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Sep 19

I Can See the Next Holocaust From My House


You probably don’t know who Julian Savulescu is, just as your average American off the street in 1910 wouldn’t have known who Charles Davenport was. You probably don’t know who Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva are, just as your average American in 1920 wouldn’t have known who Alfred Hoche and Karl Binding were.

Jun 13

Why the media are out of touch with reality

No science used by the elites, just consensus of academics. by Don Hank The report at the NPR web site tending to exonerate Palin for her gaffe about Paul Revere is typical of how arguments are presented in the media these days. You will note that there is not a shred of new data here, …

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Jan 30

Pro-abort, pro-‘gay’ marriage Duke U prof threatens to sic cops on detractors

The following commentary titled “The technique of reverse labeling” reflects a situation that is so absurd as to be almost laughable – that is, if it weren’t for the harm that is being done to at least one persecuted Christian, our good friend Julio Severo, who is in hiding thanks to a Marxist government that …

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Jul 14

Darwinists’ behavior supports creationists’ arguments

How Darwinist activists prove creationists’ argument Don Hank Early last year, I wrote a synopsis of “Signature in the Cell” which was posted both at Laigle’s Forum and at Amazon, and shortly after that I was invited to participate in an Amazon forum discussing the book. The “scientists” I was debating with kept diverting attention …

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Mar 04

Book review: Edmund Burke by Dennis O’Keeffe

Edmund Burke by Dennis O’Keeffe Continuum, New York and London 2010 IN THE SERIES: MAJOR CONSERVATIVE AND LIBERTARIAN THINKERS Edited by John Meadowcroft, In this eminently readable, intellectually stimulating and compact volume Professor Dennis O’Keeffe does an excellent job of introducing us to Edmund Burke, his life and family, the essence of his most notable …

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Nov 29

In the beginning was the Word

Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell” By Don Hank Stephen Meyer’s book “Signature in the Cell” may be the most enlightening book I have ever read. Please try to get it if you haven’t yet. It contains all the answers I have always wanted at my finger tips for debates with Darwinists on the origin …

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Sep 04

The out-of-focus debate over homosexual rights

The out-of-focus debate over homosexual rights by Donald Hank   I have recently gotten into an on-line debate over a statement, attributed to one of the presidential candidates, that the candidate would not be uncomfortable with a “gay” president. One list member criticized this statement, focusing on homosexuality itself and taking the position that homosexuality …

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Aug 13

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, tragically misunderstood by conservatives

Aleksander Solzenitsyn, tragically misunderstood by America   By Donald Hank   Solzhenitsyn is known as a writer who addressed issues like the lack of freedom in the USSR, for example, in his novels “Gulag Archipelago” and “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.” But few are aware that his greatest contribution to the world …

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May 29

Global Warming: Evolutionary “Science” Warmed Over?

By Anthony Horvath I need to admit from the beginning that I have not personally investigated the data said to be for or against Global Warming.  That said, I have been watching carefully how Global Warming is being promoted and defended and as a long time observer of how Evolutionary Theory is defended, the similarities …

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May 07

You deserve some good news

You deserve some good news By Donald Hank Recently Joseph Farah suggested that despite the bad batch of presidential candidates from which to choose, he is optimistic, because he believes our institutions are changing in a positive way. I believe he is on to something. Last year WND’s hardcopy periodical Whistleblower dedicated an entire issue …

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