The editor-in-chief of Laigle’s Forum is Donald Hank, a former language teacher who has lived in total immersion situations for a total of over 15 years. Don has studied at the Philippsuniversität in Marburg/Lahn, the Universtity of Leningrad (Now Petersburg), the Alliance Française in Paris, the Mandarin Training Center of the Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, and several American universities. He has an undergraduate degree in French and German and a Masters in Russian. He is a retired technical translator and lives with his family in Panama City, Panama.

Laigle’s Forum is a boredom-free site. The opinions and viewpoints expressed here are unique and baked fresh daily. Even our enemies come here to marvel at what they find. Funny thing: they have stopped trying to debate us. (Of course, we all know that the Left can’t debate anyway). But they occasionally publish a hit-and-run piece on us without alerting us to it.

Our purpose is to bring you important news and/or political or cultural analyses or dot-connecting that you simply can’t get elsewhere. The range of topics is essentially unlimited but our goal here is to keep the doors open to topics quarantined or distorted by the mainstream media, academe, the education system and other important institutions. That is a full-time job. These topics include highly controversial topics like Darwin vs the Creator (we think God created life and can show that Darwinism is for the mentally challenged), Christian fundamentialism (it’s not a terrorist organization), economics (we believe in the threatened species called free market economics), finance (we believe you should have a job to get a loan),  homosexuality (God does not approve, go ahead and sue us–but your lawyer had better know ancient Greek and Hebrew or he’ll be crying for his mommy by the time we’re through with him), lefist politics (we are its natural enemy), the Fed and international banking elite (we don’t trust these parasites) and government policies, world government (we are against it) and organizations that promote it, political correctness (we don’t like it), home schooling (it’s good for kids and can keep us free), and others.

Why should you trust us?

Firstly, because no one gets published here without a thorough understanding of their field and facts to back them up. And they have to bring something new and fresh to our news and views smorgasbord.

Secondly, we are unaffiliated with any religious or political groups.  Our religion comes from the Bible, not the New Age or Church Growth movement or charismatic religious leaders, and our politics come from the Constitution, not “case law,” whose purpose is to destroy the Constitution–Roe v Wade is a prime example. We do not accept donations or bailouts. No one owns us. Note to rich politicians: we don’t want your money or a political sinecure. We expose bribers and bribees alike and do not pull punches.

Real people really like this site. Ambitious powermongers and phoney politicians hate and fear us and would shut us down in a minute. Some have tried.

Don Hank is a contributing columnist at Worldnetdaily.com, JBS and the following sites:

You may Contact Don by emailing him at zoilandon@msn.com.

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