Male pattern eye wanderer outs himself on Laigle’s Forum

About that, er, orientation

By Donald Hank

Scientists discovered some time ago that people who once thought they were enslaved to an orientation aren’t. That discovery went unheralded. The theory that they were “born that way” was met with fanfare in the media. The truth was spiked. The myth lives on.

I have a confession. I have an embarrassing sexual orientation too. I have male pattern wandering eyes. My now wife then girlfriend discovered this sexual orientation when we were sitting on a park bench and a young thing in shorts went by. I absent-mindedly checked her out.

My wife let me know in no uncertain terms that the outward manifestation of my orientation would not be tolerated. No excuses.

Did I get neurotic? Did I pout? Did I become an activist and proudly demand the right to check out pretty chicks in the park any time I darn well pleased because I was “born that way”?

Actually no. I made a choice. I consciously decided not to exhibit male pattern wandering eyes any more so I could get married, settle down, have kids and be happy.

I chose happiness.

Did I betray my fellow eye wanderers by suppressing my orientation?

I dunno and I don’t care. I am having the time of my life and I’m not looking back.

Speaking of myths, another one fell just recently. Well sort of. Don’t expect your newspapers -those failing entities that need a bailout and wonder why – to mention it. Not even on the back page.

Are you ready for this? Homosexual “parents” tend to raise homosexual kids. Laurie Higgins, Director of Illinois Family Institute’s DSA, reports.


The Truth About Homosexual Parenting

By Laurie Higgins, Director of IFI’s DSA –Illinois Family Institute
Mark Twain is reported to have said “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes.” Never were there words more applicable to the pro-homosexual movement than these.

In 2001, Time Magazine trumpeted there was “New Evidence of a Gay Gene.” The completely false notion that a gay gene has been discovered is so prevalent that many believe it is indisputable fact. And pro-homosexual organizations have seen no need to disabuse the public of that error.

The mainstream media, with little apparent commitment to truth, have widely publicized the fallacious notion that homosexuality is biologically determined, and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has long promoted that view.

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7 Comments on "Male pattern eye wanderer outs himself on Laigle’s Forum"

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great post and points, Don.

Rich Carroll

Well done. I needed that afternoon chuckle.

John Haskins

I love it, Don!

Once again you (and the entire Laigle’s Forum editorial department) rise above the gloom, hypocrisy and rank materialism of life during the Decline and Fall showing wit, class, style and the unselfconscious self deprecation of an Old School gentleman.

Exquisite. Our Side does have plenty of talent. Viva l’aigle!

(Dare I dabble in Romance languages in a forum presided over by a master linguist?)

Peter Ratcliff

Yes, repentance is good, but must be accompanied by faith toward God.

I guess you said that the sodomite (I can’t stand the corruption of the lovely word gay) gene theory is nonsense because it is physically impossible for sodomites to pass on their genes as biologically they are doing the wrong thing. Funny they don’t teach that at school!