Will Muslims rule the West?

Anyone who is paying attention nowadays knows that the Ruling Class in the West, from the White House to Sarkozy and Cameron in Europe, has a strong interest in supporting radical Islam. In Egypt and Libya, the military coalition is now supporting groups of street thugs riddled with Islamic radicals (who will inevitably gain the upper hand if we “win”) in a continuation of an anti-Western foreign policy typified by President Carter’s pressure on the Shah in the 70s. In Europe, the Ruling Class, dominated in large part by the anti-Christian Fabian Society, has been importing Western culture-hating, Christian-hating Muslims for decades. Most Europeans were fine with that at first, having been indoctrinated by this same Ruling Class in the media, the universities, the schools and professions to believe that Christianity is the most dangerous religion in the world (many still erroneously believe Hitler was a Christian). As a result of their policies, a Muslim majority is expected within as little as 15-20 years in some areas. A big boat load of undocumented Muslims just arrived recently at the Italian island of Lampedusa and they will be allowed to stay somewhere in the EU and refuse to assimilate as usual.

Two things happened recently that provide clues as to our future.

1—A Muslim reader of Laigle’s Forum started emailing me from somewhere in the Middle East and dunning me for my response to the burning of the Koran by a misguided Florida pastor. The reader, whom we shall call Mahmoud, kept politely insisting in each of several emails that the US government must make a law against this and suggested that the attack in Iraq on civilians at the UN headquarters were justified.

Mahmoud keeps angrily insisting in each email the US should make a law banning blasphemy against the Prophet. Now, when an American makes a demand on government, that is possibly just one petulant American griping. But in terms of politics regarding East-West relations, and demands on the West, the Muslim world is practically a monolith. A demand from one is essentially a demand from all. And Western governments are dhimmis. Under enough pressure from a voter block, they will eventually cave, at variance with the Constitution. (My response to Mahmoud is here).

2—A UK friend sent m e a video of a protest in the UK where Muslims were suggesting that Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders should be executed under Shariah law.

Because Europe can be expected to have a Muslim majority in the foreseeable future, and because the same Ruling Class dominates both the US and Europe, these two events suggest that, unless God intervenes, at some point in time, there will be strict laws everywhere in the West banning verbal offenses against Muslims and Mohammed. But Europe already has laws banning allusions to those parts of the Bible that spell out condemnation against homosexual behavior. The goal is to have Christians on the run and eventually make them go underground or abandon their faith.

Friends, it is not just one party or a number of treacherous politicians (including many who claim to be Christians), that must be eliminated.

The work ahead of us is tantamount to cleaning out the Augean stables. And the stench is just as bad.

Muslims talking like they own us:


Great fighting words from a patriotic American (calls Lindsay Graham a jackass! AMEN, sister!):

Just as I predicted. Mahmoud’s letter was a harbinger of a campaign to silence Americans who oppose Islamism. Weak-minded Lindsay Graham jumps on the bandwagon to muzzle us:


“Christian” pastors doing their part in distorting the scriptures:


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Constantine Ivanov
1. About Hitler’s Christianity… Did Hitler have any reason to hide his religious or anti-religious beliefs? We may surmise or even presume that before his appointment as the Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he didn’t want to alienate Christians and therefore could have been just “posing” (aka faking) himself as a Christian. Then we can easily neglect his religious statements of his pre-“Commander-in-Chief” era. But from August 1934, when he and his repression apparatus have gotten the absolute power, he didn’t have any reason to flirt with religion if he actually wasn’t religious. And yet, his numerous statements prove that… Read more »
Hitler thought Christianity too soft he had an admiration for islam. Ignore the stats used in this video, six million have been quoted for years as being in France. A good awhile back muslims themselves claimed to have ten million there. Islam Is Growing In Europe – It Has Declared War On You & Intends To Take Over – This Is France 2011 A must see video!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AweYRVuEhb8&feature=related At Global Research one article stated that the Western powers were cosying up to islam in the hope of their continuing to hold a certain amount of power. The guy has a… Read more »
Karl Priest

I detest flag burners, but they have that right.

I don’t detest Koran burners and they have that right too.

Constantine, you should know better than to trust a person who oversees the killing of millions of people to tell the truth. Of course he was going to play up to the Christians. He needed them for soldiers in his army. Christians were to become servants to the Aryan race when the war was over. The truth is Hitler and his immediate group were New Age occultists. This has been documented in many academic books as well as in the writings of Constance Cumbey who broke information into the Christian community in the early ’80s. Her research is documented at… Read more »
albert w loescher
Whenever the prophets spoke this phrase (55 times in 44 verses in the OT): ‘Evil in the sight of the Lord’, Israel was punished. What was their sin? Their iniquity was their inattention of Israel’s borders against pagan infiltration in God’s real estate. That and greed are America’s sins. I believe we should love our fellow man, but when they willfully give themselves over to satan, they lose our fellowship. Since they hate our God and us who love Him, ‘I hate them with perfect hatred’. This must be true, for the Lord gave me a text message in one… Read more »

PEOPLE, only if we let them,**”ONLY IF WE LET THEM!!!”

Constantine Ivanov
I do realize how “touchy” is the issue I raised (Hitler’s beliefs): everybody forgot what the initial column was about; I remind: about the coming conquest by rabid Muslims. I only tried to point out one of the main reasons of their swift spreading. I see it in an unwillingness or weakness of Christians to defend the own countries…and faith. Whatever somebody or I say about Hitler’s belief, is nothing but a personal opinion: polar opinions can be well substantiated by an abundance of contradictory documents, which only prove the fact that even such monsters as Hitler or Lenin or… Read more »

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