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FDA falsely claims Stevia unsafe

May 24th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

FDA-generated stevia myth

by Don Hank  May 24, 2015

One recent “viral” email making the rounds claims that the natives of Paraguay have used the intense sweetener stevia as a contraceptive and that it can cause infertility. This raises suspicions because primitive societies are known for performing fertility rites so that women will reproduce. Primitive societies generally would never do just the opposite and seek a contraceptive method.

The FDA works hand in glove with the sweetener manufacturers, also warns that a supposed infertility effect is ascribed to Stevia (with no data to back this claim), and has so far refused to assign it the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation.

I have been translating patents relating to sweeteners for about 35 years and it would be hard to maintain that I am not a specialist on this subject. Interestingly, while patents relating to aspartame and sucralose (artificial sweeteners sold, for ex, as NutraSweet or Equal and as Splenda) often mention the known untoward effects of these substances, none of the patents (Japanese, German, Chinese, French, etc.) that I have translated mention any health drawbacks of Stevia. If you try to tell a Japanese, for example, that you think stevia is unsafe, they will think you are insane. Their medical profession does its homework and would never fail to report any untoward side effects of Stevia if there were any.

Stevia is a natural sweetener whose sweet principles (stevioside and rebaudioside) are the only intense sweeteners in nature without an off-taste. (Licorice, for ex, is also a natural sweetener but its sweet principle glycyrrhizin has a peculiar off taste. Non-intense sweeteners, or bulk sweeteners, are generally sugar alcohols such as xylitol, mannitol, maltitol, etc., and we aren’t discussing them here).

Stevia is a plant that grows to about a foot or more and its leaves are sweet. I have grown it myself to sweeten my coffee.

It is indigenous to Paraguay and the natives have been using it as a sweetener for years.

It is grown in various parts of South America, Asia and elsewhere, and is marketed in various countries. I believe it is available in the US but the FDA refuses to classify it as GRAS. This is highly unusual because almost all natural substances that have been used for centuries in any country are automatically classified as GRAS by the FDC unless the native people who have used it have reported side effects. No Guarani Indians have issued such reports and they have used it for centuries. Further, according to the EUFIC, Stevia sweeteners are approved for use in many countries including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Malaysia.

So why might the FDA be out of step with the world?

Well, both Splenda and Nutrasweet / Equal are sold by American companies (JW Childs, Boston, and Merisant). In the case of Splenda, there is a British component in a joint venture, namely, Tate and Lyle, but Johnson & Johnson also sells it.

On the other hand, aspartame, which is known to be harmful to phenylketonurics and actually carries an FDA warning to that effect, is listed as GRAS by the FDC.

This is very suspicious to me.

Here is what Wikipedia says, raising more suspicion.

In 1991, after receiving an anonymous industry complaint, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeled Stevia as an “unsafe food additive” and restricted its import [THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. AN ‘ANONYMOUS’ COMPLAINT DOES NOT MERIT SUCH A RESPONSE! — DON],.[40][59][60] The FDA’s stated reason was “toxicological information on Stevia is inadequate to demonstrate its safety.”[61]

Since the import ban in 1991, marketers and consumers of Stevia have shared a belief that the FDA acted in response to industry pressure.[40] Arizona congressman Jon Kyl, for example, called the FDA action against Stevia “a restraint of trade to benefit the artificial sweetener industry”.[62] To protect the complainant, the FDA deleted names in the original complaint in its responses to requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act.[40]

Stevia remained banned until after the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 forced the FDA in 1995 to revise its stance to permit Stevia to be used as a dietary supplement, although not as a food additive – a position that Stevia proponents regarded as contradictory because it simultaneously labeled Stevia as safe and unsafe, depending on how it was sold.[7]

Early studies prompted the European Commission in 1999 to ban Stevia’s use in food in the European Union pending further research.[63] In 2006, research data compiled in the safety evaluation released by theWorld Health Organization found no adverse effects.[33] Since 2008, the Russian Federation has allowed stevioside as a food additive “in the minimal dosage required”.[51]

In December 2008, the FDA gave a “no objection” approval for GRAS status to Truvia (developed by Cargill and The Coca-Cola Company) and PureVia (developed by PepsiCo and the Whole Earth Sweetener Company, a subsidiary of Merisant), both of which use rebaudioside A derived from the Stevia plant.[64] However, FDA said that these products are not Stevia, but a highly purified product [THAT IS NONSENSE. STEVIA IS NEVER SOLD IN UNPURIFIED FORM. IT TASTES TOO BITTER FOR THAT. IN FACT, IN THE BUSINESS, STEVIA SWEET PRINCIPLES ARE SIMPLY CALLED STEVIA. THIS IS JUST AN EXCUSE FOR THE FDA TO WRIGGLE OUT OF ITS ORIGINAL BAN ON THE PRODUCT!–DON].[65] In 2012, FDA posted a note on its website regarding crude Stevia plant: “FDA has not permitted the use of whole-leaf Stevia or crude Stevia extracts because these substances have not been approved for use as a food additive. FDA does not consider their use in food to be GRAS in light of reports in the literature that raise concerns about the use of these substances. Among these concerns [NOTE: BASED ON AN ANONYMOUS REPORT, AS STATED ABOVE BY FDA. THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS BEYOND BELIEF–DON] are control of blood sugar and effects on the reproductive, cardiovascular, and renal systems.”[66]

So how has this Stevia scare affected me personally? Right now, I am now sipping iced tea sweetened with Stevia.

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Soros predicts the past with uncanny accuracy

May 22nd, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

Soros predicts the past with uncanny accuracy

by Don Hank   May 22, 2015

George Soros just warned that something that just happened might happen.

Soros is portrayed as a pundit by the msm. But in fact, he is generally a step or two behind the times and keeps coming in way late with his “predictions,” as I showed here.

In the above-linked article George absurdly warns:

 Allowing China’s yuan to be a market currency would create “a binding connection” between the two systems. An agreement along these lines will be difficult to achieve, Soros said, but the alternative is so unpleasant. “Without it, there is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real, so it is worth trying.”

 Excuse me, George. There is no “danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily.” Unless you were temporarily off the planet during the recent Russia-China joint exercises in the Mediterranean and during the obvious show of military solidarity in Red Square, with thousands of Chinese and Russian soldiers marching in full view of the world, then you ought to know that these two countries have already firmly and unequivocally aligned with each other both economically and militarily! So why pretend it never happened and that you are predicting it? Is that all you’ve got, George?

Yes, George, of course the RMB must join the basket of currencies, but even if it does not, the RMB has already been accepted with open arms by almost all of our “allies,” who, unlike the lagging US, have established RMB clearing centers in their capitals. I pointed that out here back in December of last year. And then I mentioned here that our allies had fled the World Bank for greener pastures at the Chinese-founded AIIB and I gave a likely explanation for just why they did, namely, that they were tired of being bullied.

Like the US government, George is leading from behind. When almost all US allies were weighing joining the Chinese bank AIIB, Obama warned them not to be so hasty. But they ignored this empty warning.

So what did Obama do? He led from behind, flip-flopped and endorsed the AIIB, with the proviso that they run it as the US runs World Bank — incorporating “social safeguards,” which in Obamaspeak means that they must push gay marriage. But of course, this bullying by the US is one of the reasons China decided to found the AIIB in the first place.

The rest of the world is making all of the major choices for the US government and for its toadies like Soros. Soros’ above-cited statements on this were throw-aways. Any analyst worth his salt knew that.

Soros is pretending to make predictions but in reality he is reciting recent history. But in a nation where no one notices, he can do that all he wants and the msm will keep featuring his predictions of the past.


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China-Russia deal opens door to Christianize China

May 21st, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

By Don Hank  May 21, 2015

A few months ago I read and forwarded an article reporting that China would be the biggest CHRISTIAN country in the world within about 10 years.

China already has a large and growing Christian population.

But this (open link below) is Phase II. China has authorized the ordination of Russian Orthodox priests in China.

This is BIG news for traditional Christians. Just as China appears to be in the process of replacing the US dollar with the RMB, and just as our allies rush to the new Chinese bank AIIB, opposing the bullies in the World Bank, which insists that loan recipients be “gay friendly,” we learn that it has plans to introduce Russian Orthodoxy to China.

You say “so what”?

If so, you may not have noticed that over the past 2 decades or so, the entire West is falling into the trap of “gay marriage.” Both Christians and people with common sense abhor this trend.

Russian Orthodoxy makes no bones about opposing this trend, even as Pope Frances makes overtures to gays, saying “who am I to judge”. (Er, the Pope?).

Many American conservatives still think God has his corporate headquarters in Washington. They are blind to the fact that DC is the HQ of God’s arch-enemy. If the gay marriage issue is the barometer, then some might say God has moved house and is taking up residence in Eurasia and the Far East.

He’s done likewise before when the Hebrews turned their backs on Him.

Keep your eyes open and watch what happens in the East, where the wise men came from. There are still a few wise men there.






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My analysis of Stratfor’s take on the world

May 19th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

My analysis of Stratfor’s take on the world

by Don Hank  May 19, 2015

A Stratfor article penned by Editor-in-Chief George Friedman, and appearing

here, dances around the real issues in the usual Neocon manner, not naming the real issues that are affecting our existence — including the real reasons ISIS is winning in the Middle East. Publications like Stratfor are one of the main reasons US foreign policy has failed and as a result of their shallow and misleading reporting, we are now reaching the final stages of our hegemony (note that Friedman’s article absurdly mentions hegemony only in the context of Russia, as if that country were the only one guilty of trying to play the hegemon!). The reader of this article is given a chance to respond in a form for submission. I decided to send in my 2 cents worth. Here it is:


In 1973, the US government, astoundingly, became a mercenary force working almost exclusively for the Saudis after the signing of the petrodollar agreement in 1973. Behind the scenes the US, while pretending to defend “democracy” and “freedom,” was in fact defending Wahhabism against the less violent Shiite branch. Our wars benefited the Saudis and cost the US. Your analysis of course omits any reference to this out of political correctness. Further, while you mention the World Bank and IMF, you fail to point out that these institutions have been transforming themselves into agents of radical social change, refusing to lend to nations that do not support “Western values,” which are strictly a construct of the oligarchs and are detached from the founding Judeo-Christian values of the West. Moreover, the US smacked BNP Paribas with a record 9 billion dollar fine for doing things that were perfectly legal in France! Russia and Europe both took note of this bullying, and this lack of moral authority on the part of the US government, and therein lies the real problem. Further, regardless of certain weaknesses, the Chinese have a real economy based on labor and the fruits thereof, whereas the US central bankers have made a casino of the economy and are running it into the ground with Keynesian games. Neither Russia nor China play these children’s games. As a result, China’s economy is burgeoning, despite the difficulties, which are mostly a result of US errors and the resulting weakening of our economy. The Europeans noticed this abuse of the banking system years ago when US banks cynically sold them worthless derivatives, backed up by our dishonest rating agencies. In response, the Europeans started establishing RMB clearing centers in major capitols like Brussels, Berlin, etc, and then shocked the Washington establishment by deserting the World Bank/IMF and fleeing to the AIIB, despite Obama’s warnings. All of this dedollarization effort was inevitable and could have been foreseen 2 years ago. But Stratfor never talked about dedollarization, the elephant in the room. I did a search on your site and the word did not come up! Meanwhile, our oligarchs played ostrich and now none of them seem to have a solution to the problem they created. When Stratfor starts writing straightforwardly about these issues, it will become a leader again and acquire a paying readership. And you won’t have to keep begging people to subscribe. People are hungry for the truth. Why not turn over a new leaf and start giving them what they need and want? And make money at it?

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Western policies ignore potential consequences

May 13th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

by Don Hank  May 13, 2015

A major problem with Western thinking and behavior is that it is based on assessments with little or no context, in terms of time, place and factors that will affect the outcome of our policies.

For example, our irresponsible war mongers in politics and media are pushing hard for war in Ukraine but they never remind the public that Russia is a nuclear power and comes in a package with China, another nuclear power. Likewise, they push for war with Iran without mentioning that Russia and China are Iran’s mighty allies, who while they may not have expressed themselves in this regard, are likely waiting in the wings to defend their ally from aerial bombardments with which it is threatened daily.

In terms of LGBT “rights,” the elites omit the corollary issue of adoption. Adoption to “gay” parents almost invariably involves one of 2 scenarios:

  1. One of the couple acquires a child that is only related to one of them. The other parent is deliberately left out of the child’s life. In the case of a lesbian couple, one partner will find a sperm donor and once he becomes the bio father, he is cut out of his child’s life forever, by arrangement — without consulting the child, who is thus treated as a commodity. In the case of a male couple, one of them donates his sperm to a mother in a business arrangement, and once she becomes a bio mom, she is cut out of the child’s life forever.

No matter how much the child is brainwashed, he or she will be left with a life long yearning to know the parent who was removed and harboring a feeling that he or she was used as a pawn in an adults-only game.

  1. The couple adopts a child through an adoption agency. In this case, the child grows up without knowing what a normal male-female relationship is and has difficulty in later life understanding these roles. This on top of the fact that he or she will never know the biological parents. The child is a guinea pig in a heartless social experiment.

In a word, the system results invariably in institutionalized abuse. And our heartless “liberal” society has created the legal conditions to perpetuate this child abuse.

US society is sick. White people get beaten to a pulp in many black communities just for being white, thanks to liberation theology and critical race theory. A sitting US president is the face of this twisted situation, using his bully pulpit to suggest that blacks are constantly being exploited by whites. He is partly right. Our liberal left system treats blacks like inferiors, suggesting to them that they are mentally incapable of getting an education that would lift them out of poverty and crime. Thus, liberals, through their special treatment of blacks, are virtually screaming “you can’t make it on your own.” An amazing number of us accept it all, zombie-like. Our brain power has gone down the drain, along with our spiritual discernment and our relationship to the Almighty.

Life in the US is livable only through faith in the Savior. Outside of that it is truly a life long prison sentence and we keep re-electing our prison wardens.


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