Another liberal state set to crash

Arizona hosts enormous illegal immigrant population

Today’s feature article by Dave Levine relates to Arizona’s imminent crash.

It is so sad to see state after state unable to pay its bills. And yet, as the article Dave links to points out, the people of Arizona voted for programs they can’t pay for, and these programs are entitlements which are not optional.

For those who don’t know why this is happening, you need to bring yourself up to speed on the radical Cloward-Priven strategy, which aims to force Marxist change by killing capitalism with crises, creating demands that can no longer be met, forcing societal collapse.

This has been the Democrats’ underlying strategy for years, but Obama has brought it on in spades, doubling the national debt in just a few months after his election, making us beholden to China, an enemy of our way of life.

This video is a reminder of how bad off individual states are. Note how the CNN reporters are too polite to mention the huge amounts going to illegal aliens and the fact that many of them are working without paying taxes. This kind of niceness is killing America, as shown by this study summarizing the costs of illegal immigration just for Maryland alone.

At some point we will either face up to the real harm done by our open-borders policy and knock off the PC dance around the issue or we will perish.

Oh, and let me remind you that the Democrats will be pushing a new amnesty bill very shortly. This is even more important than the health care reform bill. It absolutely must be stopped, and you can help stop it like you stopped the Bush amnesty.

Don Hank


Arizona could be just weeks away from going broke

By David Levine

http://www.kold.com/Global/story.asp?S=11757254  This is a whitewash! I don’t mean the title of the story or the fact that a bankrupt Arizona is imminent. I mean that the writer — who may very well be related to pro-illegal alien activist Congressman Raul Grijalva — doesn’t even mention the words “illegal aliens” when talking about Arizona’s impending bankruptcy. As many law and order conservatives know, only a portion of the 30 to 40 million illegal aliens in the U.S. pay state and Federal taxes. Why? Because many of them work under the table. Also, millions of illegal alien women don’t work and live off the state taxpayers. The Federal Govt doesn’t reimburse the states fully for people on welfare. That is why I have advocated a concerted effort to remove illegal alien WOMEN from the U.S. as so many are on welfare and are a huge drain on the economy — AND because they drop their anchor babies who upon birth go on welfare, too.

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75 Responses to “Another liberal state set to crash”

  1. The economy is shot to the very roots. The amount of physical goods produced per capita is less than during the Great Depression.

    Blaming illegal immigrants is like Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany’s problems.

    I work with illegals and I don’t know a single case of them receiving state benefits and they do pay taxes like the rest of us, or else why do they use fake social security numbers to get jobs?

    This article is like firefighters frantically putting out smoldering stumps while the forest fire rages on ahead.

    It is articles like this that are inciting division among the people. Shall we construct death camps too?

  2. Best way to bring down the cost of illegals is to vote out the corrupt politicians who force us to support them.

    If you don’t vote out the democrats AND republicans who vote for enriching illegals, at your expense, nothing will change.


  3. It looks like the only thing that will stop this illegal activity is the busting of the dollar. All this is leading to what Obama and his cronies want. The uneducated minds crossing over to the states are cutting off the hand that feeds them…in due time it will be so…time is now. The US is the largest debtor nation in the world. Why our elected officials don’t see the picture…um it is seen and they are in it themselves feeding at the trough. The well fare system was supposed to stop and get folks off the well fare roles. But look to see who is running it…those that need and want it. Just go and see who is taking application and even in a foreign language. All State and Federal applications should be done in English..period. Speak another language like I do, that is a plus but should not be a standard for federal and State apps. If we are to fix and correct this dilemma of illegal immigration and dollar problem, lets be honest and put\do the things necessary.


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  6. Great Article! Feel free to check out the International Human Press. We could use excellent writers like yourself.

  7. News flash to everyone who keeps rambling about how illegal aliens are paying taxes with their fake documents. As a block mason who has worked with hundreds of them, what they do with their fake documents is claim 9 dedudctions so no taxes are taken out, instead, at the end of the year, they file for Earned Credit Income, for checks averaging 6-12 thousand dollars. They then buy navigators and avlanches and show up to work and brag about the shit. ANY american who thinks illegals are paying taxes in any fashion is a complete idiot who has their head up their asz. Sorry, I call it like I see it.

  8. Arizona a liberal State? I didn’t know this, because I had always heard that it was a “right to work” state and assumed it was conservative. In any case, Americans are playing with fire, allowing this totally open border with one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Also, where’s the diversity, when we have millions of Mexicans entering this nation and so few other people? What’s the agenda here, exactly? To turn America into Mexico?

  9. Once the Illegals get amnesty they won’t have to work the crappy jobs and will get to go after YOURS! Good Luck Suckers!

  10. Revolution is the Solution!

  11. This is not Obamas fault!
    Bush is responsible that the US is totaly broke.
    Obama thought he could change something but then he realized that if he do so he will follow JFK.

    So there is no way out!


  12. Ok so Bush racked up a big debt, irresponsibly. Granted.
    Then Obama came along and DOUBLED the debt.
    And it’s still Bush’s fault?
    Honestly now, Deali. Tell me the truth: did you pass math in elementary school?

  13. Let’s stop calling them “Liberals.” They are Communists. Marxist communism will always collapse when the Communists run out of people to take money from. It happened in the former USSR, and it is going to happen here. As Putin said, “Communism doesn’t work.”

  14. Stephen,
    This is brilliant:

    “I work with illegals and I don’t know a single case of them receiving state benefits and they do pay taxes like the rest of us, or else why do they use fake social security numbers to get jobs? ”

    Thank you for helping us make our point. YES, you are right. They are felons who steal people’s SS nos. Also note the other post on here about the way they routinely claim so many deductions (fake, I assume) that they never pay any taxes. That’s TWO reasons not to give them amnesty. But the main one is still: It is a crime to enter this country without a visa and they are crooks for that reason too.

  15. LAIGLESFORUM…yep, yer right on target. There are some many of’m out there that it’s scary. They’re the ones that actually believe what the propaganda mills – AKA the lamestream media – tells them. I just want to add that Bush was a big part of the debt issue we face now, along with Obama, and Clinton and the other Bush, and Reagan, and Carter and then lets see…Ford, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman — just about everyone of them have done their fair share to contribute to what Amerika has become today. As Patriotic1 said…revolution is the only solution left, but 99.9% of the sheep in this country don’t have the testicular fortitude to do what is necessary. Anyway, it’s supposed to be this way according to the book I read and believe.

  16. Hello Mary Sparrowdancer,
    You are right about that. LIBERAL is their word and we shouldn’t use it to apply to the left. Sorry, I broke my own rule this time.

  17. Hello Someone,
    We identified Bush as one of the culprits some time back here at Laigle’s:


    This is just one of my articles that brings this out. In others, I gave links to Bush’s HUD web site showing that he was still encouraging banks to give loans with NO downpayments. This site stayed up AFTER the crash and was still up last time I went in a few months ago! It’s like Bush saying: LOOK, it was the Republicans who caused it. Fortunately, their role was minuscule compared to the dems’ role.

  18. The Jewish people(converted khazars from the synagogue of satan,,Revelation 2:9,,3:9) as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

  19. It’s like Bush saying: LOOK, it was the Republicans who caused it. Fortunately, their role was minuscule compared to the dems’ role.

    I’m not so sure you can actually pin it on the republiCONS or the DEMONcrats…they are both horses running for the same stable. The only thing they are interested in is stuffing their campaign chests and making certain they get their share of slop at the trough. We haven’t had a two party system in Amerika in a long, long time, and there isn’t really anyone looking out for those of us out here who remember what it used to be like when the buck was still silver. Since Nixon officially turned our money into toilet paper, it has basically been the bankers and the congresscritters who have had the ability to rape and pillage the people. It’s all over but the cryin’ now, just make sure you’ve got lots of guns, gold (silver) and grub stashed away – and don’t forget the most important of the G’s – GOD…cause you’re gonna need’m real soon.

  20. As a Christian I have serious problems with this kind of thing because it sounds so anti-Semitic, and my Commander-in-Chief has commanded me to love all people including the Jews, which I do.
    So I looked it up and did not find any Snopes or other articles disputing it. Still I had my doubts, so I translated a key portion into French and found this quote, which matches your quote fairly well:

    “La propriété privée sera alors supprimée par les gouvernants de race juive, qui contrôleront partout les fonds publics. Ainsi se réalisera la promesse du Talmud que, lorsque le temps du Messie arrivera, les Juifs [284] posséderont les biens de tous les peuples de la terre”. (Lettre citée dans la “Revue de Paris”, 1er juin 1928, page 574).”

    What this actually says is:
    “Private property will then be suppressed by the governments of the Jewish race, which will control public funds everywhere. Thus will be fulfilled the promise of the Talmud that, when the time of the Messiah arrives, the Jews will possess the property of all the peoples of the world. (Letter cited in the “Revue de Paris, June 1, 1928, page 574)”

    I would pretty much conclude that this is genuine, unless a French person falsified this somewhere along the way, which seems unlikely.

  21. patriot2012 Says:

    Nothing ….Nothing is going to change what everyone talks about regards to all issues we face in this country. Talk is soo cheap in America! No vision therefore no leaders!
    Sorry to say, its either states pick up their own Militia and march on DC to take over. Its time to totally shut down the US Government, meaning no more MONEY from us to them. Instead, the States should be collecting the money, all of it that has been going to the Feds. People, its either you shut up and deal with this or stop working, stop paying the bills and pick up your guns passionately protect your family’s future if any of you know any better. Otherwise, you all are just a bunch of cowards talk talk talk.

  22. I’ve read the “R” word 4 times in this blog & hundreds of other times in other blogs recently.

    For someone that lives outside Arizona, I feel bad for them & wish I could help their situation. THey deserve better!!

    Finally, someone just wrote a new book about a small town in America (like small towns in Arizona) that stands up to federal tyranny, open borders & ends up starting the
    2nd American Revolution.

    I strongly recommend it to everyone. booksbyoliver.com

  23. If we bring back genuine free enterprise, then we won’t have to keep out foreigners, because there won’t be any government handouts for them to take advantage of. This illegal immigration problem is made far worse by the growth of government over the last century or so.

  24. In the words of fictional character, James T. Kirk,
    “Then let them die!”

  25. Lem Semmler Says:

    Another liberal state set to crash????? Since when was Arizona a liberal state? Arizona has been a hotbed of republican idiocy for years!!! Where did Barry Goldwater come from?

    Obama has doubled the national debt in just a few months???

    Your entire article is ludicris and you are a LIAR!!!

  26. I would add, if only we would simply enforce the laws we have historically used then we could actually pair such circular jargon with real tangible numbers. For instance, I was in Australia for a year when they came to arrest me for working without a visa, -using line-for-line the same rules as here.

    Once they learned I was an artist doing a work for room and board, having completed around 82% of a brilliant parquet ceiling of 4 hardwoods, they used their local power of selective controls, nd allowed me to stay until the seler -coat could be applied. We have a system which draws upon no empirical ‘evidence,’ uses no formal means of stated purposes coupled with checks-and-controls.

  27. Another “Liberals,blah,blah,blah.” The republicans must be smoking those poppies they are protecting in Afghanistan! It’s the fascist right that wants the illegals here, cause their cheaper! Bush pushed for the 700 bil for the bankers!
    Where I come from that’s called CORPORATE WELFARE! I’m tired of these wannabe jack-boots whining about Liberals when they think It’s GOD’S WORK to Socialize Corporate Losses! Hey Hanky, Try looking up “Hitlers Angel,Prescott Bush” on any search engine. From Precott’s view, the Bill of Rights is too “Liberal”.

  28. Ladies and gentlemen ~ what has just manifested the past two years was a “productivity spike” which surged throughout out economy. Our economists were not up to speed so-to-speak, and were in fact ~ caught off guard in the business of managing the fuel side (the money supply side)of our economy. This speaks volumes as to just how fast and efficient the engines of market were running! AND~ It’s just a fraction of what we can accomplish!

    But it’s one thing to lean out an engine to run more efficiently – it’s quite another to vapor-lock the engine due to a critical lack in fuel!

    Money is like the life-blood of the economy – and it needs to circulate or the “body” will go into shock.

    Oh and uh – ending the prohibition on plants might be a good idea too!

    I’m hopeful they now have figured all of this out, or or at least starting to get this figured out.

    remember ~ Beware accountants bearing gifts!

    Suppose they have a few basic assumptions wrong?

    For example ! Why is all infrastructure considered as a liability – when it should be considered an asset? Roads bridges building etc all are a big negative sign to a State’s economy and we’re talking about billions of dollars. WHY?

    Why are these not assets?

    Why is not the money supply EXPANDED when beneficial projects are built? I suggest the NEW money ought to be entering the system ~ instead of leaving the system to “ay for” these things. Is this the only way to consider it?

    The corporate paycheck lottery is basically done. We’re gonna have to see the workers as assets in our system – deserving of a basic lifestyle which as yet is to be defined – but I would remind those who consider such things that we hold ourselves up to the world as examples: so let that guide your decisions.

    Face it – wages need to RISE – SIGNIFICANTLY!

    Hours worked need to be reduced!!!

    I repeat – we have just experienced the WHAM of a PRODUCTIVITY SURGE!

    Start to wrap your mind around that and we can begin to find workable solutions to the problem.

    How about a half decade or more of sustained prosperity? No recessions for fifty years or more? Lets get to work on that!

    We have a fiat money supply – there is no excuse ! NO EXCUSE!!! – to not having enough currency in circulation to support the economy and the people. our economy needs to serve us – and – not the other way around~

    we need to be as open with Mexico and we are with Canada. nuff said. Lots of boomers may find retirement in Mexico – an attractive option

    Lets face it – The rich blew it. They (in mass) failed to trickle down – to any significant effect ~ when that was the mantra as well as the overall expectation. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that Government doesn’t start taxing them more heavily. Which I think now is unavoidable – but would not have been considered IF they had indeed “trickled down” their good fortune.

  29. Are you people serious? The way to stop immigration is to come down hard on employers. Illegal aliens come here for jobs, not for some illusory “American dream.” Impose huge fines on illegal employers and throw a few CEOs in prison and you’ll see the illegal alien problem largely disappear.

    The problem: illegal employers, NOT illegal aliens.

    This is so brain-dead simple, but companies like cheap labor, and there are hoards of racists out there to tacitly, or blatantly, support their “right” to bleed the country dry by outsourcing jobs and knowingly employing illegals.

    But then you racists wouldn’t have anybody to blame, when it’s clear your own libertarian fantasies about “free markets” are the true cause of the mess this nation’s in.

  30. I have lived in Arizona since 1954 and it has been
    by far one of the most conservative states run by
    Repblicans for years. Yes, the state is going
    bankrupt but to blame it on just one party, liberals
    or conservatives is a joke. Both parties are
    responsible for this disaster. Unfortunately, the
    most corrupt and dishonest governors in Arizona
    history are Republicans – Symington, Hull and

    Until people get off the liberals this conservatives
    that, Democrats this Republicans that. In public they
    play different tunes but behind the scenes they are
    exactly the same.

  31. America should do like Singapore………..foreign immigrant labor is allowed to work within its borders but any immigrant woman who becomes pregnant is immediately deported to her country of origin. No anchor babies needed or invited.

    Illegal immigrants face extremely difficult penalty, including caneing and immediate deportation.

  32. Illegals working with “fake” social security numbers? Guess again! They rack up TAXABLE INCOME to an AMERICAN who HAS a social security number. The IRS takes about two years to catch up and then the owner of the social security number starts getting LOVE LETTERS. This has been, for years, creating a huge additional cost to taxpayers that you hadn’t realized, not to mention the burden on the person who the social security number belongs to. We can all go on and on about the ills of our nation, but where does it lead? We are all smart enough to figure it out, but we have no control over what is happening, so instead we need to figure out how to take back control, oh.. and then DO IT.

  33. Texas Minuteman Says:

    Texas 2-step solution to the illegal alien crisis.

    1) Revoke birthright citizenship for all US born children of ILLEGAL ALIENS retroactively to about 1970.

    2) Authorize Americans to execute CITIZENS ARREST of illegal aliens as they are criminals by definition.

    Armed with these 2 legal tools, Americans (like the Minutemen) can quickly TAKE BACK America–without costing Uncle Sam a nickel.

    We’ll even transport back to the border (free of charge) and force them to back to MEXICO–where they belong!!!

  34. People like Stephen who emote that “”Blaming illegal immigrants is like Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany’s problems.”” are as big a part of the problem as the other components that advocate for the massive invasion into the US. Nobody has ever said that illegals are the whole problem but they are part of the problem and need to be sent home.

  35. arizona_man Says:

    American jurisprudence 101

    Presidents are part of the executive branch. They don’t make laws and they don’t set budgets and they don’t create debt. The executive branch is there to execute the constitutional laws passed by the legislative branch.

    The legislative branch of government sets budgets and spends money and passes laws. The debt is caused by congress. The immigration issues belong to congress. The phony wars on terror belong to congress. They are funding the illegal and unconstitutional wars. Cease funding the demise of America congress and the executive branch must tow the line.
    Every president in my lifetime has been corrupt but none of them could have accomplished the pain they brought to Americans without the funding from congress.

  36. Mountain Jack Says:

    Arizona a liberal state? What are you smoking? There are more rednecks in Arizona than in the surrounding states combined. DUMB!

  37. The two party system has failed. The country is bankrupt. Who’s fault is it? YOURS!

    You voted them in. You didn’t admit when you were wrong. You didn’t vote them out after one term, and now your stuck with senators, and congress critters that have been in there for 20+ years. Voting them out doesn’t work, as the current, and previous congress proved.

    The ONLY thing that will restore America is full scale revolution.

    EXPOSE THE BANKERS. END THE FED. The answer to 1984, is 1776.

  38. Stephen said “I work with illegals and I don’t know a single case of them receiving state benefits” Either this person is lying or wears heavy-duty blinders. Just go into any Mexican oriented grocery in Phoenix and watch at the checkstands. Within 2-3 minutes someone will whip out Wics or a food stamp card to pay, and if you try and talk to them they can’t or won’t speak English. I’ve also noticed these people buy the name brands that I can’t afford because of what taxes do to my paycheck. Need I say more?

  39. And what state does RINO McCain come from? Why do those staunch “conservatives” keep re-electing him?

  40. The jews did cause all the problems in Nazi Germany.

    It never stops ceasing to surprise me how little some people know about history.

    If you want to believe the holohaox then go ahead, but in the mean time why not study some history?

    Start with Benjamin Freeman or Jack Bernstein if you want it from a jewish perspective….just Google them.

    Rothschilds bankers and kosher crooks have been controlling things in America since Andrew Jackson closed down their kosher tree house in the early 18oos.

    Further reading to help you would be “The Synagogue Of Satan” Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.

    Hop@e that helps!

  41. That’s Benjamin Freedman.

  42. Hello Dale,
    My title was mainly just an eye catcher. I should not use the term “liberal” as I did because they aren’t.
    But the LEFT is another story. The thing most Westerners fail to understand is that, at variance with the popular opinion that Left and Right are moving together these days, the LEFT is absorbing the right. RINOs are not rightwingers. They are leftists claiming to be conservatives. Bush is the best example. He was a leftist in drag.

  43. Hey Jackie,
    I know about Bush, ok? If you look thru my site you will find LOADS of material on how Bush helped crash the economy. What people fail to realize — and it is super important — is that the LEFT and RIGHT are not “2 wings flapping on the same old bird.” They are both the same LEFT wing. You have got to start giving the Left credit for being pure evil and sneaky enough to get its agenda done by so-called (that’s the operative term) “conservatives.” Like Bush, McCain, etc, who are no more conservative than Karl Marx.

  44. Hello Cliff,
    I am a Christian and I do not hate the Jews. I don’t care if they take everything I own. My Commander-in-Chief (no, not the warden at 1600 PA Avenue) has commanded me to love them, as he has commanded me to love you and other anti-Semites. I realize that Marx was a Jew and so were a lot of the bankers who lent money to both Stalin and Hilter. But it is not about race. The Jews gave me the Old Testament and the men who wrote the New Testament were also Jews. I love these books. Yes, I know about the Ashkenaze and the Khazars. Maybe the Jews of today are not the descendants of Abraham. But they are to be loved, not hated, and God will deal with anyone who is part of Satan’s consortium, starting with Karl Marx, who was a Satan worshipper. Did you know that? If not, email me at zoilandon@msn.com or go to the left side bar at this site and check out the article “Marx and Satan” by Richard Wurmbrand. Satan has people on both sides of these issues and one of his favorite strategems is to use anti-Semites to carry his message.

  45. Hey Bob,
    Take a deep breath.
    You had written a previous comment saying “you are not a Christian if you support thugs” or the like. Don’t know what thugs you meant and don’t know who you mean by “you” here. I didn’t approve that because I don’t know what you meant.
    I recently read something about how conservatives are a “circular firing squad.” That’s dangerous. Let’s be careful. I know we are all made (me too) about what is happening, esp about the RINOs and false conservatives out there. But let’s calm down and define our terms. Ok? I hope to hear back from you for clarification. We may survive the Usurper’s rein, but will we survive the “friendly” fire? I wonder.

  46. “killing capitalism with crises, creating demands that can no longer be met, forcing societal collapse.”

    Not unlike the stretching of America’s military around the globe to its breaking point on behalf of Israeli interests and in defense of Zionism.

    LaiglesForum, please start to understand the distinction between “the Jews” and the Judeofascists, who are working in conjunction with Left-Right collaborators and appeasers. Only then will what is happening in this country start to make sense.

  47. Hello Tod,
    Sorry. I don’t take orders. There is no need to use “Judeofascists.” That first 3 syllables are a throw-away. Fascism is independant of race and I won’t let anti-semitism take over my site. There are lots of LEFTIST Jews who do not believe in defending Israel, and they are still Leftists and still dangerous to our country because of that fact. The Left is the enemy, not any race. As far as I know, Palestine was always a Jewish owned area. All of a sudden we have historical revisionists, mostly leftist but also some libertarians (what is that any more I’d like to know?) saying that it was always Arab territory. I will not be persuaded that the Arabs are the good guys in the Middle East. They have persecuted the Jews AND Christians for over a milennium. Almost all of the Assyrian Christians in Iraq have been slaughtered or banished since Bush’s war. That is not because of any geopolitical situation. It is anti-Christian. The fact that the Jews are being persecuted in the Middle East is essentially racism mixed with religious fanaticism. We can’t tolerate either one. Bush’s culpability lies in his inability to understand the culture(s) of Iraq and his belief that complex issues can be resolved quickly by a clean little war, which never materialized. His globalist (communist) ideology was also a major factor. Bush never once made the case for a Christian world view, except among Americans. The West has failed propaganda-wise to defend the values of real Americans, who are still Christians, and have presented a leftist mushy gobbledygook to the rest of the world, indicating we are a bunch of pansies.
    Note the difference between Bush and Reagan, who called evil evil.
    Bush called it good, “religon of peace” and all that hogwash. That’s why we came out looking like idiots.

  48. America, put a fork into it. It’s all over except for that fat senorita singing…

    I’m looking for a new country. This one isn’t a country anymore. Countries have borders, language and culture. America has none of that. China has been China for over 5000 years, what are we, but just an idea. Ideas change, none last. Neither will we. In 1000 years China will still be China. What will we be? Not the USA, that’s fer sure!

    This isn’t a country, it’s just a place where some can make money. It’s really just an “economic empowerment zone”.

  49. “The Left is the enemy, not any race.”

    Correction: Authoritarian-statist ideology is the enemy, not any race. Judeofascism is an authoritarian-statist, specifically Jewish supremacist ideology, a sub-category of the larger statist-authoritarian ideology called Zionism, which believes that there is a “chosen” seed under special protection of God, and that even non-Jews can come under God’s protection by joining with the “chosen” Jews to rule the world. This is racialist, superstitious, anti-Christian nonsense. George W. Bush was so misguided and inept because he subscribed to this nonsense; Reagan did not. Remember how he exited Lebanon pronto when the U.S. Marines were killed there instead of starting a war? It’s because he saw the writing on the wall, and because he was a Christian, America-firster, not a Zionist Israel firster. Today, the Neocons would call him a coward.

    “I will not be persuaded that the Arabs are the good guys in the Middle East.”

    Whether you regard Arabs as the “good guys” or not is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, they are the native inhabitants of that area, and their countries have a right to national sovereignty, as do Americans. Or are you a globalization advocate that believes no countries anywhere are sovereign, including America? Israel refuses to draw its borders because it covets the West Bank, and probably more territory than that. Judeofascists don’t believe they are bound by any laws but the laws of their “seed,” therefore, they don’t believe laws of sovereignty apply to their “nation,” whether Israel or the diaspora Judeofascist “virtual nation.“ This is racist, superstitious, anti-Christian nonsense.

    “The West has failed propaganda-wise to defend the values of real Americans,”

    The West (Wesern civilization) has historically been deeply intolerant of Judeofascism, (which can also be thought of as racialist Jewish ethnic racketeering) because of its political and economic scheming, and plots to overthrow Christianity as the West’s moral authority. This was and is the basis and agenda of Marxism.

    You seem to believe that you can defeat the Marxist Left by joining with yet another manifestation of Judeofascism in Zionism. This is racist, superstitious, anti-Christian nonsense.

    Until you and Americans like you understand and acknowledge Judeofascism (which was also essentially the social-political-religo ideology of the Christian-persecuting Pharisees) you will continue to beat your heads against the wall and wonder why the anti-Christian totalitarianism around you keeps ratcheting tighter and tighter.

    I have gone to great lengths to warn Americans of the existence of Judeofascism and its ways, so I suggest you go here: http://www.Judeofascism.com , spend at least one hour reading through the site, and then tell me if you are still unconvinced, and why. Thanks.

  50. rockclimber Says:

    to zoilandon@msn.com : If you know there khazars and if you have a good idea that they may not be the descendants of Abraham, than clearly you would know that they are not ‘semites’ (such as the palestinians are, Jesus’ relatives), so why throw the old canard ‘anti-semite’ around? On the other hand, do you believe that the fake jew-khazars should also learn to ‘love their neighbors’ such as the Palestinians, stop stealing their land and murdering their children, and stop being anti-semites themselves?

  51. Hello Jimi,
    I can relate to that. Amen. The problem is, I don’t see any countries out there that are even a close second to what we were. I now live in Panama, and I like the Panamanians, but it is not the USA as it once was.

  52. Hello Toda,
    The Arabs do have property rights throughout most of the Middle East, but not in Palestine. Here is why:

  53. Hello Rocky,
    I guess I should feel flattered that you people are all swarming over this site trying to proleytize me. But I don’t see it in black and white as you do. The Israelis tried to make peace and signed the Oslo Accord. Within a month there was a record number of terror acts in Israel. Israeli children got hurt. I’m not buying your propaganda. I do not trust Muslims and I am starting not to trust people who support them. The Koran says it is ok for them to lie to Christians and Jews, and they do. A lot of people are buying into the lies.

  54. Toda said:
    “George W. Bush was so misguided and inept because he subscribed to this nonsense; Reagan did not. Remember how he exited Lebanon pronto when the U.S. Marines were killed there instead of starting a war?”
    I agree with this part. It is a good point. I have never understood why Reagan chose a Bush as his running mate. I’d have preferred Bugs Bunny, actually.

  55. rockclimber Says:

    Nor do I necessarily trust Muslims and their way of life is incompatible with our Western civilization/culture. However, my point is that as a Christian you stated “we are commanded to love”…love our neighbors as we love ourselves to be precise. Imagine if we lived by those words as our Commander commands us to.

    Have you ever perused the Talmud btw…have you been to the site of Carol Valentine ( http://www.come-and-hear.com ) and read how much they hate Christ, the goy and Christians in general? I fear the Jews more than the Muslim because of their hateful and supremacist attitude (not meant to imply all khazars). The Talmud is an abominination if there ever was one.

    Btw, your site was linked from http://rense.com/ which recieves about 500,000 unique hits a day. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

  56. rockclimber wrote:
    “your site was linked from http://rense.com/ which recieves about 500,000 unique hits a day. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight.”
    My response:
    I would rather reach ONE person with the truth than 10,000 with a lie.

  57. Dave Levine Says:

    stephen, that’s ridiculous (your statement yesterday). The left always comes up with the Nazi analogy. It’s not a question of “blaming”–it’s just cold, hard facts. If you choose not to believe those facts, that’s your problem.

    California spends $4 billion a year on “bilingual education”–that’s education for millions of anchor babies, those born to illegal alien parents. Send the illegals packing and much of that cost is wiped off the debt as the children will most likely go home to Mexico with their lawbreaking parent/parents. That $4 billion is part of the $27 billion the State is in debt for. That money is ONLY for bilingual education. Then there’s the WIC and other welfare paid to illegal alien mothers, the cost of incarcerating illegal alien convicts, etc.. The CA taxpayer has to pay for all of that.

    I’m not and have never written that illegal aliens are the only reason for the $27 billion, only that they are a huge drain/burden on the taxpayer and that if they weren’t here, we’d be much better off in many, many ways. That’s not even mentioning the law and order aspect. The job situation would improve immensely here if they were run out of Dodge. Whether you like that or not, that is coming and coming soon. Maybe they won’t be put in cattle cars, but they’ll be forced to leave. Californians aren’t going to allow this Invasion to continue.

  58. Thanks, (Barra) Cuda! Except for the profanity, I agree with you 100%. I had actually never heard that asa ploy by illegals to avoid paying taxes–I mean, those earning wages as opposed to those being paid under the table. I will mention this on my blogsite and see if I can get others to verify that this occurs. It could be a huge sub-story within the illegal immigration story. Gaming the system–if true, this proves that they’ve been “coached” by aider and abetting groups into doing this.

  59. LAIGLESFORUM said: “I would rather reach ONE person with the truth than 10,000 with a lie.”

    Amen to that :) Just thought I would let you know the origin of your popularity.

    “As scarce as truth is, the supply is always greater than the demand.” -Henry Wheeler Shaw

  60. Cuda, if you’re still here, I don’t understand the term “avlanches”. Could you clarify? Thanks.

  61. Bobby, Arizona IS a conservative (red) state…However, as with all states with big cities (which are Sanctuary Cities), the Dems have the unions and the churches in their back pockets. The Mayors and Police Chiefs–the two most powerful pols in these cities–are almost always liberals. In Los Angeles, the Mayor is a reconquista (one who believes that CA belongs to Mexico) and is himself a former gang member. Arizona elected an Open Borders idiot named Janet Napolitano as Governor. She blocked nearly every attempt to seal the Border and to get the illegals out of that state. There are two very powerful law and order politicians in AZ–Sheriff Joe Arpaio and State Sen. Russell Pearce. On the other side are McCain and Rep. Jeff Flake. Don’t ask me why Arizonans haven’t voted those numbskulls out. McCain’s up for re-election this November but doesn’t have a strong conservative running against him.

  62. Lem, no we aren’t. Thee are a liar! Goldwater died in disgrace disavowing much that he had stood for. While Goldwater was from AZ, so is the pro-war liberal McCain, Jeff Flake and others. What was the name of that Open Borders gay Congressman who thumbed his nose at Fed. Immigration law for so many years? He was another idiot on the left. Sorry, but mentioning Goldwater as a reason for AZ’s supposedly being a conservative state is ludicrous. The liberals–and I put McCain in that bag–have hueld power in that state for decades.

  63. Dave Levine, thanks for the info Dave. You cleared up a lot of questions I had about Arizona. It seems that the situation is the same as it is in California. Yeah, I know about Villaraigosa, believe me. I was a student at the same time this flake was, and all he did at UCLA was cause trouble and “demonstrate” for “Mexican rights”. Funny, I had Mexican friends that went to college and they never complained about being denied any rights. Some of us “Americans” have become the most unaware and stupidist people on the face of the earth, because we can’t figure out how to stop this utter crap.

  64. Dave Levine Says:

    Texas Minutemen, I like your idea of the Texas 2-step…However, those doing the citizen’s arrests would need to be armed and for sure, there would be violence and innocent people would be hurt or killed. The local police would never go for such a thing unless a law was passed at the State level and even then, anarchy would reign. I would prefer a scenario where law enforcement do the dirty work, and that would mean hiring many more of them.

  65. Dave Levine Says:

    Thanks, Bobby! You’re a true Patriot and I appreciate the comments.

  66. Another Neocon website that can’t publish any contrary view.
    How much are you getting paid for being a Fascist schill? I spent several years in the Military, did you? Sound like couch warrior to me!!

  67. The only work anybody should be doing with illegal aliens is DEPORTATION. Anybody “working” with illegal aliens is a traitor! Simple as that.

    They are also supporting those who further the cause of the NAU (North American Union) and Aztlan-(the Mexican Reconquista)to reclaim lost Mexican territory.

  68. Stephen: What part of illegal is misunderstood?

    While I also understand that illegal aliens are NOT the sole reason for economic failure-that there are multi-pronged attacks on our economy, to ignore the equation of illegal aliens is plain silly.

    Furthermore, they are NOT supposed to be here in the first place.


    Another LIBERAL???? state set to crash.
    State where we have ever lived!
    If Arizona is set to crash it’s because:

    “Right to work” laws that are anti union, anti worker,
    pro business.
    Arizona has some of the lowest wages in the United States.

    Arizona always ranks in the lowest levels of education.
    That’s because Conservative Republicans prioritize Corporate
    Tax breaks and minimize funding for schools.
    Arizona ranks high for high school drop out rates and
    teen pregnancy.
    Arizona teachers are the lowest paid in the Country.

    Arizona hosts enormous illegal immigrant population!
    YES it Does!
    Who Get all the Tax breaks……and are the ones who hire them.
    After all….
    Arizona is a”Right to work” laws that are anti union, anti worker,
    pro business.

  70. Dave Levine Says:

    KEVKEV in AZ,

    You won’t get any argument from me! I’m an Indy con and could care less about the GOP. Some of the Tea Party heads think they can “turn” the GOP around, but even if McCain loses this November, there are a ton of other RINOs and neocons in power positions–like Rep. Jeff Flake, Sen. Kyl and the entire GOP establishment. There are some great conservatives in the House, but they aren’t being heard.

    I’m sure you’re right that the Republican Party in AZ is controlled by Open Border RINOs and neocons, not Patriots like State Sen. Russell Pearce. Nice post!!

  71. KEVKEV In Arizona, I also agree with you about the Neo Con Republicans and the damage they do to this nation and Arizona. But, reassure me, are you against illegal immigration, or did you simply make the point about illegal immigration in Arizona because you hate the neo-cons, as I do? You mentioned education, and whenever someone brings that up, make antenna immediately goes up, because the liberals never stop talking about education, as if they are the alpha and omega of wisdom on the issue. I assure you they aren’t. Here in Los Angeles California, and through much of California, education standards are low and drop-out rates are some of the highest in the nation, and as you know, California is literally run by liberals, who pour vast amounts of money into education. So might you be a closet liberal?? Just wondering.

  72. […] Another Liberal State Set to Crash: […]

  73. Roxan,

    DEEP Deportation is what is needed as was done by Ike in 1954 under Operation Wetback. We stopped doing that in the 80s when it got too expensive. Instead of charging the Mexican airlines for flying them deep into Mexico, U.S. taxpayers had to pay the bill.

    The problem IS…releasing them at the Border in Mexico allows them to easily break back in. Also, the Mexican Govt is actively trying to get its poor millions to break into the U.S. so they aren’t helping the situation.

  74. […] with No Comments Submitted by: Donald Hank I once wrote a column in which I called Arizona a liberal state and caught a lot of flack from people under the illusion that Arizonans are rough riders who […]

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