Behind the Subversion


Olavo de Carvalho


(Translated by Laigle’s Forum)

 Part 3 of a 3-part series on Supranationalism

Abstract: The story of the manipulation of Brazilian patriots by leftwing shysters is a tragicomedy in and of itself.




At the beginning of 2001, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a billionaire think tank from which both presidents and secretaries of state have emerged, and which some consider a kind of shadow government of the USA, created a task force brimming with PhDs, presided over by historian Kenneth Maxwell and entrusted with proposing modifications in Washington’s policy toward Brazil. The first compendium of erudite opinions, published shortly thereafter on February 12, emphasizes “the urgency of working with Brazil in the fight against the scourge of drugs and their corrupting influence on governments.”


APOLITICAL COMBAT At that time, with the former cartels destroyed, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC), deliberately supported by the Columbia Plan of the Clinton administration on the pretext that combating the drug trade should be apolitical, emerged as kingpins in the Latin American drug market. The FARC, a communist organization, had entered the drug market to finance its terrorist operations and its power grab.  Since 1990, it was part of the São Paulo Forum, where they articulated their actions as the general strategy of the Latin American Left, securing political support that made them virtually immune to prosecution in various countries where they operated.


BEIRA-MAR –  In Brazil, for example, despite the hundreds of tons of cocaine they were dumping on the market every year, thanks to their member Fernandinho Beira-Mar, and despite the fire they occasionally exchanged with the army in the Amazon jungle, the FARC was well treated. Its leaders traveled freely in the streets under the protection of the federal authorities and were received as official guests by the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores=Workers Party) government of the State of Rio Grande. Thus, never had relations been more cordial between the drug trade and politics. The relations threatened to become more intense because Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, founder of the Forum and hence major orchestrator of the common strategy between legal parties of the left and criminal organizations, seemed poised to be the next president of Brazil. The growing integration of the illicit drug trade and politics therefore made it urgent to combat “the drug scourge and its influence on government.” And the only way to do this was, obviously, to dismantle the São Paulo Forum. Seen from this prospective, the suggestion of the task force actually seemed quite timely. However, only those who failed to grasp the subtleties of the shadow government construe it this way.  Taken at face value, this phrase is in fact the diametric opposite of what the CFR intended.


SEMI-SECRET BODY – So the São Paulo Forum, in order to continue tampering unhampered with the internal policies of various Latin American nations, needed to maintain its capacity as a discrete or semi-secret body, and the head of the task force himself assisted in this.  In an article published in the New York Review of Books, reproduced in the Folha de São Paulo, Maxwell declared that the Forum simply did not exist, because “even the best informed specialists with whom I spoke in Brazil had never heard of it.” For a professional historian to trust the opinion of third parties rather than going to the primary sources, which were abundantly available at the Forum’s venue, was an outrageous display of ineptitude.  At that time, Mr. Maxwell belonged (and still belongs) to the circle of the enlightened who were used to (and are still used to) being heard with the utmost respect by the Brazilian media, particularly the Folha de São Paulo. This seemed to provide irrefutable proof that he was in fact an ass who had behaved so extravagantly in keeping with his animal instincts. However, I need to point out that this did not explain everything.  Shortly thereafter, another intellectual of great repute in asinine circles, Luiz Felipe de Alencastro, professor of Brazilian history at the Sorbonne and a columnist of Veja, in a debate sponsored by CFR, brilliantly lent his formidable authority to the thesis of the non-existence of the São Paulo Forum, further promoting the notion that I had been the creator of that legendary organization… Paying obeisance to the continental coordination of the Latin American communist movement seemed to have become an entrenched habit of the CFR.


NEW YORK STOCK ECHANGE – This could be merely an innocent clustering of interpretation errors if this body had not simultaneously cultivated another habit: good relations with the FARC. In 1999, the president of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Grasso, a member of the CFR, paid a friendly visit to FARC commander Raul Reyes and came away applauding the community of interests between the Columbian mob and the “progressive” financial elites of the USA.  Shortly thereafter, another two members of the CFR, James Kimsey, CEO of America Online, and Joseph Robert, head of the real estate conglomerate J.E. Robert, had an enthusiastic meeting with the founder of the FARC himself, Manuel Marulanda, and shortly thereafter, with Columbian president Pastrana, to persuade him, successfully, to make up with the guerilla drug lords.


SAO PAULO FORUM – The division of labor was clear-cut.  The potentates of the CFR negotiated with the military and financial mainstay of the São Paulo Forum while their intellectual lackeys handled the detail of covering their tracks, declaring that the Forum did not even exist.  The CFR touted its intention to eliminate the influence of the drug trade in governments even as it actively assisted in making this influence more far-reaching and productive than ever. Another member of the CFR was President Clinton, whose renowned Columbia Plan had resulted first and foremost in eliminating the competition and delivering to the FARC a near-monopoly of the Latin American drug trade. In 2002, the Latin America policy of the globalist grand masters underwent an upgrade. The effort to embellish the FARC was now boosted by the mission of making the president of the Sao Paulo Forum the president of Brazil.  A few days before the 2002 election, the American ambassador, Donna Hrinak, who – though I am unaware whether she personally belonged to the CFR – is one of the founders of a body closely associated with it, i.e., the Inter-American Dialogue, brazenly campaigned for the PT candidate, proclaiming him “an embodiment of the American dream.” Although this constituted illegal and improper interference of a foreign authority in a national election – failing to cause a scandal only because even imperialist despotism becomes Mr. Nice Guy when it works for the politically correct side – and although the wording chosen for this propaganda was an unparalleled absurdity (since it is highly unlikely that many Americans would consider it their life’s ambition to stop working at the age of twenty-four years to make a career in a communist party), the expression was so successful that, thereafter, it was repeated verbatim, with no mention of the source, in an article in New York Review of Books, which enthusiastically celebrated Lula’s victory.  Guess who wrote the article? The infallible Kenneth Maxwell.


LEFTISM – In view of these facts, would anyone still hesitate to perceive that the links between the prim and proper leftism of the CFR and the blood-and-guts leftism of the FARC leadership are more intimate than would fit the stereotype of an essential and irreducible hostility between reactionary capitalists and revolutionary communists? The direction of the events is only too transparent, but the brains of our elites are still incapable of projecting over them their own obscurity so as to avoid the glaring conclusions they impose.


CONSPIRACY THEORY – Obviously, I am not endorsing the idea that the CFR, as an institution, is a pro-communist conspiracy center. Many of its members are American patriots who would never knowingly endorse a policy prejudicial to their country. But one cannot hide the fact that, somewhere in there, a group of incalculably powerful world-reforming billionaires has prompted this body to influence the Washington government, almost invariably with success, in the most leftward and anti-American direction imaginable.  In the USA this is general knowledge. No one doubts it.  The only thing open to discussion is the “conspiracy theory” to explain it.  This theory has among its defenders some first-class intellectuals such as Carroll Quigley, a professor of history at Harvard and mentor of Bill Clinton, and the communist Anthony Sutton, author of the classic Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, (4 vols). Contributing further to the credibility of this thesis is the fact that the former is an enthusiastic proponent and the latter a severe critic of the globalist elite. And what makes this theory more attractive is the fact that the CFR, recognizing its existence to the point of offering an explicit disavowal on its official website, avoids debating with these two heavyweights and with dozens of other serious scholars who have written on the subject, preferring instead to claim a facile and bogus victory over the popularist and caricatured versions of the conspiracy thesis invented by guys like Lyndon LaRouche and pastor Pat Robertson. The latter is a good-natured fellow who never would deliberately lie, but he is a fall guy, the continental champion of ecclesiastic blunders. Debating with him is easy pickings because he invariably will wind up spouting some nonsense and wasting his opinion, even when he is right. LaRouche, who got to be a presidential nominee for the presidency of the Democrat Party, is himself  a conspirator who only sees the conspiracies of others through the distorting lens of his own objectives and interests. To take these two as representative spokesmen of the conspiracy accusations against the CFR is like defeating Dr. Emir Sader[1]  and proclaiming victory over Karl Marx. The fact that the CFR uses this handy escape hatch to duck the accusations is a serious indicator that they have at least some foundation in truth. 


LAROUCHE – To give you an idea of the extent to which our economical, political and military elite is alienated and marginalized, we need only note that their main source of information about the CFR, Inter-American Dialogue, and other globalist organizations, has been precisely Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, whose Executive Intelligence Review is read by the luminaries of the War College as though he were the purest example of inside information. He is so well informed that he classified me – me of all people,  for crying out loud – as an apostle of globalism, simply because I wrote at that time for a newspaper called O Globo, meaning The Globe. All of the other known sources in the country are left-wing, and what they have in common with Mr. LaRouche’s bulletin is that they grotesquely distort the facts, presenting globalist circles as representatives of good old “American Imperialism” in a leveraged struggle against national sovereignties of poorer countries. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I hear so many Brazilians without a  leftist bone in their body taking this version seriously and using it as a basis for their strategic analyses and government proposals.  It is ridiculous and tragic at the same time.  With so many primary sources and high-level diagnostic means available, why eat from a dumpster and boast of dining on filet mignon?  Only blossoms of ignorance and self-deceit spring from the underdeveloped cultural backwater. The site, for example, presents the Inter-American Dialogue as being replete with “ultra-right wing personalities,” and these as “representative of the American establishment.”  In the US, even school children know that that Establishment means “leftist chic,” and that neither are there nor can there be “ultra-conservative rightwing personalities” in it, and that if any national sovereignty is put at risk by the establishment, it is first and foremost that of the USA. The lone and fierce debate fueled by conservatives and nationalists against the CFR, Inter American Dialogue and globalist circles in general is completely unknown to the chatterboxes of the Brazilian Higher War College and to the “band of generals” who believe the leftist sources and not Mr. LaRouche. Among this multitude of credulous yokels are numerous sincere patriots. But the destruction of a country begins when its patriots are dumbed down, leaving the monopoly on brain power to traitors, conspirators and revolutionaries. The story of the manipulation of Brazilian patriots by shysters of the left is essentially a tragicomedy. For decades, the leftwing leadership has been subjecting these people to Pavlovian conditioning on the basis of rewards and punishments, which has proven effective to the point that many officials with ideologically anti-communist credentials now believe it is a most honorable undertaking to transform our soldiers into ditch diggers and tractor drivers in the service of the Landless Workers Movement (MST). How is it that a human mind can be made to wallow in this abyss of stupidity? It’s simple: all you need to do is cultivate an elite team of smooth talking leftists and divide them into two groups entrusted with opposite tasks – one infiltrating the media, dedicated to spreading filthy lies, fermenting antimilitary hate; and the other, well situated in military circles and in the Brazilian Higher War College, entrusted with stroking the ego of the armed forces and prompting them to conciliation and collaboration with the continental communist strategy, driven by their own patriotism, readily transformed into anti-Americanism by an ingeniously calculated stream of disinformation. Including, of course, that provide by Mr. LaRouche. The first team features Caco Barcelos, Cecília Coimbra and Luiz Eduardo Greenhalgh.[2] The second, Márcio Moreira Alves, Mário Augusto Jacobskind and Cesar Benjamin. The good cop – bad cop treatment leaves the victim bewildered and subjugated. Between slaps and kisses, a goodly portion of our officialdom has readily taken the bait, showing the same IQ as a laboratory rat. The recent speech of the army commander in Porto Alegre shows to what extent is slandered, marginalized and downtrodden institution is relieved and comforted by the humiliating offer of a miserable seat at the banquet of its traditional detractors.


Similar tricks were played on entrepreneurs and politicians, with equal effectiveness. And this is why it became so difficult to explain to Brazilians what American conservatives, even the most dull witted  like Pat Robertson , understand perfectly well: that the globalist elite is enemy number one of American national sovereignty and, indirectly, of all other sovereignties.


P.S.  – A friend sent me the following memo: “On the 30th of last month, the São Paolo police arrested a Peruvian woman, Juliana Custódio, implicated in the death of a fireman at the time.  The television channel TV Bandeirantes took special note of the case.  The Globo commented and forgot the matter.  It so happens that yesterday, a judge interviewed by Band [Brazilian TV channel] said the following: “in ten years, the biggest terrorist network ever seen in the Americas will be formed in Brazil.”  I, for one, believe that  this “thing” will come about before that, but it is inevitable.  The Peruvian lady is alleged to be a liaison  between the FARC and the First Capital Command[3] (PCC). “


Meanwhile, Mr Lula continues to attribute the wave of violence in Sao Paulo to the (non-existent)  lack of openings for children in schools. He is the most poker-faced cynic the world has ever known.


Published by Diario do Comércio, 06-05-2006



Olavo de Carvalho is a philosopher and the author of several books, including O Imbecil Coletivo: Atualidades Inculturais Brasileiras (1996) and O Futuro do Pensamento Brasileiro – Estudos sobre o Nosso Lugar no Mundo (1997). He writes for three very influential dailies in Brazil: Folha de S. Paulo, O Globo (from Rio) and Zero Hora (from Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul). His articles can be found at and To contact him, write to

[1] Emir Sader, a Brazilian politician and academician who blindly defends the Soviet experiment, debated the author on several occasions and was so roundly trounced that he later denied ever having debated him-PR.

[2] Left wing journalist and academicians.—Translator

[3] A powerful Brazilian criminal organization.—Tr.

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please go to
if you put your information together you have a very complete picture on the truth.


I am glad Carvalho is finally being translated to English. Americans have to understand the trouble they indirectly caused to Latin America by allowing thugs like Lula da Silva, Evo Morales and Hugo Cháves to run amok. If you want to know what is happening in Latin America (especially Brazil), read Carvalho and you will be well informed.


please read about the cfr on this web page it is very educational.

Olavo de Carvalho

You are quite right, Jane. The revolution in Latin America and the CFR project for the “North-American Commonwealth” are deeply connected to one another.


Finally Latin America, particularly Brazil, has a strong voice in USA. And the recognition of Olavo de Carvalho as our Solzhenitsyn is to make fair justice to a great character, philosopher and journalist that deserves this title for all the years of hard work as a freedom fighter.


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