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Dec 19

What you “know” about Aleppo is not true

Aleppo war hypocrisy uncovered translation and commentary by Don Hank Featured below is my translation of an article on the site of Movimento 5 Stelle (m5s), an increasingly popular anti-Establishment party which, if it comes to power in the vacuum created by Prime Minister Renzi’s resignation, is likely to take Italy out of the euro. …

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Oct 27

The neglected Libyan public

Missing from the jubilant “world opinion” over the brutal murder and torture of the moderate Libyan leader is an analysis of Libyan street opinion. I think I know why no one is talking to them.   Don Hank It was supposed to be all about the Libyan people. Remember? Yet missing in all the news …

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Oct 24

Just as I told you: Sharia law coming to Libya

You can’t say I didn’t warn you: Libya’s new leader wants sharia law.   Don Hank Newsmax just now reported that the new unelected leader of Libya is a strong proponent of Sharia law – in contradistinction to the moderate Ghadaffi whom we just murdered. Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the favorite of NATO, the EU, David Cameron, …

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Oct 23

Ghadaffi dies of propaganda overdose

Western hypocrisy exposed   Don Hank I have been debating with a friend over the issue of why Ghadaffi has been treated worse than other leaders of the same region. After all, what Muslim leader has not shown unusual cruelty in the course of his reign? One thing that my friend brought up was that …

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Aug 23

I told you so, again

Obama’s Libya: I don’t mind one bit saying “I told you so” to all those — particularly journalists — who ignored my objective, fact-supported arguments against Western military and foreign policy in the Middle East and wound up with egg on their face as a result. (I have been trying to revive the nearly-lost scientific method and apply …

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Nov 28

Zimbabwe chooses “change”

“Change” has come to Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is now in the process of “spreading the wealth around.” 20th Century history is repeating itself. People have chosen a far-left government of “change” and this is the predictable result. Pray for these poor unfortunate people and forward to your list. Notice how spreading the wealth is code for …

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Sep 06

My African religion

My African religion by Donald Hank A few years back, when I was still subscribed to AOL, I went to a forum that was discussing black leaders. One poster enthusiastically stated that Malcolm X had lived in Africa and had “the religion” and he knew “the language.”  Since Malcolm X was a Black Muslim who …

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Jul 28

Three strikes for Rick Warren

Previously, my column The purpose-driven left turn had appeared at Laigle’s Forum, showing how Rick Warren – whether inadvertently or on purpose – was helping the Democrats elect their candidate this year. If you read the comments section of that issue, you will see that Rick himself showed up with comments that were at best disingenuous …

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