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US on world stage bowing to an audience of none

April 21st, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

US on world stage bowing to an audience of none

April 21, 2015
by Don Hank

I love my country and want the best for her, but recently, the behavior of US foreign policy wonks has reminded me for all the world of the Black Knight scene from the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” where a knight fights a dual with King Arthur who starts to lop off his limbs one by one, but the knight brashly dares the king to keep fighting, calling him a coward as he gallops off leaving just the Black Knight’s erect torso and screaming head still attached thereto.

It’s a bit gruesome but click here if you have a strong stomach (starts at about minute 1:00). Kindly let me explain why this imagery fits the US Neocons to a t.

American Neocons are shrieking that Iran is about to nuke the US. Ted Cruz wants to nuke them first and so does his proposed secretary of state John Bolton. Mark Levin also wants to nuke Iran and just recently said:
“And in fact, if they can get ‘em [the nukes] on their ICBM’s, they’re going to attack our West Coast. And the reason the French and the Germans are concerned – yes, because of Israel, but also for themselves – is because they happen to be a little closer to that neighborhood than we do [sic].”

So what are we waiting for, Folks? Don’t we need to preemptively strike ASAP and save the US and Europe?
Well, first let’s do a little fact checking, shall we, Mr. Levin? While Europe is concerned over Obama’s ineptly and carelessly fast-tracking the negotiations with Iran, they are less concerned about Iran nuking them than they are about US paranoia over Iran and especially about the Congress’ letter to Iran saying in no uncertain terms that it won’t accept any negotiated settlement with them. That leaves the distinct impression that the US is ready to shoot first and ask questions later, against a country possibly armed with nukes.
At least that’s what Europe’s top foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeir, said at a conference in Washington.

But beyond that, you need to ask yourself:
Why would Iran be the one country to nuke the US when the field is so full of candidates?
North Korea has threatened the same thing for years and no one has suggested nuking them because no one takes them seriously. Muslim Pakistan also has nukes and has threatened India. Further, ISIS has reportedly made inroads there. Now ISIS really does want to die screaming Allahu Akbar, They want those virgins in the worst way. Iran is a nation full of Shiites, who do not want the death of minorities (except perhaps, the Baha’i, unfortunately). Muslim Indonesia is believed by some to have clandestinely developed nuclear weapons. What’s different about Iran?

Iran probably will not do anything that Putin would disapprove of. Russia is its most favored trading partner, and the worst thing that could happen to Russia and China (they’re allies you know) would be to lose one of the most important partners they have, ie, the US. A completely wrecked and highly radioactive US could purchase nothing from China and this situation would lead to worldwide poverty. Iran knows that too. If Iran were to nuke the US, China and Russia would be the most likely countries to invade, disarm and occupy Iran to prevent further harm.

Further, the Iranian people would almost certainly revolt if the government nuked us because they do not hate the US despite all the hate mongering out of Teheran.

Besides that, there is this thing called mutually assured destruction (MAD), which Israeli military analyst Daniel Greenfield said years ago is the reason nuclear powers don’t have to reasonably fear each other. They know that if they fire off a nuke to the US, another 50 nukes will come roaring right back at them on MIRVs. The US would respond with nukes from multiple subs in the Mediterranean or the Black Sea and Iran would be toast. They might be big mouthed but they can do math. And if they really wanted collective martyrdom, would they put so much effort into negotiating with countries like Russia and the US over trade deals? That’s a lot of trouble for a nation that thirsts for death.

What most people don’t realize is that there is a lot more to this huffing and puffing over Iran than meets the eye. The US has had a petrodollar agreement with Saudi Arabia since 1973, under which the Saudis agree to insist in perpetuity to be paid in US dollars in exchange for US military “protection” (defined very broadly). Since then, coincidentally, every single one of our wars has benefitted the Saudis, as shown here, without benefitting the US, and especially Middle Eastern Christians.

Since our good and loyal allies the Saudis are Wahhabi Sunnis, the most violent and anti-Christian sect in the world, the wars fought by US 2 (per my definition here), like the one in Iraq, invariably wind up killing their rivals (generally countries that have not threatened us, notably Libya), which are one or more of the following more-harmless groups:

1–Shiites (Iranian population and government, Syrian and Iraqi governments)
2– Secularists (Ghadaffi, Mubarak, etc… Al Sisi is an exception because he has struck a deal with the Saudis and is now helping them in the Yemen conflict. It’s a variant of the petrodollar agreement – mutual protection instead of protection of the Saudis in exchange for demanding settlement for all oil transactions in US dollars)
3–Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.

Even our war in Kosovo was waged with the Saudis’ blessings. They have sent billions in aid to the illegal-immigrant Albanian Muslims there. Did you ever read anywhere that Kosovo is a new Muslim state, thanks to the US military? No, you didn’t because the media didn’t want to worry you with that detail, but you can Google it if you have a stomach for truth. Yes, Washington (US 2) and NATO created a Muslim state out of a Christian country (Serbia), just what the Saudis ordered.

As for Israel, it is in a tight spot, like the US, and because of this, it believes it must do whatever it can to placate the Saudis, who largely control ISIS, their protégé. Moreover, despite their bravado, Middle Eastern Jews (along with their Christian brothers) have spent 2 millennia groveling in dhimmitude to survive, cutting whatever deals were necessary to this end. As far as its standing with the Saudis is concerned, attacking Iran would be just the ticket for Israel. Naturally, it would benefit Saudi Arabia more than Israel, which would draw fire from all over the Muslim world and could trigger a nuclear war that no one wants. Buy Netanyahu is willing to gamble as long as US Neocons can deceive enough of us sheeple into supporting a preemptive strike. Well, do you feel lucky, fellow Americans?

Mark Levin believes he is helping Israel by urging the US to wage war on Iran, but he is in fact only helping one political party there, the one willing to risk his country’s security in a high stakes gamble. The more-orthodox Jews (the ones who believe the Bible) in Israel and the US, think it is dangerous to antagonize Iran. But don’t tell that to John Hagee’s congregation. Hagee is Netanyahu’s most valuable link to American “Christianity” and has come up with the blood moon tetrad theory, or at least he “borrowed” credit for it from its originator Mark Biltz, and now he says God wants us to commit Iranocide. And we know how much we can trust Hagee. (You can assess Hagee’s integrity by reading WND’s article Hagee Hit with Demand Letter over 4 Blood Moons.)

We must also consider that Iran comes in a package with Russia and Russia comes in a package with China, the world’s biggest economy and military, and all of Europe and most of Asia have now sided with China against the US by joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a formidable rival to the US-dominated World Bank. It is all over the news and we are being told it is just a speed bump but the goal is dedollarization of world trade. Finally, and here is the clincher: The Saudis have joined Europe and the rest against the US by joining the Chinese bank, as pointed out here. But, you say, aren’t the Saudis supposed to be upholding the petrodollar so that the Fed can issue new dollars by the trillions to their hearts’ content? So then why did they join the “dedollarization club”? Oops!

Looks like the petrodollar agreement might be toast. You can guess what that means for the US dollar.
It all reminds me of that old song “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave me, Lucille.” The US elites could sing: You picked a fine time to leave me, planet earth.

So does anyone really think this is a good time for a soon-to-be-dedollarized (ie, impoverished) America with no friends left to start a war with a country with nukes that has friends with nukes?

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State-level civil disobedience

April 21st, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

State-level civil disobedience

Posted April 21, 2015

by Don Hank

The difference between the Article 5 convention and nullification is like the difference between a pop gun and a machine gun.

Nullification has stopping power. Article 5 is a genuflection to the federal power. It is simply writing more amendments for the Fed to ignore, absurdly pretending that the federal government is made up of sincere individuals who will obey the will of its citizens.

On the other hand, when a state nullifies a federal law, it is not asking the feds for anything or treating them as a body of sincere individuals. It is demanding, with a gun to the head of the unruly federal government. And that is the only way the fed can be made to back off.

Now some have reasoned that there are legal limits to nullification. However, if individuals have the right to civil disobedience, then so do the states. This goes further than mere nullification of a law by a state court. This is one step before insurrection, and judging by their actions in the past, particularly the way they backed off in the Bundy ranch standoff, the feds would not dare to go into a state and enforce their law at gunpoint because they know that such would lead to a new American revolution.

The Feds would then no doubt do what they are doing to Russia, ie, impose sanctions. But the state that used the “civil disobedience” approach could also fight back by withholding funds to the feds, much in the way that Russia is imposing sanctions of its own. They could, for example, temporarily release their citizens from the obligation to pay federal taxes, enjoining them to pay the funds to the states instead but reducing the overall amount.

There is no doubt that this would work, though causing some temporary hardship. It is all up to the American people. They need to wake up and realize that Washington is the enemy, by definition, and that desperate times demand desperate measures.

One very important use of civil disobedience would be for states to man up and refuse to admit anyone into their state who entered the US illegally, regardless of federal laws to the contrary. Initially, this would constitute nullification in the original sense, where the state would decide, on the basis of Article 4, Section 4, that the federal government was acting unconstitutionally to award legal residence to invaders.
The argument is straightforward and logical: The Constitution was a contract signed by the state representatives. By analogy with contract law, both parties must comply with each clause under penalty of dissolution or partial dissolution of the contract. The state could rightfully argue that it was induced at the founding of our nation to enter into a contract that provided protection but that the protection had been unlawfully withheld, thereby leading to dissolution of all or part of the contract.

Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution enjoins the federal government to protect the States against invasion. By refusing to allot sufficient funds and manpower to the protection of the southern border and by restricting the ability of the Border Patrol to arrest lawbreakers, by releasing apprehended illegal border crossers back into the US, by releasing convicted illegal alien criminals back onto the US streets after they have served their time rather than deporting them, and by rewarding lawbreakers with temporary or permanent residency using a variety of tricks such as allowing them to serve in the military in exchange for residency, the federal government has not only failed to protect the states from invasion as mandated by the Constitution, but has in fact aided and abetted the invaders and has thereby rendered itself an outlaw government that need no longer be obeyed but must in fact be resisted.

In case any reader should doubt that the massive immigration from the southern border constitutes an actual invasion, they need only read the article in Business Insider showing that of the 13 most dangerous street gangs in America, a full 10 are Hispanic. The most dangerous and violent of these is Mara Salvatrucha. To get a graphic portrayal of this gang’s behavior, you need only view this video. But be forewarned. It is brutally violent and not for the weak hearted. And what you see there is a direct result of unconstitutional federal policies.

If the Supreme Court decided that, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary (only a smattering of which is presented at the linked sources), the massive influx of illegals does not meet the definition of an invasion, and that this was a wrong interpretation of the Constitution by the state in question, then it would be up to the state to implement “state-level civil disobedience,” averring that, in this decision, the Supreme Court represents only the federal government, a narrow interest group – thereby denying the states and their citizens equal protection under the law – to the detriment of the states.

State borders would become sovereign again, as they should have been in the first place.

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Parallels between weak Christian voters and non-military voters

April 16th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Parallels between weak Christian voters and non-military voters

April 16, 2015

by Don Hank

There are parallels between non-military Americans and the superficially religious (Jews and Christians).

Military men and vets know what McCain is and despise him, justifiably.

The average American, especially those who have not served, have a tendency to feel reverence for politicians like McCain merely because they have “served.” The don’t feel qualified to criticize a military person, because they have not served themselves. Thus they put him on a pedestal and make him an untouchable. So the rascal gets away with murder, literally, by supporting terrorists in the Middle East.

Likewise, discerning Christians reject Neocons, recognizing them as wolves in sheep’s clothing, while church goers with a superficial understanding of the scriptures, as well as non-religious or superficially religious Jews, are more prone to believe Neocon propaganda suggesting that if a politician is a “Christian” and is seen by religious “leaders” as “God’s man,” then the public should give him free rein (the tail wagging the dog). I experienced this kind of “leadership” in my home town back home around the second term of Dubbya, where the pastor of a church I attended unabashedly campaigned for him and at the beginning of the war, told stories from the front of soldiers who stood and prayed together and thereby allegedly made themselves impervious to bullets. Many of the more solidly grounded Christians and Orthodox Jews who know the scriptures were not deceived (many of them did not attend church due to the apostasy).

Recently, it was the Orthodox Jews who protested publicly against provoking Iran. They evoked the Old Testament in support of their protests.

Tragically, the Assyrian Christians in Iraq were almost all banished or killed very shortly after we “won” the Iraqi conflict. And who were the real culprits behind this tragedy?

Those less discerning religious Americans who swallowed the Neocon propaganda mantra of the “godly man” are guilty of this mischief. Godly Christians have discernment. The others did not and they indirectly caused the deaths of their brethren by giving Dubbya all the decision making power, failing to blow the warning whistle. Consequently, an entire country in the Middle East has lost its entire indigenous Christian population — thanks in large part to American “Christians.” And they wonder why God did not bless us in 2008 by allowing another deceitful Neocon to be elected!

The scenario was repeated for Ghadaffi and Mubarak, both of whom provided basically a safe haven for Christians until the Neoconservative policies of the Obama administration drove them out.
Like liberals, these gullible “Christians” don’t learn.

Revelations 3:15-16
15′I [God] know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot.

16’So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.

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US vs us

April 16th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

US vs us
First posted at renewamerica.co on March 5, 2015

By Donald Hank

Groping about in a thickening fog of cognitive dissonance, Americans absurdly refer to two antagonistic groups as the “US,” namely, (1) the American people (We the People) and (2) the American political class. These two classes are divided by a vast gulf, which is only growing wider, to the extent that an increasing number of voters are staying home on election days. The term “US ally,” in the vernacular of the media and politicians, is de facto only an ally for the political class, although they will insist that their allies are our allies (if you are not for us you are against us – meaning US (2) but slyly suggesting US (1)) because they want to deceive us into thinking we and our “leaders” all have the same interests at heart, when in fact, the interests of the elites are wholly antagonistic to our interests. Thus, as counterintuitive as it may seem, the arch enemy of the American people is truly not a foreign power, as we are led to believe, but the political class in Washington, DC, as I attempted to show here.

While ISIS is certainly no ally of the American people, the US political class created them and currently uses them as a de facto ally, while pretending to oppose them. Why and how do they use them? To defeat Bashar al-Assad and leave the Syrian Christians on the lurch, while dealing a blow to Russia, cementing their financial and political interests by weakening countries that refuse to endorse the elitists’ agenda. Unfortunately, many soft-headed Americans are falling for this, just as they always do each time the elites conjure up a new enemy out of whole cloth. The truth is that, like all enemies of US (2), Russia is a natural ally of US (1).

I sent the first draft of this commentary to a correspondent in Eastern Europe who is non-religious but also is unusually perspicacious. I was pleasantly surprised at his response:

      “I second you on this. The principal reason why they hate Assad is because he protects Christians. It has nothing to do with religion per se. Christianity is an icon, a symbol and a red flag for them.”

How ironic that a non-religious Eastern European would have the clarity of vision to correctly identify the anti-Christian agenda of our elites in our foreign policy when the average American Christian is apparently completely blind to this!

We now have available an established reference point to use in understanding the chasm that exists between the US political class and the US people, ie, middle class, and that is the peer-reviewed joint study between Princeton and Northwestern, which shows beyond a doubt that the US government has become a full-fledged oligarchy that almost completely ignores the will of the people.

      Quote: “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens” analyzed extensive data, comparing nearly 1,800 U.S. policies enacted between 1981 and 2002 with the expressed preferences of average and affluent Americans as well as special interest groups.
      The resulting data empirically verifies that U.S. policies are determined by the economic elite.
      “The central point that emerges from our research is that

economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts

      on US government policy, while

mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence,”

      says the peer-reviewed study.

Undoubtedly, the focus on “business” reflects an anti-capitalist bias on the part of the researchers (academe is, of course, steeped in socialist lore). However, it is vital to note that “business” interest in today’s crony capitalist economy is virtually synonymous with political interest, with the policies of American business being driven almost exclusively by the far left/crony capitalist political class, which involves both major parties.

In light of this study and the feeling of alienation most ordinary Americans harbor toward their political environment, we can no longer in any way speak of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Unless We the People come to grips with this fact and act accordingly, there can be no return to rule by the people in the US. That is, if we continue to be led around by the nose by the elites we have no hope of restoring our freedom. Nor can we righteously assert any claim to said freedom, for while we continue to clamor for it, we unwittingly forfeit it at every turn.

Thus, the above-sketched dichotomy between definitions (1) and (2) is a fairly straightforward concept as objectivized by the Northwestern-Princeton study, but emotionally and psychologically, few ordinary Americans are ready to face it head on subjectively and work toward overthrowing the tyrant.

In light of the above-established definitions of the two groups that we, in our cognitive dissonance, think of as the “US,” let us review the current geopolitical landscape.

The world is divided essentially into 2 geopolitical axes:

Axis 1:

Syria-Iran-Russia-China and the rest of the BRICS-Hezbollah, and the rest of the Eurasian union

Axis 2:

US-EU-Israel-Saudi Arabia-ISIS (created by the US political class and supported by Saudi money) and minor US allies like Japan, Korea, etc

Jordan, Libya, Syria and Egypt are not allied with anyone in particular and for this reason, have independently fought ISIS (a US creation), much to the chagrin of Washington, which refuses to take out ISIS because to them, taking out Bashar al-Assad, a well-educated, soft spoken secularist whose ilk is rare and desperately needed in the Middle East, is their main goal, and in truth, ISIS is the only ally (yes, ally!) of the US political class that can take out Assad without political repercussions. So they need ISIS, even though they pretend to be horrified by its rampages and random murder. Remember that both political parties fought hard for congressional permission to attack Assad’s troops with missiles last year. Note that Assad is their hated enemy even though (or rather because) he protects Syrian Christians. It was Russian president Vladimir Putin who spoiled their fun by intervening successfully to persuade Assad to destroy chemical weapons (in fact, the US-backed “moderates” had reportedly used such weapons and blamed this on Assad). But that made Putin persona non grata in the Washington oligarchy, which then backed a Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev to provoke him into using his military means to protect fellow Russians in Eastern Ukraine. Since the Russian speakers were being bombed from the air by said US-backed regime, he had no choice. Yet a large percentage of Americans could not see this obvious and transparent subterfuge on the part of Washington and bought into the elitist-generated narrative that Russia was “expansionist” – the same accusation that the British had hurled at Russia in the Russo-Turkish conflict, even though Britain was itself the most expansionist country in the world at the time, with around 2 dozen colonies extending from rising to setting sun. Thus much of US (1), ie, the people, began hating Putin and Russia on command from US (2) without question. (Ask yourself: Is this the path to freedom?).

Now you may be shocked that I so unflinchingly put ISIS in the same axis with the US (Definition (2), political class only, of course), but consider that there are only a little more than 30,000 ISIS fighters in Syria and Iran and if US (2) and allies were sincere, ISIS would be roundly defeated by now. Further, please note that while Israel apparently has the chutzpah, the trained military and the weapons to go after Iran, many times its size, it has not raised a finger to help in the fight against ISIS, instead fanning war sentiment against Iran, which has not slashed a single throat in Syria or Iraq, and has helped fight ISIS (unlike the Suunis of ISIS, Iranian Shia do not condemn other Muslim sects or non-Muslims). Absurdly, while accepting and even applauding Netanyahu’s fear-mongering speech in our Congress, the US has never pressured Israel to help fight ISIS, which is clearly in the Western axis, though no one dares to say this, except me. And this is due in large part to the fact that whenever we speak of a “US” ally, the public has been trained like circus animals to think of US as the people of the US, ie, definition (1), just the opposite of the reality.

Therefore, most of us accept the absurdity that resisting the will of our enemies in Washington is unpatriotic, when in fact, resistance to tyranny is the most important value taught by our Founders.

Many rejoiced last election cycle when the GOP won the Senate and House both. They thought that “we” had won. The wake-up call came just now as we realized that “our” Congress had granted Obama funding for a wholly illegal amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants, most of whom will become voters in a few years and many will go collect welfare and receive food stamps.

But many of us had warned that this would happen and that there was no palpable difference between the two main parties.

So now ask yourself: If we allow ourselves to be duped so easily by such transparent tactics on the part of such an obvious enemy in matters of foreign policy, as outlined above, do we really deserve to be free?

Or are we getting our just desserts?

© Donald Hank

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Here we go again: Bibi pulls a Dubbya

April 16th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Here we go again: Bibi pulls a Dubbya
First posted at renewamerica.co on March 6, 2015

By Donald Hank

There are 2 important developments that Americans need to keep their eye on:

1-Israel and Saudi Arabia are working in concert to bring down Iran (see http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/24790/Default.aspx and


2-Americans want to fight ISIS (http://personalliberty.com/americans-ready-war-isis/), not Iran.

Get ready for a shock.

If the US Congress and Senate have their way, we will focus our war efforts on exactly the wrong country again, namely, Iran, just as we did after the 911 attacks. Remember that both legislative bodies are working with Obama to give amnesty to lawbreakers and therefore cannot be trusted. Yet the invitation to Netanyahu to address Congress and their 21 standing ovations during his address were part of a ploy to make you trust these sneaky pols and most of you fell for it! (There are two antagonistic entities, both referred to as the US. One is the American people, ie, US 1, while the other is their enemy, the political class and media, ie, US 2). Bibi knows that, as Daniel Greenfield argues here, no amount of treaties and no aerial bombardment of Iran, or any other country, will keep anyone from getting nukes. Greenfield says only MAD (mutually assured destruction) will deter a country from using nukes. So what was the real purpose of Netanyahu’s speech before Congress?

The strategy of our GOP pols, in concert with Israel and the Saudis, was to focus on Bibi’s swag and machismo and to contrast it with Obama’s wimpiness, when in fact the real issue is who is the true enemy of the American people (not the politicians, US 2) and who is not. The real enemy is obviously ISIS, whom Americans have said they want to fight. The false enemy is Iran, which is not a true enemy of US 1. Pakistan has nukes too and no one is worried.

You should have noticed by now that the enemies of US 2 (the Establishment) are almost never the true enemies of US 1 (us). Usually it is the other way around.

Unless we wake up fast, we will be distracted by a false alarm over Iran and forget all about ISIS, the enemy of US 1, which US 2 wants you to ignore. And US 2 is not just Obama and the Democrats. It is the Republicrats. The US (no. 2) and Saudi Arabia created ISIS to take out Assad and oppose Iran and have created the Iran scare to take your eye off the ball (ISIS).

It worked. The internet is all abuzz with adulation for Netanyahu following his Iranophobic speech in Congress and no one is talking about the barbarians who roast people alive and behead them.

But what Bibi said is exactly what the Saudis want you to hear. Note that, while swaggering macho Netanyahu has not raised a pinky to fight ISIS, Iran has pitched in and is fighting them at this very moment, with the permission of the Iraqi government. Yet Bibi has the audacity to say that the Iranian militants bravely fighting our enemy are “rampaging.” Bibi, if fighting ISIS is rampaging, please send Israeli troops to help them rampage.

Bibi is following the same deceptive strategy that GW Bush adopted after the 911 attacks. You will recall that the terrorists who attacked us were Saudis, every one.

Yet GW Bush, master of deception that he is, stood at ground zero in New York together with the heroic firemen (creating the illusion that he too was somehow a hero) and declared on national TV: “The people who did this are going to hear from us.” And we all thought Hooorayyyy for America!

But the people who “did this” (Saudis) never heard from us, did they?

Instead, to divert our attention from the actual perpetrators and their support team in Saudi Arabia, Bush sent troops first to Afghanistan and then to Iraq, neither of which had anything to do with the attack, and when he took out Saddam, thoroughly confused Americans, in a paroxysm of cognitive dissonance, managed to convince themselves that now America had avenged itself of “the people who did this” (took down the Twin Towers).

The Saudis and their best ally, the US political class, had thoroughly snookered the US sheeple and it was easy, like taking candy from a baby.

It was abject. It was shameful.

It was a glimpse of the utter stupidity of the American public of that time.

Friends, the Saudis are at it again and have an unwritten pact with Israel to destroy Iran. Have you learned anything yet?

Wake up, Folks. The Saudi royals are Sunnis, the same sect as ISIS, whom they and the US clandestinely fund and supply! Even Iraqi News admitted the US recently airdropped weapons to ISIS, but that was a drop in the ocean compared to US 2’s magnanimity to ISIS.

Iran is Shia, the natural enemy of Sunni ISIS. The US should be taking advantage of this cultural enmity between the two groups, but it obstinately refuses to do this.

To put it as succinctly as possible, please make this vitally important mental note (or jot this down):

The Shia (Shiites) are the significantly less violent and fundamentalist of the two main sects in the Muslim world, ie, Sunni and Shia. Some will counter by saying that the Shia read the same Koran as the Sunni and sooner or later they will join them. Nonsense! For the past 1500 years, Shia and Sunni have been at each other’s throats and never have the twain met. Why? Quick answer: culture. Cultural differences include religion and the way people interpret their religious canons.

All the major terror groups (including al-Qaeda and ISIS) that slash throats and burn people alive in the Middle East are Sunnis, not Shia. When have you read that in the media? I haven’t. But I don’t swallow the media swill. I read beyond what they say. And if you want to survive as a nation, you had better put down that newspaper, drag yourself away from that TV and pick up some objective information about the world around you, because otherwise, we will all be snookered into an expensive war that takes the lives of our children in vain. And no, I am not a peacenik or a libertarian. I want war with our enemy, and that enemy is ISIS, the best ally the US political class (US 2, our enemy) and the Saudis have in the Middle East. But don’t send my son to Iran in another false flag operation!

The US-Saudi alliance wanted you to think that Saddam was responsible for the 911 attacks (although, of course, they never said so out rightly). Billions of dollars and countless lost American lives later, people started to wake up from their daze and realized that the allies of the 911 perps were still alive and working their evil and violence because the political class and media had pulled a bait and switch on us.

We lost in Iraq, not because we failed our mission but because it was the wrong mission in the first place.

So stop cheering for Bibi and the US politicians who want to mislead you, and work to free US no. 1, the American people, from Sunni ISIS. We can start by divorcing ourselves completely from US 2.

© Donald Hank

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