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Sep 01

Hopeless, desperate situation of German women: first hand account of attack on female commuter

Hopeless and desperate situation for German women: Unreported terror attack on a helpless woman on commuter train in Germany   I got this email this a.m. in German. This kind of account will never find its way into the media. As soon as I read this, I immediately emailed the lady who wrote it. My …

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Mar 29

Film on Saudi brutality corroborates my warnings

The new video Saudi Arabia Uncovered is an expose of the brutal torture and murders occurring almost daily in the Saudi kingdom and the Western acceptance of this evil. I have said before that the US government has shaped its foreign policy around Saudi interests — in order to keep the Saudis happy enough to …

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Oct 27

The neglected Libyan public

Missing from the jubilant “world opinion” over the brutal murder and torture of the moderate Libyan leader is an analysis of Libyan street opinion. I think I know why no one is talking to them.   Don Hank It was supposed to be all about the Libyan people. Remember? Yet missing in all the news …

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Oct 24

Just as I told you: Sharia law coming to Libya

You can’t say I didn’t warn you: Libya’s new leader wants sharia law.   Don Hank Newsmax just now reported that the new unelected leader of Libya is a strong proponent of Sharia law – in contradistinction to the moderate Ghadaffi whom we just murdered. Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the favorite of NATO, the EU, David Cameron, …

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Aug 23

I told you so, again

Obama’s Libya: I don’t mind one bit saying “I told you so” to all those — particularly journalists — who ignored my objective, fact-supported arguments against Western military and foreign policy in the Middle East and wound up with egg on their face as a result. (I have been trying to revive the nearly-lost scientific method and apply …

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May 20

How Western powers abet Christian persecution

Blatantly anti-Christian Western foreign policy: support of anti-Christian dictators, war against Christian supporters  by Don Hank Recently, it was reported that Chinese Catholics will defy their government’s ban  on observing the International Day of Prayer. But how can there be a government ban on this, since prayer is speech, which is, to quote Barack Obama, a …

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Apr 19

Scandinavia finally learns — the hard way

Scandinavia has finally had enough by Don Hank Scandinavia, having been forced — along with other countries with strong economies — by their EU Rulers to pay  bailouts to irresponsible banks and governments, and having witnessed first-hand the damage done by hordes of hostile Muslim immigrants, has been turning steadily rightward, as shown by a landmark election in 2006. The Swedish welfare …

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Apr 12

Akhtar Hussain, thank you for making the right choice

I am grateful. Your choice left no grieving widows or orphans that night. by Don Hank My Muslim friend Mahmoud sent me an email with an attachment regarding a Pakistani man, Akhtar Hussain, who burned a Bible at a church in Pakistan as a protest against the Koran burning by Terry Jones. The desecrator was arrested …

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Apr 04

Muslim apologetics and Christian responses

by Don Hank I had shared with the reader my response to a Muslim whom I debated over the differences between Christianity and Islam. I had thought it would be worthwhile to some as a template for Christian apologetics with Muslims. I had mentioned some of Mahmoud’s arguments, but had not included his lengthy argument. …

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Apr 03

Tough Christian apologetics with Muslims

A Muslim reader, whom we shall call Mahmoud, emailed me shortly after the Florida pastor burned a Koran. He was hoping he could persuade me to be a mouthpiece for an Islamic campaign to ban offenses against Muslims (such as already exist in Europe). Mahmoud, Thank you for your continued exchange of ideas. I appreciate …

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