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Russian destruction of ISIS oil routes could mean war

February 7th, 2016 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Russian destruction of ISIS oil routes could mean war


Don Hank

Russia is fighting the US government’s war for it but no one will thank them because it is only a war for show.

Now RT rports that Russia is destroying ISIS oil routes in Syria, threatening the livelihood and further survival of these murderous religious-fanatics.

The report is good news for anyone who understands the danger ISIS poses to civilization as we know it (that leaves out the Neocons, who think Russia is the enemy and secretly consider ISIS their friend, and can’t seem to wait for WW III so they and their Sunni terrorist pals can whip Russia).

At the same time, a new danger lurks. Assuming this story is true, the Turks will have lost a major source of income, ie, the stolen oil from ISIS, which was being sold to the rest of the world via Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s son Bilal. (Google Bilal if you need to).

Already, the Saudis and other Sunni gulf states have threatened to send troops to help ISIS and their collaborators, the US backed “rebels” (don’t forget, that means essentially al-Nusra, aka Al-Qaeda in Syria — can you believe John McCain, who almost became president, helped recruit Al-Qaeda, the group that attacked the US on 911, to fight Assad, and our current White House resident is sending ground troops to aid these terrorists?! Truly America has not had a real president for decades, only Vichy-type collaborators).

This threat from the Sunnis is motivated by the realization that Turkish oil revenues from the stolen booty of ISIS will soon be lost when Russia and Assad finish off ISIS.

How ironic that the country that suffered over a thousand casualties on 911 is now aiding the terrorists who killed so many of us in order to overthrow the legitimately elected government in Syria. But Americans are starting to wake up and the charade is wearing thin.

So what may happen next is that Washington’s loathsome NATO “partner” Turkey and its terror-supporting allies will send overwhelming ground forces to Syria in an attempt to defeat Assad and undo all the progress that has been made since the Russians started operation in Syria. (But do they not realize that China is perfectly capable of defending Russia’s interests if things get hot? Do they think they can defeat the biggest army in the world plus another similarly large one, both equipped with superior high-tech arms and materiel?).

How long will our government pretend that those fighting and defeating ISIS are the enemy, without tipping their hand and admitting that ISIS itself is their de facto ally? Imagine our president saying on national TV: “We must send ground troops to Syria to help ISIS and the rebels defeat the Syrian Army so that the rest of the Syrian Christians can be wiped out forever.”

But indeed, ISIS has always been the ally of the oligarchs in Washington, just as I wrote  back in June of 2014, when people refused to believe it. Now the chickens may soon come home to roost as war breaks out and Washington is forced to decide whether to fight Assad, the friend of We the People (who defends Syrian Christians) or the Frankenstein they created and who wants us all dead or converted.

Remember that when the Turks shot down a Russian plane that was part of the coalition of which the Turks were supposedly members, Washington and NATO “stood by their man” and said Turkey was fully justified in shooting down a coalition plane because the plane had allegedly strayed for a few seconds into Turkish air space.

It should be interesting to see what excuses they manufacture this time.

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Islamists burn 86 children alive while Obama visits mosque

February 4th, 2016 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Islamists burn 86 kids to death while Obama visits mosque


Don Hank

Nigerian Islamists rampaged in a village and burned 86 children alive, as reported here, where we see a heart-wrenching photo of a little girl’s charred body. Around this time, Obama was visiting a US mosque to show solidarity with people of this religion. Obama never breathed a word of protest or condolences.

QUOTE from the article:

Former police anti-terrorism official John McHugh; “Perhaps if we elect a president with moxie, groups such as Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and other ISIS offshoots will be a thing of the past.”

Yes, John. Now can you think of any presidential candidate with moxie?

What if we had a candidate with the guts to admit — despite all the veiled threats from Neocons not to defend Russia — that it would be smart to let the Russians continue to fight ISIS, even if it means letting Assad continue his legitimate rule in Syria, provided the Syrian people re-elect him? Yes, there is such a candidate. Only one.

But see, folks, we’re supposed to believe that, well, yeah, ISIS is not all that good, and maybe they are naughty boys sometimes, but Assad, the guy whose valiant troops have sacrificed life, limb and comfort for years to fight ISIS and protect Christians and other endangered minorities, are the worst kind of evil and must be prevented by Western leaders — who are, of course, paragons of virtue, morality and exceptionalism — from continuing to rule in Syria. We’re the good guys of the world, rah rah rah! Obama agrees with this. So does Hillary. And almost the entire field of GOP candidates is right there with them.

Yet, folks, have Assad’s troops committed the kind of atrocities depicted in the above- linked article? Has Russia done anything like this? Absolutely not! Our “allies” the Saudis support and finance those atrocities. Your tax money arms and trains these terrorists. Assad fights these fiends and is therefore the bad guy.

Who but Donald Trump has the guts to say in public that the Russians must be allowed free reign in Syria, even though the Establishment beats him up for it? Did Cruz ever say the Russians should be allowed to fight ISIS? Oh, no. He said just the opposite. He wants war with Russia for “interfering” in Syria. See, the elitists like Cruz and the rest of the GOP field think Syria is theirs. In fact, they think the whole world is theirs. And these superior beings decide what is right or wrong and they pass along their wisdom to us peasants. They successfully got rid of that nasty old Judeo-Christian God (whom they hypocritically pay lip service to in Iowan megachurches during electoral campaigns) and are taking His place because they are smarter and more moral than He is. They will be like the most high

Although the Neocon goons keep shrieking that Russia is a “murderous empire,” the US government is by far the most murderous and immoral government of all times. None surpass us.

Nonetheless, the thinking of Washington warmongers, Russia bashers and Assad bashers has infected the body politic. Many of you fell for it. This blindness to the glaring truth is what causes little children to get burned alive. Some of you helped unwittingly. Ignorance is no excuse.

See that charred little body in that linked article?

Thank a Russia-bashing Pied Piper and the false-patriot false-Christian fools who follow him!





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My friend Olavo. Part I

February 4th, 2016 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Our thanks to Julio Severo for this article exposing activists who actually defend the Inquisition – a tragic institution that most of us would have guessed has been relegated to the dustbin of history. I urge you to read this because Olavo De Carvalho, one of these defenders, is not just active in Brazil, he is in fact the president and founder of the Inter-American Institute, which boasts a number of prestigious thinkers, activists and writers, almost all of whom are Christians – mostly Evangelicals. Yet , with their hard-earned reputations at stake, Olavo’s actions have many of them worried.

Quote from Julio’s article:

On October 2015 Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho said in his Brazilian Twitter, “A entidade chamada Inquisição é uma invenção ficcional de protestantes.” Translation: “The entity called the Inquisition was a fictional invention of Protestants.” His original statement is here.

The Inter-American Institute over which Inquisition-defender Olavo presides touts a few really fine fellows as well as a few lurkers. BTW, on his FB page, Olavo says that Protestantism is responsible for America’s ills. Yes, the guy who left the biggest CATHOLIC country in the world because it is corrupt, poor, crime-ridden and leftist, says our main problem is Protestantism, although he makes no attempt to explain the mechanism by which our religion has caused these ills. Ready to convert yet, Evangelical friends?

Olavo is also an editorialist with a certain following in his native Brazil whose work I once translated for free — I never took a penny for it. One of my translations, in fact — this one http://laiglesforum.com/behind-the-subversion/52.htm — was Olavo’s introduction to WND. I sent them a link and they merely published the link at WND together with a brief bio which I supplied, and Olavo got his introduction to US newsprint. I got 7000 hits on this. He was giddy with pride and elation. You’d think Olavo would be eternally grateful to me, wouldn’t you?

But life is full of twists and turns.
And ingrates.

This Institute over which Olavo presides purports to be Christian and I personally can confirm some of the fellows to be solid Christians, no doubt.

However, as I keep pointing out, Russia-hating Neocons are doing everything they can to stop Russia from fighting ISIS and other Islamists in Syria, and these Islamists are in turn hell bent on killing or force-converting all the Christians in the Middle East, the birth place of Christianity. Now as soon as you click on this link http://theinteramerican.org/ to Olavo’s institute you will see a banner warning ominously that the new Russia, which has not only religious freedom but where anyone can freely criticize gay marriage without being shouted down or losing their job, is in fact a murderous empire no better than the Soviet Union. Now this is odd (unless you consider that writing like a red-eyed Neocon pays well) because Olavo now lives in a country where activist LaVoy Finicum was shot to death in plain sight last week by the government while surrendering and where you can be fined for not kissing the derrieres of 2 lesbians who are planning a “wedding.” In case you forgot, 2 bakers in a Western state were fined $137,000 for refusing to accept the concept of gay marriage and bake a wedding cake for 2 lesbians. Everyone knows that you can’t get in trouble for sticking up for your Judeo-Christian principles in Russia. They also know that Russia is fighting in part to save Christians in Syria. So why would a professing Christian focus on allegations of wrongdoing in Russia when our country’s policies are killing Christians abroad and fining them at home and Russia is not doing anything like this? Further, the accusations against Russia are speculation while our murderous foreign policy is an open book. Is this not upside-down?

So in view of what US policies are doing to Middle Eastern Christians and the fact that the Russians are clearly protecting them I asked Olavo in an email what he had against Christians. He retorted by calling me a slew of the filthiest names in the book (he is very fond of the Portuguese equivalent of the F word but also adept at using all sorts of other colorful language.) His curses aimed at Julio and me can still be found on his Facebook page (in the event they are taken down, we have the screen shots so they are here for all eternity. Just ask for them at zoilandon@msn.com).

So how does he get away with this clearly un-Christian cursing in public and his expressions of enthusiasm for the slaughter of Protestants? Well, as I said, he writes these controversial things in Portuguese while his English language writings are quite innocuous. For over a year, no one at the Inter-American Institute had an inkling of this gross misbehavior.

Now might I point out that, whereas Olavo claims to be not only a Christian but also an intellectual, one might expect a reasonably intelligent person (like him?) to be aware on some level that simply using a foreign language to write foul language, curses and slander about one’s critics does not really do a very neat job of covering one’s tracks. Because there are bilingual people out there, a lot of them, and these things eventually leak out. Christians are aware of the verse: Be sure your sin will find you out.

I leave it up to the reader to decide if Olavo is a true intellectual Christian or something else.

One thing is certain: God loves Olavo and forgives the vilest, most foul-mouthed and anti-Christian sinners, even those who blame the Protestant faith of Americans for all our ills and propose to burn us at the stake.

I welcome your comments.

Don Hank

Link to Julio’s this article published in Barbwire: http://barbwire.com/?p=49799

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Stop the funeral! He’s still breathing!

February 2nd, 2016 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

The day after the Iowa Caucus, Fox News has declared victory for the “new Republicans.”

They’re wrong on 2 counts.

Rubio and Cruz, while touted as conservatives, are in fact establishment creatures. There’s nothing new about them. Cruz has said he wants war with Russia and Rubio was part of the Gang of 8 that wanted amnesty for illegals. Holy cow! Cruz wants a nuclear holocaust, Rubio wants floods of illegals and the sheeple of Iowa are behind them?

Well, Iowa is not a weather vane. Because Fox and the rest of the GOP cheerleaders are wrong on that count too: Iowa does not speak for America.

The Iowans who voted for Cruz are the same gang of megachurch goers that cheered on GW Bush and we all know how that worked out.

The Iowan churches got behind Cruz because of a rigid Pharisaical notion of what a Christian is and what a conservative is.

These Christian legalists are like the Pharisees who insisted on enforcing a Judaic law very similar to what is called shariah today. They have this rigid notion of a conservative wanting to rush into war — even if it means more Christians dying in the Middle East.

Jesus illustrated his notion of  law vs godliness and love when he passed by a crowd about to stone an adulteress and said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and the people in the crowd shamefacedly dropped their stones one by one.

Common sense and love prevailed over law.

Incredibly, legalism is still very much alive in swaths of the “Christian” community with its rigid definition of conservatism as a nonstop war machine.

The definition of conservatism has been hijacked decades ago. The Founders clearly denounced foreign entanglements and the notion that America is the cop of the world.

Many of today’s “conservatives” ignore their admonitions and are rushing into war after war after war, all of which they lose because the process is knee-jerk, all done without thinking. Look mom, no brains!

Iowa is representative of this legalistic conservatism and Christianity, neither of which tally with the Founders’ words and deeds.

The polls outside that state show that Americans on the whole are still willing to let common sense and love prevail.

So stop the funeral. Trump is not dead yet.

Don Hank

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The federal government does not own the Malheur wildlife refuge

January 28th, 2016 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

The federal government does not own the Malheur wildlife refuge


by Don Hank


Under the Constitution, the federal government may not own the land that is being disputed in Burns, Oregon, between the Bureau of Land Management and a group of ranchers who have until recently enjoyed heirloom land use there. The feds are strictly limited by the Constitution.

Legitimate reasons that the federal government can own land in the States are spelled out in Article V, Section 3, Clause 2:

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings–

Note that the above list of reasons the fed can own land are not just examples. They are specific and concrete and are exclusively military in nature. It is crystal clear that the Founders intended for the states — not the Fed — to administer and own other lands such as parks and wildlife reserves. Thus the ranchers being systematically driven from their ancestral grazing lands have more right to those lands than the federal agencies that claim them.

Now some have contended that since the federal government purchased most of the land in the Western states, this fact gives them more rights than those enumerated in the Constitution.

However, whereas the US government may have the rights to create states out of this land, it can only purchase land, not people. The people inhabiting the lands in question have equal rights, to whit

Amendment XIV

Section 1.

…No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Naturally, federal government advocates will argue that this amendment only applies to states and state laws. However, the federal government is a collection of all the states and any law that applies to the states must also apply to the federal government by extension.

After all, the rationale and purpose of the above-cited clause was that all US citizens must be given equal rights and privileges. It would be absurd for the Constitution to forbid the states to deny equality but to allow the federal government to do so.

Therefore the US government cannot create a legal situation where the people of the Eastern states have more rights to land ownership or use than those in the Western states. Yet in the West, the US government claims huge percentages of the state lands – with the feds owning 47% of a block of 11 states and Alaska representing over 1/3 of the US land mass  – while in the East, the amount of state land owned by the feds is limited.

This creates an un-Constitutional inequality between Eastern states and Western states, giving the residents of Eastern states more control and ownership of their land than the residents of the Western states.

This rationale must be added to our arsenal of arguments as we seek to dislodge the US government from their illegitimate claims in the Western states.

Further, we may not allow the Supreme Court to rule on this because that body is an extension of the corrupt government that we the people are seeking to free ourselves from. They will inevitably side with the federal government. This makes it crucial for rancher and small farmer groups to keep up the pressure on the feds. The feds may not be allowed to participate in the negotiations in this case because they wield an unfair and un-Constitutional fraction of the power and represent a conflict of interests. Only the states and local governments may be allowed to decide who controls state land.

State and local officials who side with the feds are acting in contravention of the Constitutional texts cited above, have no place at the table and must be denied the right to participate in the discussion.

That is the only way we will get our states back.

I had written this commentary a few days before the federal government allegedly murdered in cold blood LaVoy Finicum, one of the patriots who occupied part of the Malheur wildlife refuge near Burns.

I wrote the following in response to that news for my small reader group:

PLEASE listen to this emotional witness who sat within a few feet of LaVoy Finicum as he was shot with his hands up and then fell to his knees, where he was shot 3 more times. Their car was allegedly riddle with bullets by the state police. No photo of the car will surface until a freedom of information suit is filed. Just wait, folks.


Add this tragic event to the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, Waco and Ruby Ridge, etc. American exceptionalism won’t cover the blood or wipe it off.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Nobel Peace Prize-winning Barack Hussein Obama and his thugs are murderers. Coincidentally, Russian activists flew a 30 ft banner across from the US embassy in Moscow yesterday bearing a color image of Barack Obama and under it, the word “KILLER.” The activists were not referring to the murder of Finicum. It was about the “experts” sent to Syria ostensibly to fight ISIS, but that is almost definitely a LIE. They are stealthily gunning for President Assad, whose troops protect minorities, notably Christians. Washington, DC, absolutely is at war with Christianity and Christians. Anyone who is diligently and carefully reading current events knows that.

Anyone who can’t see that the Soviet Union and the US have traded places, with the US now playing the bloody tyrant and Russia playing the nation helping the helpless victims of the US government, is either blind or brain dead.

You can’t spin that away. It is very obvious. If you are selling that smelly story that Russia is the “most dangerous enemy” of the US, you are either an evil Neocon politician or politician’s henchman in msm or you are brain dead. Yea, that is a little rougher than my usual self, but I have been hearing from some really mean and nasty Neocons lately, who know the truth but keep repeating the ugly lies. These inhuman psychopaths would not hesitate to shoot their moms right between the eyes if someone paid them a handful of dollars.

So how do we mourn and keep alive the memory of this victim of federal government para-military action against We the People? And how do we leverage this death of decent and caring patriot LaVoy Finicum so as to lessen the chances of this happening again?

Kirk MacKenzie posted at his site DefendRuralAmerica.com some concrete ideas for how to focus the public on this wrongful death – or rather murder by government.

Kirk writes:

The prostitute media will do everything it can to justify the killing of these patriots, labeling them as “militants,” “terrorists,” and what not. On TV this morning, they even had the chutzpah to suggest these were “suicides,” thereby putting all blame on the patriots, not the feds, sheriff, or cops. Thus, it is up to us to get the word out. Accordingly, I encourage everyone to put this killing—and our issues—in front of the public eye in every way possible. Not everyone can go to Oregon, but everyone can do something in their own communities.

Here are some ideas.

o Put flowers or other at some significant, public site, in your own community, much like those who amassed flowers for Princess Diane.

o Wear a black band around your arm

o Put a black ribbon around the old oak tree

o Fly your flags at half mast, upside down

o Stand on corners, on freeway passes, shopping centers—wherever people amass

o Prepare and hand out flyers to those that stop to ask: Why are you wearing a black band? Flying the flag at half mast? etc.

o Submit editorials to your local newspapers

o etc. … let your ideas flow.

One more idea of my own if I may: Get on the forums of news sites that regurgitate the official story and tell them there is more to it. If possible, post this link


to the eye witness interview video so that people can hear for themselves what actually happened as opposed to the msm lies.

Let’s not let this story die. Our friend LaVoy Finicum must not have died in vain.


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