straightforwardly.

The RINOs and false conservatives will take her down with the approval of weak-minded conservatives.

The Democrats will encounter more resistance from all conservatives — just as Obama is encountering resistance today for doing the same things Bush did with “conservative” approval in his day.

Therefore, the RINO is the more dangerous of the 2 enemies, because he is wearing camouflage and won’t be spotted as the enemy until it is too late.

Hence my motto is as follows:

If America is to be destroyed, better it be destroyed by someone I didn’t vote for.

Don Hank

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Will Muslim Africa join the EU?

May 5th, 2011 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Christian, Egypt, european union, Global governance, Socialism 3 Comments »

Millions of Muslims  live in Europe but refuse to integrate. The EU wants even more. And now, Muslims countries to join the EU?

by Don Hank

There has been much speculation as to the reasons for the US and NATO interfering in the internal affairs of Libya, the US and the rest of the West interfering in Egypt, the UN taking sides in an election dispute in the Ivory Coast and using deadly force to install the Muslim candidate, while doing nothing to stop the slaughter of 1,000 Christians, etc.

There is the old knee-jerk accusation that it is all about oil. Yet Egypt has almost no oil. Neither does the Ivory Coast.

Remember that the EU has been importing Muslims into Europe at the rate of almost a million a year and a realistic estimate forecasts a Muslim majority in about 15-25 years in that continent.

Also recall that the Fabian Society (of which Bush pal Tony Blair is a member) was founded in the 1880s for the purpose of spreading socialism worldwide, and one of their immediate goals was to eliminate Christianity. Now do you suppose engineering a Muslim majority may help achieve that goal?

Also recall that every major conflict in the Middle East since the Iraq invasion has resulted in the murder, exile and/or persecution of indigenous Christian populations that were protected until the West got involved!

This is all circumstantial evidence, you say.

But for many years, an expansion of the EU into Africa has been in the works, and now a high-ranking EU official is recommending “deep and broad” integration with Africa, ostensibly to expand the EU “market.” This means, long-term, that African nations are now to be integrated into the EU. Which in turn means that eventually the Schengen agreement (open borders) would be extended to Islamic Africa.

Remember that the EU started out as an innocent little agreement (the EEC, European Economic Community – with the emphasis ostensibly on the market), then morphed into the EC (European Community — note that “economic” is no longer the focus, not even part of the name), and now is a supranational government whose top ranking officers (the European Commission) are not even elected. We used to call that kind of arrangement a dictatorship. We also used to call the kind of wealth redistribution policies this government practices communism.

My, how times have changed. Good thing communism is “dead.”

The EU’s William Hague wants to “broaden and deepen” ties with N. Africa:

Sarkozy has wanted Mediterranean Union:

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Does Obama want you dead?

April 18th, 2011 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Government, Socialism, The Left 4 Comments »

Think long and hard about the answer to that question. There’s evidence that he does.

by Don Hank

An interview with Larry Grathwohl, a former member of the Weather Underground, reports on a meeting with these his former associates. The group leaders discussed plans to set up re-education camps (concentration camps) in the South once they had taken over the US. When then-member Grathwohl asked what would be done with the approximately 25 million who could not be re-educated, the leaders responded “they would have to be eliminated.”

 “Meaning killed,” clarifies Larry.

Does Obama disagree with any of the dangerous, insane ideas brought to light in the below-linked video? He is close pals with William Ayers of the Weather Underground, who was involved in a bomb plot that killed people. Following his outrageous, politically motivated acquittal, Ayers said he only wished he could have killed more. Does Obama disagree? Really? It’s a vital question and no one is sure of the answer.

Consider this irony: William Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn went to Egypt prior to the revolt that toppled Mubarak. They are believed to have had a hand in fomenting the revolution. After all, when 2 known friends of the president of the US say to a group of militants “the President will support you,” that carries a lot of clout. Now, to reiterate: William Ayers was one of the Weather Underground leaders who agreed that 25 million Americans would have to be killed if his group took over the US.

Yet, his close friend and ally Barack Obama said in his propaganda effort to support the Middle Eastern uprisings, that our intervention was humanitarian and that the dictators there (Mubarak, Ghadaffi) are killing citizens.

So, Barack Obama, who supports the homicidally minded Ayers, is trying to make us believe he cares about human life in Africa?

Do you believe him?

Brainwashed Americans simply don’t understand the far left. 

We witnessed the fall of the Soviet Union, which killed around 20 million there . We watched passively as Mao killed an estimated 70 million in China. Facts incredibly well guarded in America

Yet today, only a few decades later, by electing a president whose ideology is very much in line with the Soviets’ and the Chinese communists’, we are flirting with something possibly more deadly still than the ideologies of Stalin and Mao, who killed a total of up to 90 million between them. Let that sink in.

America has suffered a potentially deadly dumbing-down at the hands of the Democrats, the RINOs, the false conservatives, the controlled opposition (including many clergy) and the useful idiots.

The rest? We’re only a handful.

Say, 25 million or so.

Larry Grathwohl’s testimony on the Weather Underground:

Wikileaks: US secretly backed Syrian uprising:

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