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Dec 07

Governor Ed Rendell to PA businesses: get out!

PA has new creative ways to get rid of businesses, people First off, let me say the area around Lancaster and York Counties in Pennsylvania is beautiful, crime is low, and you can still safely turn your back on most folks. I love the area. It is in the Bible belt. We may have invented …

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Jul 14

The roots of anti-energy madness

The roots of anti-energy madness By Donald Hank  The Madwoman: What are they looking for? Did they lose something? Pierre: They’re looking for oil. The Madwoman: Strange! What do they want to make with it? Pierre: The things people make with oil. Misery. War. Ugliness. A miserable world. These lines are the most frequently quoted …

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Jul 10

Airlines united behind questionable economics. TAKE ACTION

Airlines united behind questionable economics by Donald Hank We urge our readers to go to the site linked below and leave a post asking why the members of the airline-supported forum StopOilSpeculationNow are so preoccupied with only one minor aspect of the fuel price crisis, namely, speculation in the prices. Tell them ending speculation will …

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