Book shows homosexuals can be reclaimed

Book review: Light in the Closet, Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change


A new book, Light in the Closet, Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change by Arthur Goldberg, scheduled for release on October 23 by Red Heifer Press (, is creating buzz in the community. The book breaks new ground. It explains the harmony of the psychological healing for homosexuality with the classic teachings of Judaism, with an emphasis on Torah (a/k/a Old Testament or Hebrew Bible) sources. The book works through three millennia of discussion on sexuality issues from the Torah to contemporary rabbinical commentary. 

Written in an engaging and accessible style for the layman, the book also examines many aspects of the homosexual issue as well as other sexuality issues within our culture, both from a biblical perspective and a secular and scientific point of view.
This fascinating book also explodes the “gay gene” mystique and describes the deliberate strategy of gay activists and their allies to culturally sensitize western society to the subject matter so that a large portion of society now seeks to normalize a behavior clearly forbidden by the Bible.  This well-documented eye-opening manuscript explains, for example, how the gay activists have carried the homosexual agenda into the public school systems, the extent of state-sanctioned disinformation and censorship, and the socialist origins of gay anti-religionism.

Light in the Closet also explains many other sexual prohibitions of the Bible including, including for example, rarely seen discussions on how sexual reassignment surgery, bestiality, and sexual abuse of children violate specific biblical provisions. The current contentious issue of same-sex marriage within western society is explored, as is the question of gay parenting. The push to legitimize both of these situations within secular western societies makes this book particularly relevant. The numerous testimonials, both of those who have changed and those who were led astray either through gay affirmative psychology or by the cultural climate provide an insight rarely seen in books of this nature.

The purpose of entitling the book Light in the Closet is to provide a message of hope and healing for those with unwanted same sex attractions and as a contrast to those who advocate or accept the solution of “coming out of the closet” and to embrace the gay lifestyle.

More than a dozen experts in the field, including mental health professionals, prominent rabbis, and Christian leaders have reviewed the galley proof and have written rave reviews. For example, Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, a noted psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, states, in part, “Arthur Goldberg has written a brilliant, compassionate and remarkably compelling book. I consider it among the best–maybe the best–ever written on the subject not just of homosexuality but of the capacity for human change of heart…” (He himself is the author of a book on the subject in 1996 entitled Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth.)

And Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, President of NARTH for 10 years, and the author of several books in the area says, in part, “Arthur Goldberg’s sweeping and scholarly survey investigates the social, political, spiritual, medical and personal aspects of same-sex attraction. Written with both compassion and hard-hitting truth, this book unifies the wisdom of the Torah with modern psychology, and in so doing, reveals timeless truths about the human condition.”

Several prominent religious leaders, both Jewish and Christian, likewise provide strong endorsements. For example, a leading rabbinical scholar, Rabbi Michel Twerski states, that the manuscript reflects an “extraordinarily compelling and literate analysis of SSA and its treatment modalities. He comments that the author, Arthur Goldberg, proves himself “a worthy heir to the mantle of the patriarch Abraham, who dared to speak the truth in a generation inflamed with idolatry and its twisted presentations of morality.” Christian leaders have been no less generous in their praise. Reverend Jeff Winter, Chairman of OnebyOne and Pastor, Faith Community Church of Martha’s Vineyard, states, “No person who is concerned about the growing acceptance of homosexuality can afford to ignore this book.  Goldberg’s razor-sharp logic and exhaustive Old Testament research will make this book a crucial voice in the contemporary debate on homosexuality.”

Those interested in ordering the book can do so by emailing the publisher at The cover art can be seen on the publisher’s website, Discounts are available for group orders.


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Heitor Menezes

This is one of the most impressive absurd I have read in a long time. Homosexuality isn’t a disease, it does not kill, it does not degenerate your body, and it is not contagious. Homosexuality is noticed at a very early age in children (the purest stage in human life) – stop looking for answers in psychology books and ask the homosexuals themselves. They will all agree with me. At least the honest ones.

heitor Menezes
I am very sorry you seem to have missed my point. I am a lucid person, who analyses and studies everything carefully before making wrong assumptions. I am not the “kind of person who would say anything to make an argument.” My opinion was addressed only to the idea that homosexuality can be cured. I do not support promiscuity, pedophilia, or anything that is indeed harmful to society. I do not even support the majority of people in the gay community, who seem to have no common-sense when deciding what is right and wrong about the subject. But I do… Read more »
heitor Menezes

Oh, I love my parents – you have no idea how much. I wish I could teach them how to return my calls. I am not bitter. I am a very happy chappy. To clarify, I am not the liberal you mentioned. Please do not label me as one of those. I just think you are fighting non-sense liberal freaks (indeed most of them are)with the wrong tools. Maybe one day justice will be really fair, and we both will be happier.

Arthur Goldberg
Hector Menezes suggests that he objects to the idea that homosexuality can be cured. Such a statement typifies the constant barrage of media bias that leads one to such a belief. In actual fact, not one of the researchers commonly cited by the gay activists and their liberal allies have reported anything close to proving the genetic origins of sexual orientation. The studies they commonly cited are all done by gay activists and have never been replicated. For example, there are studies of identical twins done by the gay activists that actually supports the opposite of what the activists contend… Read more »