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August 26th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

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The elites are doing an about face

August 25th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »


by Don Hank   August 25, 2015


George Forman, CEO of Stratfor, seems to be following the lead of other prominent Neocon elites. Recently, Kissinger and Soros both warned against taunting the Russian bear or escalating the Ukraine conflict. This was remarkable for them, because they had always generally supported, at least by their actions and words, the Wolfowitz doctrine of encircling Russia, and indeed, Soros even admitted that one of his foundations had aided in the Maidan coup, as I pointed out here.

Now comes George Forman and joins them in backtracking, reluctantly admitting here that maybe attacking the Russian ally Iran was never such a brilliant idea. He says the problem with this idea is that the plan might fail and thereby strengthen the Iranian position while weakening Israel’s position. No kidding.

I wrote to George via his Stratfor site and asked why no one ever mentions Daniel Greenfield’s famous speech on the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) principle, which that author skillfully demonstrates would effectively prevent a nuclear power (he doesn’t explicitly mention Iran) from attacking another. Israel is known to possess a nuclear arsenal.

I had mentioned Greenfield’s comments on MAD here in the context of the rush to war against Iran – which, nota bene, even the Israeli military leaders knew to be an unnecessarily risky idea.

So when you say “I stand with Israel,” are you saying you stand with these wise military leaders who oppose war with Iran or with the minority who want to take that needless risk?

See the problem with that slogan?

Below is my response to George:


Thank you for this report.

I find it intriguing that no commentator ever mentions, in the context of Israel vs Iran, Daniel Greenfield’s speech on the MAD principle, which prevents nuclear powers from attacking each other. The Israeli government is aware of Greenfield’s writings and certainly, many have read this speech and know this theory makes common sense. Since it is known that Israel and the US are nuclear powers and that neither would sit back and let Iran attack Israel, Iran, in the real world, would never nuke Israel. Further, any nuclear explosion in Israel would kill and harm millions of Palestinians and other Arab neighbors. The whole world would turn against Iran and that would end Iran’s ability to ever trade with any country again. It would, in a word, be suicide. In other words, the war hawks in Israel are directing an inordinate and unjustified amount of time and energy at preventing an impossibility.

It is obvious to me that the only reason Israeli war hawks keep beating the drums in Iran’s direction is that they want to stay on the good side of the Saudis, who they perceive as having the power to crush them via their protégés like ISIS.

Why not address this side of the story some time? It would not hurt your credibility and would almost certainly boost your readership.



When you see the elites distancing themselves from their past strongly held positions, it’s not because they had a change of heart or “saw the light.” It’s because an external force or forces have made it impossible to sustain those positions and they woke up to this reality.

Despite all the setbacks that Eurasia (mostly Russia and China) have suffered (such as the recent collapse of the Chinese stock market), this region has so far avoided, for the most part, the extravagance of Western Keynesianism – unbridled money printing, borrowing more than they can ever pay down or back to pay for reckless spending – and despite the “socialist” tag, neither of them spends, as a percentage of GDP, even a fraction of what Western “developed” countries spend on welfare or social programs. The Neocons haven’t a leg to stand on, and now the upper echelons aren’t in fact standing.

Further, Eurasia has managed to demonstrate the vast potential of its economic power and prestige, for example, via the new investment bank, the AIIB, to most of our “allies,” over 50 of which became founding members, as I pointed out here.

On top of that, Russia and China have been doing impressive joint military exercises lately, demonstrating not only that they possess the hardware to back down any opponent, but that they are a team. I am amused at analysts who discuss Russian military capability in great detail without ever mentioning that there is in fact no such thing as the “Russian” military. In today’s world, there is only a joint Russian-Chinese military that we must contend with – and get along with, like it or not. And while there are still US “allies,” most are only reluctant and leaning away from the constant wars made in USA.

I say all that to remind you of why the elites, like Soros, Kissinger and Friedman, are changing their tune. They simply have no choice. Reality is facing them like a brick wall, foiling their schemes of world dominance. I say this cautiously, but it would seem that Neoconservatism is dead for all practical purposes.

The elites, who had everything to lose, were the first to notice the tectonic plate shift in geopolitics.

The rest of America needs to pay attention.


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The New World Order is Christ-centered

August 20th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

by Don Hank   August 20, 2015


A recent report from the UK bears the revealing title: Muhammad is top boy’s name; 1 in 2 young people identify as not 100% heterosexual; regular church attendance down to 6%?.

I have said before that one of the top-ranking goals of the New World Order elites is to eliminate Christianity. This is obvious if you consider that the elites throughout the West are desperately pursuing 2 seemingly diametrically opposed policies:


1–Promoting Islam. How? For one thing, by importing hordes of immigrants claiming to be refugees. EU policies dictate that no refugees may be turned away and all must be accommodated. Most are Muslims, who are immediately placed on welfare rolls. Secondly, the elites engage in wars in Muslim countries (and even non-Muslim countries, like Serbia) that invariably redound to the deaths and banishment of Christians. This cannot be accidental as I have shown here.

2–Promoting homosex and LGBT. For example, many European countries have institutionalize gay “marriage” despite the fact that such a union does not meet the definition of  marriage as held for about 5000 years in all world languages (over 600)!


Now if the elites cared about homosexuals, or sincerely believed in homosexual “rights,” and/or cared about the safety of homosexuals, they could not be in favor of Islam, could they?

Conversely, if they really favored the Muslim religion, which bans homosexuality, they could not be for homosexual rights because such runs counter to Islamic teachings. Right?

By the process of elimination, there could only be one goal behind this seemingly self defeating policy of promoting these two highly antagonistic groups, and that goal is the elimination of Christianity.

Thus, the elites, while antagonistic to Western tradition, are in fact Christ-centered inasmuch as they are totally focused on eliminating the teachings of Jesus in the world. This suggests that the remedy must also be Christ centered, but in a positive way.

The above-linked article is the best illustration of that observation that I have seen thus far.

So if, of all world religions, only Christianity is targeted for elimination by the elites, they must know that that religion is by far the most dangerous to their way of thinking and to their goals. Indeed it is.

Likewise, there could only be one effective remedy for this destruction of our culture, and that is Christianity.

And I am not referring to institutionalized religion. The fact is, if you read the gospels, you find that Jesus had a pet peeve, and that is, ironically, formal religion.

You will not find Jesus in many churches – Protestant or Catholic – any more. He is not welcome there.

But you can find him in the humble loving walk of Christians, of which a remnant remain.


“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35


The most powerful antidote to the elitist attempt to enslave you is to educate yourself in various ways: reading the gospels to learn the ways of Christ that have made Him the target of hate by the elites and learning about the deep state and the machinations of the elites who have declared war on that gospel and on Jesus Christ. But beware: many of the enemies of Christ call themselves “Christians.” Many of them, for example, are the Neocons, who claim to be for traditional marriage or against abortion but speak ill of Russia, the only major world power that opposes the New World Order, for example, in the Middle East, where they ally themselves with the few leaders who protect or tolerate Christians, even as the West opposes all such leaders on absurd and convoluted pretexts.

Jesus did not say in vain:

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free.

Count it as a blessing in disguise that the elites promote these antagonistic groups because it is proof that their target is Christianity and that Jesus was prophetic when He said ye shall be persecuted for my namesake.

The West has wandered in darkness for too long. It is time to come back to the light.


See also:  http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/150610

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Stop this bad deal

August 18th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

by Don Hank  Aug  17, 2015

An alert sent from secureamericanow.org titled “Stop this Bad Deal” (see below)says:

“This [the Iran nuclear power deal] is the greatest potential threat to our national security and must be stopped.
You know this is a bad deal. It doesn’t stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Even if they abide by the deal, which is highly unlikely, we are merely kicking the can down the road and allowing them to develop nuclear weapons in 10-15 years, with the blessing of the world community. We must stop this bad deal.”

Correction. The biggest threat to national security is throat-slicing, Christian killing ISIS, and ISIS is sponsored by Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia, the enemy that we call an “ally.” Sunni teaches that all religions other than Sunni Islam must be eradicated, and Wahhabism, the Saudi brand of Sunni, practices this by killing non-Sunnis everywhere they find them. And this threat is not just a POTENTIAL threat, it is a kinetic — active — threat that is being activated before our eyes.

Sunni Saudi Arabia has just signed 6 contracts with Russia for the supply of nuclear power equipment and material, which can be converted into bombs. And for those riled up about that recent sale of S-300 defensive missiles to Iran, Russia is poised to deliver offensive ballistic Iskander missiles to Saudi Arabia, which has also signed 6 nuclear contracts with the Russians. The Iskander is designed to reach targets 500 km away and can be fitted with nuclear warheads!

Since Shiite-majority Iran is the enemy of ISIS and Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia is the friend of the 100% Sunni ISIS (Sunni is the branch, Wahhabism is the sect), if any nation needs to be stopped, it is theocratic, anti-Christian, terror supporting Saudi Arabia. And any group that focuses on the less-dangerous Iran is a deceitful Neocon war monger and cannot be trusted.

Further, Saudi-sponsored ISIS is now making inroads into Pakistan and if it succeeds in controlling Pakistani nukes, it is fanatical enough to ignite a world war.

Iran is not that fanatical as witnessed by the fact that, as mentioned above, its stable elected government has purchased defensive missiles from Russia (by contrast, suicidal fanatics like ISIS do not care about defense because they want to die), has spent years negotiating trade agreements (by contrast, Islamic fanatics aren’t interested in trade. They  thirst for martyrdom) and the Iranian people are friendly toward the American people (though not necessarily the US government — but then neither are conservative patriotic Americans!). If the Iranian government were insanely fanatical (like ISIS), Russia would not deal with it because Russia has a Muslim problem of its own and has an urgent need to stop the proliferation of Islamic terror — which — did I mention? — comes mostly from Saudi Arabia. Not only that, stable governments like Iran’s are bound by the MAD principle which restrains them from launching nuclear attacks on other countries that also have nukes. Israel has at least 85 nukes. Further, Iran knows that if it detonates a nuke in Israel, it will kill and harm millions of Palestinians, incurring the wrath of the entire Arab World and inviting a retaliatory attack by the US and Israel both, with the full backing on Saudi Arabia, so it definitely will not do that. Israel is therefore safe from a nuclear attack by Iran. So why all the Iranophobic war talk?

The only reason Israel is making a fuss about Iran is because it wants to stay on the good side of Saudi Arabia, which hates Iran for religious reasons. The main  reason the US government is making a fuss about Iran is because it needs to stay on the good side of the Saudis so that they will keep demanding US dollars for their oil and thereby propping up the value of the USD. (Since the Saudis now rely on the Russians for arms and nuclear power, and since they have become founding members of the Chinese bank AIIB, a menacing rival to the US-owned World Bank, it seems unlikely that the petrodollar agreement will hold much longer. What went around is coming around.)

Saudi Wahhabism is the most intolerant Christian-hating religious sect in the world. Bibles and churches are banned in fanatical terror-supporting Saudi Arabia.

Iran, by contrast, has 600 Christian churches. This is because Iran is Shiite, a more tolerant sect (not saying their shariah-law courts are mild, of course, but that is an internal matter).

Israel knows that if it keeps demonizing and threatening Iran, the Saudis will not let their proteges in ISIS attack Israel. But otherwise,, there’s no telling what might happen.

By focusing on and demonizing Iran, Neocons and their useful idiots are giving a pass to the most anti-Christian sect in the world (Sunni Wahhabism) and hence to ISIS. That amounts to tacit support for this fanatical bunch.

Why on earth would anyone support ISIS, especially in a so-called “Christian” country?

Talk about a BAD DEAL!!

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Was Russia really ever expansionist?

August 18th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

by Don Hank  Aug  18, 2015


An anonymous editorial at Sputnik News points out that the cold war started in 1917 just after the Bolshevik Revolution succeeded. However, Russophobia goes back farther than that, says the editorial. Thus, the Russophobic British had called Russia “expansionist” almost 200 years ago. It states:


Historians elaborate that the so-called “Russophobia campaign” actually started as early as the 1820s — instigated by Britain — following Russia’s glorious victory over Napoleonic France in 1812-13.


The myth of Russian expansionism is still alive, having been resuscitated shortly after the resistance of Russian speaking fighters in Eastern Ukraine, who want nothing to do with the Maidan coup.

Yet a close look at the old myth reveal that Russia’s expansive geography generally owes not to Russia’s annexation of other countries but to precisely the reverse of that, as the history of its expansion clearly shows, while the British Empire grew by cold wealth-motivated colonization of countries with unrelated cultures.

Russia chafed for 200 years under the “Tartar Yoke.” The Tartars were Mongol invaders who arrived in the vast Russian-speaking territory in 1240 (note that the territory was already very large). These Mongols, or Tartars, were adherents of an eastern religion but converted to Islam during their occupation of Russia. Thus, rather than Russia conquering territory, they were the conquered and paid onerous tributes to the Muslim Khans who ruled over them.

In 1480, the Great Mongol Horde failed to capture Muscovy (Moscow region) and that date is taken conventionally as the end of the Tartar occupation, although remnants of the Tartars, notably the Nogai (Turkic and Mongols), remained and, starting in about 1500, occupied Russian turf. They were raiders who lived off of booty. They were eventually pushed back.

There were also invasions by Poles and Swedes. The Cossacks, a fierce people of Ukrainian descent, also came into conflict with the Russians.

While it is true that Russia under Peter the Great, together with its allies, invaded Sweden, that country was in fact a true empire that had taken territories in Russia and other countries. For this reason, although Russia called itself an empire at that time, it was not simply ruthlessly taking non-Russian turf. It was to some extent retaking what had been its own.

But what about the war with Turkey, you say? Well, we need to recall that the land occupied by the Turks known as the Ottoman Empire was in fact stolen from the conquered Byzantine Christians. It was Orthodox Russia attempting to reclaim land that had been Orthodox territory. Considering today’s events, with Turkey bombing the Kurds in Syria (where the latter were fighting ISIS), who could not be sorry that the Russians lost that war?

All of this runs counter to the favorite myths of Western media, pols and other mischief makers who try to portray the Russians as land grabbers.

Most of the conquest was in fact in reverse, with the Russians retaking land that was theirs, and the main antagonists were Muslims.

It is ironic to note as well that the Ukrainian speaking Cossacks, generally played the role of antagonists in Russia, although Ukraine was quite early part of Russia. Yet today, we are fed the line that the Russians have recently invaded Ukraine, even though the vast majority of Eastern Ukrainians speak Russian as their mother tongue and want nothing to do with the US-dominated Kiev government.

If Ukraine ever reverts to Russia, it will just be another example of Russia reclaiming its own turf.

But don’t expect the msm to admit that.


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