Newsflash: Robin Hood Steals from Himself to Give to the Poor!

The commandment is:  “Thou shalt not steal.”

Most people believe that this commandment represents sound morality, even if they are not Christians.  Nonetheless, it seems that this moral precept is forgotten once we start talking politics.  And no wonder:  Americans have been making up ‘right and wrong’ for themselves for quite a while.   Obviously it was only a matter of time before it seeped into our national mindset.

A good example of this in action is the current attempt by the Democrats to extend the payroll tax cut, ‘paying for it’ by having the ‘rich’ pay their ‘fair share.’

That we are talking about theft becomes clearer when one considers exactly what the ‘payroll tax’ is.  We are talking about the portion of one’s income that goes directly into Social Security.  Your contributions, in turn, ensure that when you retire, you will be able to draw a steady check.

Now, the liberals tend to target the rich to fund a variety of their favorite programs, and many of those times there ostensibly is some ‘public’ benefit of them.  For example, we might put public infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, in this category.  Usually, though, the program favors smaller, special interest, populations.  The appearance of a socialistic transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor becomes more profound the more targeted the program.

But the funding of the payroll tax cut by the rich really takes the cake.  It is one of those few instances of a government service where the individual directly benefiting from the service is also the one funding it.  Heck, it might be the only example of such a thing.

To have the rich pay for the payroll tax cut is to ask them to directly fund the retirements of the rest of the population, in a direct and transparent manner.  The ‘99%’ are demanding that the ‘1%’ pay for a service that only the ‘99%’ will benefit from, without themselves contributing a dime.  There is no ‘public’ benefit; the ‘special interest’ group just turns out to be exceptionally large.

This is stealing.

Stealing is wrong.

Therefore, this is wrong.

The real kick in the pants here is that while the ‘poor’ and ‘middle class’ are getting behind the highway robbery of their ‘richer’ countrymen, they are actually robbing their future selves.  Since the amount of your contribution is correlated with how much you receive in your retirement account, by continuing to not pay the payroll tax, you are decreasing the amount you will ultimately receive. Continue reading

Building on Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan for Radical Change

The following was posted by Laigle’s Staff writer Anthony Horvath at his blog:

I understand that Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is just phase one in a more powerful overhaul, but I am leery about any plan that cannot be attained within a single term of the presidency.  Moreover, we cannot count on the legislators to get behind it, or sustain it once it gets going.

So that’s a pickle, right?  There pretty much isn’t a plan out there that can be rolled out within a single term with the assurance that the legislative branch will implement it as proposed (and not load it with 2,000 pages of caveats).

So what to do?

Suck it up and vote for Herman Cain.

And consider a different plan that actually tackles these issues head on and effectively ensures that the plan comes to fruition.

The plan is simply this:  deny the Federal government the right to collect individual and corporate taxes, period.  Instead, the Federal government would collect funds from the states.  The states in turn would be in charge of collecting the taxes that would then be sent along to the Federal government.  How the states collect that revenue would be entirely up to each individual state.  Each state would be assigned an ‘amount due’ based on some kind of objective and reasonable criteria, like for example, on a per capita basis and a calculation of that state’s particular burden on the Federal budget.

Read the whole proposal

Does the Left control you?

Don Hank

Answer: only if you let them

I received an email from a friend, incl several warnings about the Occupy [somewhere] movement, written by well-known conservative authors and exhorting conservatives to shun the Occupy Wall St. [or wherever] movement because it is linked to Obama groups and pals like ACORN and Van Jones and is a false flag movement.

Now I agree that we must be careful whom we stand with, because we may be suggesting to people that we agree with the Left — unless we are perfectly clear where we stand!

Consider this: The Left has been pretending to stand with good people ever since day one, while in fact standing with Satan. Stealth is their middle name.

I believe it may be time to turn the tables on them.

Yesterday, I got an email from a TX friend with an attachment showing a pamphlet on the “Occupy Houston” movement.

His point seemed to be that their literature was not well written and that it wasn’t clear what their goals were, so maybe they are bad guys to be avoided.

Ya know what? To me, that is a perfect opportunity for us to go to work. Because they can’t control the sidewalks and there’s no way they can control me.

If I lived in that part of the country and had a few extra hours, I’d make up a large poster reading “BRING BACK THE FREE MARKET” or “NO MORE SOCIALISM, MR. PRESIDENT,” or “SOLYNDRA, THE FRUITS OF ‘STIMULUS’ ” or the like, and I would unabashedly bring it along to the rally and hold it high. Look, if this is a false flag movement and they are just pretending to be on our side, then who would dare to stop me?

This morning I was listening to NHK News from Japan, and they had an international segment featuring the Occupy Wall St. movement in the US.

Unsurprisingly, the people they interviewed said nothing remotely suggesting they were socialist sympathizers, quite the opposite.

I almost fell off my chair when one lady said:

“When Barrack Obama was elected, we assumed that because he was a black man, he would do all he could to help the poor and underprivileged. He has done none of that.”

Yes, yes, I understand Van Jones and ACORN may have ties to the movement.

So what?

When I was in Lancaster, I attended a Tea Party rally and there were some people there who obviously were trying to infiltrate. I suspect they were from ACORN.

Here is what I don’t get: The LEFT infiltrates us all the time and we can see it happening and take it for granted.

Yet if a conservative wants to do the same back to them, all of a sudden, that “taints” us. Funny thing. The Left isn’t “taintable,” but conservatives are? Are we really that weak minded that getting too close to a lefty will rub off on us?

Well, look, if being around a bunch of lefties taints you — that is, influences you — then you are not well enough grounded in your conservatism and your Christian faith to leave your home.

As for me, I say with Paul: I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.

I mean that with regard to both my Christian faith and my political views. They are intertwined. Jesus’ view on socialism is clearly enunciated in John 6:

But if you are so timid in your faith and politics, and afraid of being misled by some half-baked Marxists who don’t know even a tenth of what the average conservative knows about history and economics, here is what you need to do:

Don’t ever have anything to do with a leftist. He’ll rub off on you.

Don’t go to town hall meetings and express your views. These meetings are full of lefties. It might rub off.

And don’t take part in surveys, online or off. The other respondents may be leftists. Ooooh, creepy!

Don’t write letters to the editor. The publication in which they are published is probably left of center and you might be thought of as a lefty. What would your conservative friends think of you?

Don’t go to the polls to vote. The polls are full of lefties and might persuade you to pull the wrong lever.

On the other hand, if you know what you believe and why, then go right ahead and attend any meeting or rally you darned well please and let people know how you think. Go ahead and listen to their misguided statements but be prepared to counter them – without fear, without anger, with love. You are dealing with the lost – with the weak, the ignorant. They’re in a much more precarious position than you will ever be. You can be their lighthouse. Why would you want to miss that opporunity? So, assuming you are educated on the issues (don’t try until you are), don’t be afraid to speak your mind and don’t be afraid to hold a poster advertising your view of why America is in a mess. These misguided lefties are the very ones you need to minister to, lovingly, compassionately and in God-given faith and wisdom. The chances are, many, maybe even most, will agree with you by the time you have told them what you think and why.

Consider that one of the main reasons they are in the dark is that conservatives have left them there.

We are the ones who have failed America. It’s time to grow a spine and do our job.

How the Fed plunders you illegally

Martha Stewart went to jail for it, but the Fed practices insider trading with impunity


by Don Hank

The article below on the global economic crisis explains why our financial system no longer operates on free market principles, and in short, this explains why we are failing. What’s worse, our system is illegal because it tolerates and encourages insider trading, which is defined as follows:

Insider trading occurs when a trade has been influenced by the privileged possession of corporate information that has not yet been made public.

To put this in its proper perspective, Martha Stewart was investigated for insider trading for selling stock when she learned from a friend that stock in his company would lose value because the FDA was going to reject the drug his company was trying to sell. Although the ultimate charge that put her in jail was lying to the FBI, insider trading was the original thrust and was considered illegal. Yet, the government is directly involved with just such insider trading on a vastly wider scale, involving inside info possessed by the Fed in its unsavory relationship with the US government, and is enriched daily by this info in an obvious and illegal conflict of interests.

If Martha Stewart deserved jail, then what does the Fed deserve?

Here is the article:—Excerpt_from_Introduction_to_The_Global_Economic_Crisis._The_Great_Depression_of_the_XXI_Century.html


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and its powerful Wall Street stakeholders – which are Wall Street’s largest private banks – have inside information on the conduct of U.S. monetary policy. They are therefore in a position to predict outcomes and hedge their bets in highly leveraged operations on the futures and derivatives markets. They are in an obvious conflict of interest because their prior knowledge of particular decisions by the Federal Reserve Board enables them, as private banking institutions, to make multibillion dollar profits.

People have learned to ask politicians crucial questions about their politics. Yet politicians are almost never asked the key questions that decide our and our children’s economic future.

As our nation sinks further and further into the financial abyss, we must make some urgent changes to the demands we make on our public officials.

Will your candidate vote for congressional hearings of the Fed and of the major bankers who committed mortgage fraud, bundling and selling mortgages knowing they were worthless?

Will he or she demand a reduction in our sovereign debt?

It is time to demand accountability. No backbone, no vote.


Anarchists and frightened police face off in London

Bobbies learn spoiled kids are holy terrors 

by Don Hank

The UK newspaper Daily Mail reported today on a riot by anarchists in the UK, which broke out as part of an anti-cuts demonstration. They number in the thousands, have done a lot of damage and have also scared the beejeebers out of the police, who have become accustomed to fear over years of facing Muslim demonstrations against Western values (which make Muslims uncomfortable and never seem to quite go away no matter how many Europeans they terrorize in an effort to gently convert them–or else).

While many Americans still believe that the main source of economic benefits is a combination of work, ingenuity and risk taking, along with simple notions of supply and demand (commonly known as free market principles—once believed extinct until live specimens were recently found in China), Europeans have been taught since about the end of WW II that the government is where all money, jobs and benefits come from. Some of them also reportedly believe government is where babies come from and where people go when they die.

They pray thusly: Our Government, who art in heaven, give us this day our dole of bread, lest we blast your stuff to kingdom come. For mine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen and to the barricades.

Sadly, the anarchists featured in the Daily Mail story are protesting something that practically no longer exists: capitalism.

Today’s Western economy is based on a system that can charitably be called corporatism, or, if you are mean, fascism, which has replaced the free market system so gradually that most have not noticed and don’t even know it is there.

We can all agree that the present system is impoverishing us and eliminating the middle class, while enriching the oligarchs.

However, since it is a hybrid between corrupt Big Government (essentially socialism) and corrupt business interests, conservatives (on both sides of the pond) hate it but only see the Big Government side of it, which is corrupt — while socialists / anarchists (on both sides of the pond) hate it but only see the capitalist side of it, which is corrupt.

It’s like the 4 blind men and the elephant. There aren’t enough people yet who see the system for the many-tentacled hybrid that it is, and herein lies the tragic inability to solve the problem. Indeed, if you don’t understand what you are up against, then it is hard to fight effectively. A friend of mine has likened problem solving of this sort to buttoning a shirt: If you start wrong at the top, you wind up wrong at the bottom.

Many, including the above-referenced anarchists, believe all of their problems can be solved by a government willing to cooperate with their hedonistic whims. That’s because not nearly enough understand that the EU is a dictatorship that looks out only for its own interests (as elegantly explained by Sonya Porter) and has been controlling the corrupt government side of the economy (by teaching young people fairly tales about climate change and social justice), while most of the capitalists have joined forces with this same government and together they have a jolly good time robbing all of us poor blokes down at the bottom of the food chain.

If young people can be made to understand this, then, once they outgrow their Pampers, they can help us rebuild the West, now that we have all managed to muck it up.

So what do you say? Let’s teach them.

That should work a lot better than sending teams of frightened bobbies after them.

Our shame is cover for the enemy

copyright Don Hank 2011

Freedom or destruction, your choice

Let’s face it: The Big Government-Big Banking dictatorship that rules most of the Western world can succeed in destroying our jobs, our credit and our currency only because of one overriding factor:


We the People, while willing for the most part to fight for our rights, are a little less anxious to risk our self-esteem going up against the biggest crooks in the nation — in the Fed and government agencies that manipulate the markets — because to do so would require more knowledge about finance and economics than most of us have and they can bully us with weasel words that sound sophisticated and are designed to make us feel like stupid peasants. Thus out of embarrassment, we defer to them and let our shame pave the way to an increasingly imminent serfdom. (See the book “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich Hayek).

Try as we might, we don’t always understand the intricacies of finance, a world that got infinitely more complex — and corrupt — in the last 20 years thanks to the shenanigans of bankers and their cohorts in government. Terms like subprime, quantitative easing, bundled securities, securitization, are all designed to cover what we would — if we fully understood the scheme and its intent — instantly recognize as criminal behavior on a par with Bernie Madoff’s scheme, which is erroneously called the biggest swindle ever. In fact, Bernie’s caper is small potatoes next to what the banker-politician cabal has done to the world economy, and they are still running free while Bernie serves as their scapegoat. (No, I am not excusing Bernie here).

I include myself among those who need remedial lessons in finance.

For instance, I often forward articles from FedUpUSA that contain portions that are over my head.

But here’s the thing to remember: The future of our children is worth more than our own self esteem. We can’t use our own ignorance of an obscure and convoluted system as an excuse not to fight evil. And we can place our trust in financial experts who are brave enough to stake their fortunes on telling the truth. And here’s the litmus test: anyone telling the truth is not going to defend the bailouts and TARP.

There has never been any system more evil than that of the Ruling Class that stole our jobs, bankrupted our banks, stole (yes, stole!) our money (the Bush-Obama bailouts, TARP, neither of which is remotely constitutional) and is now busy devaluing our currency worldwide (QE1, QE2 — euphemisms for printing unbacked currency) and impoverishing and hence destroying the middle class – you and me, thanks to a corrupt GOP-Democrat-Banker alliance.

Each one of us owes it to ourselves and our kids and grandkids to make a sincere effort not only to understand the system that is enslaving us but also to seek out financial experts who can guide us (such as the experts of the Mises Institute, see link below). As soon as enough Americans learn to plumb the depths of this profound evil, the spell will be broken and we the people can take charge of our own economy and our own lives again.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

Or conversely:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

We have two choices: Freedom or destruction. It is up to each and every one of us. The beauty of ancient wisdom is that it applies on both the material and the spiritual level.

May God give you wisdom and understanding as you read this important article:

Please feel free to repost my articles, but only with a link to this site and a correct author attribution, of course. Thanks!

Matias Rojas enfrenta a Rockefeller

por Don Hank

Recientemente, un activista chileno enfrentó a David Rockefeller en el aeropuerto y le dijo en inglés: “vete de Chile”.  Aunque la Izquierda declara que Matías Rojas (vea enlace abajo) tiene motivos anti-capitalistas, en realidad no es ni anti-americano ni marxista. Es uno de los pocos analistas que ha notado que el viejo paradigma caracterizado por una tensión más o menos igual entre la Izquierda y la Derecha está vencido. Según el análisis de F. Hayek, sería más apropiado hablar de una dicotomía entre Gobierno grande (o sea un gobierno entrometido y coercitivo) y Gobierno limitado. De urgencia primordial para Rojas es oponerse a los élites del Nuevo Orden Mundial y a su creciente control (en forma de Gobierno grande) sobre todo aspecto de nuestra vida en el contexto tanto local como global.

Un creciente número de personas como Rojas se da cuenta de que el capitalismo ya casi no existe en el Oeste. Desde hace décadas, el capitalismo va remplazándose por un sistema híbrido, o sea una combinación de los intereses gubernamentales de un lado y los particulares del otro en un sistema coordinado mundial cada vez más entrelazado, profundo, impenetrable y corrupto. A este sistema algunos ya lo denominan de “fascismo”, otros de “corporatismo”. Sirviéndose de este sistema, los élites controlan cada vez más nuestra vida, dañan la economía mundial y reducen drásticamente la libertad individual.

En EEUU, la Fed sigue imprimiendo dólares, análogamente a un cocinero quien, al llegar más invitados, le echa a la sopa más agua pero sin echarle más ingredientes. Como la sopa diluida que resulta de tal práctica, el dólar no puede no perder su valor. Es más, los rescates de los bancos en EEUU y Europa le roban los frutos de la labor a la clase media (cada vez más chica) para pagarles a los millonarios que por sus acciones irresponsables desencadenaron la crisis financiera, económica y laboral que vivimos.

Tales acciones por parte de la Clase Dirigente occidental (Norteamérica, Europa, parte de América Latina) encarecen nuestra vida cada vez más, convirtiéndonos en esclavos del sistema gubernamental-comercial-banquero, el cual por miles de enlaces mayoritariamente secretos, redundan en su beneficio y los enriquecen.

Es a esa dictadura corrupta que Rojas se opone. Vea abajo.

Citatación de Rojas:

Independiente de la corriente política que compartas, Agustín Edwards es cómplice de conspirar con células de inteligencia extranjeras para influenciar la gestión política local chilena (principalmente en el período previo al golpe de Estado en 1973). He leído a muchas personas tratándome de “comunista” por hacer lo que hice. Yo les diría que la Fundación Rockefeller y el consorcio petrolero del Sr. Rockefeller ha estado involucrada en financiar ambos bandos del espectro político. La élite a la cual pertenece este señor está dispuesta a colaborar con cualquier modelo dictatorial que exista. Volviendo a Edwards, “El Mercurio” también sirvió como filtro para culpar injustamente al ciudadano pakistaní Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman Khan e instalar la idea de un terrorismo islámico en Chile, mediante el acceso a dudosa documentación de células chilenas “de inteligencia” en el país. El imperio mediático de Agustín Edwards es un brazo más de las sombras de élite. Un ejemplo de eso es la presidencia de un ancestro de Agustín, llamado Agustín Edwards McClure, en la Liga de Naciones durante 1922-23. Nótese que la familia Rockefeller, una vez que la Liga de Naciones falló, hizo lo posible por promover la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU), e incluso donó los terrenos que actualmente sirven para sus cuarteles generales en New York. La historia se repite.

Anticapitalist capitalism

Anticapitalist capitalism

Wednesday, 01 September 2010 23:11

by Olavo de Carvalho

When I say that capitalist democracy can hardly survive without a culture of traditional values, many Brazilian classical liberals, hung up on economics and devoted to the magic omnipotence of the market, assume an expression of horror, of scandal, as if they were facing a heresy, an intolerable aberration, an iniquitous and morbid thought that should never occur to a normal member of the human race.

In so doing, they are only showing their complete ignorance about capitalist economic thought. That modest opinion of mine, in fact, is not mine. It only reflects and updates concerns that have been tormenting the great theorists of capitalism since the beginning of the twentieth century.

One of the first to express it was Hillaire Belloc, in his memorable 1913 book, The Servile State, reprinted in 1992 by Liberty Fund. Belloc’s thesis is simple, and the facts have not ceased to bear it out: unleashed from moral, cultural, and religious control, and elevated to a supreme and autonomous dimension of existence, the market economy destroys itself, entering into symbiosis with political power and ending up transforming free labor into servile labor, private property into a temporary concession from a voracious and controlling state.

Tracking the origins of the process, Belloc noted that, ever since the Tudors’ plunder of the Church’s goods, every new attack on religion had been accompanied by one more wave of state attempts upon private property and free labor.


The eroded backbone of the free market

by Don Hank

To oppose socialism and the ongoing destruction of our Republic with libertarianism is like trying to stop a charging rhino by throwing a shoe at it. 

A recent article by Olavo de Carvalho shows why, and surprisingly, the author shows that his hypothesis of economics being reliant on traditional culture, is anything but new. He cites books going back over 100 years that support this view and that in fact, clairvoyantly foresaw the downfall of capitalism precisely for the reasons that it is now collapsing.

The viewpoint that the solution to our economic failures can be found in economics itself is fatally flawed from the outset.

Capitalism without the bedrock of tradional ethics, morality, patriotism, love of God and traditional family, tough love, brotherly love, honesty, honor, and the drive to compete, excel and better oneself that existed in the first century of our new Republic, and specifically without the work ethic promoted in the scriptures, cannot work any more than communism can. It quickly degenerates into fascism, a toxic mix of Statism and capitalism wherein corrupt politicians easily overpower the market.

The bailouts of the banks and bankers — a prime example of fascim — were opposed by over 90% of Americans but were quickly rammed through both houses. Healthcare “reform,” another example of a fascistic Public-Private Partnership (PPP), forces citizens (again, against the will of Americans) to buy health insurance at the outlandish inflated prices charged by companies. What a boon to the health insurance racket and its partner the medical business.  The un-Constitutional government takeover of a major part of the US auto industry is another example. The democratic process – not to mention the free market — has completely failed.

But it had failed long before that because the culture that formed its spiritual and moral infrastructure had been gradually decimated.

De Carvalho’s examples of self-destructive capitalism, including the selling of anticapitalist and anti-American culture to young people, reminded me of the vendors here in Panama selling shirts, carrying bags, hats and other paraphernalia bearing likenesses of Che Guevara — capitalism selling the antithesis of itself.

When I meet vendors on the street or in the mall selling these, I go up to them, smiling, and say “do you admire all mass murderers or just Che?”

One vendor offered the excuse that people have different opinions. I went up to a cap he was selling, pointed to the picture of Che on the front of it and asked “do you realize that if this man had met you during his heyday in Cuba and had found out you were Panamanian, he probably would have shot you dead in cold blood?”

The only vendor at the nearby mall who sold these items has since pulled them off the shelf. A local book seller has put his Che biographies in a less-conspicuous place since hearing my stern lecture.

You see, I have done something most others apparently have not yet done, and it is high time they did.

I got mad. Really really mad. It is time you did likewise, Dear Reader.

You see, they are immersing your sons and daughters in smut, unimaginable filth, in the entertainment field but probably even in your children’s school. “Christian” churches are awash with moral relatavism, with pastors claiming that salvation can come through all religions, leading to the inevitable conclusion that Christ is superfluous. Politicians are stealing you blind, and to rub salt in your wounds, have made you pay for the invasion from Mexico, other people’s abortions, other people’s drugs and booze, cohabitation, out-of-wedlock relationships and the children sired in them, sex change operations and much more. Since WW II, they have sent you and your children to die in foreign wars ordered by the agents of the New World Order, wars that we lost because that was the game plan. Then, once they saw how easy it was to fool you, they decided just to steal your money outright and give it to the banker buds who got them elected.

If you aren’t mad yet, you lack the anger gene. But if you are, I advise you to use your anger wisely, following Christ’s prescription: Be gentle as doves and wise as serpents.

If all you can do is froth at the mouth, don’t bother. But if you can love your enemies while refusing to back down even an inch, you can help win back the West.