US declares war on China, Russia – Russian researcher on Russophobia

US in denial over new economic order

From Russia Insider, with introduction by Don Hank

Years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at an economic conference in Shanghai, said that the only way to prevent the US from waging war perpetually is to dethrone the dollar as the world reserve currency. Since then there has been a concerted effort by Russia and its allies to use only rubles, RMB (Chinese yuan), euros and local currencies to settle international debts.  BTW, this is no doubt why Putin also said at the last meeting of the Valdai Club that Russia supports a strong Europe, even though in his heart he no doubt supports the anti-EU parties that seek improved relations with Russia. The thing is, he needs a strong euro to compete with the dollar. Thus his goal is not to directly influence the ruble but simple to keep the US from blowing up the rest of the world, now that we have almost totally destroyed the Ukraine with our support for the Maidan coup, have laid waste to Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan and almost completely destroyed Syria by supporting the “rebels,” who in turn have generously shared US weapons with ISIS and the various rebrandings of Al-Qaeda, and by bombing Kosovo, mostly killing civilians, to create a Muslim quasi-state out of a Christian country, and all the while disseminating propaganda to convince people that we were somehow the good guys.

China and Russia understand more clearly than Westerners how to assess and analyze US actions and they have concluded from their research that the world can no longer afford to let the US rampage across the globe like this.

The RI article (cut and paste link):

Congress declares war on Russia, China and allies

The Saker shares at his site a really scary and kookie report on a new bill before Congress that seems designed to destroy Russia and China economically.

This news comes at a time when China is hosting a forum on its One Belt One Road Initiative, attended by over 100 countries. This is a unique project that will unite the East with the West in a system of high-speed rail coupled with sea transport in an effort to offer the little guy of Europe, Asia and Africa cheaper prices on everything thanks to a more-efficient logistics system. It stands in contrast to the Western myth of a post-economic world in which supposedly finance and electronics can replace the older elbow grease economies – a system that works best on paper but in the real world has led to a $20 trillion debt in the US and equally unwieldly sovereign debts in the rest of the Atlanticist Empire, debts that clearly will never be paid down.

If ever a bill was designed to start WW III, it is this new one before the US Congress, which threatens to lay economic waste to China and Russia in retaliation for their refusal to join us in our mad provocations against nuclear-armed North Korea! It occurred to me as I read this: instead of trying to take down our competitors in Asia and Eurasia by force, why does the US not apply the laws of the free market to them and compete economically by manufacturing our own things for export, making them cheaper and better than their goods, perhaps even developing an answer to the Chinese transport system? That would be the fair free market way if we are to continue labeling ourselves the leader of the free world. Of course, if you don’t think your country is competitive enough, then this kind of rule is a confession that you can’t succeed on a level playing field. Suppose sports were run like this and the home team refused to let the visiting team have the ball? They could make a rule that anyone from the visiting team would lose 20 points every time one of their team members touched the ball. But who would go to view a game with childish rules like that? Yet here we are, the great USA, the richest and strongest player on the planet, and our rules are every bit as childish as those of a hypothetical football team that penalizes the other team for winning fairly.

Here is the Saker’s detailed report (remember that our links no longer are hot. You will need to cut and paste. Sorry. Yes, I know this inconvenience cannot be tolerated for long and I am exploring alternatives).

Russian researcher on Russophobia

The next article is part one of a historical analysis of Western Russophobia by a researcher at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies. Mr. Nemenskiy provides an important contribution to this topic. However, he omits an aspect of modern Russophobia that few Russians are aware of, and that is the Russophobic religious beliefs of modern Christians in both Europe and the US, based on a tragic misinterpretation of certain key Bible passages. Since the 1800s Bible “scholars” have believed implicitly that the Gog and Magog mentioned in Ezekiel are Russia – based in part on a very questionable and scant similarity of names and a convoluted theory that they were somehow related to the Scythians who wound up migrating to the steppes of Russia before dying out. These places were prophesied as coming against Israel. My old copy of the Schofield Bible declares, in a footnote in Ezekiel, that “most scholars agree” with this now-debunked myth. Like the Russian hacking myth, no investigation was required. Then a scholar recently discovered the names Gog and Magog in ancient manuscripts of Syrian court records that researchers turned up. They turned out to have been located in what is now Turkey. The myth had lasted over 150 years. How long will our Russian hacking myth last? Well, take heart. The deadly myth that blood-letting cures ills lasted at least 2300 years. Most doctors once sanctioned the practice, since at least the Greeks of about 500 BC right up until the 1800s in some countries. What does this tell us? As long as there are humans, the majority of us will believe without question the opinions of “experts” when they team up to unanimously promulgate “truth.” Humankind is perhaps the wrong species for this construct called democracy.

My translation (the division into 3 parts was necessary to make the article wieldly) follows:

Russophobia is a fundamental and inseparable part of Western identity

Oleg Nemensky.

A leading researcher of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies Oleg Nemensky reports on the phenomenon of traditional western (and not only) Russophobia in an interview with EADaily.

Oleg Borisovich, what is Russophobia? What are the origins of this phenomenon?

Russophobia can be considered in two ways. You can view it simply as a manifestation of dislike for Russians and Russia and the fear arising from it. Such negative feelings are in part natural for any neighboring peoples, or peoples who have ever fought each other. But you can also look at it differently and see a whole ideology, in many respects similar to anti-Semitism, but against the Russians. And then it can be investigated more specifically: how and when it developed, how it spread, what forms it has and how it relates to us. There are very few studies of this phenomenon, unfortunately — only recently (at the earliest – in the 1990s, and in fact even later) did we Russians begin to pay attention to it, and it has not yet been systematically studied. As for the study of anti-Semitism, a whole science and a great political practice of counteracting this phenomenon, have arisen. But as for Russophobia, no one cares.

I can tell you about some of my conclusions, which I have described more than once in my scientific articles on this topic. First, Russophobia is a specifically Western ideology. In other civilizations, a negative attitude toward Russia is either non-ideological in nature or is due to the direct influence of Western information. Secondly, in terms of its main features, this ideology was formed in the 16th-17th centuries, but mainly during the years of the Livonian War, when the Russian state first encountered a whole coalition of Western powers. Thirdly, the most important role in its creation was played by a country that we hardly ever think about at all, and that is Poland. It’s just that, of all Western peoples in terms of culture, the Poles are historically the closest and most important neighbor, who have waged numerous wars with us for centuries. The basic information about our country that the West had available, was transmitted by the Poles, and they are still considered the main experts on Russia. And they also spread their views on Russia and the Russians there, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, thanks to several large waves of Polish emigration – from the events in the divisions of the Commonwealth, then the Napoleonic wars and two large Polish uprisings, and then as a result of the First and Second World Wars and the formation of the Polish People’s Republic.

But, I must say, all these ideas fell on fertile soil. In a sense, we were doomed to Western Russophobia simply for objective historical reasons. All Western self-consciousness, as it began to take shape even in ancient Rome, was built on opposition to the “East,” as the eastern part of the empire, the Hellenistic world of the eastern Mediterranean, was then called. For us, the East is only Asia, that is, the predominantly Muslim peoples and peoples living even farther eastward. But for the Romans, the East was primarily Greece. In the Middle Ages, alienation from the Greeks grew only due to the divergence of Eastern and Western Christianity. Byzantium – the Eastern Roman Empire – was seen in negative hues. And we – Orthodox Russia – were part of this Greek world, and then its primary heirs. And we inherited all the negativity towards the Greeks. We were and remain the most important “Other” for Western culture, in relation to which the Western peoples perceive themselves as the West. And the absolute-positive western self-perception has as its counterpart the absolute-negative perception of Russia. All these negative characteristics (on the same principle of binary oppositions) were also applied to the Muslims, but the West clashed with them later, when it already had the image of an essential Other in the person of the Greek world. I remember that in the mid-90s a French politician was asked if Russia had a prospect of joining the EU, to which he responded in surprise: “If Russia becomes part of Europe, then what is Europe?” This is a very accurate answer, aptly illustrating this identity, which we somehow fail to fully grasp, namely: the West (and Europe) is the West because it has a border with Russia.

To be continued

This is my cry for Russia, no apologies!

This is my cry for Russia, no apologies!

By Don Hank

I have come to the point where I must doff my strait jacket of “objectivism” and just pour out my heart over the tragic situation throughout the West, where governments and media thrive on lies and distortions for the sake of preserving the ill-gotten fortunes of highly placed bankers and other Satanists. The lie that Russia hacked the election, that Assad is an evil troll who gasses his own people and not a sensitive, cultured physician who cares deeply about his beloved Syria, that “Western values” are sacred and not a cover for dark hearts with sinister plans for the impoverishment of humanity – both spiritually and physically.

The truth lies shrouded in darkness, buried deep beneath these lies.

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19

I want to share another of Irina’s emails and link to the latest Novorossia blog with you.

But first, let me share a link (below) to an RT video report that is currently airing on TV, on the siege of Leningrad (previously – and now again – named Saint Petersburg), where 1.5 million people died of hunger in the over 872 day siege.

I spent 2 months at the University of Leningrad in 1971 studying Russian language. The books and tracts available for visitors to the city focused heavily on this siege and the catastrophic human and material losses it caused, and this same tragic but heroic story was on the lips of people I met. The summer palace of Peter the Great had been completely razed to the ground by Hitler’s bombs but in the intervening years, thanks to the persistence and skill of Russian artisans and artists, the art treasures and building were completely restored to their former glory, along with ancient churches and other monuments. Petersburg is a must-see for lovers of art and history. Once you have been there, you will never forget it, and if you are a good and decent person, you will come away with great affection for its people (President Putin is one of them). If you belong to Satan, of course, you will support the Neocons and their desire for genocide against Russians.

Since then the city has been nicknamed Gorod Geroy, Hero City.

I had spent my Junior year studying German in the Philips-Universität in 1963-4 and a few years later visited Auschwitz. I had the opportunity to see the false pride of the people that committed these atrocities and the hypocrisy of their pathetic efforts at living down their shameful past. Instead of showing true heartfelt contrition, the German government now focuses on punishing people whom they accuse of “Holocaust denial,” denying their people freedom of expression in a disgusting display of “caring” for the people they massacred. Perhaps the fact that many of my Anabaptist ancestors were banished, tortured and killed by this same people helped prepare my heart for what I saw. While I loved the ancient architecture of the half-timber houses and the Gothic and Romanesque churches, I had a sense of how this one nation in particular could have committed the atrocities that they committed throughout Europe and Russia and a foreboding that such could occur again.

The German support for the Arab Spring that saw the majority of Syrian Christians banished from their homeland or the burning of their churches, and the German cold-heartedness toward the heroic defender President Bashar al Assad and his faithful ally President Vladimir Putin was a partial fulfillment of this foreboding. Then came the immense German military buildup and the German ambition to be the greatest power in Europe, targeting whom?

The Russians. Germany is sending tanks to Lithuania as part of the hysteria against “Russian aggression.” (

History is repeating itself. It is Kafkaesque. There is a Satanic drive present in that country that permeates everything and poisons the atmosphere. To be honest, I see the same Satanic drive in the US today, where few dare to oppose the blatant anti-Russian hate trumpeted by media and politicians.

It is now well known and documented that our allies in WW II delayed their entry into the war in hopes that the Germans would destroy Russia, on the pretext that such would contain communism. Yet today’s continued hysterical Russophobia, evidenced throughout the West, suggests that communism was not the real reason for wanting Russians dead.

It is not irrelevant to mention that the East West schism of 1054 drove a permanent wedge between the Slavic and other Orthodox and the Roman Catholics. In this context, it is impossible to overlook that in addition to the attempted genocide against the Russians, the Orthodox Greeks suffered horribly at the hands of the Nazis and the post-war US refused to demand that Greece be reimbursed for the damages. Zero Hedge published a link to a video documenting the suffering of the Greeks and addressing the hard-hearted refusal of modern Germany to pay for the damage they inflicted on that country:

And then there was the Western war against the Orthodox Serbs, resulting in the creation of the Muslim quasi-state of Kosovo, where today these Muslims have desecrated much of the Orthodox heritage.

Just as Hitler had teamed up with the Grand Mufti to kill Jews in Yugoslavia, today’s Germany has invited millions of Muslims, many of whom hate Jews, to settle in Europe, and has given them royal treatment. Is the constant condemnation of Assad not a manifestation of hatred toward the Orthodox Syrians he has consistently protected and his alliance with the Orthodox Russians? Has anything really changed since the end of WW II? I wonder.

Hitler’s clearly genocidal attack on Leningrad could have been combatted by the allies but not a single fighter plane was sent during those 872 days to fend off the Nazi aircraft.

Forgive me for giving reign to my emotions but I have to share the sense of dread that I feel when I hear Merkel’s anti-Russian speeches, reflecting a totally unrealistic fear that somehow Russia could invade Europe, something that she knows could never happen in today’s world. And yet, I feel that if Germany had the power it had in the 30s, not only would Russia not be safe but the rest of the world would be in danger as well. And now the Germans are the boss of the EU.

I thank God every day for Putin and for the marvelous defensive Russian arms that protect their sacred land from harm.

Irina’s email:

Hello Don,


Thanks for the letter, I will sure publish it [Here is the link to the publication of Vitrenko’s statement, which Irina posted in the meantime:–Don]. . Early in the morning on May 9, there were searches in the houses of some opposition political figures in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov, just in order to prevent them from participating in the marches. If the regime resorts to such measures, you might be right about its falling any time now.

Today, there was an article in the Oko Planety (The Eye of the Planet) about an urgent meeting in Poroshenko’s administration after the 6-minute long and $ 40,000 worth reception of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister in the White House. According to the article, Poroshenko’s departure to Belarus and his request for a political refuge were discussed there.

Meanwhile, here is the next Donbass blog. [click on UK flag for English – Don]

It covers the week before May 9 and the Victory Day itself, the mass celebration of which gives Ukraine hope, in my opinion.

In comments to previous articles, I was asked to reverse the chronology of events, so I’ve done it in this report. Could you please advise me whether this format is convenient. Personally I prefer the direct chronology but I may be wrong.

Best wishes


And finally, an article from Consortium News about the Israeli-Saudi alliance:


Do ISIS and Al-Qaeda really hate Israel?

An alarmingly large group of Americans have a terminal case of naiveté. They believe implicitly that Islam teaches hate toward not only the West but also Israel and the Jews and that if ISIS gets strong enough, they will attack Israel.

Although there have been attacks by Muslim terrorist loners in France, the facts in the Middle East get in the way of this theory, and indicate that the Sunni countries of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf statelets, which have demonstrably sponsored ISIS, are extremely cozy with Israel (whose hospitals are known to treat jjhadis, including ISIS:, where ISIS has apologized for attacking Israeli soldiers , and where the Israeli director of a think tank praises ISIS:

QUOTE: “The continuing existence of IS serves a strategic purpose,” wrote [Israeli scholar] Efraim Inbar in “The Destruction of Islamic State Is a Strategic Mistake,” a paper published on Aug. 2.

Inbar, an influential Israeli scholar, is the director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, a think tank that says its mission is to advance “a realist, conservative, and Zionist agenda in the search for security and peace for Israel.”

All of this suggests strongly that there is an ISIS-Israeli-Saudi-US axis (because the US is a faithful ally of Israel, the Saudis and the Gulf states and supports the “moderate” rebels, which no one can show differ substantially from Al-Qaeda and ISIS.)

Now pay strict attention to the below information showing that the Gulf state Bahrain is a brutal dictatorship supported by the US, protects Israel by muzzling those who oppose it. (BTW, Bahrain is Shiia majority but is ruled by Sunni dictators.)

First, here is how we know that Bahrain is a brutal dictatorship that supports ISIS.

QUOTE: The U.S.-backed dictatorships in Qatar and Bahrain also massively fund ISIS.

So if we stop supporting the tyrannies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain, we’ll get a two-fold reduction in terror. END QUOTE

QUOTE: Not only is there a direct link between IS and Bahrain’s security services (as the video suggests), but the Bahraini cohort in the Islamic State includes Turki al-Binali, one of the movement’s most influential radical preachers. END QUOTE

And here is how loyal these ISIS supporters are to Israel, which, as we saw above, also has warm feelings for these jihadis:

QUOTE: A Human Rights Watch (HRW) official who was barred from entering Bahrain over his support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement has accused the Gulf state of infringing on free speech.

QUOTE: Since 2015, the Palestine Football Association (PFA) has been urging FIFA to take action against the Israel Football Association (IFA) for allowing six Israeli settlement teams to play in the occupied territories The IFA has been resisting efforts to have settlement clubs relocated to Israel or banned from competition.

So stop saying Islam hates the Jews. The SUNNI Wahhabists support Israel with all their hearts. And remember: every ISIS and Al-Qaeda member is a Sunni Wahhabist. This sect is the most intolerant and violent in the world.

What is the purpose of this officially sanctioned lie? Apparently to create the false impression that Israel and Americans are both victims of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, when in fact, these terror groups are quite fond of Israel. This false impression helps gain the sympathy of softheaded Americans for the Israel-Saudi-ISIS/Al-Qaeda alliance.

As long as we think the enemy is just Islam, pure and simple, we will never ever defeat terror. We will just keep clandestinely supporting it while killing innocent Shiites, as we do in Syria.

Someone needs to ask Trump why his no-visa list included Syria, Iran and others but exempted Saudi Arabia and why one of the first countries he visited as president was Saudi Arabia followed by Israel.


Trumponomics could be the finance to end all finances


Are Christians commanded to defend non-believers against believers?

Are Christians really commanded to defend non-believers against believers?

By Don Hank

I just now received an email from my Christian friend, L., lamenting that Jerusalem may not be awarded to Israel, despite Donald Trump’s wishes. The email contained references to the Bible but none of these mentioned a commandment of Jesus to Christians to defend the modern day secular people of Israel from people who had lived in that region for centuries and force these people to give up their homes on the highly questionable proposition that today’s secular Israelis are God’s people. Nor did it reflect anything but disdain for these people who have been evicted from their homes.

Strangely, most Christians today acknowledge that Jesus ushered in a new dispensation of grace wherein the old Jewish law and customs are to be abolished. Anyone who has read the 4 gospels knows that Jesus was not sent to earth to enforce laws or put prophecies into practice but to dispense grace to his followers.

Yet somehow, these followers have turned back to a legalistic theology that is light years removed from Christ’s teachings and they piously look again to the Old Testament guidance, ignoring their duties to love one another and Christ’s commandment to be wise. This legalistic approach to the scriptures is precisely why we have a Christian country like the US fomenting and even openly supporting terrorists in Syria and Iraq, stupidly calling them “moderates,” and these same terrorists are wreaking havoc with the hapless Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi Christians and other minorities.

No truly Christian country could do such a thing. Genuine Christians guided by the Holy Spirit would rise up in protest against their government’s abuse of the brothers and sister in the East. This wretched state of affairs is hard evidence that “Christians” have turned their backs on Christ, forcing, by their protests, their representatives to protect, not endanger, these brothers and sisters at risk of death and banishment. Thus they spurn Christ in favor of a cynical political correctness.

My response:

Hello L,

Israel was inhabited by God’s people who were actual descendants of Abraham. When they kept disobeying Him, he banished them. He was obliged to do this twice. After the first diaspora Ezekiel prophesied that they would be like the dry bones and would rise up and go back to their land. Sure enough, they did, within a few years after that prophecy, which is now misapplied to the modern state of Israel inhabited mostly by secular people who do not recognized the God of Abraham and mock softheaded Christians who expend blood and treasure for them. We are reaping what we sowed.

After the Jews in Bible times disobeyed again, God banished them and did not give them another chance because they were unrepentant.

Most of the people inhabiting the Holy Land today cannot trace their lineage back to Abraham. Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who was not only a novelist but in fact a thorough researcher of history, wrote a history of the Russian Jews — from which most European Jews are descended. He showed that they were mostly Khazars and were not in the lineage of Biblical Jews.

65% of Israelis polled admit they are irreligious. Many are proudly atheist. They are on the side of George Soros in most areas of politics and they love to stir up wars, apparently feeling not a scintilla of compassion for their fellow humans.

When ISIS fighters are wounded in the vicinity of Israel, the Israeli clinics open their doors and take them in for free treatment. Israeli officials admit that ISIS is a boon to Israel and they treat these people like allies because they oppose Iran! Likewise, Saudi Arabia, the biggest state terror sponsor, is an ally of Israel.

Meanwhile, Iran has 600 Christian churches while the Saudis have none, having banned Christian worship, even in homes. Likewise, despite the frequently repeated outright lie that “Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terror,” Iran has never claimed responsibility for one act of terror committed in Europe or the US. That is because its people and its government are Shiite, a sect that, in the Middle East, is more tolerant than the rest of Islam, while the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and its spinoffs, and ISIS are 100% Sunni Wahhabists, the religion of Saudi Arabia (none of this is intended to characterize Sunnis outside the Middle East, many of whom are peaceful. So are many Sunnis in the Middle East for that matter). Our support for Israel is based on a gross misconception of who Israelis are and our support for the Saudi dictators is based solely on politics — the desire to prop up a dollar that is not based on gold or goods and services. It is a gigantic financial hoax – blood for dollars.

Further, while the blood thirsty Neocons insist, without a stitch of proof, that Iran is secretly developing nukes, it is a well-known fact that Israel has dozens of nukes, in contravention of international law. And yet, hypocritical American “Christians” give Israel a pass while condemning the Iranians, who have opened their doors time and again to international inspection teams and have been found to be nuke-free.

So here is my question for you:

Since Israel is no longer inhabited by descendants of Abraham, and its people are mostly irreligious, denying the power of God, why would the God who banished them previously for disobedience now turn around and give them the Holy Lands as a gift? God had always demanded obedience before. When did they become obedient? Or did God suddenly decide it is ok for “His” people to deny Him and sully His commandments?

Is it the duty of Christians to fight for the rights of a secular people, who have denied God, a land that we consider holy but most of them do not? Does Jerusalem really belong to secular people who are mostly not Jews, either spiritually or in lineage?

Where in the New Testament did Jesus command us to give these mostly non-Jews and non-believers a piece of land in the Middle East that was inhabited by Arabs, Christians and a few believing Jews for centuries?

By fighting for these non-believers, we are behaving as fools and rewriting the Bible based on a narrative that holds no water.

Instead of parroting the line “I stand for Israel,” why can’t Christians fearlessly shout “I stand for the Syrian Christians?” After all, it is politically correct to defend Israel and fight its wars, but few Christians have the courage to stand with Christians persecuted by their own government in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Kosovo and elsewhere.

By our actions we are in fact denying Christ! No wonder we never win wars!

At this rate, how long will it be before Americans are the ones driven into exile?

Non-Western press as an antidote to media lies. Part 3

The non-Western press: the best antidote to media lies. Part 3

By Don Hank

I recently made a few changes to my site and added plugins. Since then the links have not been hot and have to be copies and pasted into your browser. This may be corrected spontaneously, but if not, sorry about that. I need a web guy. WordPress also does not allow me to use Unicode so I can’t add Russian or Chinese content, for example. I am looking for solutions. Don Hank

I had promised to show a few examples from the foreign press of how important it is to read the non-Western press. However, the following item from a US source is of overarching significance.

WND reports: American support for Islamic takeover continues even under Trump

It sounds like WND is surprised that Trump, who rarely keeps a promise, has let us down. I can’t imagine why they are surprised. One of the first things Trump did as president was issue a proposed no-visa list for Muslim countries, containing Syrians, Iranians and others. Saudi Arabia, the main sponsor of the biggest terror organizations in the world, ie, Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda and its rebrandings, was exempted. Big red flag there. Did you notice it? Now when was the last time Iran or Hezbollah claimed responsibility for an attack on US or European soil? Trump and his fellow Neocons know that it never happened. If all Muslims were like the Iranians, 9-11 would not have happened, Charlie Hebdo would not have been attacked, and the immigrant flood in Europe would never have happened. Why blame the Iranians for everything? Ans: To please the Saudis and their allies in the Likud, for the reasons given here:

I scanned the WND article and posted this at their forum:

We could have seen this coming during the campaign when he [Trump] specified Iran as the main threat and said he’d undo the nuke deal. SHIITE Iran was never a threat. SUNNI Wahhabist Saudi Arabia is the true threat. Wahhabism is the most violent and intolerant religion in the world and IRAN is its enemy. ISIS and Al Qaeda are 100% SUNNI Wahhabist. If you think Iran supports terror, tell me when was the last time Hezbollah claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Europe or America. Claiming that Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terror is like saying you support the Saudis — the bunch that spawned Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Neocons claim that Iran intends to “nuke Israel and the West”. So let’s see. Iran has been busy diversifying its industry and inking business deals with Europe and Asia. Does anyone really think they would nuke customers that owe them billions of dollars for goods and services? Iran does not commit terror because it is Shiite and is opposed to the Sunni Saudi shenanigans. Which is why it fights ISIS in Syria. Say hello to the new GW Bush, folks. Fooled us twice, shame on us.

Then the funniest thing happened. My post at the WND forum disappeared. Now WND is either scared to have such an iconoclastic post at their forum or they actually are Neocons with a bad case of Iranophobia. But hey, if what I said is not true, why not leave it up and let another commenter show why it is not true? Or why not have a WND staff member patiently point out the fallacy in my thinking? I think you know the answer to that.

I have reposted that post at WND. I added the following at the end:

Note to WND editors: If there is something factual here that you disagree with, wouldn’t it be best to let other commenters read this and show me where I am in error? Or YOU could show me with facts why I am wrong. Deleting a post like this is admitting I am right and that you have no cogent arguments against it. Whatever you choose to do, I will be publishing a report at my site.

We will see what happens.

Many Americans think American patriotism is synonymous with godliness. Subconsciously they seem to believe America is synonymous with God.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3

Now the next article shows why new sanctions against Iran, passed by the US Senate, are counterproductive, if not suicidal, for the US:

US Senate pushes through anti-Iran bill


Rouhani is the best candidate for the US. By undermining his position before the upcoming election, the US is shooting itself in the foot.

Hamid Reza Gholamzadeh, English editor of Tehran-based Mehr News Agency, believes that under Rouhani Iran is “trying to be a rational actor in foreign policy», and its officials are «very careful not to give excuse” for the US to launch an attack.

The stakes are especially high. Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iran’s supreme religious leader, is old enough and someone will succeed him in the near future. Whoever wins the May election will have a good chance to hold the highest position. The experience of being a president creates a track record, showing that a candidate can successfully rule such a large country as Iran. A presidential record has a big chance to become the decisive factor to tip the scales when the time comes to choose the country’s supreme leader.

Iran is an influential actor in Syria’s conflict and a member of the «big troika» brokering the Astana peace process. It’s hard to imagine the concept of interim zones of stability implemented successfully without finding some kind of arrangement with Iran.

If additional sanctions are introduced, Iran may withdraw from the deal.


If the government believed that Iran poses a nuclear threat, would it prod Iran into abandoning the nuclear deal? This is all politics and has nothing to do with your security. Folks. As usual, the government is thumbing its nose at you. They know the Trump fever has never worn off and you will support anything he does. GW Bush redux is here.

The fact is, Rouhani is a moderate who is willing to deal with the West. The fact that his government sat down and hammered out, then signed, a deal not to develop nukes and to allow foreign oversight, signaled a welcome change in the otherwise rigid Iranian leadership.

If Iran now chooses a hardliner in response to the above-reported Senatorial slap in the face, it will be on the conscience of Americans, not the Iranians.

In the spirit of my previous articles on why you should read the non-Western press, I recommend the following Iranian sites:

From our friend Irina in Novorossia (there really is such a place and it is not going away):

With personal greetings:

Hello Don,

Here is the next Donbass blog.

With the Victory Day approaching, the Nazis in Ukraine are absolutely hysterical [They are furious because Russia won. They were rooting for Hitler and still are. Tragically, The Neocon-led US is close to the Third Reich in its anti-Russian policies and this gives these fascist sympathizers hope – Don]. The last night the Ukrainians used again, after a relatively long break, MLRS «Grad» on the outskirts of Donetsk.

Best wishes

QUOTE: Last week, in response to Western statements about the non-alternative nature of the Minsk Agreements and the reduction of financial assistance to Ukraine, Kiev moved to direct provocations against international observers in Donbass and direct calls for terrorist methods in the war against the Republics.

In all fairness to Kiev, it is hard to say whether anything that happens in the breakaway republics has been ordered by the central Ukrainian government any more. Kiev has lost control to a group of rednecks that regularly celebrate groups like the Azov Batallion that operated during WW II in collaboration with Hitler. These renegades are in control of war policies against the innocent citizens and fighters of Novorossia. Since Kiev can no longer control its own government, the US and Europe are backing off and cuttng aid to the Poroshenko regime.

From a Russian-language site:

Now you have read or heard that China and Russia consider N Korea a valuable ally and will do nothing meaningful to dissuade Kim Jong Un from his war rhetoric and actions. It is not true and you can easily know this if you read the foreign press.

Here is what the Russian ambassador to China recently said (my translation):

Ria Novosti Interviewer:

QUOTE (my translation)

–How close are the Russian and the Chinese positions on N. Korea?

At the UN Security Council, Russia and China expressed their disapproval of US exercises close to N Korea.

Ambassador: So close they coincide. Firstly, neither we nor China will ever support N Korea’s nuclear or missile program. We categorically condemn it and not only because it is a direct threat, including to us, but also because it significantly provokes the Americans to grow their so-called defensive forces in that part of the world, which in fact have an offensive potential.


The Russian language site Ria Novosti


NATO member Turkey and US ally India have agreed to trade without using dollars. This is a major but stealthy trend among non-Western countries, although Europe is also heavily invested in dropping the dollar, not perhaps to hurt the US but because trading partners like Iran refuse to accept the USD. BTW, this is why Putin wants a strong EU. He has said so but the Western press is pushing the phony story that he wants the anti-EU LePen to win the French presidential elections. I was unable to find this story in the Anglo-Saxon press.

Turkey, India may drop dollar in mutual trade (they’re dropping the dollar one by one. I have lost count, but Iran kicked off this trend.

Supporting what I said above, at the meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Oct, President Putin made a remarkable statement, asserting that he supports a strong Europe. Right now in France, the Establishment hack candidate Emmanuel Macron is accusing Russia of meddling in his campaign. How can we be sure this is an absolute lie? Let’s see.

LePen in Moscow and naturally, the retards in Western media said this was proof that Putin was on her side. I am sure that Putin does in fact personally sympathize with her, but he has an important reason not to want her to win. He wants the euro to continue to be used instead of the dollar, thereby weakening the dollar in hopes that a weak dollar will make it difficult for the US to continue its warlike activities. Indeed, this Kremlin support for a strong EU was recently plainly stated by Putin adviser Sergey Glazyev in an interview published at a Russian language site.

So why would Putin allow LePen to visit him personally in Moscow? I hate to say this but I believe it was intended as the kiss of death for her campaign. Knowing that the entire western political class will pretend that Russia is involved in Western elections in order to weaken the candidate and either cause them to lose the election or to be an ineffective leader. This strategy has been used effectively against Trump in the US, although in that case, it is hardly likely that Russia intended him harm.

I have not heard this opinion expressed anywhere, including the Western or Russian press.

China snubs Russian invitation to join in three way drills with Russia and India

It is not a snub of Russia. China is possibly po’d because:

QUOTE: Moscow’s attempts to arrange a trilateral meeting between the defence ministers of Russia, India and China have been thwarted by Beijing. The latest standoff over the Dalai Lama visiting Tawang may have influenced the Chinese decision.

Sorry, Russia haters. I know you are itching to read that Trump and Tillerson succeeded in driving a wedge between Russia and China over a piece of chocolate cake. It will take a bit more than that. Ice cream perhaps?

The following is evidence that Russia-China relations are fine.

President Putin says Russian-Chinese relations are at the highest point in their history. The source is in Russian, here

BTW, while Trump boasted that Xi acted cowed during their meeting when told about the Tomahawk strike on the Sayrat air base, and the Trump team crowed that Trump had won Xi Jinping over to their side, convincing him that the “beautiful babies” argument justified the strike, Chinese government-controlled Xin Hua condemned the strike, giving the lie to this bombastic nonsense.

Arabic-language economic journal reports on Chinese commitments re. postwar Syria

Syrian Expert has reported on a meeting of an Arab-Chinese economic group that discussed how China has documented its interest in providing financing and technical assistance to various industries damaged by terrorism in Syria. The fields range across glass making, photovoltaic power generation, cement production, basalt, renewable energy, etc. Notably missing was petrochemistry and oil extraction. China appears to have been leaving the oil-related activities up to the Russians. This makes sense since the two countries are friends. Not enough chocolate cake, eh?

It also shows that both Russia and China are confident that the war against terror will be won and the current government will be in place for years to come.

Looks like the US wasted those Tomahawks.

China warns US it will take steps to protect its interests if THAAD not dismantled

So you thought Trump persuaded Xi at Mar-a-Lago as Trump regaled the Chinese president with the report that he had just attacked China’s friend Syria was all it would take to subdue the dragon? Well, here are the results of “chocolate cake diplomacy.”

Interview with Ghadaffi relative: why they killed him

The relative claims it was because Ghadaffi was working on a project to make Africans independent of the West, even proposing a new African currency.

Let me add that the plot to kill Ghadaffi will backfire. China is deeply invested in Africa and does not seek hegemony.

This site is Western based but not a puppet. The viewpoint is multipolar:

QUOTE: State-sponsored crimes in Ukraine are part of a despicable general pattern. Washington and its allies are moving to blockade North Korea with an armada of cruise-missile-bearing submarines and warships. The US, Britain and their Saudi client regime are already blockading and starving millions of people in Yemen. The same goes for Syria where that nation is blockaded by the US and EU while it is trying to defeat a terrorist proxy army sponsored by the US and EU.

Forget about the declared rationale and objectives that these Western powers claim. The fact is that blockading any country and inflicting collective punishment on civilians is a war crime.

It is a final, barbaric resort by powers that have lost any legitimacy. Cutting off finances, food, water, power. By what power? By what authority?

Russia, China and Iran are already subject, to lesser degrees, to blockade by Washington and its European vassals. The Western economic sanctions on Russia over the Western-induced Ukrainian conflict testify to that. Also US President Trump is issuing warnings that if China does not comply with tighter embargoes on North Korea, then Beijing will also find itself sanctioned. Iran is also threatened this week by the US White House with facing tougher sanctions over alleged misdemeanors.

The US-led policy of blockade is being wielded like a weapon across the globe like never before. Russia, China and others cannot afford to let this criminality go unchallenged. Some tactical response is needed, like dropping the US dollar, before arrogant Western lawlessness takes the world over an abyss.


Can you see how knowing what you are not supposed to know by reading foreign sites can change your perspective and make it easy to see that the Western press is not only lying, the journalists — of all political stripes — actually do not know the vital facts that the public ought to know and deserves to know if the republic is to stand.

So now the only question to ask yourself is: do I want to be as ignorant as Western journalists, who seem intent on creating the conditions for a world war?

Be gentle as doves and wise as serpents. Jesus

The non-Western press: antidote to media lies, Part 2

Why couldn’t the US public see through this silly narrative and see the obvious truth? In part they were blinded by the two-dimensional viewpoint, the only one accorded them by their msm.

There was, however, a viewpoint represented by the web site Russia Today, which presents the perspective that is virtually forbidden in the West. However, after the lie about Russian hacking emerged, Western politicians quickly flew into action and declared the Russian site “subversive.” Some even proposed banning it or taxing it heavily as a punishment. Many conservatives were able to see through this, not because they were observant or allowed themselves to trust their own reasoning power, but simply because the government that had supported the terrorists was liberal leftist and it was therefore permissible to criticize it.

But meanwhile, the perfect storm has happened. Today the government is led by a man who is generally seen as conservative. In fact his thinking and his foreign policies are purely Neoconservative, focused on war-making and saber rattling and little else. And even though he has, objectively speaking, broken his promise not to get involved in the internal affairs of other nations, and particularly Syria, Americans are allowing him to get away with this violation of their trust based on the narrative that he really wants to do good but is being held back by the Democrats and the Neocons. Thus American conservatives will allow him to do with impunity the same things that they condemned Obama for doing simply based on a narrative that is far from supported by the facts. Americans have lost their ability to assess the morality of their government’s actions on the merits or demerits of those actions and are, as before, basing their assessments almost exclusively on the personality of the leader responsible for those actions and on an established narrative that few dare to oppose or challenge. This is a very dangerous point in US history.

How, then, given that the Western elites support a narrow US-centered, two-dimensional view, does one go about achieving a three-dimensional viewpoint that might lead the public back to common sense, sanity and a truly objective perspective?

The best way to do this is to read not only Western but also Eastern news sources. By that I mean sources that do not accept the notion that America is God’s exclusive domain, ie, has the moral right and authority to do whatever it wants, even if its actions are clearly wrong from anyone else’s standpoint.

To give you a sample of the kind of facts that you will encounter if you read reporting from a non-Western standpoint, I have chosen a few items of news from non-Western countries that are practically forbidden knowledge in the West. Some are my translations from the only sources that I could find for these reports.

PS: One of our readers just pointed out that her favorite sites for escaping the lies are RT news and Russia Insider. I happen to agree and these are the first 2 sites I open each day, But the Western narrative is that these are false news. So if you read other sites you will be even more convinced that the Western media are completely out of step compared to the rest of the world. there are other sites that can supplement these and that is what I want to focus on next, showing specifically how these non-Western sites can defeat the lies.

To be continued

Glod bless Olavo de Carvalho

God Bless Olavo de Carvalho

By Don Hank

I know that some Americans are confused about who Putin is and what Russia is. Under ordinary circumstances, people — all of whom possess reasoning power — would say: ok, the US admits it supports some gun-toting people in Syria who want to force Shariah law down other people’s throats. And we know that the US military stood down for months as ISIS invaded Syria in long highly visible lines of white Toyotas with machine guns mounted thereon. The air force could have picked them off out there in the desert, but the government waited until they had blended in with the civilian population so that any action taken at that time would necessarily kill hundreds or even thousands of civilians, no matter how smart our smart bombs are or how strictly the military personnel observe strict protocol designed to protect civilians.

Therefore, if and when the Syrian people need to be liberated and civilians are killed in large numbers, the culprit is the US and no one else. It is not Islam, it is not Assad, it is not Russia, it is the government of the formerly Christian country the USA.

When it was apparent that the US had no intention of intervening, President Assad finally invited the Russians to help, breaking the rules of the Ba’ath Party that forbade foreign intervention in Syria.

Again, any ordinary person with an ordinary functioning mind would say: the US government is responsible for this mess (including the murder of Christians), and the Russians are the only ones willing to help. We need to support the Russians and their life-saving actions and, if possible, persuade our leaders to stop playing games that get innocent people killed and get off their duffs and fight the evil. A person of ordinary intelligence and common sense would think this way. So why don’t they?

Well, the New York Times and CNN and even Fox News, and more importantly, the president who had promised peace, all organized a chorus to badmouth Putin, Russia, Assad, and the Iranians – who were also fighting jihadis – making it look like the ones sincerely fighting the jihadis were the bad guys and the Western governments seeking Assad’s ouster were the good guys. This despite the fact that Syrian Christians overwhelmingly support Assad and after Aleppo was liberated, the people massed on a large town square there, erected a Christmas tree and a giant photo of Assad and danced with joy – Muslims celebrating Christmas. But the media ignored it and went into high gear to attack these excellent people who liberated the city, citing the fact that civilians were killed in the liberation attacks – this despite the fact that in Mosul, Iraq, the civilians killed by US forces far outnumbered the casualties in Aleppo! The campaign of lies and deceit was unprecedented in its scope and diabolical maliciousness. And the pubic, who should have known better, must bear most of the blame for allowing itselt to be deceived so completely.

Why can’t we just be ordinary people again with ordinary reasoning powers? How is it possible that we have drifted so far from common sense and reason?

You can’t explain this in earthly terms. Only strong delusions of a higher order can make people think that good is evil and evil is good.

The answer is that we are not fighting a visible enemy. Paul was right:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Isaiah 5:20

And yet, our Commander-in-Chief said: Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free.

In other words, the chains will be broken. People will wake up and we will be free again to use our ordinary common sense once more. It is just a matter of time.

He also said we are to love our enemies and bless those who curse us.

Lord bless my friend Olavo De Carvalho. (see BTW, you may have to copy and paste these links into your browser. has come under attack lately.)

If you have been brainwashed into accepting a lie, open the links below for some detox. I pray that it will help you to heal your wounded soul and cleanse away the injuries done to it by ruthless obviously lying propaganda:

BTW, if you love Olavo as I do, and you are close to him, then you can help him live a longer life by telling him that cigarette smoke kills.

Thank you for taking the courage to do this.

What does Putin stand for?

Russia did NOT hack the Democrats

Putin a thug, eh?

The Russkies are coming! Rebutting the cottage industry of Russian hating. Lord forgive these wretched people for the terrible mistake they have made.

The non-Western press: the best antidote to media lies

The non-Western press: the best antidote to media lies

By Don Hank

If you are reading only American news, whether rightwing, leftwing or in between, you are not only most likely reading a pack of lies, you are also reading news in only essentially 2 dimensions. That is better than only one dimension, but not much. That’s because if you read Western news, you are getting mostly just a US viewpoint, since the US controls most of the Western press. I say that with full confidence because I have read enough of the European press in the native languages to see how it imitates the US. Of course, there are a few variations and it can therefore be helpful to read European news sources. But the differences are barely substantive. For example, when the CIA and its 16 puppets decided, with absolutely zero evidence, that Russia had interfered in the US election, the European media immediately parroted the lie. Worse, German TV took it to the extreme and acted just as hysterically as if Moscow had actually bombed Berlin. It was embarrassing to watch. Quite honestly I have never witnessed adults behaving like this. I mean that sincerely.

The only way out was to read those few sources that dared to buck the current.  And even those lacked perspective because they were journalists who had been weaned on US hegemony – in their view, even though the US occasionally made a few mistakes, if the world had a problem, ONLY the US was authorized to solve it. If Russia solved it, then that was as if a visiting football team had scored a point on our turf. Almost no American could conceive of there being another problem solver out there. We were God’s nation and if another nation took over our role and solved a problem that we could not solve or refused to tackle then that was horrible. Even if it was wonderful. Because that other nation — even if it was demonstrably more moral, had more common sense and behaved more maturely — could not be God’s nation. After all, God needed a single favorite nation, just as He did in the time of Moses. This is a very weird perspective if you do not happen to be an American or other Westerner. And yet even the Europeans pretty much go along with this insanity.

Consequently, here we have the US, helping to found, fund and arm jihadists in tandem with its ally Saudi Arabia, and while pretending to “fight terrorism,“ initially it does nothing to stop ISIS – allowing these blood thirsty religious fanatics to enter Iraq and Syria in long files of white Toyota trucks with machine guns mounted on the beds. Perfect targets for a fighter plane. But the US air force was nowhere to be found. It stood down as these savages blended in with the civilian populations so that any subsequent intervention would necessarily entail killing hundreds, even thousands, of civilians. Incredibly, it seemed that this unspeakable blood shed that resulted in Mosul and Aleppo was what the US wanted! Yet we have another nation that refrained from entering the fray only because it was awaiting an invitation by the sovereign government, in compliance with international law. And when the invitation came, it immediately started to attack these monsters of ISIS and also the jihadists posing as “moderate opposition,” even though some observers noticed that these “moderates” also committed atrocities and forced their notions of religious correctness on people who just wanted to be left alone.

Thus God’s nation failed. Yet God did not fail. He was  just patiently awaiting His chance, as in the story by Leo Tolstoy titled “God knows the truth but waits to tell it.”  (Here is a synopsis. You will be touched by this story:

Links no longer work as they should. To open this, please copy and paste into your browser:

So why could Americans not see what was happening under their noses? Why could they not see that the people they had elected were stealthily supporting terror? Immediately following a report that chemical weapons had been used in Idlib, Syria, the msm declared that the real culprit in Syria was not ISIS but the duly elected president, who had clearly been investing Syrian blood and treasure for years — along with Russia — in a desperate fight against the US’s proxy jihadists. After all, Russia had been communist until very recently, and had entered the war without the permission of the divinely annointed hegemon. They had the nerve to enter the war only with the permission of the duly elected Syrian president and not with the leaders of God’s chosen nation! How dare they! Thus reasoned many Americans. And therein lies the tragedy.

To be continued.

The Western obsession with destroying Russia

Why the West must destroy Russia

By Don Hank

Russians understand that there is a Western movement to destroy Christianity and because they have had their Christian traditions attacked by a small radical group, they appreciate what they had before they lost it. It is a multi-pronged attack involving destruction from within — by distortion of Biblical doctrines via sects and cults that contradict the Bible — and from without, eg, by importing millions of Muslims to Europe and by foreign policies that eliminate Christians from the Middle East. Thus the same ideology is now at work throughout the West that destroyed Russian culture and society starting in 1917. This anti-Christian ideology no longer has any relation to reality, logic, rationality or common sense, and like all ideologies, it does not solve problems but rather causes them.

The anti-Christian ideology started gaining momentum at the time of the Enlightenment, which was a reaction to the excesses and foolishness of Christians, both Catholics and non-Catholics, who tried to spread their beliefs through force and coercion instead of by the gentle persuasion of love. Its adherents, the self-proclaimed Enlightened Ones (DE die Erleuchteten, FR les illuminés, IT gli illuminati), were convinced that a perfect world could be achieved only by destroying this thing called Christianity. As time passed, it became clear that their target was not religion itself but only traditional Christian teachings. They failed to take into account that it was the failure to accept and adopt Christ’s teachings, and not the teachings themselves, that caused the problems they wished to resolve. Thus it was in fact “Christians” who initiated the demise of Christianity in the West.

A second, less vocal school of the Enlightenment understood this and wanted to reform Christianity to eliminate its errors. That school, however, was overwhelmed by the radicals who wanted Christianity gone forever, including the teachings of Christ themselves. They were throwing out the baby with the bath water. As a result of this domination by the radicals, the going Western narrative now is that the belief in the Christian God is antithetical to science.
This virulent drive to expel all believers in Christ from the field of science is illustrated in the film Expelled (view here), although the producers did not address the role of the Enlightenment or the fact that it was specifically Christianity and not religion as a whole that was targeted by the attack.

The Russians are spoiling the narrative that Christianity necessarily opposes science by accepting the belief in the Christian God but at the same time showing definite superiority in aerospace, the most complex of all sciences (which is why the “enlightened” Americans are obliged to purchase Russian rocket engines). This has alarmed the “Enlightened Ones” who now control most of the media and political life in the West.

Therefore, to the minds of the Western elitists, the Russians and their way of life must be destroyed.

However, since they are not supported by facts or logic, their only defense is lies and distortions regarding Russia and its allies, like the lie that President Assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons and that Russia hacked the Democratic Party emails. Further, since much of the Western public has subliminally accepted the anti-Christian narrative of the elites, they also accept these lies that support the narrative.

Three international provocations thanks to the US and its provocateurs

Some points to ponder:

Trump poll: lowest popularity since 1946 but 96% of his voters would do it again.

Only 4% figured out that Trump was not the peace president?

Or have they not figured out how dangerous his warlike policies are?

Our thanks to Irina for the contribution below.

QUOTE: “Just a couple of hours later, president Poroshenko phoned the US State Secretary, demanding the introduction of international forces in Ukraine.

That is what the Kiev regime is ready for to get Western troops to «protect» them. If it happens, I am afraid, Russia will respond.”

My comment: I am appalled at my countrymen and how easily they fall for false pretexts to start wars. I would have sworn that the Bush war in Iraq would be the fake war to end all fake wars. Surely American could see a pattern here, right? But no, the suckers are hungry for deceit. They have a pathological need to be suckered into yet another senseless war that we can’t afford, to “make America great again”! They seem unable to accept the US as getting along with the rest of the world. We must be the bullies. So that is what was meant by “great again.” The fake story of Assad gassing his own people was swallowed whole by most of Trump’s voters, 96% of whom would vote for him again even after his murderous attack on the long-suffering Syrian people, whose Christian population has been reduced by close to 70% thanks to US intervention. Now comes Poroshenko with his fake accusation that the Russian speakers in the east have attacked the OSCE group when that very group knows full well that it was the Kiev regime or its out-of-control renegade supporters who attacked them! Don

Today, a car of the OSCE patrol was hit by a mine in the LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic, one of the 2 Russian speaking republics – Don]. One employee was killed, another three wounded. Naturally, Ukraine accused the LPR of mining all roads. 

However, when an investigation team arrived at the site, the Ukrainian side opened fire on it. [Remind you of Trump refusing to allow an official investigation into the accusation of Assad “gassing his own people”? We can’t spoil the narrative with the truth, can we? Don]

Just a couple of hours later, president Poroshenko phoned the US State Secretary, demanding the introduction of international forces in Ukraine.

That is what the Kiev regime is ready for to get Western troops to «protect» them. If it happens, I am afraid, Russia will respond. [I suspect they may. Then all bets are off. Hard to say with a loose cannon in the WH. The only silver lining is that in Syria, Trump hit once and then stopped and declared victory over the “beautiful-baby killers.” Maybe that is his MO. Don]

As for Poles, they will not blame Russia for anything, they will just take back lands that they consider theirs, under the pretext of protecting Poles in Ukraine. Western Ukrainians, by the way, might be quite willing to be seized as they will «enter Europe» in such a way. Some of their politicians have long been saying that central and, especially, south-eastern Ukraine is a burden for them.

Here is the next Donbass blog

[I know, the following paragraph is somewhat personal, but I wanted you all to know that Crimea is a great vacation spot, and right now, ridiculously cheap. I was there in the early 70s. Don]

I know some places in the Crimea as I spent their every summer in my childhood, and then even more with my son. Towns on the Southern Coast are great, so if you are planning to go their. I dare say that you will not be disappointed.

End of Irina’s email

Are you keeping count of Western provocations?

I am still reeling from the impact of the poll showing that most Trump voters by far would do it all over again. They don’t see it coming. Bush redux.

From the above, you are reminded of provocations in Ukraine and Syria. Now here comes Afghanistan:

PS: This just came in:

The great Western cover-up: