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Saudi’s going for record executions?

August 4th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

by Don Hank  August 4, 2015

Our loyal Neocon press keeps reporting that Iran is the country that heartlessly executes more people than any other country. As usual, this is not quite true. While executions are certainly too high in Iran, our “ally,” Saudi Arabia, seems to be keeping up in that department and may soon pull ahead, as reported here: http://www.rt.com/news/267298-saudi-arabia-100-executed/.

Any writer or “expert” on the Middle East who stresses the shortcomings of Iran and ignores the same shortcomings in the Saudis is just playing along with the Neocon plan of demonizing Shiites while giving Sunnis a pass, to the detriment of the US middle class and world peace. (One important reason for this insane policy is that Shiite Iran is a Russian ally and the Neocons also irrationally hate Russia. Another reason is the petrodollar agreement with the Sunni Saudis: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/150314. The remedy could be the petroyuan http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/141219).

The elites and their minions in the press almost NEVER remind us that ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and all the other terror groups that execute Christians belong to the Wahhabi sect of the Sunni branch, the religion of the Saudis, and are sponsored by Saudis. A recent poll in Saudi Arabia shows that 92% of respondents believe that ISIS “conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law.” http://en.europenews.dk/Poll-92-of-Saudis-believe-that-Islamic-State-conforms-to-the-values-of-Islam-and-Islamic-law-78188.html

Uh oh! Saudi Arabia is our “ally,” while Iran, which is opposed to ISIS, is our “enemy”? This incongruity cannot stand.

While it is true that Iran also has a high execution rate, an important difference, as I have pointed out dozens of times now, is that Iran does not donate one penny to ISIS, never supported the Taliban or Al Qaeda, and its Islamic sect, Shia, does not generally kill Christians for being Christians. Yet our “ally” supports terrorists who DO kill Christians and want us extinct. Tell me that our foreign policy is not a knife aimed at the heart of the American public — the same public that pays the exorbitant bill for its own destruction!

Never in history has a nation aided and abetted the enemy of its culture and religion the way the US government does. If any country had ever done so, it would not have lasted long. The US has resources and a strong military, but if we continue to use our military to aid our enemies and harm our friends, I think you can imagine how long we will last. Already we are being challenged in Eurasia by a dedollarization program that is gaining ground in leaps and bounds. http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/141009

My messages of late have been aimed mainly at waking up Americans to Washington DC’s wholehearted support for our enemies and opposition, often military, to our friends or at least the more tolerant of the Middle Eastern groups.

If our elites don’t stop this deliberate destruction of our culture and our security soon, someone else will stop them.



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Stop Iran? How about stopping the SAUDI’S ??

August 1st, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

by Don Hank  August 1, 2015

I keep getting requests from different groups, like ACT For America, to support a campaign to reverse the Iran nuclear deal. The groups behind this are all Neocons with an agenda, who think we are idiots who would never notice that Saudi Arabia is the biggest terror sponsor in the world and is supporting the propaganda war against Iran and pretending it is more dangerous than they are. Here is my response to AFA and the person who sent me their request for help.

How about calling your lawmakers and sending them my email message below?


Hello X,

Saudi Arabia is the country that, in concert with the US government, founded the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS and other terror groups.

IRAN, while it is involved in pro-Palestine actions to counter Israeli moves, NEVER sent the above-mentioned terror groups a single penny!

In fact, the Iranian militias helped fight ISIS in Iran.

Now Saudi Arabia has signed 6 contracts with Russia for the supply of nuclear fissionable materials and the construction of nuclear plants in Saudi Arabia, even as Saudi citizens continue to funnel funds to ISIS (Russia, while having long sided with Iran, has a policy of strict separation between trade and politics). You may recall that, of the 18 terrorists who attacked America on 911, 15 were Saudis. What measures is Act For America taking to counter Saudi-sponsored terror?

Saudi Arabia belongs to the Sunni branch of Islam, and worse yet, to the Wahhabi sect, which has declared permanent war on Christians and Jews. Sunni Wahhabism is by far the most violent and intolerant religion in the world! There are no churches in Saudi Arabia and Bibles are banned. While Iran, predominantly Shia (the more Christians-tolerant branch) also strictly applies Sharia law to Muslims and has committed acts against Muslims just as cruel as those committed by the Saudis, Iran has 600 Christian churches and allows Bibles to be imported.

It may be legitimate to ask Congress to oppose the Iran deal. But what does ACT For America have to say about Saudi Arabia and its nuclear plans?

If Americans insist on opposing the less violent and more tolerant group and supporting the more violent and less tolerant group of Muslims, how can we ever consider ourselves more secure, no matter how strong our military might be?

Peace is kept with intelligent strategies that support ONLY friends, not enemies.

As shown by the article below, every war we fought outside Latin America since 1973 has been to the benefit of the Saudi terror sponsors, who have egged us on against Iran over matters of religion. This is in violation of our First Amendment rights. No American tax dollars should be spent supporting anyone’s religion.

How the petrodollar perpetuates terror: 





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Hispanics the biggest losers in US immigration policy

July 13th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »


by Don Hank  July 13, 2015

One of the readers in my political list serve sent me a link to a story on how the RNC “congratulated” Donald Trump after his press conference with parents of victims of illegal alien killers. It was a back handed congratulation. In each case, the messages from GOP brass like John Boehner and Jeb Bush to Trump ended with the admonition to tone down the rhetoric. In fact, the thinly veiled message was: stop telling the truth and stick to the GOP talking points.

Trump likes the word “stupid.” For example, he called US trade negotiators stupid for giving other countries economic advantages that disadvantage Americans at a time of crisis when we can ill afford to be so generous. (I had met a high ranking Taiwanese government trade negotiator in Taiwan in the 80s and learned from him how utterly stupid American negotiators were then. Nothing has changed)

The RNC and its minions in the media are also utterly stupid when it comes to immigration. They ignore the fact that Hispanics are the one group that is most afraid of illegal aliens. This is because they live in the same neighborhoods with these violent Hispanic gangs and criminals and fear the violence, and if politicians were even moderately smart, they could capitalize on this fear to educate the public about this violence and advocate for the victims, most of them immigrants themselves, instead of trying to score political points with the uneducated. But they aren’t even moderately smart.

While living in York Country, PA, my wife (Hispanic) and I were close friends with a couple from the Dominican Republic. Like most Hispanics, they were reflexively in favor of illegal immigration and the husband worked with a group that helped illegals stay in America. He was confident that he was doing good. No one had ever suggested the contrary to him. On one occasion when we were discussing illegal immigration, I asked him what he thought of Haitians who entered his country illegally. He hemmed and hawed and said that there were not that many but that some of them were able to get jobs in his country. He wouldn’t admit that Dominicans resent illegal Haitian immigrants, but I told him I knew they did and told him that Americans also resent people entering our country illegally and receiving benefits, eg, health care, that we pay for, refusing to assimilate or identify as Americans first, creating enclaves with alien value systems, bringing in crime and disease with them, etc. He was nonplussed because we had always spoken Spanish with each other and I doubt he had ever heard anyone express opposition to illegal immigration in his own language. Normally, neither Hispanics nor their non-Hispanic friends would ever dare to express that non-PC opinion.

He couldn’t respond. After all, it was my country’s laws we were talking about and I was simply telling him I wanted others to honor them, just as Dominicans want the Haitians to honor their laws. What could he say?

One day the couple and their children moved out of our area to Falls Church, VA, and we didn’t hear from them for a long time. Then one day the Señora called to speak to my wife, who was not home.

I asked her how they liked their new neighborhood and she very quietly said she was afraid for their kids (very young). She said there were dangerous gangs in that neighborhood. I knew exactly what she was talking about and immediately rose to the opportunity to ask what ethnicity these gangs were.

“Hispanic,” she whispered, no doubt afraid someone might hear her. I suspect she was more afraid of what her liberal neighbors would say than what the gangs might do. (Americans live in a terror regime without realizing it).

Ironically, while the RNC dodges the most vital issue of all in the immigration debate, namely, violent crime and violent gangs, it is the Hispanic community that has the most to lose and is frightened of and dismayed at the consequences of our misguided political policies. But because of the sinister silent mandate not to talk about this, neither Hispanics nor other Americans dare to initiate a debate that could eventually lead to a solution.
Thus, ironically, and tragically, both the GOP and the Democrats are pursuing policies of political correctness that gravely harm the constituents they pander to and that, if discussed openly, could lead Hispanics to admit that they are afraid of some of their neighbors and would welcome a solution to the violence problem. But the politicians and their PR group, arrogating to themselves the title of “journalists,” are blocking the discussion that could lead to the solution.

However, the outspoken and savvy Donald Trump has blown the door off the iron cage they have built around the truth.

I do not endorse candidates, but despite whatever faults the Donald might have, he has done America an enormous service in changing the debate.


PS: My commentaries are usually inspired by daily news tips received from correspondents subscribed to my daily news list. If you are interested in joining to receive and/or send us such tips and to read my and other readers’ commentaries on the day’s news, send your request to zoilandon@msn.com


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China an unreliable tool of the New World Order

July 9th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

by Don Hank  July 9, 2015

It is helpful to look back at the way Americans thought not long ago and see how old analyses of events and old plots by the billionaires who think they own our planet come into focus in light of today’s events.

This kind of comparison shows how far these manipulators have come in implementing their schemes, but also something else that most of us miss, and that is: it is now safe to say that they have failed.

A commentary from 2010 titled “Maurice Strong, Father of America’s Destruction,” is making the rounds on the internet again, forwarded by Americans fearful of the New World Order’s sinister plans. Many think the plot is a fait accompli by now. Maurice was the father of Agenda 21, a UN initiative intended to reduce world population through stealthy measures that no one was supposed to notice even after they had been bruited about everywhere.

The article contains information on the elites behind the scenes engaged in the destruction of Western culture.

I wanted to focus on something that the article misses. It’s about this now obsolete observation:


“Strong has been saying all along that China would someday soon replace the U.S. as world economic leader.”


It was clear to me in the 70s when Nixon and Kissinger were pushing for free trade with China that the elites wanted China to take over the world economy but that these two schemers, and whoever was behind them, thought the US deep state could control China by careful manipulation via the government of the US, the most militarily and economically powerful country at the time. One reason for this was a desperate desire to rid the world of the Russian sphere of influence – then the Soviet Union and satellites – a desire that persists today in Neoconservative circles.

It was clear that the Western elites mentioned in this article, as well as others like Henry Kissinger, were convinced that China could be bought off and turned against Russia. They almost certainly expected that they could use money to make China a lapdog of the US.

But they forgot – or rather deliberately ignored – an important detail:


The supranationals despise culture. To them it is like nationalism and patriotism, something that must be abolished to prevent war and bring about everlasting peace under the leadership of the world’s richest men, who foolishly imagine themselves to be wise (Romans 1:22).

To better understand this, read the following excerpt from an interview with economist Michael Hudson:


“When [Neocon] Feith interviewed an experienced Pentagon Arabist, Patrick Lang, for a job in Iraq after the invasion, Feith asked: “Is it really true that you really know the Arabs this well, and that you speak Arabic this well? Is that really true?” Lang said, yes it was. “That’s too bad” said Feith.”


Feith was not hired and Hudson attributes this to a supposed anti-Arabic sentiment among the Neocons. That is a total misreading because it was none other than Neocon GW Bush who excused Islam as the religion of peace. Not only that, Bush was personal friends with the Saudi king. No, the State Department was never anti-Arab (though it is anti-Shia and opposed to secular leaders in the Arab world, based on its petrodollar agreement with the Saudis whereby the US government and military became Sunni-Saudi vassals). However, it was in fact anti-culture. The “experts” the State Department hires to analyze different regions of the world are supposed to be well versed in Neocon policies and the economic and political realities, but with minimal knowledge of the cultures of the respective regions.

One of the best examples of this anticulture mentality was Ludwig Zamenhof, a Polish supranationalist who invented his own language, Esperanto, in an attempt to avoid cultural clashes. In effect it was intended to be a step toward eliminating culture altogether, since Zamenhof, like all supranational thinkers, posited that culture is a wholly negative construct that divides humanity into mutually antagonistic groups. (Sort of like saying arteries must be eliminated from the body because they can become clogged with cholesterol).

Now, over 30 years after the start of this experiment with China, the supranationals have finally caught a glimpse of how abjectly wrong they all were.

Recently, it suddenly became abundantly clear that China was not really for sale after all, although it never revealed that fact until it was strong enough to shrug off US manipulation without resistance.

The Washington supranational elites were men who operated in secret and stealth to control the world economy and geopolitics. But being arrogant and unshakably convinced of their own infallibility, they became careless and ignored, as the years went by, the ominous signs all around them that China was not in fact becoming imbued with their ideals at all and was not shifting its deeply held allegiances, for example, to Russia.


Again, the answer is culture. An intractable and key component of Chinese culture that will not die – having even survived Mao’s onslaught – is Confucianism. On one level, the Chinese saw the US as benefactors and hence, according to Confucian code, worthy of a certain outward show of respect, but not of sincere obedience or worship. Like the Russians, they never felt a natural organic bond with Washington’s elites, only a deep seated mistrust that deepened with increasing contact. To know them was to despise them.

Therefore, unlike the Western actors in the New World Order who harbor an irresistible desire to tout their exploits or discuss amongst themselves the ways and means of achieving their ends, Chinese leaders cannot even bring themselves to enunciate their intentions, even if they wished to. Thus they could not say aloud that they would never obey these sneaky Western task masters, for whom they could have no inward respect because they sensed that these manipulators, thinking themselves cunning, were in fact their inferiors. Because, for one thing, unlike the manipulators, the Chinese, like their Russian soul brothers, do not have a price. Though both the Russians and Chinese want money, they are not driven by money. This is a subtlety the supranationals can’t grasp because such alien characteristics as integrity or spiritual bonding are absent from their mental code, which catalogues human traits like these as weaknesses. Being good Confucians, however, the Chinese leaders would show Washington respect in public and never hint that they had the economic and military advantage. This is illustrated by the interview with Chinese monetary expert Chen Yulu, who while touting the benefits of the RMB (Chinese yuan) as a world-trade currency, and reporting that RMB clearing centers were springing up like mushrooms in Europe, insisted that the RMB did not aim to challenge the dollar.

Even the Chinese people would remain unaware that their leaders secretly intended to break with Washington and go their own way as soon as they had their Peking ducks in a row. Nor was there even a need for the leaders to discuss this amongst themselves. Asians need not exchange words to come to an understanding. Their organic cultural code determines how they will behave in a group, the kinds of decisions they will make, their responses to stimuli from Western partners. Nothing need be discussed. But their responses were firmly embedded in their mental code, in their very DNA as it were, from the outset.

Much of their modus operandi is based on something akin to instinct. It’s like that mysterious something that causes a flock of starlings to suddenly veer off to the right or left without any signal in sight. They just know when and how to turn.

When and how was seen just recently, 43 years after Nixon’s historic visit to China, when an impressive contingent of Chinese troops marched in a military parade in Red Square on Victory Day (May 9, 2015) in a breath taking show of solidarity, followed by joint Russian-Chinese naval drills in the Mediterranean from May 17-21.

Contrast this with the indiscreet rhetoric of NATO and US officials constantly chattering about how outrageous the Russians are behaving, or US presidential candidates prattling about China “manipulating its currency” (cheeky irony for a nation that has launched three trillion-dollar money printing campaigns, QE 1, 2 and 3, with QE 4 in the pipeline and no end in sight!).

By contrast, after waiting patiently in silence for decades, the Eurasians simply show what they’ve got, without a word of rhetoric, while the opponent shrieks its scripted outrage at them, like the limbless Black Knight in the Monty Python film “The Holy Grail,” who after being reduced to a trunk and a head, keeps shouting “come back here, cowards” to King Arthur riding off in the distance.

What I am trying to tell you, Dear Reader, is in fact good news in disguise for the long term. While some still theorize that our only enemies are in foreign lands, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that there is no enemy more hostile or dangerous to our freedoms than the Satanists who control Washington, DC.

While the twisted billionaire elites once openly discussed how they would use “pawns” such as China to impose a stealth plan on its own people to reduce our population, that nation, while pretending to be our vassal, never once had any intention of complying with these babbling fools.

The main goal of the New World Order and Agenda 21 was to reduce world population, possibly by as much as 80%, as suggested here.

However, the new AIIB bank founded by China and sponsored by the BRICS, is working against this goal, helping Third World countries become more prosperous even as Western investment banks seek to bankrupt them. Thus, population reduction is not in the cards. After all, what Third World government would choose the World Bank or IMF as a potential lender when their loans come with a series of distasteful conditions such as forced privatization of the funded project (which usually adds to the cost) or acceptance of the LGBT agenda rejected notably by many majority-Christian African countries. As for war, another card in the New World Order population reduction deck, China and Russia have shown both iron resolve and formidable power, so much so that, since the above-described dazzling shows of Sino-Russian strength and solidarity in Red Square and the Mediterranean, famously Russophobic supranationalist George Soros warned, that there is no way the US and NATO can afford a war with Russia at this point. It seems clear that he fears what some ill-advised fellow Neocons might do to provoke war. Though he didn’t mention China, everyone with a pulse now knows that Russia does not stand alone. Thus if war with Russia is unthinkable, war with China and Russia fighting in tandem is, well, unthinkably unthinkable. Clearly, Agenda 21, which was envisioned as a joint project with China, will not happen with China pulling the other way.


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A Greece-Russia sucker punch?

July 8th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

by Don Hank  July 8, 2015

I had just come short of predicting that Tsipras and Putin were hatching a plan and that this explained the Greek hedging on whether to pay that loan and abide by the Troika’s demands or not.

For those who missed it, this is the commentary I wrote:



It turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking along these lines:



The only part I would quibble with is this:


“If Tsipras manages to make this work—pull a BRICS NDB rug out from under the feet of the troika—he will be on the way to being one of the most formidable poker players that Europe has recently seen.”


I don’t know why Karen Szymczak assumes Tsipras would be behind this move. It has Putin’s fingerprints all over it.

Putin loves to pull surprises on the Western elites, who have boasted of creating chaos to exploit for their dirty purposes (like Putin’s new cozy relationship with the Saudis, the wild success of the AIIB luring away US allies by the droves, the new surprise pipeline that will make Germany the new natural gas hub for Europe instead of Ukraine – which is scheduled to have its gas deliveries shut off just in time for the Ukraine to default, oh, right after the Greek default, and need an EU bailout, etc, etc. Did someone say “sanctions”? Make that reverse sanctions, please).

There is one world leader capable of turning the tables on these control freaks who have made a fun pastime out of bankrupting countries to turn them into debt slaves. Here’s the punch you ordered, George Soros! Mess with Russian speaking Ukrainians, will you? Take that, sucker!

Don Hank



Greece Sidesteps While Europe Seethes

Has the Greek wavering over a Grexit in fact concealed a clear-cut strategy from the outset?

Karen Szymczyk

Goodbye to the EU, Hello to BRICS?


With most Western governments betting that one can get used to having one’s head repeatedly banged against a wall, Greece’s majority “no” vote at Sunday’s referendum must have come as somewhat of a surprise. To be honest, there was basis for their thinking.

The referendum consisted of a decision that referenced two documents (“Reforms for the completion of the current program and beyond”, and “Preliminary Debt Sustainability Analysis”) that, in their English translations, came in at thirteen and two pages, respectively. As a comprehension test for undergraduates, they were arcane enough, regardless that most Greek citizens consider themselves to be lay economists by now. And, on that basis alone, the average Western banker would have no doubt rubbed his hands with glee, waiting for the befuddled populace to vote “yes” for the devil they know and be done with it. But the Western-led financiers underestimated the anger of the cash-strapped Greek population. With their decision, the Greeks have bought Syriza and its leader, Alexis Tsipras, more of what he wanted. Time.

Tsipras, it seems, has been operating to a definite strategy. Syriza was elected on a platform of empowering Greece to throw off its austerity shackles, yet almost the first thing Tsipras did as the new Prime Minister was retreat from his blazing rhetoric. There followed round after round of negotiations, brought to the brink each time, before someone (either on the Greek or European finance side) walked out. You could almost set your watch by it.

And there are the questions. If Syriza was so adamant about refusing to bow to the troika’s demands, why the prolonged negotiations and ginger backstepping over the past few months? And why was the referendum timed now and not, say, back in April? One month before, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Shäuble suggested to Greece Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, that Greece can “leave the euro whenever you want”, adding that Germany “will help you in this process.” Not only did that sound final, but a referendum at that point would have made a lot of sense. But Greece didn’t take the bait. And Washington wasn’t pleased.

Washington’s displeasure led to a quick backtrack by Schäuble in late June to the effect that, even if Greece voted against further austerity, it would still stay in the eurozone. The flip-flop can certainly be linked to American concerns—and, therefore, pressure—over the imminent launch of the BRICS New Development Bank (BRICS NDB).


In other words, what matters is not Greece, but what a Greek decision against what the troika of the IMF, European Commission and ECB represents.

While negotiations between Greece and its Western creditors have been limping along, Tsipras has made two recent visits to Moscow, one in April and another in June. The mainstream press have stated categorically that Tsipras’ visits were a failure, with Deutsche Welle’s Barbara Wesel bluntly calling the latest visit “a flop”. But was it?

The BRICS NDB officially opened its doors on July 7. Was this what Tsipras was waiting for? He couldn’t have expected any kind of formal word from Russian President, Vladimir Putin, regarding a way out of Greece’s problems, but he could have begun dropping hints on obtaining much-needed funds from a body other than the troika, setting the groundwork for some very fast financial footwork in July.

Europe is not unaware of this. Its position on the Greek deal has softened alarmingly in recent weeks, ever since Washington put its foot down on a possible Greece expulsion from the eurozone. Concessions have been made; brotherhood statements uttered; the IMF sidelined. Another emergency meeting is scheduled on the day of NDB’s opening, illustrating that the problem isn’t really Greece.

Meanwhile, Greece itself is in a state of crisis. Banks and ATMs are closed, stations are out of petrol, pharmaceutical supplies have dwindled, and supermarket shelves are clearing. As with other populations in times of tension, pensioners, the poor and the sick are the ones suffering the most. And there’s no doubt that Syriza knows it.

What will actually happen remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. If Tsipras manages to make this work—pull a BRICS NDB rug out from under the feet of the troika—he will be on the way to being one of the most formidable poker players that Europe has recently seen.




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