60 Minutes: declassify proof of Saudi role in 911 w/ Bush complicity

60 Minutes: Declassify proof that Saudis committed 911 attacks w/ Bush complicity

by Don Hank

CBS’s 60 Minutes presented on April 10, 2016 a “compelling case for releasing 28 pages on 911,” which apparently indict Saudi Arabia for its substantial support for the 911 hijackings and terror. The Bush administration kept these 28 pages secret and the Obama administration continues to keep them locked up.

Whether or not you buy into the theory that the attacks were a false flag and that the Bush administration actually planned and contributed to the carnage, the fact remains that it definitely aided and abetted the enemy by hiding the Saudi complicity in the 911 attacks. We need to focus on that and that alone because it is sufficient to justify a trial for the horrific crime.

I am going to tell you what I think, straight out: The Bush administration is guilty of complicity in the murder of 2-3 thousand Americans. And this in no way mitigates the complicity of the Democrats who voted to keep these 28 pages under wraps and who were also complicit in the murder of thousands of Kosovars (as discussed here and here) and in the murders committed by ISIS, which they refused to stop or even hinder. (Lord willing, I will soon be posting a report on the anti-Serbian Orthodox holocaust in Kosovo that is happening today and is being censored everywhere, even by the Serbian government).

I had said here in June of 2014 that Washington DC is the seat of the Caliphate. I was not talking about any specific political party. They’re all in it together.

The 60 Minutes program is more evidence of the same and once this program has forced the government to declassify those damning 28 pages, the impact will be explosive, not only in the US but in the world at large (Tony Blair was a US puppet who joined the US war on Iraq even though that country had virtually nothing to do with the 911 attacks).

Now since CBS has a leftist slant, we need to guard against the false conclusion that the Republicans are more guilty of such crimes than the Democrats. The Kosovo war, Bill Clinton’s brainchild, and its immediate aftermath saw NATO airstrikes deliberately targeting civilians, as I describe here (if you click on

this link from that commentary, you will see a video taken by a NATO pilot who had deliberately destroyed a civilian train in Kosovo), and hideous crimes like murder for organ harvesting as reported by our friend Bernard Chalumeau here.


PS: I was running out of time and had not intended to post the above commentary on laiglesforum.com. However, I did send it out to a research group of individuals who submit and read articles and comments submitted daily by members of that group (to apply for membership, write to Don Hank at zoilandon@msn.com). I received this response:

Brilliant piece Don!!!! Giving it LEGS!

Ppl are slowly beginning to connect the dots, I believe, on the fact it’s no longer Conspiracy that US Govt. Has Been operating as a Criminal Enterprise for decades.  

I’ve Not read Roger Stone’s recent release on “Jeb, and the Bush Crime Family,” but is on my list of reads, – it’s unfortunate but reality, ALL US media is a propaganda machine for the Oligarchs… Only through bits and pieces, alternative media, websites such as yours, are the ONLY sources for truth anymore… & the MAIN reason TPTB are trying to take control of the internet, to limit the flow of their plans to commit evil against humanity for profit and power…

I want to power puke every time I read a Comment by clueless individuals, who herald the Bushes….OR!!!! use the worn out statement, “Well, at least Bush kept us safe!”

God help us…. So much ignorance in the population it is mind numbing.

Many aren’t able to SEE Truth when it’s right in front of Them!!!!


PPSS: Michael, one of our researchers, just sent this list of references in:

How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11 http://tinyurl.com/njllagw

FBI accused of whitewashing Saudi Arabian involvement in 9/11 http://tinyurl.com/l6znceg

Andrew Napolitano: The Saudi Arabian Government’s Involvement In 9/11 Finally Revealed; FBI, Bush and Obama All Covered It Up  http://tinyurl.com/pzeweat

Jeb Bush: “I Don’t Know What the 28 Pages Are”  http://tinyurl.com/ou2jpyc

U.S. Must Stop Protecting 9/11 Terrorism Funders http://tinyurl.com/l77hjal

How Saudi Arabia exports radical Islam http://tinyurl.com/nj6lqhy

“The White House should be called the ‘White Tent.’ http://tinyurl.com/24sjdx4

Our Radical Islamic BFF, Saudi Arabia http://tinyurl.com/p7tao46

Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It http://tinyurl.com/nqhpscm

Largest “moderate” group in Syria calls for “an Islamic state” in country, Sharia law imposed in Northern Aleppo




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Karen Bracken

Knowing the truth does us no good when there is no one in the realm of power to hold anyone accountable. Obama has committed multiple counts of fraud, misconduct and TREASON and yet Congress refuses to act. I think people are starting to wake up but I am sorry to say I think it is way too late.

Michael Travis
The murderous sell-out to Saudi Arabia has continued since the Roosevelt/Saudi meeting at Bitter Lake Egypt in 1945. Before we confer sainthood on politicians we must employ critical thinking and try to remember the facts. For instance: Muslim Republicans: Here’s Why We’re Loyal to the Party http://tinyurl.com/pgdz3gj President Bush Rededicates Islamic Center of Washington http://tinyurl.com/2d52oeu Strengthening Our Friendship with the Muslim Community Worldwide President Bush Announces He Will Appoint A Special Envoy To The Organization Of The Islamic Conference http://tinyurl.com/kyg9vgh The Bush archives have been scrubbed leaving a mere 2,000 or so articles and quotes praising Islam..and 83 mentions of… Read more »

Who was responsible for bring down the CIA building when the twin towers were brought down by the planes in 9-11 ??????

D Baxter
So true. But the Republicans and democrats are merely the alternatives that the suckers vote for. The real controllers of both parties are the Zionist bankers who are responsible for policies like 9/11 which was to wip up anti muslim feeling so they could get rid of all Middle Eastern dictators who posed a threat to Israel. This of course is why ISIS does not attack Israel. But the reason the Zionists still use huge webs of deception is because they are so few numerically and fear the sort of guillotine solution the French resorted to in 1789 when they… Read more »