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Feb 14

Ye shall be deceived and deceit shall make ye free?

  by Don Hank The Chinese Daoguang emperor in 1838 tried to oppose the British in their attempt to force opium on the Chinese people. One could say that, in doing so, the emperor was an anti-democratic despot, but he saw that the opium dens were destroying lives and families and turning productive Chinese into …

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Feb 11

Breakthrough study suggests not smoking pot or drinking alcohol correlated with better college grades

by Don Hank  No, actually no such study has made headlines lately. But there is a new study on pot that mediocre students will love. According to UAB News, Associate professor Stefan Kertesz of the University of Alabama has discovered, in a longitudinal study of over 5000 marijuana smokers aged 18-30 years, that “marijuana smoke is not …

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Jul 10

Decriminalization of drugs in Portugal

Decriminalization of drugs in Portugal by Manuel Pinto Coelho  I have seen the national, and particularly the foreign, press trumpet with strange insistence, on the eve of electoral processes in Portugal, the “resounding success” of the decriminalization of drugs initiated in 2001 by the Socialist government, — ignored by all other European countries and to …

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Jul 09

My email to the Cato Institute re. Cato study on “Portugal model”

The following email went out to several Cato Institute fellows and other associates at these addresses: ; ;;;;;; The first 4 are listed as experts in either medicine or insurance. I figured they would be interested in what the medical doctors in Portugal are saying about the Cato study …

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Jul 07

Moral Keynesianism and the war on drugs

The government is waging a war on you, not on drugs Don Hank First, if you have an opinion on the legalization of narcotics, let us know at the link below (but please make sure you have read the associated articles on this, and note in particular the article — the first in the Anglo-Saxon world — showing that …

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Jul 06

Arguments in favor of drug legalization and analysis of them

The following are some of the main arguments in favor of drug legalization and/or decriminalization, followed by my debunking: 1–The fact that narcotic drug decriminalization has been tried successfully in Portugal is proof that this works. That’s what you once said about Holland. Remember the story of the boy who cried ‘wolf.’ It was successful …

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Jul 06

Ideology bound libertarians look a lot like leftists

Ideology-bound Libertarians look suspiciously like leftists   Don Hank   Mark Thornton, writing for the libertarian Mises Daily, points out that “drug reform” is a hot issue. By drug reform, he means decriminalization or legalization of drug use. He writes: “Political candidates, politicians, former presidents, interest groups, and even the Global Commission on Drug Policy …

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Jul 03

Cato’s Portugal drug study based on false/distorted government data?

Don Hank The libertarian Cato Institute recently ran a study of the drug situation in Portugal, which legalized drugs de facto in 2001. It published some figures showing how deaths among drug users and some other parameters went down, apparently signaling positive results for the legalization experiment. Scientific American published details on this study and …

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Jun 02

Global “leaders” want felons decriminalized

Fling open the gates of the Bastille! Free them all! by Don Hank The title of the report linked below, and appearing on the Yahoo home page under the innocuous sounding title “Global leaders call for major shift to decriminalize drugs,” is part of a sinister propaganda campaign, relying on unbacked statements by out-of-work politicians who …

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Jan 10

Glenn Beck and how Americans got the way we are

Glenn Beck and how Americans got this way By Don Hank Recently, a lot has been written about Glenn Beck and his refusal to look at the eligibility issue and his disdain for those of us who care about it. First, let me be clear: I am a birther. By that I don’t mean that …

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