Glenn Beck and how Americans got the way we are

Glenn Beck and how Americans got this way

By Don Hank

Recently, a lot has been written about Glenn Beck and his refusal to look at the eligibility issue and his disdain for those of us who care about it.

First, let me be clear: I am a birther. By that I don’t mean that I am claiming Obama was definitely born in Kenya (where they have erected a monument at the place where he was born). I mean that I don’t know if Obama is a natural born citizen because he has never proven it. Therefore Beck is remiss to dismiss birthers’ concerns. We have a constitutional right to know, and judges who say otherwise are derelict in their duties and don’t deserve to be called judges any more than those judges who in 1973 decided that humans in the womb aren’t humans.

Ironically, though, despite Beck’s vexing unwillingness to admit what an increasing number of Americans know or sense about Obama’s eligibility to be president, no one has taught to the broad masses the sources of Marxist brainwashing – how we got to where we are – better than Glenn Beck. Others have written books that changed the way scholarly conservatives think, but Beck popularized this knowledge in ways that made scholars of ordinary people. He went into detail on the origins of “progressivism” and that is important. Without a comprehensive knowledge of how millions of ordinary decent Americans have been turned into glassy-eyed liberals, we are easy prey both to the propaganda itself and to those who accuse us watchdogs of McCarthyism.

Even if you are put off by Glenn’s histrionics, his shows have been a classroom for a long time – especially his TV show, where he has reviewed important eye-opening books night after night. He did his homework. If Patriots view Beck with a jaundiced eye today it is partly because he fails to see the importance of the eligibility issue but also in part because they have underestimated the role of propagandists in turning America leftward and they fail to see how much Beck has pulled back the curtain for millions of us, providing us a glimpse into the sordid world of Marxist disinformation in which we find ourselves.

Further, without Beck, there would not have been the Washington tea party. Like him or hate him, Beck has changed the nation.

This is as good an opportunity as any for a quick review of how we got where we are today, and we can start with a video of an interview with ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, who shows how Americans were brainwashed through KGB methods such as demoralization and manipulation of and by the media. One thing that sticks in my mind from Yuri’s talks is that people brainwashed by these methods refuse to believe the truth and are essentially dead to the truth. “These people cannot be changed by logic. The change is complete and irreversible,” as Yuri puts it.

Remember the last time you tried to debate with a “liberal” zombie? The change that zombie underwent at some time in his life was complete and irreversible, wasn’t it? Facts are irrelevant.

Only a nucleus of people who read history, keep up with talk radio and web sites like Laigle’s Forum have even a pinch of understanding of what is going on around us and why. The average American will look you in the eye and tell you with a straight face that our “liberalization” is a result of a natural evolution process. We just keep getting smarter and more sensitive to the needs of others. Praise be to Darwin!

The Soviet propaganda source laid bare in the above-linked video is only one of many. Our education system, as Yuri mentions, has undermined us almost to the point of no return. But the influence came not only from Soviet operatives. Another powerful agency was the Frankfurt School, a group of German Marxists who came to America to escape Hitler and showed their gratitude by teaching their host country to hate its founders, its traditions and its culture. Herbert Marcuse, a famous 60s radical and member of our pseudo-intelligentsia, was a scion of that group. Still another group was the more-or-less home-grown communist agents like Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven, who taught other leftists how to manipulate us. Then there were our early educational theorists like John Dewey and his myriad clones. Reaching way back, there were psychologists like Freud and Pavlov, and later the “sexologists” Masters and Johnson who taught that sexual promiscuity is our reason for living. Then there was Dr. Spock who taught us how to spoil kids, and Timothy Leary, who taught spoiled kids how to do drugs. Radical feminists like Andrea Dworkin, pushed for welfare and abortion and aided in breaking up families by redefining “abuse” of women, making it include things as prosaic as “giving your wife the silent treatment,” and hypocritically warned of child abuse while endorsing pedophilia. Thanks to their efforts, the institution of “no-fault divorce” was born, which converted the marriage contract into a worthless piece of paper for millions of husbands, who were often rendered penniless in “family” court in the headlong national effort to “protect women and children.” Similar agents of change were pedophiles like NAMBLA founder Allen Ginsberg, and homosexual activists who introduced and pushed for “gay” marriage to further undermine what was left of the American family. The Liberation Theologists made minorities feel oppressed and helpless and urged them to “strike back” at whites, their “oppressors,” rather than raise themselves out of poverty and ignorance through hard work and study, the only way to raise oneself out of poverty and ignorance. The net effect of these hate mongering racists, working in tandem with the educational left, was to create walls of ignorance, prejudice and hatred that will take decades to tear down. Likewise, the developers of the Delphi method, whether wittingly or unwittingly, made a significant contribution to mind control, manipulating participants to accept ideas – even dangerous ones – by “mainstreaming” them. Finally, as David Kupelian reminds us, Madison Avenue advertisers have contributed mightily to plunging us into a bottomless moral abyss where good is evil and vice-versa. (I’m sure you can think of many more such contributors to the brainwashing of America).

If you look at the sleaze surrounding Obama in his college days you get an idea of who many of the other movers and shakers were in the movement to destroy traditional America and replace it with Marxist utopian ideals.

We find that almost all of the ideas promulgated by these “agents of change” are now chillingly mainstream or close to it. Likewise you will find very few liberals who care that the White House resident has communists among his czars or his past mentors. In the ghetto, you’ll find almost no one who objects.

The Dems have them firmly in place down on their plantation.

So where does this leave Glenn Beck?

If I had Glenn Beck in front of me I would say:

You have focused bravely on monumental issues and I admire you for it. In the final analysis, every single one of these issues – from socialist health care to welfare for rich bankers – stems from the unwillingness of American politicians and judges to honor the Constitution. But the Constitution also has rules governing who can be president and who can’t.

I am therefore asking you to focus fairly on the eligibility issue. Give it its just due and please respect truth seekers whose quest has taken them down other trails than yours. They are your potential allies and you can win them back with a little extra effort.

San Diego gay pride or pedophile pride?

In our column on LDS / FLDS, I had mentioned that the next steps in the liberals’ quest for unlimited sexual freedom will no doubt be legalized polygamy and adult-child sex, with Mormons and pedophiles portrayed as the next “victim” groups. Here are some ominous clues. Without God, folks, there is no redemption for individual souls or the souls of nations. America is headed for the exit. Each one of the dwindling number of activists left in America must now pull out all the stops in both action and prayer.

Donald Hank


The James Hartline Report

– On The Frontlines Of The Culture War –

July 18, 2008


A Pedophile’s Paradise:

The 2008 San Diego Gay Pride Events


Child Sex Advocate Peter Tatchell Will Be San Diego Gay Pride

Parade International Grand Marshal, Making San Diego the

Most Dangerous Place in America For Kids During July 19-20 Events 


     In the year 2005, San Diego, California became one of the most dangerous cities in America for children when it was discovered that a nest of pedophiles and sex offenders were working for the non-profit San Diego Gay Pride organization.  Each year, the San Diego Gay Pride festival features events for young minors interwoven with their other porn-filled and sexually explicit adult events.  With the awareness in 2005 that dangerous sex offenders were working in the sexually-charged environment of the San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival, parents, as well as law enforcement, knew that the youth of San Diego were in big trouble.


     In one of the most chilling defenses ever for the rights of pedophiles to participate in events involving young minors, the San Diego Gay Pride organization resisted enormous public pressure for weeks to get rid of their pedophile employees and volunteers during the 2005 sex offender scandal.  In the end, to avoid the potential loss of their porn-filled gay pride parade and festival, the organization finally capitulated and removed the known pedophile workers.  Then, of course, it was learned that the pedophile problem was even worse than had been first reported.  The scandal would soon reveal that another child molester, Marty the Clown, was being employed by the San Diego Gay Pride organization to work in the Gay Pride Children’s Garden entertaining young children at the raunchy homosexual festival in the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park.


     The sex offender problem in San Diego’s homosexual pride industry has not been limited to San Diego, California.  It is a moral catastrophe that has surfaced in other cities that promote gay pride events.  According to World Net Daily, in 2007, David Bodoh, a volunteer with Milwaukee’s “PrideFest”, was charged with soliciting a 14 year-old boy over the internet.  Bodoh, whose Native American name is “Crooked Crow”, has volunteered at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center as well as the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.

     In the ensuing three years since the San Diego Gay Pride sex offender scandal, public calls for the ending of city support for the porn-filled parade and festival have intensified.  Public concern has been well-justified.  Two years ago, another shocking display of child endangerment was uncovered during the San Diego Gay Pride parade.  The event’s coordinators were allowing an elementary charter school to march young children in the midst of the gay parade that features pornography, nearly nude male strippers, adult escort services and a wide variety of other adult entertainment businesses.  In 2007, the same elementary charter school was once again participating in the parade despite the school being aware of the pornographic nature of the event.

       It was only a matter of time before the sexualization of minors by adults who are connected to the San Diego Gay Pride events would once again became a nightmarish reality.  The San Diego Gay Pride organization just cannot leave the kids alone.  And parents in San Diego, California should be worried — very, very worried this year.  In fact, the immoral assault on the youth of San Diego by the San Diego Gay Pride events in 2008 is coming with a vengeance against parents who are desperately trying to find ways to protect their kids from predators in today’s anti-family culture.

       Incredibly, with so many warnings about the need to protect children from the sexual assaults of adult molesters, the San Diego Gay Pride organization has booked one of Europe’s leading homosexual advocates for lowering the age of consent to 14 as their International Grand Marshal for this year’s San Diego Gay Pride parade.  Peter Tatchell, a homosexual activist from Europe is coming to San Diego to advocate his radicalized vision during the local 2008 gay pride festivities.  On his website, Tatchell states:

  “For 20 years, I have campaigned for a reduction in the age of consent to 14 for both

 gays and straights, backed up by earlier, more explicit sex education to encourage

 wiser, responsible sexual choices. My aim is to end the criminalisation of young

 people involved in consensual behaviour and remove the legal obstacles to the

 provision of condoms and safer sex to the under-16s.”


     During her recent speech to introduce the official city council proclamation honoring the 2008 San Diego Gay Pride events, lesbian City Councilwoman Toni Atkins honored Peter Tatchell during her comments. Other incredibly youth-assaultive ideas being promoted by Tatchell on his website include the following:


OutRage! advocates an age of consent of 14 for everyone, both gay and straight. PETER TATCHELL argues that young people have a right to make their own sexual choices without being victimised by the law.


     Here are a few of the title’s from the writings on Peter Tatchell’s own website that advocate and emphasize sex with minors:







     And then there is this horrific and assaultive article by Tatchell entitled: Lowering the unrealistic age of consent will help teens, that was published in March of 2008.  In his article, Tatchell reveals the depth of his depravity by stating:


“He claimed that I “recently” advocated sexual rights for the under-16s.  In fact, I first proposed this idea in 1996.  He writes of Myers, stating; “Myers added that I said “14-year-old boys should, if they want, be allowed to have sex with 40-year-old men”. No, I didn’t. My proposed reduction in the age of consent applied to all young people — gay and straight. It was part of a package of ideas to promote the sexual health and welfare of teenagers and to protect them against sexual exploitation.”


     For most common sense and decent Americans, Tatchell’s ideals are an American pedophile’s dream come true. In fact, pedophiles in San Diego will be cheering the arrival of this San Diego Gay Pride parade celebrity.  For Councilwoman Toni Atkins, who honored Tatchell during her July 15, 2008 city council speech, it is the same old gay agenda political rhetoric.  During the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride sex offender scandal, Atkins was still encouraging all San Diegans to attend the gay pride festival even though the sex offenders had not even been removed from the event at the time of her advocating attendance of the event.


     During the San Diego city council meeting on Tuesday, July 15, 2008, San Diego father and Christian activist Mike Farmer decried the city council when they honored the horrific ideas of Peter Tatchell.  In a stunning blow to the civic sanity and concern for the welfare of San Diego’s Children, the city council voted 7-0 to endorse and celebrate Tatchell and the rest of the San Diego Gay Pride parade, festival and other pornographic events.


     Peter Tatchell’s sexual deviancy really knows no boundaries and every parent in San Diego would be well served to keep their kids at home during the July 19-20th Gay Pride festival and parade.  With Tatchell and his supporters walking through the streets of San Diego, there will be no safety for the youth of this eighth largest of American cities.


     Tatchell’s intent is monstrously evident.  Here is how Tatchell concludes his article, “Lowering the unrealistic age of consent will help teens”:


“Any lowering of the age of consent needs to go hand-in-hand with candid, compulsory sex education in schools. From the age of 12, they need explicit advice on how to deal with sex pests, negotiate safer sex and sustain fulfilling relationships based on mutual consent and respect.”


     Peter Tatchell makes no qualms about how he detests Christians who stand in the way of his socialistic, European-style sexualization of young minors.  In a secondary article by Tatchell on his own website entitled, “SEX RIGHTS FOR THE UNDER-16s,” he declares: “Young people under 16 have sexual rights too.”  Making statements that would even make the pedophile-promoting North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) blush, Tatchell states:


‘Denying the under-16s the legal right to be sexual, these moralists treat teenagers

who choose to have sex prior to the age of consent as criminals. Blurring the

 differences between consensual and non-consensual sex, they insultingly categorise

 all under-age sex – even when it is consenting and between young people of similar

ages – as child abuse. Their prime concern is not the welfare of young people, but the

 imposition of their own puritan dogma.”


     There is a reason that the San Diego Gay Pride organization, the San Diego City Council and San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders have so blatantly slapped families in the face by idolizing and promoting Tatchell in this year’s gay pride festival.  Reading Tatchell’s concluding statement in his article, the ideology of the radicalized, child-dangerous philosophy of Tatchell’s local supporters is revealed:


“Isn’t it time the lesbian and gay community said, loud and clear, that the under-16s also have sexual rights? Don’t we have a responsibility to defend the right of under-age queers to make their own free, informed choices about when they are ready for sex?”


      It is clear that the San Diego Gay Pride organization is not going to convert the vast majority of San Diegans into accepting their dangerous plan to promote the sexualization of minors in their city.   Mike Farmer identified this dynamic in describing the motivation behind the gay pride theme this year when he made the following statement during his powerful six minute city council speech on Tuesday, July 15, 2008:



“Where do children fit into all of this? It’s simple: this is about indoctrination. 

When you can’t reproduce, you have to recruit or adopt.  And the radicals in the

 LGBT community, headed up by (Councilwoman) Ms. Atkins, know that the 

earlier you can get to the kids, the easier it is to mold their thinking.”


      The San Diego gay rights movement, much like its national brethren, is creating in America the equivalent of a collective dictatorship.  What Nazi Germany could not accomplish, what the Japanese leaders of WWII could not force upon the world, and what the Soviet Union fought and failed to impose for seventy years, the radical gay movement is pushing forward in America.  A forced ideology, an enemy from within America’s own borders, that seeks by government imposition, to enshrine a collective dictatorship where the will of a few sexual deviant ideologues will be enthroned against a politically-castrated populace.


      The San Diego Gay Pride festival this week seeks to subject San Diego’s families and children to a sexual tyranny so terrible, that in its full maturity, only an act of God will stop it.  This is exactly why God had to intrude on the forced rape that was occurring in the ancient city of Sodom.


      With the help of a city council that has politically prostituted itself to the political machine of the San Diego Gay Pride movement, the advocates of the gay pride festival and parade will continue to manipulate the city will false presentations of gay victimizations as a deceptive tool for garnering media and some public sympathy.  Among anti-American elites who carry the progressive gay rights banner for the liberal gay pride festivals and parades, their hate of traditional American values will continue to show up each year with city proclamations honoring people like European child sex advocate Peter Tatchell.


     With the intense attempts to emasculate the spineless Republican San Diego City Councilmembers who voted in support of Tatchell and the San Diego Gay Pride proclamation, Democratic Councilwomen Toni Atkins and Donna Frye have refused to stand up for the hundreds of thousands of San Diego parents with children who despise the sexual activities of the porn-filled gay pride events.


      Local San Diego community activist James Hartline considers this year’s San Diego Gay Pride festival and parade to be, perhaps, the most dangerous for children in the 34-year history of the event.  “Peter Tatchell being given a prominent role in the event is an incredibly dangerous assault on San Diego’s families.  To have the city council endorse Tatchell after they were informed of Tatchell’s history of promoting sex among young minors, tells me that our city council has become morally castrated and a present danger to the citizens of San Diego,” says Hartline.


     To break the corrupt stranglehold that the radical gay movement has on the San Diego City Council, Hartline believes that a sovereign act of God will have to occur.  “The San Diego City Council has gone too far down the path of moral darkness and I believe with the endorsement of Peter Tatchell, the city council has now become reprobate,” adds Hartline.


     James Hartline is calling on all Christians in San Diego and America to pray and fast on Saturday, July 19, 2008 to break the hold that sexually immorality has on San Diego and its government.


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FLDS case threatens child welfare. TAKE ACTION

It’s a good thing we don’t depend on public support to continue our work here at Laigle’s. With articles like the following we’d probably lose a lot of support.

You know what? I don’t care. We are here to tell it as it is, no holds barred.

You know what worries me about this ElDorado case in Texas? I am certain, 100% sure, that it is a foot in the door for legalized polygamy and adult-child  sex! This is where the FLDS is taking my country. By themselves, they couldn’t do it. But liberals like the idea of unlimited sexual freedom, and when it comes to this issue, child protection suddenly is not very important.  They would love to add Mormons to their growing list of “victim” groups to “protect” by making you more vulnerable. Like they “protect” homosexuals by making it almost impossible for anyone to mention the extreme dangers of “gay” sex.

I don’t think you could be happy with the prospects of living in a country where your children had no legal protection from sexual predators, and I sure as heck am not. I do not want to live in a country modeled after the FLDS practices and doctrines. But wait: did you know that mainstream Mormon has not fully condemned polygamy? For their leadership, the only reason for abstaining from the practice is the fact that the authorities have banned it. What other beliefs are they hiding behind the clerical veil?

For the reasons enumerated above, I have decided to run what is probably he most controversial column ever to appear at Laigle’s Forum.


Tell the Texas Governor in your own words how you support indictments for the criminal behaviors for the FLDS ElDorado, TX Case.  Ask him to inform of any other official office for you to voice your opinion about this, how to inform the Grand Jury process. 

See the information about the Governor’s mansion burning down two days before the children were returned to YFZ and express your concern

Texas governor Perry’s phone lines:


*       Citizen’s Assistance Hotline: (800) 843-5789
[for Texas callers]

*       Citizen’s Opinion Hotline: (800) 252-9600
[for Texas callers]

*       Citizen’s Assistance andOpinion Hotline: (512) 463-1782
[for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers]

*       Office of the Governor Main Switchboard: (512) 463-2000
[office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST]

*       Citizen’s Assistance Telecommunications Device
If you are using a telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD), call
711 to reach Relay Texas


Donald Hank

 Is Mormon a cult?

By Marilyn Ann Stacy


The tradition of Judeo-Christian religion recognizes the Supreme Being as creating all, being ever present and continuing his creation.   Psalms 119:89, “Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven,”  is explained  in The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet, by Rabbi Michael L. Munk:  “God’s utterance that created heaven also created everything associated with it…..God’s original Ten Utterances are repeated constantly in the sense that the Divine will of the original six days remains in force.  Otherwise, everything would revert to the nothingness of before Creation.”  We were given words to live by.  We develop a relationship with our Creator to serve our purpose in this life.  Added to that tradition is the Son of our Creator.   Relying on the words of human beings motivated by selfish desires to direct worship makes a religion a cult. 

Another mark of a cult is their challenge to revered religions through mind control techniques of the cult’s invention.  A trusted evangelical source, the Index of Cults and Religions, at Watchman Fellowship online, explains mind control of this kind.

Evidence of secular influences further separates cults from bona fide religion. Looking through the Book of Mormon (BOM), by Joseph Smith, we see evidence of secular influences. A story about Golden Plates, for example, was written at the time of Gold Rush.  Further, Mormon community Governance includes an interesting version of Communism from BOM (D&C 121:39), where a statement has similarities to those of anarchist Bakunin.  Joseph Smith includes aspects of Swedenborg’s philosophy.  Like Mohammed, Smith feigns authenticity with borrowed stories from Jewish traditions but clearly distorts them to fit his unsavory agenda (BTW, have you noticed the multiple similarities between Mormon and Islam?).   The BOM was rewritten in 1978 to eliminate references to Smith’s racism toward people of color.  If inspired from above, the BOM racism would not have been there in the first place.  Unlike the Bible, which for millennia, displayed the internal consistency expected of an authentic inspired religious canon, the famous dreams of Joseph Smith and Mohammed were not prefaced by history.  Further, their moral trend of licentious polygamy casts doubt on their authenticity as inspired writings.

The FLDS (Fundamental Latter Day Saints) court case focuses on prosecuting criminal activities set forth in D&C (Doctrines and Covenants) of the BOM (Book of Mormon) 132: 61, known as the Plurality of Wives.  The BOM for FLDS and LDS (Church of Latter Day Saints) contains D&C 132:61.  Although this doctrine is openly practiced only by FLDS today, surprisingly, mainstream LDS has never renounced polygamy.  LDS claims to refrain from practice due to government insistence but does practice sealed-forever spiritual marriages in secret or claims to wait to practice them in heaven after death.  The former Mormon kindred spirit (KS) sources explain that polygamy continues in secret via sealed spiritual celestial marriages that are consummated here or in the hereafter. As the KS also explains, Mormons teach that the authorities will have to answer to God for their “sin” of denying them the practice of their religion. Until D&C 132 is removed from the BOM, the doctrines of FLDS and LDS are substantially the same.  Yet, without section 132, there is no basis for the BOM.  To be saved in Mormon depends on the number of progeny produced.  A position paper from Concerned Citizens Growth Ministries states: “What women have to look forward to is eternal pregnancy.”  LDS is a clearly a “Christian” cult.

There is also a resemblance of perverse ideologies, style, personas, vocabularies, and Public Relations techniques between the Left and Mormon.  The sexual assault of underage girls uncovered in the ElDorado case reminds us of the teachings of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association).  A child bride’s testimony from a previous 2006 Grand Jury reveals:  “We were taught that we would go to hell” for speaking out, she said. “After I got away from that religion, I still felt like I would be damned if I ‘spoke out’ because that’s just how I was raised.” The Mohave County Superior Court Judge Steven F. Conn, presiding over the case, summed up the issue: It is whether underage girls are going to be protected by society from engaging in sexual relationships outside of the marital relationship

On July 22, 2008, the Grand Jury for the FLDS case regarding the April 3, 2008 raid at the YFZ (Yearning for Zion) Ranch at Eldorado, Texas, has the opportunity to issue indictments to enforce the law.  There is potential to reverse the moral decline in law that started with Rowe v Wade.  The media does not advise us on religious matters, which they deem outside their purview.  Thus we do not hear about Mormons hiding behind ” religion” to avoid judgment for actual or potential criminal behavior. 

Your voice counts. The law is set up to respond, provide indictments, and to follow through with convictions.  Once the convictions are a reality, we can address our religious leaders on the issue of cults.  For now, we need to focus directly upon obtaining justice through the law, which depends in large part on public support. 

Focus should be on the prosecution of the child abuse crimes:  sexual assault of underage girls, the practice of throwing boys away because they compete with older men for child brides, and the practice of lying to authorities that FLDS calls “bleeding the beast,” which is lying to procure welfare money. 

If you agree that these abuses cannot stand, demand that the court of Texas secure the indictments.  The available briefs of this case make it apparent that Judge Barbara Walther should receive supportive input from the public.

Texas Governor Perry’s website is linked at the end of this paragraph.  Although the Governor supported the removal of the children from the YFZ,, not enough public support was shown at his website. The children had to be returned to the abusive ranch where child abuse laws are ignored.

Tell the Texas Governor in your own words how you support indictments for the criminal behaviors for the FLDS ElDorado, TX Case.  Ask him to inform of any other official office for you to voice your opinion about this, and how to inform the Grand Jury process. 

See the information about the Governor’s mansion burning down two days before the children were returned to YFZ and express your concern.  Remember to include this with your message:   If my address is revealed to any party requesting information via the Freedom of Information Act, I require notice. 

Don’t expect a group that considers child abuse as part of their religious creed to play nice!

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