Another liberal state set to crash

Arizona hosts enormous illegal immigrant population

Today’s feature article by Dave Levine relates to Arizona’s imminent crash.

It is so sad to see state after state unable to pay its bills. And yet, as the article Dave links to points out, the people of Arizona voted for programs they can’t pay for, and these programs are entitlements which are not optional.

For those who don’t know why this is happening, you need to bring yourself up to speed on the radical Cloward-Priven strategy, which aims to force Marxist change by killing capitalism with crises, creating demands that can no longer be met, forcing societal collapse.

This has been the Democrats’ underlying strategy for years, but Obama has brought it on in spades, doubling the national debt in just a few months after his election, making us beholden to China, an enemy of our way of life.

This video is a reminder of how bad off individual states are. Note how the CNN reporters are too polite to mention the huge amounts going to illegal aliens and the fact that many of them are working without paying taxes. This kind of niceness is killing America, as shown by this study summarizing the costs of illegal immigration just for Maryland alone.

At some point we will either face up to the real harm done by our open-borders policy and knock off the PC dance around the issue or we will perish.

Oh, and let me remind you that the Democrats will be pushing a new amnesty bill very shortly. This is even more important than the health care reform bill. It absolutely must be stopped, and you can help stop it like you stopped the Bush amnesty.

Don Hank


Arizona could be just weeks away from going broke

By David Levine  This is a whitewash! I don’t mean the title of the story or the fact that a bankrupt Arizona is imminent. I mean that the writer — who may very well be related to pro-illegal alien activist Congressman Raul Grijalva — doesn’t even mention the words “illegal aliens” when talking about Arizona’s impending bankruptcy. As many law and order conservatives know, only a portion of the 30 to 40 million illegal aliens in the U.S. pay state and Federal taxes. Why? Because many of them work under the table. Also, millions of illegal alien women don’t work and live off the state taxpayers. The Federal Govt doesn’t reimburse the states fully for people on welfare. That is why I have advocated a concerted effort to remove illegal alien WOMEN from the U.S. as so many are on welfare and are a huge drain on the economy — AND because they drop their anchor babies who upon birth go on welfare, too.

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75 thoughts on “Another liberal state set to crash

  1. Another Neocon website that can’t publish any contrary view.
    How much are you getting paid for being a Fascist schill? I spent several years in the Military, did you? Sound like couch warrior to me!!

  2. The only work anybody should be doing with illegal aliens is DEPORTATION. Anybody “working” with illegal aliens is a traitor! Simple as that.

    They are also supporting those who further the cause of the NAU (North American Union) and Aztlan-(the Mexican Reconquista)to reclaim lost Mexican territory.

  3. Stephen: What part of illegal is misunderstood?

    While I also understand that illegal aliens are NOT the sole reason for economic failure-that there are multi-pronged attacks on our economy, to ignore the equation of illegal aliens is plain silly.

    Furthermore, they are NOT supposed to be here in the first place.

  4. Another LIBERAL???? state set to crash.
    State where we have ever lived!
    If Arizona is set to crash it’s because:

    “Right to work” laws that are anti union, anti worker,
    pro business.
    Arizona has some of the lowest wages in the United States.

    Arizona always ranks in the lowest levels of education.
    That’s because Conservative Republicans prioritize Corporate
    Tax breaks and minimize funding for schools.
    Arizona ranks high for high school drop out rates and
    teen pregnancy.
    Arizona teachers are the lowest paid in the Country.

    Arizona hosts enormous illegal immigrant population!
    YES it Does!
    Who Get all the Tax breaks……and are the ones who hire them.
    After all….
    Arizona is a”Right to work” laws that are anti union, anti worker,
    pro business.

  5. KEVKEV in AZ,

    You won’t get any argument from me! I’m an Indy con and could care less about the GOP. Some of the Tea Party heads think they can “turn” the GOP around, but even if McCain loses this November, there are a ton of other RINOs and neocons in power positions–like Rep. Jeff Flake, Sen. Kyl and the entire GOP establishment. There are some great conservatives in the House, but they aren’t being heard.

    I’m sure you’re right that the Republican Party in AZ is controlled by Open Border RINOs and neocons, not Patriots like State Sen. Russell Pearce. Nice post!!

  6. KEVKEV In Arizona, I also agree with you about the Neo Con Republicans and the damage they do to this nation and Arizona. But, reassure me, are you against illegal immigration, or did you simply make the point about illegal immigration in Arizona because you hate the neo-cons, as I do? You mentioned education, and whenever someone brings that up, make antenna immediately goes up, because the liberals never stop talking about education, as if they are the alpha and omega of wisdom on the issue. I assure you they aren’t. Here in Los Angeles California, and through much of California, education standards are low and drop-out rates are some of the highest in the nation, and as you know, California is literally run by liberals, who pour vast amounts of money into education. So might you be a closet liberal?? Just wondering.

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  8. Roxan,

    DEEP Deportation is what is needed as was done by Ike in 1954 under Operation Wetback. We stopped doing that in the 80s when it got too expensive. Instead of charging the Mexican airlines for flying them deep into Mexico, U.S. taxpayers had to pay the bill.

    The problem IS…releasing them at the Border in Mexico allows them to easily break back in. Also, the Mexican Govt is actively trying to get its poor millions to break into the U.S. so they aren’t helping the situation.

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