“Expelled” exposes flat world academics

I hope you have already seen “Expelled,” but if not, do not hesitate to see it with your family.

Rev. Michael Bresciani shares his thoughts on Expelled, which already is causing a furor in the academic world. As I walked out of the cinema with my family after seeing the film, I realized that it was a watershed event. Academic history would henceforth be delineated between the pre-Expelled era and the post-Expelled era.

I think one of the most striking, and revealing, things about the movie was when Stein took a tour through a Hitler-era “hospital” for the mentally retarded, where in fact, many inmates were “culled” as unfit to live, sent to cyanide showers and then incinerated, Hitler’s Endlösung of choice. It reminded me of many related things in today’s America and today’s Germany.  For example: Terri Schiavo and how Obama said he regretted voting to keep her alive; the German government’s modern day holocaust against home-schooled children and their parents, etc. But the lady guide’s response when Stein asked her what she would say to the people who once ran this death hospital was the most revealing statement about our prevailing post-modern relativist ideology. She said she was not qualified to judge them. She woulnd’t admit that what had been done was evil. Why should she? Public education in the West has eliminated the only criterion for moral judgements of this kind: God.  Darwinism was the driver of change.

It was decided at the Nuremberg trials that people have the duty to reject evil even when they are ordered to perpetrate it by their superiors. Many nazis were convicted on that criterion. Incredibly, that way of thinking seems to be widely rejected in today’s Germany.

But it isn’t only Germany, is it?

We’re all in this together.  The prevailing theory of origins and the attendant relativist — nay, nihilist — ideology that motivated Hitler and Stalin is still driving the dominant institutions of Western culture.  Western moral development was stopped, or rather reversed, in the late 1800s.

Comes Ben Stein and challenges us to move forward. His movie Expelled is long overdue. It has been said that God is not always early, but never too late.

Donald Hank

Expelled the Movie – Ben Stein Exposes Flat World Academics

by Rev. Michael Bresciani

Ben Stein’s ‘Expelled’ could  properly be called ‘Exposed the Movie’ because
it is a nerve rattling jolt to academicians who are ready to bounce or
ostracize anyone who so much as mentions or has a dream in the night about
the theory of intelligent design.

No movie review in history as far as I know starts with instructions about
how to watch the film. Expelled is a documentary and contains hundreds of
interviews and deep conversations with some of the most highly regarded
minds of the time. It has a rhythm and a depth that requires full attention
and you may want to forgo the popcorn, soda and other distractions.

You will also discover something radically different about this film from
the audience reaction. It has been reported that people applaud sometimes
throughout the film and in some theatres it ends with audiences rising to
give it a standing ovation.

I found myself applauding along with other theatre patrons when I saw the
film. It was proof solid for me that while Americans are being asked to get
the nonsense of religion out of their heads the idea of an omnipotent
creator God is still firmly planted in their hearts.

Frivolous lawsuits are being thrown at the producers of the film from
animation companies and John Lennon widow Yoko Ono. Neither suit seems to
have any foundation but the flak from every academic quarter is ample proof
that a nerve has been touched. Is the film fair, is it reasonable, and is it
intelligent? Not only is the answer yes, yes and yes but the film is yet
something much more, something rarely found in a documentary. It is
emotionally charged.

Ben Stein is marvelous in the film. Known more as a comedian he doesn’t poke
fun at anyone and rarely resorts to humor throughout the documentary. It is
clear from the outset that he is not arguing or contending with others views
but only imploring them to seriously ponder their own unquestioned
assertions. He does this with a straight face and the fewest words possible.
The result is obvious; these questions are no joke.

Near the end Stein is found quietly standing alone with his own thoughts in
the middle of a holocaust museum. His thoughts are narrated in the
background and they are perhaps the most profound moments of the film. Stein
has conducted himself discreetly and some might say masterfully throughout
the documentary so at the films conclusion nothing is lost.

The heart of the movie is easy to see. Academics have for a generation now
fed us the idea that the big bang theory and the subsequent lightning
hitting the primordial ooze is the only way to go when it comes to the
question of how life began.

The rapid rise in intelligence in this generation has caused completely
unforeseen phenomena that academicians are not prepared for.  It is not just
faith in God that makes the question bubble to the surface but our own
enlarged understanding of the complexities and vast intricacies of our own
universe. The admonition to question all authority that academics so
blithely espoused to young minds a generation ago has returned to bite them
on the butt. It is the intelligent that are questioning the not so
intelligent refusal of the intelligencia to give some credence to
intelligent design; not doing so is just dumb.

This generation understands that when science leaves the area of repeatable
and observable phenomena and relies on speculation and ‘prior philosophic
postulation’ to explain the origins of life they have entered the realm of
faith. Physical evidence for evolution remains spurious, sparse and suspect
at best so speculation is all that is left to explain what took place four
hundred million years ago. The evolution crowd has been thumping “The
Origins of Species” with evangelistic fervor that makes the best Bible
preachers look tame by comparison. This is what Expelled is about.

The implacability of the evolutionists is compared to the Berlin wall
throughout the film. Nazism and communism are also alluded to for the most
obvious reasons. A party line must be held and enforced for any kind of
fascism to have a reasonable chance to survive. The cost of fascism has
always been the loss of freedom. Expelled centers in on this by likening the
refusal to include the possibility of intelligent design to incarcerating
intelligence not furthering it.

Expelled hones in on the loss of academic freedom, jobs, tenure and respect
for many of those interviewed in the film but it also provokes the larger
question of the number of young minds lost to this generation because of
what is fast becoming rigid Darwinian dogma. Move over inquisitors here come
the evolutionists!

One of the highlights of Expelled is the interview with famed atheist
Richard Dawkins. It may be the only time you will ever see Dawkins visibly
perturbed and almost at a loss for words. Ben Stein managed to pull what
might even be considered an admission from Dawkins that some intelligent
designer may have created everything but that he, she or it would have to
have evolved first. The double talk aside it is a moment well worth the
ticket price alone.

Most movies are rated on a scale of one to five or in some cases a scale of
one to ten. I will not rate this movie at all. What I will do is rate the
‘must see’ element of the documentary. Whether you are an evolutionist or a
believer of “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Gen
1:1) if you consider yourself even nominally intelligent the must see factor
for Expelled on a scale of one to ten is twenty.

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